Mario Golf: World Tour will feature a robust regional and worldwide online tournaments that are hosted by Nintendo when it launches next month, as well as create their own tournaments.

Players who have access to the handhelds online, will be able to enter the Nintendo-hosted tournaments by checking their Spotpass notifications when there is an upcoming or available tournament. This allows them to play in the event and upload their scores before the deadline. You will be able to see where y...

North American fans rejoice as Super Mario Bros. 3 is now available on both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Virtual Consoles! For $4.99, you will be able to purchase and play Super Mario Bros. 3 on your console! If you're a handheld gamer, then you'll be able to pick the game up and play on the go!

"So, when Mario Golf hit the N64 in 1999, what exactly made it so compelling? In typical Nintendo fashion, Mario Golf excels at keeping things simple, while adding appealing, colourful visuals and the personality of Mario and his friends. Mario Golf isn’t, at least in my estimation, for the same kind of people who would play a PGA Tour game.

But it’s not like the game strips away everything that makes golf what it is. You’ll still be reading greens, paying attention to the wind, and careful..."

Yumi’s Odd Odyssey is the third game in the Umihara Kawase series which is popular in Japan. This is the first and only game to come to North America. The series began in 1994 on the Super Famicom system. The sequels were released on the Japanese PlayStation, PSP, and DS systems. What sets this series apart from other platformers (other than the bizarre dream world and creatures) is that the main characters are equipped with a bungee-like fishing line that they can attach to surfaces and ...

"Could this place of whimsy, of musical dogs and free fruit, a land where money literally grows on trees, be nothing more than a dream come true? Don’t be fooled by its charming disguise. Animal Crossing is no playful accident. No, Animal Crossing is the stuff of nightmares."

"Thousand Waves: Ground, Base Power 90, 100 Accuracy, Physical Attack. The user attacks with a wave that crawls along the ground. Those hit can't flee from battle.

Thousand Arrows: Ground, Base Power 90, 100 Accuracy, Physical Attack. This move also hits opposing Pokémon that are in the air. Those Pokémon are knocked down to the ground."

For those looking to download Tomodachi Life through the Nintendo eShop, you won't have to worry about it taking up a ton of blocks like other games, I'm looking at you Donkey Kong Country 3D! Nintendo has announced that Tomodachi Life will only take up 3,391 blocks or 424MB on your SD Card!

Nintendo of Europe has shown off what European gamers can expect for this week. They will be able to get their hands on a Mario Golf: World Tour demo. As well, there is a special promotion for those who purchase the game on the eShop before May 29th, they will be able to download Mario Golf(Game Boy Color) for free.

Nintendo has launched a "recommended software" promotion in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS XL for new handheld users. Starting on April 26, new users will get a "download voucher" for one game only that can be redeemed from a software list that Nintendo chooses.

The first two games that will be available at the start will be Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Youkai Watch. New users will be able to redeem the voucher for these games between April 26th to May 31st.Then the games will change in June a...

Starting April 22nd, Nintendo will be cutting the prices of five of their Nintendo 3DS games in North America. For $29.99 at retail stores and on the eShop, players will be able to buy Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Animal Crossing: New Lead and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D at the new price.

"Brody of RGN writes, "When asking the average person, albeit a parent or middle-aged adult, about video games, most will tell you they are a waste of time and “rot your brain.” Video games have gotten such a huge amount of negative attention over the last couple of decades. They are usually the first thing people point fingers at when a horrible act of violence occurs. It seems as though mainstream media refuses to cover the fact that video games also have many positive effects on a person. S..."

"Since I didn’t have any enthusiasm for this strange new handheld, it remained off my typical Christmas list chocked full of video games and the like. I don’t remember what I got that year, but it didn’t involve any fancy screen touching or duality or whatever Nintendo preached to us at the time.

Fast forward two months, when the biggest thing happening is my friend getting a Nintendo DS for his birthday – a rather ugly silver model. Not that any colour of the original DS could be too visua..."

