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I love a good book or movie trilogy. Seeing the same characters go through different adventures and watch their character arcs unfold. It isn’t something you see in video games very often though. Certainly there are long games that have a series of side stories and game series that often have similar themes or are set in the same world, but it is rare to see the same characters hold real continuity across games. Why are games sequels with continuity so hard? Let’s have a think shall we.

Welcome to another installment of Garage Sale Adventures. Join Erik from The Gamers Lounge on his chronicled adventure as he hits up garage sales in his local area and sees what he can find in the way of video games.

"With less than 2 months until release date, the Pokemon Company have released a new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer which focuses on exclusive Pokemon and new features. Check out the trailer below, and keep reading for all the in-depth details!"

Three years ago, Atlus released one of the most prolific RPGs for the 3DS, Shin Megami Tensei IV. In it we played as Flynn, a Samurai from the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado endowed with the task of saving humanity. The results of Shin Megami Tensei IV depended on the choices the player made, which meant there were four possible outcomes for Flynn. Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse plays out parallel to the events of the Neutral Path route from the previous game, though you don't need to play SMT4...

With the impeding release of Final Fantasy XV I think it worth looking at what exactly JRPGs can offer now. I mean, they have long since passed their PlayStation 2 heyday, but does that mean they have nothing left to offer? Recent releases – even Final Fantasy games – have felt lacking that extra jazz of previous generations. Is it that the stories aren’t as engaging? Has the combat been forced to evolve to a point where it’s no longer as enjoyable?

"I’ve only recently been tinkering around with the Nintendo DS’s huge library; little did I know that a game by one of my favorite developers was out there, untouched. Shinji Mikami has to be my favorite developer, thus is the man that brought survival horror into the limelight with Resident Evil. This man made a kid’s game and it is just as fun, albeit very different from what Mikami likes to punch out."

In most RPGs you will find an item shop. Typically this is where you would buy new gear and stock up on potions. Rarely do we ever get to see how these item shops keep their doors open. Kingdom's Item Shop fully explores this concept of being a shopkeeper, while at the same time still letting our main character see combat on the battlefield.

I often find myself pondering what Link does after rescuing Zelda, or any other maiden for that matter. I came to the conclusion that he must cut down a lot of patches of grass to pass the time until Ganon returns. In an ironic twist, developer Librage has just released their Zelda inspired 3DS title, The Legend of Kusakari, which does exactly that.

This week the gang talks Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Battlefield 1 Beta, Quantum Break, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, PS4 Pro and Slim, no mods on PS4, Super Mario Run, Nintendo Direct, 17 years of Dreamcast and more!

"A really neat mode that has been added to Style Savvy: Fashion Forward is called Caprice Chalet. In this mode, you can use special miniature furniture that the locals give you after you have completed a task for them. Here you can make your own rooms and shops with these miniature items and when you are done, it all comes to life in the game. Better yet, you can share these rooms with friends online, and exchange them through StreetPass."

With the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon fast approaching Nintendo have been previewing a range of new content that will appear in their latest instalments of the series. As with any generation of new Pokémon the Alolan Pokédex looks set to have a few oddities, here is a list of top five weirdest new Pokémon (so far).

Over the last few years there has been a resurgence in interest regarding pixel art. Pixel Paint was originally released on the Wii U two years ago, and now Sanuk Games has brought their tool to the 3DS. With a few enhancements over the Wii U version, this certainly is an enjoyable application to use on the go.

Ah Pokemon: is there anything more unifying in any medium? It seems that no matter where you look , Pokemon can be found: its one of the few shared obsessions of society at large. And why wouldn’t it be? Pokémon are awesome… mostly. Unfortunately, for every Charizard, there’s been a Dunsparce. So, submitted for your approval, here are the top ten WORST Pokemon ever.

Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge is a retro-style action-platformer developed by Renegade Kid. I haven’t had a chance to play the previous Mutant Mudd game, so keep that in mind. The story, as well as most other features of the game, is fairly minimal. Players play as Max and Max receives special intel, revealing the location of the original meteor impact site and the fact that mutant mudds are still being spawned from it. Max sets out from a secret hideout in the jungle to locate the meteor ...

In most RPGs there are creatures known as slimes. These enemies normally pose little, to no threat, and are only considered good for grinding levels early on. Ambition of the Slimes aims to change all that by putting the player in control of an army of slimes.

"Produced by Kensuke Tanabe, producer of all pervious Metroid Prime games, Metroid Prime: Federation Force has plenty to see and do that is sure to please fans and those new to the series. With controls similar to the Metroid Prime games on the Wii, and a plot that unfolds in mission format—Metroid Prime: Federation Force is not looking to cash-in on the Metroid IP."

On this week episode we talk about Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Dark Souls, No Man’s Sky, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Far Cry Primal, Madden 17, PS4 Slim, PlayStation Now, Nintendo NX, PlayStation Plus Price Hike, Retro Games, our #7FaveGames and more!

Defend Your Crypt is a strategy game that has the player take control of a long-deceased Pharaoh. He has the special ability to activate traps inside different tombs in an attempt to stop thieves from stealing its gold.

Lightwood Games specializes in puzzle games and their latest title, Word Logic by POWGI, brings six new game modes and seven hundred and twenty puzzles to both the Wii U and 3DS gaming systems. This game is cross buy so you’ll own it on both platforms for $9.99. Unfortunately, the Nintendo platform does not support cross saving at this time, so your progress will not transfer between devices.

The Black Hand of Fate, a terrorist organization, has constructed a secret base in a volcano in Antarctica and it's up to the Blasting Agent to put their plans to a stop. This is the story of Blasting Agent, and it's just as simple as its gameplay, which is a good thing.

"There’ll be special stages, boss battles and character progression/customisation throughout the story, which kicks off after Uncle Grandpa creates a tear in the universe."

The gang is back again and this week they talk about No Man’s Sky, Dark Souls, Far Cry Primal, Alien Carnage, Commander Keen, PS4 Firmware 4.0 beta, Final Fantasy XV delayed, Destiny: The Collection, Xbox One number one in July and more!

With the Olympics being all the buzz this year, Stickman Super Athletics from CoderChild aims to offer a similar gaming experience on the 3DS. With seven different events to complete in, there's always room to improve in this rhythm sports title that features stickmen.

Unholy Heights may have one of the most unlikely plots you may come across in a video game. You play as Satan - the manual refers to him as just a devil - as he starts a new business venture as an apartment landlord for all kinds of ghouls and ghosts.