The gang is back an this week they talk about Destiny, Shenmue Undub, Life Is Strange, Minecraft, Rocket League, Last of Us, the new console from China, Nintendo release dates, Maxlander, Rainbow Six delayed and more!

Develop Signal Games continues their Toy Soldiers legacy with the tower defense focused War Chest. On the outside, Toy Soldiers War Chest is rough on the edges with poor graphics on the PlayStation 4 and susceptible frame rate and clipping issues.

Episode 116 of the Gamers In Beta podcast is one helluva show if I do say so myself. First, we have CapNJunkie on to set us straight on all things Destiny. The man has 1500 hrs into Destiny plus a Destiny tattoo. He doesn’t like to be called an authority on the game, but just listen to him on this show and you can clearly tell he knows what he is talking about. Also, Jay and myself drank pretty heavily during this episode and well things went kinda south half way through, some more so than ot...

On this day in gaming in 2003, Soulcalibur II was released for GameCube, PS2, and Xbox. A huge critical success, Soulcalibur II was an improvement from its predecessor, with better graphics and gameplay. A weapons based fighting game, the plot surrounding each character was to either obtain the Soul Edge or destroy it.

Watch as we play through the first seven levels of Bridge Constructor on Xbox One. Starting off with the ‘easy’ straight forward ones, it doesn’t take long for us to become unstuck, trying to span some of the greatest ravines the world has ever seen.

Watch as we take on our first ever look at Zombi on Xbox One. After running for our lives through the brief tutorial, we smash the hell out of some stragglers with the cricket bat, fire off a few headshots with our ever delightful pistol and raid a supermarket for supplies…all whilst being terrorised by the undead!

As part of the ongoing Project Cars on Demand, the latest editions to the garage are a few cars that ooze utter quality…the Ford Mustang, 1987 CTR Yellowbird and the BMW 2002 Turbo!

Kamran from Gamerscore Whores writes "Giana Sisters Dream runners is a fast paced multiplayer arena runner that borrows the theme of dual worlds from its older sister Twisted Dreams. The name of the game is pace, you will have to get ahead of your opponents and force them off screen to their untimely demise by using shortcuts, cunning and a diverse selection of special power-ups; ranging from classic missiles to a golden blast that gives the runner temporary invulnerability whilst force trigg...

Looking to buy a PS4 in the near future? has a bundle that you might not want to pass up. The special online bundle includes a PS4 system with a controller, three separate games, and three months of PlayStation Plus -- all for just $400.

Ever have one of those games that just absolutely resonated with you - but perhaps not everyone else? You know what happens with those kinds of titles? Unfortunately they usually do not get sequels because there was not enough interest the first time around. Here is the second part of a list that looks at games that deserved sequels - but never got them.

"Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment takes place immediately after the end of the first arc of the Sword Art Online anime and follows Kirito and gang as they navigate the dangers of the "death game." Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment was originally released for the PlayStation Vita here in the West in August of 2014 and just shy of a year later Bandai Namco released the "Director's Cut" version under the moniker "Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment.""

"I remember being coerced into buying Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons when it initially released on the Xbox 360 amid the fanfare from my fellow gamers. For now, let’s just say that I didn’t regret it and seeing as it has just been released on the current generation consoles including Xbox One, I get to re-live it all over again."

Square Enix has launched its Tokyo Game Show 2015 website and along with it are some of titles we should be expecting to see at the event. So far, the ones confirmed are:

  • Dragon Quest Builders – Special Program
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward – Battle Challenge
  • Star Ocean: Integrity and FaithlessnessPlayable

Info on other titles (e.g. Final Fantasy XV, Nier 2 and Final Fantasy VII Remake) will be revealed at later dates, according to SE. The company will also hold a Mega Threater to s...

The latest Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul video features Merak Beta Hagen and Cygnus Hyoga as they engage in battle, as released by Bandai Namco.

The game will be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC via Steam in a month's time in Japan. Meanwhile, North America will have it by fall this year.

To lift words from poet Robert Pinsky: “Anything can become universal; any moment, any person’s idea at any one moment. Any artifact, if you could understand it well enough, would be a portal into the whole rest of the universe.” And if there is any label most befitting Will O’Neill’s Actual Sunlight, it is artifact. Document of a life, or kind of life, a window.

This is the rare case where no controversy need come from declaring “not a game”, and not only because O’Neill does it himself i...

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been a wild success for Polish development studio CD Projekt. According to the company’s latest financial results, The Witcher 3 sold an impressive six million units in the first six weeks on store shelves.

"A new game that has made its way to Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight called Tacopocalypse fuses together the zaniness of Sega’s Dreamcast classic Crazy Taxi, the tricks and stunts from Tony Hawk and the dangers and deadliness of various apocalyptic hazards ranging from tsunamis to meteor storms."

"I hate being made to rush. I like to take my own sweet time in the doing of all things leisure. Whether it’s having that morning coffee slowly whilst being late for work or taking my time watching episodes of The Walking Dead while avoiding spoilers on twitter; I am the tortoise sticking two fingers up at the hare speeding by. So when a game tells me that there is a time limit in order to complete it, a reaction happens. I get nervous and I feel under pressure, because it feels like being at ..."

Packed with valuable memorabilia, including a 12 inch tall statue of Lara Croft that depicts her search for answers on her first tomb raiding expedition, a model of the jade necklace that was Lara’s first archeological discovery, and the customary collectible steel book case.

Entitled #Winning, you can view the trailer below prior to NBA 2K16 will be hitting your consoles from Sept 29th 2015. With the most authentic gameplay a basketball simulation title has ever delivered.

"Not much is known about the actual gameplay yet, but Funcom released a teaser trailer, as well as some screenshots to set the mood of the game. The Park is a single player experience however, which is not that common for the Norwegian developer who was behind MMORPGs."

Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition does exactly as it says on the tin…it brings more goats to your life, along with the zombie versions! Whether that is a good thing or now, we’re not too sure.

A game of survival, Don’t Starve: Giant Edition brings you the full original game, plus the Reign of Giants expansion bringing more characters, seasons, creatures and challenges.

Telltale Games has had a lot of success with their brand of adventure games, but for some reason they’ve never made their way onto the Wii U, despite having released previous games on the Wii.

A constant struggle to fit in, you’ll need to master the most human of tasks as he attempts to succeed in his role as Octodad which is out now as a download on Xbox One