Level-5 has announced today that they will be launching Yokukai Watch 2 on the Nintendo 3DS on July 10th in Japan. Level-5 will be launching two editions for the game, the Ganso(Founder) edition and the Honke(Head) edition. Both games will have their own rare medal that can be earned.

"According to the report, the scenario for Bravely Second is just about wrapped up. Says Asano, “We’re currently at the height of the planning [stage] for the game. As far as new information goes, we’ll likely be revealing more this summer, so please look forward to it!”"

Mario Golf: World Tour is set to release on the Nintendo 3DS in a few weeks and it looks like it could potentially have DLC. Amazon has written in their description "Discover additional paid downloadable courses and participate in special trial tournaments."

So, could we be seeing some downloadable courses in the future for this title? Maybe we can see some courses from past Mario Golf games make an appearance through DLC.

GG3 writes: "Have we all seen the Tomodachi Life announcement by now? It’s pretty much nightmare fuel turned into a Nintendo 3DS game. Maybe it’s like The Sims, maybe it’s like Animal Crossing, but one thing it is certainly: Weird."

"In Tomodachi Life, players populate their game world with Miis, who inhabit an island, develop personalities and go about living their virtual lives. They become friends, have dreams and even start romantic relationships. Players peer into their lives playing minigames with them, feeding them and more. Your role, from the outside of a 3DS, is to observe and react to their world, help them out and watch what happens."

Welcome back to part two of my look at some classic and obscure Nintendo games that deserve a reboot or remake. Last time, I looked at 10 Nintendo owned games and franchises that I’d like to see given a second chance on the Wii U and 3DS. This time, I’ll be looking at some third party offerings from days gone by that could make for some fun revivals on a new generation of Nintendo hardware.

Nintendo UK has announced today on their Twitter account that Kid Icarus: Uprising is now available on the Nintendo eShop.The company apologizes for how long it took for them to release it onto the eShop. North America had gotten it on the eShop back in November.


This free EShop download is very funny. Like IGN stated, this game is very well-written. The jokes are funny, and the Nontendo 4DS is even better.
The minigames are enjoyable enough to buy, so you should check this game out as soon as you can.

Whilst the stages will differ depending on the version of the game, it was revealed that both versions will boast exactly the same fighter rosters. Five new fighters were revealed during the Nintendo Direct last night including both new and returning characters.

The current roster looks like this with even more expected to be announced at a later date;

Zero Suit Samus
Diddy Kong
Little Mac
King Dedede
Rosalina & Luma

Earlier today we were treated to a brand new Nintendo Direct with a sole focus on the upcoming Super Smash Bros. title for both the 3DS and Wii-U. If you were unable to watch a live stream of the Smash Bros Direct then you can check out the full video here.
We were treated too so much it's almost impossible to condense into just one article. Here's a little brief on what we saw during this presentation;

- Release dates were announced for the two titles; the 3DS version will release in...

Sakurai almost made us believe that we wouldn't see a new character reveal....almost. Sakurai showed off a small trailer at the end of the Direct that showed off two new characters...well I should say one new character.

The first character that he showed off was Charizard, who looks to be on his own this time around. Does this mean that we won't be seeing Pokemon Trainer this time around? Charizard will have his Mega Charizard X form in the game, though it is not known if the Y form will ...

During the Smash Brothers Direct today, it was announced that there would no longer be transformations in the game. Both Zelda and Samus would be getting new Down and B moves to replace the character transformations. But where does this leave Zero Suit Samus and Sheik?

Sakurai covered that as well and announced that both would be their own separate characters away from Zelda and Samus. Zero Suit Samus was designed to have less physical strength and she can be seen in the new Direct wearing...

During earlier's Smash Bros. Direct it was revealed that this game will run at 60 frames per second. All fighters will have a significant smoothness to their movements around the stage. It was explained that assist trophies and Pokemon will run at a slightly lower 30 frames per second but will not affect the original 60 fps set for fighters.