"As most of you are aware this week saw the Tokyo Game Show take place. There’s been a number of trailers for high-profile games including Final Fantasy Explorers which is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. The graphics engine for the game seems to be based on the well-received Bravely Default and a playable demo will be available for Japanese consumers before the game launches, December 18th."

"IGN has had some hands-on time at this week’s Tokyo Game Show with the new Nintendo 3DS and has captured some lovely footage showcasing Nintendo’s latest handheld. You’ll also notice that the new Nintendo 3DS shown also has some of the new faceplates that will become available once the system launches next month in Japan. The system is coming to the west some early next year."

Capcom has announced that Animal Crossing content will be making its way into Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in Japan.Players will be able to dress their Felynes as Isabelle and Mr. Resetti.

Check out the trailer below:

During their presentation at the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix dumped a quite a bit of information via gameplay videos on their upcoming Monster Hunter meets Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy Explorers. Players will fight in live-time both on and offline in this upcoming Nintendo 3DS title.

One such piece of news Square Enix released concerned the previously mentioned "Trance" ability, which could transform players into past, "legendary" characters from the Final Fantasy Series. Seeing as...

A lucky member over at Siliconera.com received an opportunity to test out Final Fantasy Explorers during its display at the Tokyo Game Show. He goes into depth with his thoughts on the multiplayer demo available for play.

The author plays the demo first as a Black Mage, but sheds a bit of light on the Ninja and Time Mage classes as well. His final thoughts are clear: Final Fantasy Explorers is much more fun with multiplayer.

The Super Smas Bros demo is now available to download on the 3DS eshop! There's no time restriction for how long you can play the demo, but it does lock after 30 uses so make each of those play sessions count.

Super Smash Bros for 3DS recently released in Japan and is set to be available worldwide on October 3rd.

'Square Enix, developing team behind the upcoming 3D Final Fantasy title Final Fantasy Explorers, has recently announced a bonus for those who buy the game off retail. Buyers will receive a downloadable code that will redeem Final Fantasy I, enhanced with better graphics and 3D capability. The code will be redeemable a month after the release of Final Fantasy Explorers.

Still unsure whether or not you want to purchase the title? Square Enix also announced that they'll be releasing a demo-...

Farming Simulator has been making waves all across the web for a while. PC enthusiasts have been dubstepping replays for ages, but the title hit the 3DS recently, and has received a price drop on Amazon. Should you pick this up, or wait for the inevitable Farming Sim 15? Click in to find out.

Following the tragic news of the death of pro gamer Danny 'Phobos' Zeitz, I thought I'd whip up this article about safety on the internet.

Danny was trying to sell his unwanted PS4, when the buyer tried to grab the console and throw it in his car to steal it. During the struggle the buyer's 16 year old girlfriend, whose 16 month old baby was in the car, grabbed a .25 Pistol and fired a shot, which went through her boyfriend's hand and into Danny's chest. The console and the meet up had be...

If you're Canadian and are pumped for Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS like I am, then you'll be interested to know about some exclusive that is coming to us who are Canadian! The Super Smash Club!

We are only a little over two weeks away from the launch of Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo of Canada is tapping into our excitement with a line of fan events and activities to prepare us for the game!

Even Reggie Fils-Anime, president and chief operating officer for Nintendo...

GG3 writes: "There’s some good news on the indie horror front, as developer Renegade Kid has announced that the Dementium series is back in their hands. Director Jools Watsham took to Twitter for the announcement."

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Super Smash Bros. released for the Nintendo 3DS over the weekend in Japan. Nintendo of Japan has announced that the game has already sold over 1 million sales in its first two days through retail and digital sales.

This makes it the fourth 3DS title to hit this sales milestone in Japan after Monster Hunter 4, Pokemon X&Y and Youkai Watch 2.

While we still have to wait until October 3rd to get our hands on the game, we can still enjoy the demo of the game that was released to select Clu...

Members over at Siliconera have recently translated live streams to reveal the various controls for different actions in Square Enix's upcoming title, Final Fantasy Explorers. Check the controls out in the image above.

Final Fantasy Explorers releases on December 18 in Japan and has yet to receive news as to whether or not it will be released elsewhere.

"Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS is currently out in Japan and judging from streams everyone appears to be enjoying it. However, Kotaku has learnt that the game has caused some Nintendo 3DS Circle Pads to break off completely. It’s either the rubber part of the Circle Pad breaking off or the plastic part underneath which appears to be coming off as well. Nintendo Japan has yet to comment on the situation, but it appears to be reasonably widespread."

I played the Super Smash Brothers 4 for the 3DS (Demo) and here is what I think of it:
This was played on a 2DS (Brawl is also the only game I have played in this series)

At first, I thought the controls would be bad, or unplayable. Call me crazy, but that was my biggest misgiving about the game. The good news is, it isn't bad at all! I just have to remember that you can't jump with the 'A' button. >_<

I can see that the content in the game will be worth the amount that Nintendo decide...

The lines are incredible there. I don't know why we don't news on this yet. :o
I can't wait for SSB4 to finally release here!

It has been over 6 years since Brawl was released to everyone. How old does that make everyone seeing this? :P

I wonder if Pokemon: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire can outdo it....

Either way, a victory for Nintendo.

"A menu option in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS confirms that the 3DS can be used as a controller for Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Additionally, custom fighters will be exchangeable between both versions of the upcoming fighting title. Nintendo recently announced that a free demo of the 3DS version of the game will launch on September 19th. Select members of Club Nintendo were given four download codes of the demo, which features five playable characters. Super Smash Bros for 3DS arrives on..."

Yesterday, on September 12, 2014, the Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo was released. Codes were sent to Platinum-level Club Nintendo users in NA and to random Club Nintendo users in EU. But that's now what this article is about! In this article, I will be analyzing and rating the characters playable in the demo to determine which can be considered the best!

1. Link (Legend of Zelda)

Well, for starters, Link has improved by a lot from his Brawl counterpart. Compared to the other characters...

Update: Nintendo of UK has tweeted that the demo will be available on September 19th as well, select members of Club Nintendo will also be getting a special demo of the game today as well through email.

During Nintendo's Treehouse stream, it was announced that the Super Smash demo that Japan got earlier in the week, will be coming out on September 19th in North America. They also announced that select Club Nintendo Platinum members will be getting the demo today. These members will get fou...

Along with the stream of images, footage and details in the past few days relating to the upcoming Pokemon games, Nintendo have revealed two special edition New 3DS consoles which will be available in the Pokemon Centre in Japan.

A red and black 3DS with a Groudon design will have Omega Ruby pre-installed and a blue and white 3DS with a Kyogre design will have Alpha Sapphire pre-installed.

Both consoles will be available on November 21st at the Pokemon Centre in Japan and it is unknown ...

I was always hoping that Pikmin 3 was gonna get some attention in the latest Super Smash Bros., so I was happy when I found out that Alpha would be joining as a playable character in the game. Though he shares a character slot with Olimar, as he has the same skills as Olimar. Except there is one difference, and that is that he can't use Rock Pikmin in his fights.

In a follow-up to yesterday's reveal of 3 new Mega Pokemon, further CoroCoro scans have leaked online with even more information on the upcoming Pokemon games.

Even Wally is getting a Mega Pokemon!

After only part of the Gallade page was shown in the original scan, the full image has now leaked online and provided details on Mega Gallade. It will remain a Fighting/Psychic type and have the ability Inner Focus.

Could we be getting Primal/Mega Rayquaza?

Rayquaza is featured in o...

Alongside the NES-Styled 3DS XL, there will also be a Persona Q 3DS XL that will be coming to the North America and only be available at Gamestop stores. Unfortunately, this new 3DS XL won't come packaged with Shadow of the Labyrinth, as they will be sold separately. This 3DS XL is set to released on November 25th and will be sold for $199.99. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is set to release on November 25th in North America and November 28th in Europe on the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo has announced today a new NES-styled 3DS XL that will be launching on October 10th, exclusively to Gamestop. The 3DS takes the shape of the NES controller, while the box looks like an NES system. It will sell for a suggested price of $199.99.

I am trying to hold off from buying a 3DS XL as I want to get the New 3DS but with this announcement, they are making it real hard for me to wait it out as the NES 3DS XL looks awesome!