The gang is back an this week they talk about Destiny, Shenmue Undub, Life Is Strange, Minecraft, Rocket League, Last of Us, the new console from China, Nintendo release dates, Maxlander, Rainbow Six delayed and more!

Topping this week's list of Media Create sales on its debut is Super Robot Wars BX at 98,000 sales. The game was released on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan.

Another new released that made it to this week's list is the visual novel Reine des Fleurs by Idea Factory for the PlayStation Vita, which sold 11,000 copies. Read the full list of software sales (followed by lifetime sales) below:

  1. [3DS] Super Robot Wars BX (Bandai Namco, 08/20/15) – 98,366 (New)
  2. [3DS] Animal Crossing: Happy Home Design...

Dragon Fantasy is an indie RPG recently released with cross-buy for 3DS and Wii U. While a lighthearted romp through a traditional fantasy world, the disjointed storyline and a few choppy mechanics crying for updates may make it wise for one to seek it out on a mobile platform rather than a traditional console.

For this week's Media Create sales charts in the Japanese market, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is still intact at the best software seller position with more than 140,000 additional units sold. Read the full list:

  1. [3DS] Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (Nintendo, 07/30/15) – 140,235 (844,167)
  2. [3DS] Yo-kai Watch Busters: Red Cat Team / White Dog Squad (Nintendo, 07/11/15) – 100,553 (1,303,342)
  3. [Wii U] Splatoon (Nintendo, 05/28/15) – 41,361 (560,394)
  4. [3DS] Rhythm Heaven: The Bes...

It is safe to say that Nintendo has scored big with the Amiibo's. Most are very hard to find, some are impossible. Flippers have really cashed in by taking advantage of the short supply and high demand, selling certain figures upwards of 10x their MSRP. Let's not forget about multi-child households having to buy multiples of each figure so each child can have their own figure. What if there was a way to not have to buy two of every figure, but also have all of them at your fingertips, their s...

After a little break the gang is back and this week they talk Destiny, Rocket League, Gamescom news, System Sales, Ouya, Retro VGS Kickstarter and more!

Celebrating a whole chunk of video game history, the Mega Man Legacy Collection features the series' origins with all six of the 8-bit classics as the game releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Wii U, 3DS, PC and Mac, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers will arrive in North America on 26th Jan 2016 with European gamers needing to wait a few extra days until 29th Jan.

Denis Murphy writes- Though I certainly wasn't there at the beginning of the series on the SNES back in 1996, I got into the Harvest Moon series three years later with Harvest Moon 64. I loved it, and though since then I've only played Harvest Moon 3 GBC, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, I have a great admiration for the series.

Denis Murphy writes- Jurassic Park was my Star Wars, and I'm sure this was the case for many of you too. Though I wasn't around to be originally swept up in the sprawling and visual excellence of Star Wars during its 1977 release, back in 1993 Jurassic Park did that for me. Like many kids, after watching Jurassic Park I wanted everything to do with dinosaurs. Whether they were books, films, games, toys, comics or whatever, I needed more dinosaur stuff!

Yet another update is coming to both versions of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Adding new features and new stages to battle on, this could be enough to draw more fans back in.

At SDCC this year Bandai Namco brought a huge wave of fighting titles to showcase over the weekend, I was able to take a moment with their team for hands-on time with most of the lineup and see what waited anime / manga fighting game fans for the upcoming holiday season.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

With the manga arc wrapped up already many were waiting for this installment to arrive in the series. Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 arrives with a complete cast of characters to accent t...

"All the big news today circulating around a recent Square Enix live-stream was on their very minor slip-of-the-tongue centering on the release of Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI being considered for release on the Nintendo NX, Nintendo's mystery game system."

The latest batch of screenshots for the upcoming remake, Dragon Quest VIII, on the Nintendo 3DS has brought with it an interesting new feature: Photo Sharing!

  • Personalizing Photos
    • With the new Camera Mode, you can take photos of your adventure at any point in the game. You can then put stamps, frames and do basic editing with it.

  • Change Clothes
    • There were additional costumes in the original game, but the 3DS version will offer tons of new costumes! You can use these costumes to further...

