Aside from an old Pong machine his parents kept buried and unplayed in the attic, Joe Mirabello grew up in a household with few gaming options. It wasn’t until he got his hands on a Gameboy and began playing the first handheld FPS, Faceball 2000, that his life took a serious turn into the world of gaming. After graduating from Richmond University Joe got into the industry pretty quickly and worked on major titles for both Iron Lore Entertainment and 38 Studios before taking the indie plunge.

This week, the gang discusses the Marvel universe, Square Enix's upcoming plans for their first E3 conference, a key departure at Microsoft and our top five desert island games.

I get it. The install base is huge on smart phones. In fact, the Entertainment Software Association claims that 53% of American households who own a gaming system play on a smart phone with a 15% increase of smartphone and wireless device use in 2012 alone. It’s worrying, and cell phone gaming alongside free-to-play has been behind the likes of micro-transactions and in-game currency within modern games.

GG3 writes: "Publisher Blizzard announced that Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is available in an Open Beta in China. While the game has been out for a while, China’s separate market always requires some transition time."

"Brunelleschi: Age of Architects is an interesting new 3D MMO that focuses on player options, diplomacy and city management. The title is being designed by Aesop Games and it’s received a lot of support from the denizens of #GamerGate after the developers were purposefully silenced by the gaming media for not adhering to the narrative that #GamerGate is a harassment campaign."

"#GamerGate’s efforts to bring more women into the gaming industry through crowdfunding and social media activism is really paying off. The strategy title, Afterlife Empire, from Autobotika, the female-led design studio, along with Danielle Maiorino, has successfully been greenlit to appear on the Steam store. At this juncture the team just has to iron out the gameplay and finish up all the core mechanics and aesthetics so it’s a working product and then it’ll be ready for purchase through the..."

"Previously released for PlayStation 2, the digital reissue of Gradius V marks the series’ first appearance for PlayStation®3. The classic shoot ‘em up recalls the all-action old school of video gaming and is an unashamed blaster with all the trimmings expected of a modern-day title."

"Even in early access they have provided more than enough enjoyment by creating an online Hoard mode that is just a blast to play. Swarms of Zeds come at you from all angles with various different character models and, of course, ways to kill you. It’s a good job you earn good money by killing them and between rounds you get to a weapons vending machine and buy new equipment or upgrade what you have. Other bonus items are around the well-designed maps too so there is plenty here to enjoy."

Join John, Erik, Nathanal and Robert this week where they talk Mortal Kombat x, Bloodborne, GTA 5, Minecraft, Neverwinter, Mario Kart 8, Shenmue Undub, Nintendo StreetPass, Star Wars Battlefront, 2K Australia Closing, our Community Game Night and more!

It has been mentioned that Bravely Second, the upcoming brave sequel to Bravely Default, will be expecting more DLC packs, such as weapons, in the future.

Already, a new bonus will be available tomorrow when the Famitsu magazine hit stores and in it will be a code for a special weapon.

Famitsu, popular gaming magazine company in Japan, conducted an interview of Bravely Second and series producers Tomoya Asano and Shinji Takahashi and asked them about the series.

They first asked them what they thought about the upcoming sequel:

quote Takahashi
“I feel like there’s been more of a response to [Bravely Second] than the previous game.”

quote Asano
“We’ve packed it with all the ideas we can think of for its story and system.”

They also answered how long it took them to...

Harold is a single player 2D side-scrolling racing platformer puzzle game where you play as Gabe the angel who controls Harold the human in a series of increasingly challenging races. While most racing games have you directly control the racer, your only real control of Harold is his jumping ability. The majority of the control is manipulating the obstacle course for each race. This is accomplished by the means of interacting with movable ramps, platforms, bridges, swinging on ropes or vines,...

"I’m personally desperate to see a quality Marvel production of he same quality in the gaming market, but for a funny but unsatisfying Deadpool game and some decent Spiderman games that play nice but as at best a bit of fun. The Marvel library of solid games is pretty empty and I personally think Daredevil could work really, really well as not just a spin off game, something special like the Arkham games, if a little different."

A videocast as part of the weekly MGLMix on looking at the big news that broke on the massive releases heading our way this year. First we talk our reaction to The Witcher Wild Hunt going gold, then Star Wars Battlefront reveal followed by Star Ocean 5, Project CARS and Assassins Creed Chronicles.

Nintendo’s always been touted as the “kiddie” company – the one that doesn’t care about hardcore gamers and the one that only wee children play. Now, some of this may be true. Nintendo doesn’t cater to hardcore online gamer, or the one that loves it some gratuitous violence, but they have a few skeletons in their closet.

If you don't have a Wii U console yet and are thinking to get one, Nintendo has a brand new bundle coming on May 29th. This deluxe hardware bundle comes with a download code for the ink-filled third-person shooter Splatoon, a pre-installed copy of Nintendo Land, and a 32GB model of the console. The only catch is that this bundle is exclusive at Best Buy for $300 USD.

Looks like Nintendo is pretty bent on making sure that Splatoon does well in sales by announcing this bundle.

With the next generation of Dragonball games released to the public, how does Xenoverse fair against the previous titles? Is this new style of gameplay for the series the way forward?

In the initial years of video games, the majority of games were developed with the target audience of the young male in mind. This led to a range of games being created that often marginalized the potential female market by featuring themes and characters that belied an underlying misogyny and sexism within the industry.

"Fermi's Path is now available on Steam:

Players need skill, quick reactions and a good feeling for the rhythm of the beat when they steer the small particle called Fermi on a voyage through the colorful subatomic worlds while avoiding obstacles and fighting incoming particles.

In addition to the many and ever faster and harder getting levels, Fermi's Path offers an infinity mode and a level editor.

Of course, Steam Achievements, various Trad..."

"Anyways, Episode 97 features an interview with Adam from Clapfoot Games, the devs working on Fortified for Xbox One and PC. Other topics discussed on this week’s show are: Episode 1 of Game of Thrones (Season Five), House of Wolves DLC for Destiny, Lego Dimensions, and more. As always, you’ll hear the releases for the coming week and other assorted news items from the past few days."

"Screamride offers a great experience of original and variant gameplay opportunities–From puzzle based destruction, racing, and building. While the world is colourful and wondrous to observe with its fantastic detail to destruction, there is no variety of locations, diverse surroundings, and poor humour that doesn’t even bring a chuckle in most instances."

"The game is described as a Multidimensional Shoot ‘em up but it’s somewhat more than that when you get playing, a shoot ‘em up doesn’t provoke quite the same level of thinking as this title and it’s genuinely a unique experience to play due to the split screen nature of the gameplay."

"The new generation of Mortal Kombat is here and when this was originally announced I was very excited, I love the Mortal Kombat series and its arguably the best Beat em Up franchise of all time. With a lot of new characters and features coming to the series for the first time Mortal Kombat X sounds incredible on paper, but is the final game any good?"

An exploration of the MKX Story mode and it's influence on the genre and how NetherRealm have developed this in previous titles. While it feels like a Steven Seagal Movie overally, that's exactly what MKX needs to keep you interested and fighting.

"Cinelinx - "Over the weekend the internet just about exploded thanks to Disney and WB (Batman Vs Superman!). It was of course Star Wars Celebration and with it came a bigger reveal of the upcoming movie (Star Wars The Force Awakens) and, for us gamers, Battlefront from EA. The game is what I was most excited to cover because I expected a lot to be shown off, but overall I still remain on the fence about getting too excited. Find out why after the jump! ""