"A Q&A with the president of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, was being hosted by Develop: Brighton, one of the leading developer conferences in Brighton, U.K. Develop took to Twitter to field questions from gamers using a hashtag called #AskRandy. The results are sad, funny, enlightening and troubling."

"Gamescom is fast approaching and it’ll be the first time much of Europe will be able to go hands-on with a number of new titles. Konami are bringing the big guns to the party and today have announced their show line-up!"

"Regular readers of TheXboxHub will know that we are big fans of the clothing lines Insert Coin Clothing deal with. However, we’re not too sure they’ve ever had the chance to excite us more than the announcement that we’ll soon be able to pick up some sexy new Borderlands inspired threads."

"“PC gaming is dead”, “there’s nothing to play on PC”, “PC gamers are a bunch of hackers”… those were the comments oftentimes thrown around regarding the gaming ecosystem on PC. The truth of the matter is that apparently PC gamers are spending a heck of a lot more than you may have been expecting… well, that’s if Ubisoft’s first quarter spending sheet is to be believed."

"Mark Kern plans on officially re-launching League For Gamers on July 15th next week. The initiative for the organization is to help bridge the gap between consumers and major corporations, as well as working with legislators for helping preserve the historic values of gaming and helping the consumers get their voices heard. Kern recently rolled out a few of the details for the features of the League For Gamers website and what members can expect from the outlet."

"While some sites like Shoryuken have banned discussion of #GamerGate and The Verge has completely closed off their entire comment section in light of #GamerGate, other sites that want to foster and maintain free speech are doing the opposite of the censorship-heavy media outlets."

Katie Joell from Gamerscore Whores writes "Given that every single prediction we made for the year of Gaming 2015 has came true, with the exception of Half Life 3 our hit rate has been better than Michael Pachter himself. In Episode 50 of The Gamerscore Whores Podcast Katie discusses the Nintendo NX and wonders whether Nintendo will play to it’s strengths and create it’s next console to be a HD portable device which will have Wireless TV Out with an accompanying USB dongle. Listen from minute...

Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda seems to have been checking op on Microsoft Studios' developers including Rare who is currently busy developer Xbox One exclusive 'Sea of Thieves'.

"YouTuber PewDiePie and his company PewDiePie Productions AB, has accrued $7.4 million in profit in 2014 (and yes that’s profit… not revenue). Real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, the popular Swedish YouTuber has more than 37 million subscribers and spends a large majority of his time making videos about video games."

"The old mythological cartridge and CD-ROM hybrid console that would be the collaboration between Nintendo and Sony, called the Play Station, has surfaced. Only 200 units were made back in the early 1990s but no one knew what they looked like… until now."

"There’s a Reddit revolt at hand. The social media site has been in a contentious firestorm over the right to free speech, information sharing and agenda pushing. For gamers, this all started last year in August when more than 20,000 comments were wiped off the face of Reddit. The reason? They were all in violation of Reddit’s rules. The real reason? Reddit mods and admins were attempting to cover up the corruption of their friends. Well, things have taken an even bigger turn as more than 150 ..."

"Rumors have swirled that the Nintendo NX is coming, possibly during the summer of 2016 next year. The rumors have circulated from a supply chain rumor about Foxconn handling production orders for Nintendo’s NX and Pegatron trying to squiggle into the deal like a thick, slippery hot dog between thin buns."

A new PC gaming website called PCMRating gives PC gamers a rundown of PC games and how well they're ported, ranging from Peasantry to Glorious. There is a strict criteria to help gamers decide whether or not a game is worth purchasing.

"Steam has a very robust trading culture. It's not something you hear about all that often but it's something that makes up for a powerful cornerstone of virtual item acquisition within the Steam community. Well, Valve recently updated their FAQ when it comes to being scammed and what scam victims can do to better protect themselves."

The developers behind the recently released game Sunset have announced that they are shutting down since the game isn't selling enough to warrant their continued existence.

"League For Gamers is the new official face and watchdog to protect and look out for consumer interests. It’s a non-profit organization looking to fight on behalf of gamers and the gaming community, working as the intermediary between the people who buy games and the people trying to sell people games."

Bethesda has announced a new service known as Bethesda.net, which not much is known about beyond the name. It could likely be a Battle.net style system or, more realistically, a UPlay style service that ties Bethesda's games to one service.

"Video game news and review outlet GameRanx has recently updated their ethics policy. This comes after site manager Ian Miles Cheong notified the community that he would do so in a brief Twitter post. The site’s new guidelines are extensive and detailed and cover various topics of ethics regarding news coverage, reviews and even anonymous sources. They also attempt to adhere to some of the guidelines outlined by the Society of Professional Journalists."

"Who would have thought that giving consumers the choice to return something they don’t like would be a bad thing? Well, barring those who would attempt to abuse the system, some developers aren’t happy about what’s going on with Steam’s policy on allowing gamers to get in two hours worth of play time and a 14 day window to return a digital game."

"GamersGate is a digital distribution service. It came out around 2004 and was originally an arm of Paradox Interactive to help gamers get a hold of their games in a more convenient fashion, as reported by Gamasutra. Following confusion and a hate campaign against GamersGate from a group of people out to send hatemail and threats to anyone using #GamerGate on Twitter, a report is claiming that the irrecoverable overlap between the two names helped with the decision for key business managers to..."

"Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest seems like a simple thing to strive toward in the world of media journalism. However, that hasn’t always been the case throughout the near 10 months of the #GamerGate scandal going on. Instead, many journalists have taken up arms against consumers and directly after the original Kotaku scandal broke, journalists decided to go on a campaign claiming that “gamers are dead”. However, some journalists – after receiving a healthy dose of reality from a..."

A recent interview with Quantum Entanglement's Denis Dyack has revealed the whole story behind the Kotaku article that helped tarnish the name of Silicon Knights and spearhead a lot of hearsay into negative opinions of the Kickstarter for Shadow of the Eternals, making it destined to fail.

Let's all hope for it!

During an Investor Q&A (which is linked in the article,) it was revealed that the big N is considering removing the notorious region locking for their next console, the Nintendo NX.

quote Satoru Iwata
Removing region-locking from current game machines presents various issues, so we don’t consider that to be very realistic. However, regarding NX, given the customer feedback and proposals from the market, while nothing has been decided yet, we’re currently investigatin...

"Operation DeepFreeze. That was the name appointed to a project being worked on by various anonymous diggers and put together by the spectacular infographic artist known in the social media space as Bone Golem. The purpose of the website is to chronicle the unethical behavior within the games journalism ring and broadcast it to the world."

It's been known for a while that the OUYA brand hasn't really taken off as a competent competitor in the home console space, but news spreading around now is that the company is seeking buyers to absolve their debt.