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It has been mentioned that Bravely Second, the upcoming brave sequel to Bravely Default, will be expecting more DLC packs, such as weapons, in the future.

Already, a new bonus will be available tomorrow when the Famitsu magazine hit stores and in it will be a code for a special weapon.

Famitsu, popular gaming magazine company in Japan, conducted an interview of Bravely Second and series producers Tomoya Asano and Shinji Takahashi and asked them about the series.

They first asked them what they thought about the upcoming sequel:

quote Takahashi
“I feel like there’s been more of a response to [Bravely Second] than the previous game.”

quote Asano
“We’ve packed it with all the ideas we can think of for its story and system.”

They also answered how long it took them to...

Story of Seasons is a charming game that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Besides farming, your character can craft and sell items in a shop. With multiplayer connectivity you can have players visit and tend to your farms. Guests can help fertilize your farms while friends can trade back and forth with your town.

"A lot of people associate a role-playing game with the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest series of games. Did you know that the role-playing game genre started out as a table top, pen and paper game called Dungeons & Dragons? That tabletop game heavily influenced the development of the video game role-playing genre. Today, role-playing games, commonly abbreviated as RPG, are one of the most popular genre of games."

While PS and Xbox owners are grinding with OlliOlli2, Nintendo owners can't go wrong with a buy-one-get-one-free deal going on for the original OlliOlli, giving you both the 3DS and Wii U editions of the game when you purchase one of them. The series is steady enough that you can get plenty of fun out of the original if this is your first chance at playing the games, but which console will be your favorite? Ryan Johnson from The Gamers Lounge got to review both editions, and gives you his opi...

Etrian Mystery Dungeon is the very first crossover game between Atlus, the creators of Etrian Odyssey, and Spike Chunsoft, the creators of the Mystery Dungeon series. Etrian Odyssey is a series that pays homage to classic first person dungeon crawlers, with a focus on collecting loot to forge new weapons and armor. Mystery Dungeon is deeply inspired by the classic Rogue, with a 2D top down view of randomly generated dungeons. Putting these two together, both with their old-school sensibili...

Square Enix is not stopping the hype train when the game is gonna be out in less than a week!

They released more new details about the new and old jobs, and a new village in the game.

As everyone has expected, Fencers are swordsmen that use "Stances" to dish out damage. Their known attack are Bison Horn, which increases Defense, and Falcon Claw, a Speed-boosting stance. Bishops are new to the fray too, and they are Holy Mages. They know Heal, their version of Cure, and Divine Night, wh...

People are voting like mad for certain characters to be in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. As part of that vote, the voter has to give a reason why the character should be in Smash. What follows is how the characters friends or girlfriends or family members would write in to get them in on this “reality” game.

The first review of Bravely Second: End Layer has been released by Famitsu, the no. 1 Japanese gaming magazine, and the game received quite the score.

They gave it 36/40 where the 4 judges gave 9 each. For comparison, Bravely Default received a 38/40. Definitely close.

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GG3 writes: "In a recent update, developer Edmund McMillen revealed some more information on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’s planned Afterbirth expansion. For instance, there will be more music, but also new features involved."

Bandai Namco has released a new English trailer for the upcoming Project X Zone 2 game. It is set to release in the Fall around the same time as the Japanese version. Unlike the Japanese version, it looks like the North American version has dropped the "Brave New World" part of the name that was announced a few days ago.

The trailer reveals just some of the characters that are returning or are new in the game like Haseo from the .hack//G.U series. As well as favorites like Dante and Le...

It looks like a sequel to Bandai Namco's Project X Zone has been announced today. Bandai Namco held a "Level Up" event in Milan where they made several announcements. One which includes Project X Zone 2: Brave New World that will be making its way to the Nintendo 3DS

Not much is known currently on the game but expect more details to be posted as they become available!

  • Full video

  • 30-second trailer

Square Enix has released another Bravely Second trailer and they featured returning and brand-new jobs. They showed the Freelancer, White Mage, Black Mage, Knight, Tomahawk, Wizard, Monk, Thief, Merchant, Time Mage, Exorcist, Chariot, Ranger, Valkyrie, Summoner, Red Mage, Guardian, Cat Master, Pirate, Performer, Ninja, Swordmaster, Astrologian, and Patissier.

Harvest Moon, the best-selling series is reborn as Story of Seasons. The farming and life-simulation game improves upon the farming and relationship-building that the series is known for, while adding the theme of “Connecting”—both with other lands across the game world or with other players online.

So much money...not enough money.

It must be quite something to love a video game or series and something like this is announced.
That Key of Time pendant looks like something from Legend of Zelda. :o

The Weekly Jump magazine in magazine introduces two new jobs for the Bravely Default sequel.

The Bishop is described as the "life of the party," as funny as that sounds, since it's abilities are focused on healing and resurrection. This Holy Magic user can also enhance magic.

The Fencer on the other hand specializes on "stances." Skilled at protean poses, this job will allow players to increase defense and speed too and unleash unique sword techniques.

I personally love the Rumble series and I wish I could get this if my 3DS' downloading speed wasn't so bad. >_<
Some events are also being hosted on it as well. Currently there is an event that could allow the player a Mega Stone that allows Blastoise to Mega Evolve.

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Ever since the announcement of the Super Smash Bros Ballot on Wednesday, the battle for which character fans want ini DLC has been fierce. Which characters are at the top and which ones are at the bottom? You may be surprised.

Etrian Odyssey is a familiar RPG series to any DS owner, but Mystery Dungeon games, while they have quite the following in Japan, most western gamers only know the Pokemon Dungeon series. Enter Etrian Mystery Dungeon, the latest RPG from Atlus, that combines two great styles of games into one of the best RPG's on the Nintendo 3DS.

While it certainly was no joke, April 1st's installment of Nintendo Direct provided little of interest, and seemed to be more of an advertisement for accessories and DLC than a video game presentation. We provide an analysis of the presentation and provide a recap on the few notable reveals.

They just don't stop, do they?

The third batch of bonuses has been revealed and we've detailed them below.

First, players who preorder or purchase the Japanese version of the game until May 31st can get these:

  • A serial code that can be used in Bravely Archive: D's Report to get Agnes Oblige
  • Demon King Dagger (the one held by Tiz on the image)

Demon King Dagger
Type: Dagger
Effects: Heal when used in battle
(HP Recovery) Effect

Next is a new campaign, "Pick" And Get a Character...

Iron Combat: War in the Air offers a lot of action, but difficult controls and missions. The dance style background music is very anime like, but the voice acting would have been better if it was localized. The graphics are disappointing and the controls simply make this game unenjoyable.