"Voting has finished and the game that the community wants to see get made under The Fine Young Capitalists’ banner is a scare-park simulator called Afterlife Empire. The title is very similar to old classics like Haunting: Starring Polterguy for the Sega Genesis and PlayStation classics such as Deception."

There are three game types with thirty levels each: haste, puzzle and hazard. When you have completed ten levels from each of the previous areas, a bonus section is unlocked. Out of the three game types, haste was our favorite and probably the easiest.

"Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One has been delayed in China just days before its launch.

GeekWire reported that the Xbox One, originally scheduled for a September 23 launch, is now expected to release by the end of 2014. Microsoft did not give a specific reason for the delay."

"There’s some sexy new mods made available for Space Engineers. I know, I know, this is still good news that doesn’t touch on the scabby dragonsaur known as #GamerGate, but I would suggest you soak up this clean bit of gaming culture because there’s plenty of time to dive back into the cesspool of corruption and collusion that encapsulates the games journalism ring. For now, you can take refuge in this bit of news that celebrates the creative minds that inhabit Steam’s Workshop for Keen Softwa..."

"IGN has had some hands-on time at this week’s Tokyo Game Show with the new Nintendo 3DS and has captured some lovely footage showcasing Nintendo’s latest handheld. You’ll also notice that the new Nintendo 3DS shown also has some of the new faceplates that will become available once the system launches next month in Japan. The system is coming to the west some early next year."

"The Escapist Magazine’s forum has been hit with a DDoS attack. The last mega-bastion of safety, planning and taking in the refugees of the dismantled 4chan nation has briefly fallen. It’s not a fatal blow, but it’s a big enough hit to show that #GamerGate is making serious headway. In fact, after the Game Journalism Professional e-mails went live over on Breitbart, it’s been a steady downhill fall for the anti-#GamerGate crowd."

Capcom has announced that Animal Crossing content will be making its way into Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in Japan.Players will be able to dress their Felynes as Isabelle and Mr. Resetti.

Check out the trailer below:

The Assassin's Creed movie has been delayed. Orginally scheduled to release in August of next year, the title is now slated to hit theatres in 2016. Ghe delay is believed to be due to re-writes and otjer production issues.

"There’s no denying that the disgusting display of so-called video game journalists has become a black mark on the video game industry. After Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos uncovered the cabal of gaming journalists colluding to dictate how they would and would not cover the #GamerGate scandal, things all fell into place, outing just how corrupt the games journalism ring really is. Worse yet is the temerity these moral assailants carry about them, with the leader of the group and senior edi..."

Ready At Dawn reveals the behind the scenes creative process of creating the weaponry of The Order:1886. This is one of the Best looking game that will launch exclusively for the PS4 February 20, 2015.

Thanks to the massive amount of support from fans after watching the leaked Deadpool Trailer. It has been confirmed that the Movie will be released February 12, 2016. Ryan Reynolds, who played Deadpool in Origins may continue the role, but it has not yet been confirmed.

DriveClub's Game Director Paul Rustchynsky revealed on Twitter the list of cars that will available on DriveClub at launch as well as 10 extra cars that will be included with the PlayStation Plus Edition.

Click the Heading for Full Car List...

T-Bone is Back in the new Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC that will be available September 30th. T-Bone reveals "Eugene"; the RC car that is capable of hacking, tazing and causing massive explosions. This DLC will feature over 10 new missions including new hacks, perks and weapons.

Square Enix finally released the long awaited Final Fantasy XV Trailer. The Graphics look amazing. Check out the road trip in a concept convertible and enjoy the wonderful scenery. It will be available for the PS4 and Xbox One in 2015

Sony's PlayStation 4 Exclusive Bloodborne's latest Trailer features amazing graphics and sound effects. This title is scheduled to launch February 6. 2015.

Check out the latest Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Trailer which shows off the Fierce new Assassin called Quiet. This title looks amazing with fantastic looking graphics

OMG! P.T. Silent Hills will have you on the edge of your seat. It has been rumored that this title will be Virtual Reality compatible. Can you imagine the horror walking down that hall way using the Oculus Rift or the Morpheus VR Headsets.....Would not recommend for the faint of heart.

Sony is having a Flash Sale on over 25 Racing games on their Playstation Store. The sale ends on September 22nd at 12:00 PM and this sale includes racing games from the Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

You can snag titles like Cel Damage HD, Need for Speed Most Wanted, GRID 2, ModNation Racers, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and many more. These sales are up to 75 percent off as part of this Flash sale. You can see the full list here.

Do you have any plans on pi...

Battlefield 4 will be receiving a patch at the end of this month that will fix and tweak a few things in the game. Their main focus for this patch is to stabilize and finalize the build of the game.

DICE has released a full list of what you can expect with this patch, but some things that will be seen are better player movements, sight improvements, updates for the weapon attachments, weapon changes and much much more!

NVIDIA has announced that the Red Bull Battle Grounds Grand Finals is taking place this weekend in Washington, D.C will be powered by their groundbreaking gaming technology. This marks the final stop in their five-month, six-tournament series that features the real-time strategy game Starcraft II, the eight elite competing professional players as they will battle on high-end GPUs that are based on the Maxwell chip architecture as it brings unmatched performance, major new graphics capabiliti...

"Milestone has just announced that they have a brand new game in the works for home console and PC called Ride. It’s a motorcycle racing game that goes beyond the restricted confines of a race track, and enables players to explore the limits of more than 100 different bikes across a variety of different race courses."

Frontier Developments plc have announced today that the second Beta for Elite: Dangerous will be coming on September 30th. 'Beta 2' features major gameplay upgrades to the Beta:

*Combat ratings from 'Harmless' up to 'Elite'.
*Reputations per system and galaxy-wide that influence attitudes and prices.
*Discover and explore and look for new systems and sell data on them.
*Detailed system maps.
*There is 500 additional star systems to explore.
*Lakon Asp Explorer ships added.
*More vari...

GG3 writes: "Vehicular combat title Road Redemption has made its way to Early Access on Steam. It’s definitely a great way to bash in heads from motorists, but it’s even juicier when these people are famous."

Earlier this week journalist Milo Yiannopoulos exposed a secret mailing list between top gaming journalists called “GameJournoPros” in an article published on Breitbart titled Exposed: The Secret Mailing List of the Gaming Journalism Elite. Unfortunately, some gamers have accepted their excuses and believe this isn’t important.

Keen Software House, the creators of the PC hit Space Engineers, has launched a new "affiliate program" that is for the fans. The program allows the community to share in the runaway success of the Company's games. The company has as well redesigned and re-launched their e-shop to give it a new look and more fan-friendly experience to purchase directly from the developer.

The new Keen Software House Affiliate Program will allow fans who have their own blogs or Youtube and Twitch channels t...