Planned to be announced tomorrow, looks like the official Dragon Quest website got a little excited and uploaded the official logo of the upcoming game on the web. :p It's been taken down now, however.

The image is too small to make out what exactly it's subtitle is, but according to Gematsu, it roughly looks like “過ぎ去りし時を求めて,” or “In Search of Departed Time.”

There was also another logo uncovered:

which looks like it could be used for a new smartphone game.

If you are attending Gamescom in Cologne, Germany with your Pokemon Omega Ruby or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, then you have a chance to get a hold of code cards that will give you several Pokemon.

Picked by Game Freak Battle Director Shigeki Morimoto himself, the Pokemon that will be given out are the competitive types (i.e. you can use them in battles right away) and are as follows:


  • Ability: Aroma Veil
  • Item: Babiri Berry
    • Trick Room
    • Heal Pulse
    • Disable
    • Moonblast

  • Abil...

Streets of Rage 2 is back. It's universally accepted as one of the best games on the Sega Genesis. Now it is playable in stereoscopic 3D on the Nintendo 3DS.

Yo-kai Watch Busters, the latest Yo-kai Watch spin-off, continues to sit at the pedestal of sales for this week's Media Create charts. The new PS4 game, Batman: Arkham Knight made a 49,000 sales debut, and helped the console's sales for this week. New to this week too, is Yoshi’s Woolly World, which got 31,000 sales. The full list of software and hardware sales is provided for you below:


  • Daisenryaku Exceed II (PS3) – 7/5/6/6 [24/40]
  • Daisenryaku Exceed II (PSV) – 7/5/6/6 [24/40]
  • F1 2015 (PS4) – 7/8/7/7 [29/40]
  • F1 2015 (XBO) – 7/8/7/7 [29/40]
  • Go! Princess PreCure Saga: Oukoku to 6-nin no Princess! (3DS) – 7/7/7/6 [27/40]
  • IA/VT Colorful (PSV) – 9/8/9/8 [34/40]
  • KLAP!! Kind Love And Punish (PSV) – 8/8/7/7 [30/40]
  • Mystery Chronicle: I Won’t Look Back Until I Win! (PS4) – 7/8/8/7 [30/40]
  • Mystery Chronicle: I Won’t Look Back Until I Win! (PSV) – 7/8/8/7 [30/40]
  • Natsumegu (PSV) – 7/7...

Capcom has announced that the latest Monster Hunter 3DS games, Monster Hunter X (read Cross) will launch on November 28 in Japan.

The company is also planning to release a 3DS XL + game bundle, details of which will be released at a later date. Aside from that, Capcom said it will deliver videos featuring new weapons from August 1 to 7.

In addition, the game will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show on September 19 and 20. Nargacuga, a Flying Wyvern last seen in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate,...

Nicole from Vgamerz writes: In 1996, Game Freak introduced the Pokemon game franchise into the gaming community, a game franchise that even today revels in high demand and levels of enjoyment spanning over a variety of age groups. The franchise possesses a simple yet addictive objective of catching various monsters known as ‘Pokemon’ in order to befriend them, train them up and battle against other Pokemon trainers. The franchise has adapted over the evolution of Nintendo consoles, becoming ...

Square Enix has just announced a new game for the Dragon Quest Monsters Joker series with Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3.

It's been mentioned that the upcoming game will feature new systems, monsters and connectivity functions. Akira Toriyama will be designing the game's logo with Nochora (the dinosaur thingy in the image above) at the core of it.

At the moment, there still isn't a release date for it.

This week the gang talks Batman, Metal Gear, Witcher 3, Far Cry 4, Sleeping Dogs, Terraria, Rogue Legacy, Mighty Number 9 cancellations, new collector editions announcements, Satoru Iwata, our summer backlog contest and more!

Nothing can stop the storm that is Yo-kai Watch. Well, at least, in Japan.

The latest spin-off to the series, Yo-kai Watch Busters: Red Cat Team and White Dog Squad, has topped last week's sales chart. With the help of Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken, they keep the New 3DS XL handheld remain at the top of hardware sales.

The Palutena Amiibo is set to be an Amazon exclusive, but this time around it sounds like Amazon is trying to get the Amiibo into the hands of fans instead of scalpers.