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Sam Terry writes- PayDay 2 was a game that I didn’t get round to playing when it first came out, so to hear that it was receiving what is now the common “remastered” treatment pleased me. I liked the look of it back in 2013; the concept seemed interesting as its rare in games to be controlling the bad guys. However, after a few hours of playing it, I was already starting to notice a few problems with the game, and it definitely isn’t the best remastered version of a game we’ve seen.

Adam Freeman writes- The current market for games seems to have settled into a bit a of a pattern. Call of Duty, Bloodborne, The Witcher; all action packed titles, each of them flaunting the top end graphics and vast, expansive and highly detailed worlds, showing off the newest generation of consoles. Enter, then, the newest release from Giants Software and Focus Interactive: Farming Simulator 15.

Sam Terry writes- After a very lengthy delay, Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited has finally arrived! Being a huge fan girl of the Elder Scrolls series, I couldn’t be happier, and that itch to dive back into Tamriel on my PS4 could now be scratched. Fresh off the bat from playing The Witcher 3 for two weeks straight, jumping back into another RPG has taken over my life again. Unlike The Witcher 3, you need to put many, many hours into Elder Scrolls Online before the best content is acces...

Denis Murphy writes- Hey. Sup. Guess what? You're probably sick to the gills of me saying this, but today I'll be reviewing an game by Compile Heart. Yeah, seriously. I know, it seems like every second week (literally!) I'm reviewing another title by the Tokyo based developer/publisher. Well, technically this latest was developed by a different company entirely, but it's part of a Compile Heart franchise and it was published by Compile Heart, so it's one step away from being renamed Compile H...

Denis Murphy writes- One of my biggest regrets through all my gaming years is the fact that I've never played both The Witcher or The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. I've always wanted to play them, I certainly always appreciated them from all the gameplay footage I've seen, but I held off until I bought a PC that could not only max them out, but one that maxed out the inevitable third game. Sadly that didn't happen for awhile, and though I did finally get that PC back in March, I haven't had ...

Denis Murphy writes- Oh Kirby, you try and you try and you try but you've never even gotten close to being as big as Mario. Since his debut on the Gameboy in Kirby's Dream Land back in 1992, he has always played second fiddle to the mushroom eating, star grabbing, coin collecting plumber that Nintendo is famous for. Well, not exactly second fiddle either, as he's far less popular than even Link, Zelda, Samus Aran, Luigi, Princess Peach and Bowser.

Denis Murphy writes- When referencing the Final Fantasy series in previous reviews I've never held back on what my initial opinion of Final Fantasy X was. I didn't like it. After really digging into the series with Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and then the Playstation release of VI, I expected a lot from X. My favourite part of the series has always been its open-world, getting lost it in and finding secret areas.

Heroes of the Storm is still a new game considering it was only released at the beginning of June so players shouldn’t expect it to be perfect. One of the few glaring problems with the game right now is that Nova is easily the strongest hero out there, to the point of being legitimately broken.

"That’s right, Shovel Knight getting its own physical retail copy, which you can hold in your hands this October 13th. The formerly digital-only game will be getting itself its very own case and a “lavish” instruction manual, according to a post by Yacht Club Games."

Yesterday, Nolan North broke the news that a sequel to The Last of Us was allegedly headed our way – news that’s apparently left Troy Baker is out of the loop.

Yesterday, Nolan North broke the news that a sequel to The Last of Us was allegedly headed our way – news that’s apparently left Troy Baker is out of the loop.

“I know nothing. I don’t know if we’re gonna do another one or not,” Baker said when asked at a Q&A at last weekend’s Indy Popcon in Indianapolis, Indiana.

If what’...

"One of the recent games to graduate from Early Access and officially release on Steam is a father-daughter indie title that was Kickstarted back in early 2014 called Super Chibi Knight. The game is an adventure role-playing title where players take on the role of a fearless knight out to stop an evil wizard."

Axiom Verge is one man’s love letter to Metroidvania games, and it really shows. This is a wonderful reminder of the Metroid and Castlevania games of old, and why we need more like it (Nintendo, new Metroid game please?). Exploring the world and learning about the setting and its inhabitants are all part of the adventure, while exploring and unlocking new power ups to progress just adds more interesting things you can do.

Playing the game the author is really stunned at the quality acting talent in Batman Arkham Knight, specially the villains including a twist with The Joker's character.

This article continues the progress through Batman A.K's main story and talks over the dark tone it takes using the Joker as it's main tool for some incredibly dark humour.

Speaking at the Metrocon panel, Nolan North let slip a juicy tidbit regarding a sequel to TLOU before refusing to elaborate on the matter, choosing to plead the fifth.

With a roster that’s an Anime fan’s wet dream, J-Stars Victory VS + is assured at least a moderately successful launch over on these shores. With the opportunity to take control of so many beloved characters, you'd hope that the gameplay beneath the fan service would be solid, right?

"When Blizzard introduced the new raid Zul’Gurub to its massively successful MMORPG World of Warcraft back in 2005, the last thing they expected was to inadvertently expose thousands of players to the video game equivalent of an Ebola monkey."

With the release of Batman Arkham Knight on PC being removed from stores due to its poor development, what does this have to say about outsourcing the development to a third party developer? Dom confronts the situation with his own two cents on the matter.

There are three tracks available no for Rocksmith 2014 Edition on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC, bringing some cool country tunes to the guitar playing masses.

"The latest Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale has thrown up some quite decent bargains. With both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners being treated to fairly sizeable discounts on a number of great games, if there were ever a week to open the wallet and purchase a game or two, this is the week to do it."

"We love the Xbox Games With Gold scheme. Not just because we love free games, but because we love free games. Oh yeh, we absolutely love free games! But how good is the July lineup? With the free Xbox One games for June being somewhat disappointing, surely July sees a marked improvement?"

"One of the recent games to come out for the Wii U that hasn't been talked about very much is Good-Feel's Yoshi's Woolly World. The game sees a group of Yoshi's going on a great journey to rescue their knitted friends from captivity. A complete gameplay walkthrough is available for Yoshi's Woolly World, offering some hints, tips and guided playthrough segments on uncovering the game's secrets, beating the bosses and getting through each of the levels."

Full details and prices of the latest bargains to hit Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the latest Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher Sale for 30th June 2015 - 6th July 2015.

If you’re hoping to play a functional version of Batman: Arkham Knight on the PC, you may have to wait a while. According to Rocksteady, the game won't be ready on PC until this Fall.

Nolan North, who played David in "The Last Of Us" just inadvertently outed the next installment in the franchise. Yes, it appears that The Last of Us 2 is on it's way.