Teaming up with Square Enix and DONTNOD Entertainment, Insert Coin have dropped a few design concepts already and whilst the full range won’t be available until early next year, they look rather superb.

The publisher behind many beloved franchises such as a large volume of the Mortal Kombat series, the Arkham series, and the Lego games has a new president.

"A New Yorker article this week cited an anonymous source who claimed to have attended Kojima’s own farewell party at the company in which over a hundred of his closest peers saw him off from the company for good. In a statement published in Tokyo Sports translated by Kotaku, a spokesperson from Konami’s Tokyo headquarters stated that, “Currently, Kojima is listed as a company employee [at Konami].”"

An anonymous source from inside Kojima Productions/Konami has confirmed that Hideo Kojima officially left Konami and Kojima Productions as of October 9th.

Join Nathan and Alec as they discuss why they think G4 failed as a channel. Feel free to join the discussion and give your opinion, channel memories, or other thoughts on the topic!

The first major update for Youtube Gaming has been revealed, which gives you the capability to stream gameplay directly from your phone. According to Youtube's announcement, Android users can use Mobile Capture to stream while they play a wide array of mobile titles.

Buoyed by the impassioned response to the terrifying appetizer P.T., Kojima Productions was on course to overhaul one of gaming’s more illustrious franchises with Silent Hills. History has taught us that such a reboot will never materialize, with Konami opting to shut down the game early in development after it parted ways with esteemed Metal Gear developer Hideo Kojima.

For some time now, many of the game industry’s voice actors have threatened to go on strike in their calls for better pay and studio transparency. Today, the possibility of such is now one step closer to becoming a reality.

Have you been waiting patiently for Capcom to lift the lid on Resident Evil 7? Unfortunately, you may be waiting for a good while longer to get any news on the game, according to the series producer, Masachika Kawata.

"We talked about their history, game inspirations, difference in making games for well-known brand and original titles, why they focused only on the iOS platform and what’s in store for this developer based in New Jersey."

Today, Titan Comics have announced their acquisition of the required license for publishing comic books based on the hugely popular Eidos-Montreal franchise, Deus Ex.

It was only yesterday that Insert Coin Clothing announced that their Destiny range of clothing would appear with an exclusive T-shirt at EGX 2015, well today, they’re revealing that they’ll have some sexy Assassin’s Creed apparel at the show as well.

This update brings a new mission to the table and contains a new location to discover: The A.I. space station! Additionally, the game now fully supports gamepad control!

In the mission players will leave solid ground behind and infiltrate an A.I. space station orbiting through the planetary system.

This update also introduces various adjustments and features to the control system. First off, every aspect of the game can now be controlled with the gamepad. Furthermore, new radial menus c...

I'm sure I'm not the only one who hasn't heard of this guy. But Tatsumi Kimishima-san is now the president (or representative director) of Nintendo after our beloved Satoru Iwata has passed away two months ago.

Here is a part of the press release noting the reason for a change in representative director:

quote Nintendo Co., Ltd.
We aim to strengthen and enhance the management structure of the Company following President (Representative Director) Satoru Iwata’s passing on July 11, 2015 and ...

"Wildly successful for its 3D graphics, variety of great games, and success of the CD format, the PlayStation would go on to influence the use of optical CDs in video game consoles, and spawn successor consoles that have either outsold or competed with those devolved by Microsoft or Nintendo."

Surge, the younger brother to Mountain Dew is back. Sadly only on the East Cost at the moment, so if you're West Coast you have to wait it out a bit. Many a 90's gamer will be able to relive some of their favorite moments while playing their Dreamcast.

Katie Joell from Gamerscore Whores writes "Google or Alphabet or whatever the hell we call this faceless company anymore are never ones to let the smell of money pass them by. Twitch was an area that caught the company by surprise and it was only a matter of time before YouTube would expand itself to take on the likes of Twitch. Given most Twitch streamers have a primary YouTube account, the stockholders at Amazon (owners of Twitch) will be watching the progress of YouTube Gaming with a hawk ...

Whilst AC Syndicate is coming to London, Insert Coin will not only be dropping new hoodies and tees, as well as an all new military style jacket complete with the trademark peaked hood, all focusing on the latest title

Due for launch at the beginning of October, and appealing to pro gamers and hardcore enthusiasts, the ASTRO A40 TR Headset and the Mixamp Pro TR will work with Xbox One, PS4 and PC/Mac.

It was this past March that Nintendo announced its plans to broaden their horizons to the mobile market. Nintendo’s stated that they’ll partner with DeNA to bring Nintendo IP to i0S and Android, the first of which is coming in “early 2015,” otherwise known as “the end of the next fiscal year, which is the end of march 2017.”

"Nintendo announced the release dates for almost all of their upcoming holiday releases today.

Among the highlights are Star Fox Zero, available November 20th of this year; Xenoblade Chronicles X which will be available December 4th; and The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes, which we can all pick up on the 23rd of October."

"There's been this story circulating about a 10-year-old autistic kid and his older brother who were sent some high-end gear by AMD. They sent the duo a top of the line R9 380 GPU, a t-shirt, a mouse pad and a 27” 144hz HDMI 2.0 XG series 1440p gaming monitor. Well, the older brother of the 10-year-old decided that the gear would be better used in his own machine and then he proceeded to brag about it on the Glorious PC Master Race sub-Reddit."

"A.I. Invasion is set in a post-apocalyptic age and demands lots of strategical skills from trigger-happy players.

The extra-terrestrial A.I. has subdued the whole galaxy with a overwhelming army of machines. In various deadly missions set on different planets of the solar system, players have to face this threat to reclaim the place of mankind in the universe.

He is assisted by a team of special units he has to equip and command and by many special items he has to unlock during gamepla..."