"Since the PS4’s release subscribers have been ‘subjected’ to a wide variety of high quality indie games on a monthly basis through PlayStation Plus. Despite their diversity and high quality the fact remains there is still an audience that sees no value in such games. Players did not sign up to an indie game subscription service, and Sony need to recognise that sooner rather than later."

"At this point the vast majority of videogame publishers have been tied to virtual reality (VR) technology to some degree, be it revealing VR support for one of their titles or talking about their stance of the likes of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) on PC and Project Morpheus HMD on PlayStation 4. One company that hasn’t yet offered its thoughts towards the industry is Atari, a publisher and developer with a long and storied history within videogames. That changed this week as the..."

"While GameStop claims to give “power to the players”, do they really? Do they truly offer a “best-in-class company loyalty program”, or does the program exploit consumers who feel they have no other options? To find out, I crunched some numbers."

GG3 writes: "Street Fighter isn’t an exclusive, it’s multiplatform. When games come out on more than one platform, they lose their 'exclusive' status and instead move from that to multiple platforms. It’s that simple, really."

GG3 writes: "Youtube personality TotalBiscuit, real name John Bain, is considering putting up their own indie game festival, which would also serve as a form of awards show."

EA takes a lot of stick. The company is frequently attacked by outlets across the industry for what is perceived as negative and in some cases manipulative business practices. Whether right, or wrong, this perception has stuck with the company for a long time (they remain the only business in the world to win the coveted Worst Company in America ‘Award’ two years in a row) and based on their treatment of the Harry Potter franchise, it’s easy to see why!

"A flurry of emotions went ripping through the ranks of the consumer revolt known as #GamerGate when the developer of the game I Get This Call Every Day, David S. Gallant, opted to prevent those supporting #GamerGate from receiving a Steam key if they paid for the game outside of Steam. Alternatively, everyone else who purchased the game outside of Steam will receive a Steam key. The digital distribution outlet, Desura, was not pleased with David S. Gallant’s actions."

"This is no longer an issue of games media being incompetent, inept or bereft of the proper measures of integrity to carry out the news and report on the facts, this is an issue of mainstream media and media at large opting not to maintain integrity or maintain a balanced stance when reporting in the interest of the public. Another major broadcaster has admitted to opting to cover one side of #GamerGate in the interest of time constraints."

"The tides are turning. It was because of the scandal known as #GamerGate that games journalism has been put under a microscope to examine previous practices that have long gone unaddressed. Well, following a detailed exposè by Milo Yiannapolous at Breitbart about the poorly researched and defamatory reports by individuals like Ben Kuchera, as well as outlets like Kotaku, involving a legal arbitration surrounding an employee and the CEO of Stardock Entertainment, some individuals have come for..."

"The Indie Game Festival used to be a revered and illustrious way to help promote and establish prominence for up-and-coming developers within the independent sector of game design. Recently, the image has become tainted and mired in an intricate web of perceived corruption and the idea that entrants are no longer being treated as fairly as they should."

"After a very brief run in the media spotlight with G4 alum Adam Sessler at the helm, Rev3Games has announced that they are done, finished, finito. The doors have closed, the windows have shut and the lights have dimmed. Pay your respects as one of the new wave media outlets folds under its own weight."