"The 2014 GameCity festival is currently running across Nottingham, UK, with plenty for virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts to see and do. But if hands-on with the likes of Pixel Rift and Smash Hit Plunder isn’t enough then perhaps you should turn your attention to Nix, a new VR compatible puzzle experience that has today been announced the winner of the 2014 Off The Map competition held by the British Library, Crytek and GameCity itself."

Kromania is a 3D freestyle shooter that has many challenging enemies and bosses that swarm and adapt to your play style. The goal in the single-player story mode is to take revenge on and dethrone the four gods that are standing in your way.

Denis Murphy writes- This Halloween not all of us will be going out partying. Instead many of us will be locking ourselves into our little gaming caves, and scarring the shit out of ourselves with the best horror games. But while there are many, many great games out there that are worthy of your time, I come to you with a selection of 6 games that I think cover just about every type of horror you could want.

"The television show is expected to be based on the upcoming entry in the long running franchise ‘Mortal Kombat X’. While the show will go in depth into the most famous fighters, it will introduce new combatants as well. More details are expected to be revealed in the near future."

I have a confession: Until recently I had never so much as even tried Minecraft. Now before the mob calls for my head and gathers their pitchforks allow me to explain. I wasn't actively avoiding Minecraft and I certainly haven't been living under a rock for the past few years. It's just one of those games I never got around to. Time and money dictate all, and unless you grew up in circumstances similar to that of a young Bruce Wayne, I'm sure there are a good number of games out there that yo...

The Wii U has finally started to pay off for Japanese video game company, Nintendo. Sales have increased thanks to the great software the company has relied on since it's beginning.

GG3 writes: "Everyone is holding some sort holiday related sale this week, so it’s going to get hard to choose. One with some of the biggest Steam keys included could well be the Square Enix Halloween sale. "

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"Electronic Arts launched the bestselling ‘Need for Speed Rivals’ as a launch title on current-gen consoles the Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4. The open-world arcade racer took the series back to its roots with adrenaline-tinged racing and some of the hottest supercars to have ever been produced. While ‘Need for Speed Rivals’ is today among the best arcade racers of recent times, there are plenty others worth checking out for a new Point of Difference."

"The Kral’s has an appealing look and comfortable design. Its plush, polyurethane ear pads, fit wonderfully and feel really nice. Thankfully the headband features the same soft material underneath it, to keep from cutting into the top of your head. For those with bigger/wider heads than mine, it can be adjusted to accommodate for your size."

Earlier I introduced thoughts on The Talos Principle, a philosophical first person puzzle solving title from Croteam using the latest version of the Serious Sam engine. As noted I do have a video walkthrough that showcases the game in the Rome setting, it clocks in at 96 minutes so grab some popcorn, a drink or what else you might desire and see what the game is all about.

Note: The HD version of the video is still rendering through YouTube right now, the recording will eventually offe...

"One of the common complaints from people opposed to #GamerGate is that consumers aren’t gunning hard enough against AAA publishers to root out the shady deals between the people who publish games and the people who report on them. Quite naturally, if you can’t see the absurdity in that criticism against a consumer revolt, there’s really nothing I can say to convince you about the ridiculousness of that claim. However, one thing that will get publishers to change is the games media; they have ..."

"Here’s the final part of the conversation I had regarding games journalism and #GamerGate with Geoff Henao, a former reviews editor under one of the Modern Method labels and a good friend of Allistair Pinsof, the former writer for Destructoid."

Although it is one of the most fun game modes in League of Legends, Dominion is dead. There are several reasons for this which Riot Games could easily remedy to bring it back though.

While the whole remake and remastered craze has gotten a little out of hand in recent years, there are a few worthy titles out there that still have yet to get the treatment. Some of these games spawned series that are still going strong to this day, while others haven't been heard from in quite some time, but all of these titles deserve the chance to be experienced by a new generation.

Fallout 1 and Fallout 2

The great thing about classic RPGs is that they age pretty gracefully. The F...

Croteam is back with a new IP, The Talos Principle, when confronting new technologies and ideas for the latest Serious Sam they stumbled upon a unique new item to integrate, it allowed the gateway for puzzle challenges and new interaction with the environment. While the item had potential within the universe, there was a moment to explore it further, to challenge it more, soon a new project was on the way to do something that broke off from what they expected and it's what I'm previewing toda...

"If you’ve played Bayonetta, you know what to expect. And if you haven’t, you’ve got a great resource to do so, as Bayonetta 2 comes complete with the original game, remade for the Wii U with some added content. I’ve peeked around at the first game a bit, and it’s still got it, let me tell you.

But if the original game still has it, what does Bayonetta 2 have? You could call it more of the same – a frantic pace, great combat, and a sense of humour and style that keeps the game from getting ..."

The Walking Dead: Four Walls and a Roof. Rick and the Hunters both do what it takes to survive. We compare each episode to the same time in the comics and reveal what could be in store for Rick & friends.

Jermain writes: "Two months saw the partial reveal of 2K Games’s WWE 2K15 roster, which left many fans wondering when they would find out who else made the cut. While last week it was announced that fans would have to wait until they got their hands on the game to find out the full roster."

Akiba's Trip is a silly game and if you don't know what 'otaku' is it's likely not for you. That's because this game is equal parts parody of and love letter to otaku (see: hardcore fan of anime, manga, and the trappings that go with it) culture.

Christoper Stahler writes: "It’s hard to describe this game as a whole, it’s as if Insomniac Games decided to mix several awesome games together and make an even ‘awesomer’ game. Welcome to the Awesomepocalypse, where we make up words and life isn’t nearly as boring."

This month's Nintendo Feed podcast is very much a Pokemon themed one as the team look ahead to next month's release, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. The demo has already landed on our 3DS consoles and there is plenty to ponder over. Stick the podcast on in the background and listen to the discussion!

RGN sat down with the beautiful Sairyn Suicide recently to talk about some of her favorite games, tattoos, and whether or not Hello Kitty is a girl or a cat. She also shared some pretty good gaming pickup lines that may have a chance of actually working on the right girl gamer.

Only a few more days until Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is released on November 3rd. for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. But in the mean time check out these new screenshots.

A new Playstation 4 model has been spotted, however, it’s not really different.

Thanks to Pocketnews, who tore down both the new and current models and compared them, we were able to learn that this is not the cheaper and slimmer model that everyone’s waiting for.