"Nintendo has released additional Nintendo 3DS themes based on NES classics Metroid and Kid Icarus. The new themes are now available in the handheld’s Theme Shop. 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS users can customize their system by applying themes to their HOME Menu background, icons and folders. The Theme Shop also includes special themes based on other classics such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda series that come with music, sound effects and animations"

Now that Nintendo has announced its plans to get into the mobile gaming market, how does its briefly alluded to new project, the "NX", fit in? What will its purpose be, and how will it tie into the mobile service with DeNA?

Clear screenshots and details of the recent things about Bravely Second have finally surfaced on the official website.

First off, the Wizard Asterisk Holder, Ayame, is a 22-year-old girl who's completely in black. She carries an eerie doll and have her eyes covered by her full bangs. Next is her loyal subordinate and the Chariot Asterisk Holder, Cu Chulainn. He is a legendary centaur and a master of many armaments.

Some of the Asterisk Holders from Bravely Default were featured too, nam...

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Three days ago, Square Enix announced a new job for Bravely Second: End Layer, the Chariot Job. Today, details were revealed regarding this physical attacker.

The interesting thing about it is that it is able to wield every kind of weapon proficiently, unlike most jobs that specialize in just one type of weapon. It also possesses a variation of the Ninja's Double Wield ability, Triple Wield, that lets it equip three weapons at a time. Truly powerful.

Aside from being able to use "Throw,...

For an avid console gamer, the choice was always easy. Consoles, were convenient, less complicated and less expensive. After being let down consistently in this newest generation one hardcore console gamer found a home in the rich PC gaming community. This is his Journey!

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"Bravely Second will be released in Japan on April 23rd exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. No Western release has been confirmed so far but more news on the matter will definitely come soon. Considering how successful the first game has been in North America and Europe, there’s a good chance we will see the game getting released in the West in the future."

"Bravely Second will be released in Japan on April 23rd exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. No Western release has been confirmed so far but more news on the matter will definitely come soon. Considering how successful the first game has been in North America and Europe, there’s a good chance we will see the game getting released in the West in the future."

I doubt anyone saw this coming...

But a new job for Bravely Second is joining the ranks and this will be the game's 32nd job. So far, the only thing we know is that the Chariot is a physical attacker, and its Asterisk Holder goes by the name of Ku Fulin.

Also, the Wizard job's Asterisk Holder has been revealed too. Her name's Ayame.

Join The Gamer’s Lounge and take a look at a game this is great for weekend gaming. As part of a new series, The Gamer's Lounge is taking a look at games that are 5-15 hours in length. The latest edition to our list of weekend games is The Order: 1886, Sony's new flagship title for PS4 gamers.

Ace Combat Horizon Legacy+ is an enhanced version of Ace Combat Horizon Legacy that adds C stick support for rotating the camera and amiibo support for unlocking additional fighter jets and weaponry for them. If you don't have any amiibos, the themed jets can be unlocked throughout the game. To unlock them you need to locate and shoot down Mario blocks found in some missions.

In 1986, SEGA first released Out Run in the arcades. Created by Yu Suzuki, you hop into a Ferrari Testarossa with your girlfriend and drive cross country, racing against the clock through beaches, deserts and more. Along with the great scenery was a soundtrack by Hiroshi Kawaguchi that had some of the most amazing and memorable songs of any arcade game. Now M2 has brought Out Run to the Nintendo 3DS remastered in full 3D. Does this port do justice to one of the most important SEGA/Suzuki game...

John from The Gamers Lounge writes "Nintendo has never been number one on my must have gaming console list. I have been a SEGA man since the Master System days, then an Xbox guy after the Dreamcast faded away. But recently with all the bickering between XB1 and PS4 fanboys about resolution of games, graphics and game length, I have found myself playing less. Maybe I was just reading too much social media or maybe I hit the Destiny bottle too hard. But for whatever reason I wasn't having that ...

Because plushies are totally the "in" thing!

In Bravely Second, a new system has been introduced, called CapCap Maker. In this mini-game, players will be able to make plushies called CapCap Dolls that resemble monsters. These dolls can then be sold for "Cap," which serves as a currency for purchasing BGM tracks.

"“Whenever we start thinking about new jobs, we start out by keeping the entire game’s balance in mind,” says Asano. “We’d like to have this many attackers; there should be this number of offensive mages; let’s stick to this number for healers… these are some of the thoughts that go into the balancing. One important thing of the Cat Master in particular is how we created it to be a ‘playing around’ type [of class].”

Asano says that, while the Cat Master job was originally made just for play..."

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Players who preorder Bravely Second: End Layer in Japan are already expecting overpowered weapons and exclusives costumes as bonuses, but Square Enix recently revealed a new addition. The Whitewing Staff for those a fan of magic-type weapons. Apparently, when used, it has the Aspir (or MP-absorbing) effect.

"None of the Mario Kart titles are particularly bad, but there are definitely certain titles that stand out from the pack. As an avid Mario Kart fan who has grown up with the series since its origin back on the SNES in the early 90s, I will attempt to provide my karting expertise to bring you an informative and comprehensive list that ranks all 8 games."

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This week join Robert, Nathanael and Erik where they discuss PS4 2.5, Steam Machines, Uncharted 4 delay, PAX East, Hotline Miami 2, OlliOlli 2, Minecraft and more!

A new Bravely Second trailer has surfaced and in it, we get a recap of the game's system: old and new. From turn-based battles, to the Brave and Default mechanics and to Bravely Second. They also showcased Job change, the Ability Link (or Abilink) System and the sequel's own version of the village restoration mini-game.

A little over the half of the video, Agnès Oblige, Emperor Oblivion, the Three Musketeers, Edea Lee, Magnolia Arch and Tiz Arrior were shown.

Denis Murphy writes- I haven't had much exposure to the Ace Combat series. Back in the day I played the original game in 1995 and loved it, but I didn't really have in interest in the all the sequels, prequels and spin-offs that followed. But the original was great, and I particularly remember the voice that said, “ALTITUDE TOO LOW, PULL UP!!!” when you went for a nose dive.

The producers of the game introduced the unique Special themes for Edea, Yu, Magnolia and Tiz, which you can hear at marks 4:51, 6:15, 8:03 and 9:42, respectively. They've also shown how those characters look in the new and old jobs. A clip of the Barter Sub-Scenario System was also showcased, along with the game's version of the village restoration game where they battled the demon king Ba'al iv; Goldie.

Despite these nitpicks, Excave is a decent hack and slash game that can be picked up and enjoyed in short gaming spurts. There isn't much of a story and the character development is non-existent. If you just want to explore and hack away at enemies, Excave will meet those requirements at the affordable price of $4.99 on Nintendo's eShop.