GG3 gets the latest news from Konami. They've launched a varied amount of official merchandise from multiple brands. This includes limited edition posters, shirts and other cool stuff.

GG3 writes: "It’s not all good news on the front of FaceRig, the face-altering webcam technology, as it just sent out an update on its Indiegogo campaign page stating that its site was hacked. This breach has compromised backer e-mail addresses, their associated perks and rewards, as well as forum passwords."

Nintendo targets a new business area apart from out dedicated video game business. According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata a new part of Nintendo's new focus will be improving the health of their customers apart from their video game business.

JP Kellams Creative producer for Platinum games discusses why Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive and why not to expect it on other platforms. Refers to Nintendo as their "White Night"

"Anyone reading this popular series of insights into first-experiences will no doubt understand that virtual reality (VR) comes in many shapes and sizes. The head-mounted displays (HMDs) that we are all eagerly awaiting are just one face of a many-sided die, and to get a broader picture of the ways in which VR can become a part of our lives we have to look at many different forms of delivery. One such avenue could come in the form of cinema-like experience, as was the case for one VR pioneer."

The following discussion between two long-term editors across various Gaming Websites addresses the topic of a new surge of indie video games news and reviews publications that are finding a gray area in between managing a professional brand and letting their personal lives interfere with the ethics behind reporting on video games.

Creators of Mass Effect series and Failbetter Games partner up for an unknown project. Bioware, the people behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age, have partnered with Fallen London, creator of the Failbetter Games.

Cofounder Ken Levine revealed a shocking announcement today on the developer's website that Irrational Games, the people behind BioShock Infinite, will be shutting down. Instead the developer wants to begin a new endeavor with Take-Two Interactive as a smaller company.

Ken Levine has announced that Irrational Games will dissolve, but he will take 15 staff members to continue making games for 2K. These experiences will focus more on narrative replayability, rather than a story you just play once.

MLG have officially announced the launch of their first international franchise, teaming up with the sports entertainment company Grupo Agula to branch out to South America.

"What consumers expect from a video game has changed over the last thirty years. In the 80′s there were cloth maps and thick manuals in every box. When slim CD cases became the standard packaging, players stopped expecting pack-in items beyond a tiny manual. Since hard drives were added to consoles Downloadable Content has become nearly unavoidable, as are “Ultimate Editions” that compile it all. Despite the proliferation of digital delivery, Collectors’ Editions with physical bonuses have res..."

SegmentNext writes: "In a recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Munich, Nintendo has been awarded a favorable ruling against SR Tronic, which comes with a 1 million Euro fine for the latter party."

We all love gaming but I’ll be damned if gamers don’t suffer the stupidity of the industry’s repeated mistakes. I’ve been playing video games for a while now and it has become apparent that the gaming industry can be a bit hard-headed about changing their ways. Gamers are more engaged and passionate about the product they purchase than any other type of customer and so deserve to be treated as more than just a potential transaction. We simply ask the gaming industry that they hear our cries a...

Today, Microsoft announced that Satya Nadella will be the new CEO of the company. Nadella joined Microsoft in 1992, and previously held the position of Executive Vice President of the company's Cloud and Enterprise group before getting his promotion.

""In using Steam, PC gamers are choosing certain conveniences in exchange for certain rights. [. . .] But those services and conveniences don’t come without penalty. In PC gaming’s reliance on Steam, we’ve not only given up important rights as consumers, but we’ve affected how game creators do business.""

Most gamers tend to take their old games to Gamestop. Granted there is nothing wrong with that but the amount of credit gamers get for their $60, 1-2 month old game is ridiculous. There are other options, which used to be Goozex. But TGL has found a few other sites where gamers will get a fair amount of credit or cash and two of these sites are 99Gamers and LeapTrade.

GG3 gets the latest news from 11 bit Studios. The studio behind titles like the Anomaly tower defense series has released all of its gaming soundtracks as a free download. Both MP3 and FLAC files are offered.

Nintendo is currently working on getting more Game Boy Advance games on the 3DS eShop, according to Natsume Inc Community Manager, CeeCee. Revealing some information on the topic at a Q&A, session.

"“It’s ironic that is concerned about intellectual property when they so blatantly copied our game Scamperghost with their game ‘Pac-Avoid’ in late 2009,”"

"This has affected many other games including the newly released The Banner Saga, who King has filed a Notice of Opposition against. King’s practices now come into question as a trademark war seems to just be starting."

In celebration of the Independent Games Festival (IGF), Valve is offering all main competition finalists a Steam distribution agreement. Twenty-three main competition finalists were announced this week, with two finalists already on Steam Greenlight.

Nintendo TVii launched for the WiiU in Japan, Canada and the United States in 2012. The service enables users to access TV shows and movies through cable/satellite channels, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and other services.

President Satoru Iwata explained in a press release that the company now predicts to sell 2.8 million Wii U consoles by the end of March instead of 9 million as originally predicted and the Nintendo 3DS is projected to sell 13.5 million instead of 18 million.

GG3 finds out that Square Enix halted its free game service, Core Online, over a month ago, without really making that decision public. This has axed access to free versions of Tomb Raider and Hitman, but also effectively cancelled their LittleBigPlanet rendition called GameGlobe. No more freebies.

With 300 participants receiving beta builds in December, many have been anxiously waiting for more news regarding Valve's Steam Machine. Wait no more; Valve has revealed fourteen Steam Machine designs all with target release dates falling somewhere in 2014.