"Video games have the power to influence the user in a way that movies and books simply do not. The fact that video games are an interactive medium give them a depth that other mediums can't achieve. That being said, this depth can make us tie our emotions to events, or even characters themselves."

"One platform which has recently hit huge heights is Twitch.TV. It’s been bought by Amazon for $1 billion, and at peak times is the fourth highest trafficking site in the United States. And it’s about to get bigger thanks to a move by Sony which has seen them launch Live Screen Sharing, allowing live mobile gameplay to be streamed directly to Twitch and YouTube."

A Heroes of the Storm user was recently warned for using a clinical psychology term in-game and then when asking why he received such a warning, he was abruptly forum banned.

"I have played some interesting games up to this point in my life and Way of the Samurai 4 is absolutely one title that can fall into that category. You begin by getting off of a small boat in the tiny port town of Amihama during mid 19th Century Japan. What do you from this point on is entirely and literally up to you."

The fantastic Danganronpa series is continuing this September with the release of a spin off called Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. This game is set to take place in between the first two games in the series, and these new screenshots show off a bit of what to expect.

New information regarding Star Wars Battlefront's 10v10 multiplayer mode has been revealed, which we now know is called Blast. The mode puts Rebels and Imperials against each other in a race to 100 kills or to lead when the 10-minute timer runs out.

Rocket League is set to receive some new content next month with the Supersonic Fury DLC pack. This is a DLC pack done right, as some of it is free and some of it is paid. Rocket League‘s Supersonic Fury DLC Pack launches on August 4th.

"When I first heard the premise of Rocksteady’s then-highly anticipated supposed finale in the Batman: Arkham series and immediately made a mental list of possible suspects.It felt the most likely, besides my soon-to-be mentioned obvious choice, as the most recent comic book storyline featuring the Dark Knight pits him against Gotham’s ancient and wealthy protectors."

The rumors have been proven true. Ubisoft has officially confirmed that ZombiU is coming to current gen consoles and PC in the coming weeks. More details about the port can be found in the article.

"Sometimes there are games that rope you in due to an incredibly deep, twisting narrative. Other titles use photo-realistic graphics or movie actors in their voice cast to breathe life into their creations. There are a variety of hooks that development teams use to try and draw players in, but quite often the most effective is simply making a game that is a ton of fun to play. Rocket League fits that description perfectly."

Life is a journey. In this crazy mess of unfulfilled chances, bumper to bumper traffic, important business meetings, late nights, awkward first kisses, internet overload and noise lies a beauty. A beauty that encompasses the joy of life

Yooka-Laylee did incredibly well during its Kickstarter campaign, raising over $3 million to make it one of the most successful video game campaigns ever. However, even though it has millions of dollars to use for its development, we still didn’t know who would actually be publishing it. Well, now we know that the company taking on the job is Team17.

Just when you thought these games couldn't get any worse, Zach receives a mysterious package from his grandmother. Inside could be one of the worst games he's ever played!

The Game Bolt podcast is here weekly to talk about the biggest, and some of the smallest, stories in video games! This week, the three J's (Jake, Jon, and Jason) sit down to discuss whether or not Journey is the best game.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing back when Microsoft announced Rare Replay for the Xbox One. Next week gamers are going to be able to buy a collection of 30 games for just $30, in what is without question one of the best deals ever. However, there is still some big Rare games that are not included in the package and apparently there were some games the devs wanted on there that didn’t make it.

The remake of the original Resident Evil remains, in my opinion, the best video game remake of all-time. The game got a complete overhaul from its graphics, gameplay and voice acting and it blew me out of the water back when it released for the GameCube. Well, its sequel just might get the same treatment.

"Not content with delivering one of the best Gamescom 2015 line ups, 2K have now confirmed that Daniel Bryan will be present at the show, helping hype the latest wrestling title just that little bit more."

"Champions: Return to Arms is an action role paying game set in a medieval fantasy setting. I wanted to buy it for many years and finally got it through the internet.

The game starts with a beautiful, elegant woman asking you to lead an assault against an evil power and avenge the fallen soldiers. Isn’t that a bit out of context? I mean, I have no idea where we are, what she is talking about and why I should help her. Besides the lack of an introduction, there are no other characters to tal..."

"After initial leaks via the respective rugby unions involved, Rugby Challenge 3 has finally been announced with the first official screenshots in tow.

As for licenses, it has been confirmed that the Springboks, All Blacks, Wallabies, and England will all feature, with official kits and player likenesses included."

"Hopping onto the hype-train can be a very dangerous and sketchy ride in the gaming world. The element of overpromising and underdelivering is a very real threat for gamers, but there are some releases that blew away expectations, even when the hype-train was a full-steam ahead."

GG3 writes: "Publisher Wizards of the Coast launched Magic Duels on Steam today, a free-to-play offshoot from its trading card series. It’s not been going too well."

"Simply titled “Umbrella Corps,” the first trademark was filed with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) by a Spanish representative Javier Ungria López. English was listed as the trademark’s first “filing language,” with Spanish as the “second language.” The filing was dated for this past July 7th, 2015."

"It was such a pure and genuine experience that felt less like I was playing a video game and more like I was experiencing this world and all it had to offer. Simply put, I was lost in the world for two hours and it felt like 10 minutes. That my friends is the sign of a great title."

"A lot of the mods being made available for Tabletop Simulator have been straightforward and very serious and mostly realistic. We’ve seen tons of mods designed around games and real life board titles that are directly translated or recreated within Berserk Games’ physics-based sim. Well, one specific creator decided to step outside the boundaries of normality; instead of porting over a Dungeons & Dragons set or new Magic: The Gathering cards, he decided to recreate chess in the image of the i..."

Journey is often remembered as one of the best games of the past few years. Watch Jon as he delves into what makes Journey an experience for the ages.