"Up booting up SEGA 3D Classics Collection you’re greeted with a colourful animation that shows images from the games included in the collection. Being a SEGA fan from the 80’s and 90’s I instantly recognized all nine games, and I was reminded of all the good times my friends and I had with these games. Nostalgia aside, after the intro you are brought to a game selection screen where you can choose which game you want to play."

The announcement of Disney canceling Disney Infinity has many gamers disappointed. The last few years have been good for the so-called "Toys to Life" games. Skylanders, Lego Dimensions, Disney Infinity, Nintendo’s Amiibos have all filled this niche. The bigger question remains is this the slow decline of the popularity across the genre? What is going to happen over the next few years? What's next for the genre?

In this weeks episode the gang talks Divinity: Original Sin, Shadow Complex for PS4, the Overwatch beta, Sleeping Dogs DE, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the Nvidia GTX 1080, and more!

"In true Nintendo fashion, Kirby Planet Robobot contains innovative new gameplay modes. One new gameplay mode is called Kirby 3D Rumble. It’s a single-player isometric action-puzzler where you have to suck up objects or enemies and eliminating all foes in as few moves as possible. By sucking up multiple enemies at once, Kirby can then unleash a powerful Star Bullet that will plough through any remaining foes caught in its blast."

Excave 3 is a short game with a large online crowd all clamoring to be number one on the leaderboards. I enjoyed my time with the game, though I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the structure introduced in the previous Excave game. The lack of a town to sell loot and buy gear and spells was missed exponentially. Even with all the faults, the game is charming in its own way and is a worthwhile game to experience.

Toby from The Game Bolt: "The Outsider is the first piece of DLC for the popular and exceedingly good SteamWorld Heist. In this paid extra content, you come across Fen, a Scrapper left for dead; it is your job to revive him. Once you revive Fen you can hire the red-hooded robot as a new ally – and he kicks all kinds of ass."

Kevin from The Game Bolt: "Square Enix managed to recapture the love of its old school JRPG fans with the release of Bravely Default in 2014. Bravely Default was a throwback to the genre’s glory days of old and set a great tone for a new IP with a lot of potential. Bravely Second manages to improve upon some aspects of its predecessor, yet also manages to falter in some similar ways as well."

Ryan from The Game Bolt: "Earlier today, The Official Pokemon Channel hit us with a brand new trailer of Pokemon Sun/Moon with more detail crammed in than food in Snorlax’s gut. From the new starter Pokemon, to the release date, we learnt a lot from a 2 minute trailer."

"Warner Bros have today revealed the latest trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer revealing exclusive new levels which explore the adventures set in the time leading up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

This week the guys talk about Rocket League, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, the Nioh Demo, Kirby Triple Trouble, Puzzles and Dragon, Walking Dead Road to Survival, Walking Dead Michonne, Nintendo news, your questions from Twitter and more!

In the end, the good tends to balance out the bad for Langrissser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI-. To say I was disappointed in the game, especially initially, would be an understatement. However, that same love for the original Warsong gave me enough willpower to see more of this title through, and over time I was able to appreciate some of the things that the game does really well. In the end I suspect Langrissser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI- will only appeal to a select audience - either fans of the se...

After all was said and done this game brought me over 6 hours worth of game time. For the 5 dollar price tag I fully recommend this game, simply to experience its well crafted story. Fans of the Zero Escape series will most likely enjoy this game as well.

At the end of the day, this is a collection of nine games encompassing many different genres. There is something here for everyone to like, and as a complete package it's well worth its price. Having so much control over the games made every play session feel unique, as I could tweak and adjust the game settings to any way I wanted to play. The amount of polish that M2 put into these remakes is nearly overwhelming. These are not just emulated versions of the games. New life was truly breathed...

Doll Fashion Atelier is a game that lets you choose from 5 different styles of dolls to decorate and dress up. The choices are: Pretty, Gothic, Victorian, Princess, and Antique. Each style has dozens of variations to the types of dresses, shoes, and accessories that can be selected. The dolls have no animations to them, and they come off just as lifeless as a real doll would. In fact, there is no animation to be seen anywhere.

Join Erik and Nathanael this week for talk about Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, Dreamfall Chapters, The Division, Minecraft, Fallout 4, Touch the Dead, Murasma Demon Blade, Stardew Valley, Shovel Knight, Red Dead Redemption 2, our Poll for the Show and more!

If you're expecting anything more than a basic RPG you most likely will not be satisfied by Witch and Hero 2. This game comes highly recommended to those that grew up playing games like Ys or just like retro inspired indie games.

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest is an awesome game that I was happy to spend lots of hours with. I will say that when comparing it to Birthright, it is harder and also more varied. The two games are essentially the same in structure due to the engine and interwoven storyline, but Conquest does a better job of elevating the material in my experience. Both are excellent games and fans of fantasy RPGs and strategy should fine lots to enjoy here.

Bravely Second: End Layer’s Demo was a great showcase of the features present in the sequel. Completion of various milestones will grant rewards in the full version such as items and any of the Moon residents you may have. I’ll have two! Overall however? I couldn’t be more excited to pick back up Square’s new entry into the Bravely moniker later this month.

This week the guys talk Renowned Explorers, The Division, Minecraft, Doom Beta, Platinum Demo FFXV, Walking Dead Michonne, Mass Effect, BioShock, Destiny, our Poll for the Show and more!

Join the gang this week where they talk The Division, Dreamfall Chapters, ARK: Survival Evolved, Minecraft, DC Universe Online, Nuclear Throne, Playstation 4.5, listener questions and more!

"The world first met achievements in 2005, with Microsoft’s release of the Xbox 360. Gamers everywhere began hearing that now familiar pop and wondered in amazement what they’d just unlocked. My first achievement came while I played as Frank West in Capcom’s zombie thriller, Dead Rising."

Covering the epic action from the recent blockbuster film, with that unique LEGO feel, gamers will be able to play through all the storylines from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The game will also feature exclusive playable content that takes fans and newcomers on adventures set in the time leading up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, providing additional insight about the new movie and its characters.

The PopoloCrois series returns to the United States with Return to PopoloCrois: A STORY OF SEASONS Fairytale. Find out if the traditional JRPG combined with a farming simulator was worth the 10 year wait in this review!

This week the guys talk PlayStation VR, PS4.5, Xbox Cross-Platform, Dreamfall Chapters, ARK: Survival Evolved, Minecraft, DC Universe, Street Fighter V, The Division, Day of the Tentacle Remastered and more!

Developing a sequel can sometimes be a no win situation for a developer. After all, there are certain expectations with a sequel that aren’t applicable to a brand new game. Balancing what people liked about the original, while also making sure that the follow-up seems fresh can be quite the challenge. Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for Mutant Mudds developer, Renegade Kid.