GG3 writes: "Street Fighter isn’t an exclusive, it’s multiplatform. When games come out on more than one platform, they lose their 'exclusive' status and instead move from that to multiple platforms. It’s that simple, really."

GG3 writes: "Youtube personality TotalBiscuit, real name John Bain, is considering putting up their own indie game festival, which would also serve as a form of awards show."

EA takes a lot of stick. The company is frequently attacked by outlets across the industry for what is perceived as negative and in some cases manipulative business practices. Whether right, or wrong, this perception has stuck with the company for a long time (they remain the only business in the world to win the coveted Worst Company in America ‘Award’ two years in a row) and based on their treatment of the Harry Potter franchise, it’s easy to see why!

"A flurry of emotions went ripping through the ranks of the consumer revolt known as #GamerGate when the developer of the game I Get This Call Every Day, David S. Gallant, opted to prevent those supporting #GamerGate from receiving a Steam key if they paid for the game outside of Steam. Alternatively, everyone else who purchased the game outside of Steam will receive a Steam key. The digital distribution outlet, Desura, was not pleased with David S. Gallant’s actions."

"This is no longer an issue of games media being incompetent, inept or bereft of the proper measures of integrity to carry out the news and report on the facts, this is an issue of mainstream media and media at large opting not to maintain integrity or maintain a balanced stance when reporting in the interest of the public. Another major broadcaster has admitted to opting to cover one side of #GamerGate in the interest of time constraints."

"The tides are turning. It was because of the scandal known as #GamerGate that games journalism has been put under a microscope to examine previous practices that have long gone unaddressed. Well, following a detailed exposè by Milo Yiannapolous at Breitbart about the poorly researched and defamatory reports by individuals like Ben Kuchera, as well as outlets like Kotaku, involving a legal arbitration surrounding an employee and the CEO of Stardock Entertainment, some individuals have come for..."

"The Indie Game Festival used to be a revered and illustrious way to help promote and establish prominence for up-and-coming developers within the independent sector of game design. Recently, the image has become tainted and mired in an intricate web of perceived corruption and the idea that entrants are no longer being treated as fairly as they should."

"After a very brief run in the media spotlight with G4 alum Adam Sessler at the helm, Rev3Games has announced that they are done, finished, finito. The doors have closed, the windows have shut and the lights have dimmed. Pay your respects as one of the new wave media outlets folds under its own weight."

"The Wii U, throughout most of 2013, was dying. It had a rough year, last year. This year? Totally different story. The Wii U slugged through the first quarter of 2014 but had a lot of promise as the spring quarter rolled around. Nintendo kicked it up a notch with the release of Mario Kart 8 and the rocketing sales that followed is history."

"GamersGate has been around for quite some time… nearly a decade to be exact. It’s a digital distribution portal for PC games. You go there to buy games and have fun and sometimes interact with people of all varying types of racial diversity, sexual orientation, creeds, nationalities and regions. Because, you know, the gaming community is diverse. Well, GamersGate has been receiving “threats” and “harsh words” from those who got the name confused with the hashtag consumer revolt known as #Game..."

"For the time being, this will hopefully be the end of the Destructoid saga. It concludes with more people chiming in about Allistair Pinsof’s firing, the truth surrounding Holly Green’s firing and Dale North’s decision to make a call that affected the life and career of a close friend in a really bad way."

GG3 picks up a few figurines. Since it's rare that these things actually get play time from grown men, it's time to change that. Just look at all those moving joints, those can't just go to waste.

NoobFeed attends FACTS 2014 convention, the biggest nerd culture event in Belgium. It's been steadily growing each year. It looks like a gathering for a niche audience has now completely been replaced with the Marvel movie masses, which is bittersweet, but not fully dreary. Some good, some bad.

"I know a lot of people can’t wait to get back to the game journalism corruption angle, but there’s still other things happening within the #GamerGate social verse. Everyone pushing to get the scandal out there finally received a “thank you” for reporting harassment, and the campaign called “Operation Disrespectful Nod” gained enough momentum to score another major victory against Gawker Media."

One of the most important people behind the Assassin’s Creed series is leaving Ubisoft. After ten years of service, Ubisoft announced that executive Jade Raymond is leaving the company.

"After Pinsof’s story got out, Destructoid owner Yanier “Niero” Gonzalez stepped forward to issue his take on the situation. He wanted people to know what his site stood for and the difficulty in making the decisions that he made."

"Yesterday VRFocus reported on a new virtual reality (VR) shopping experience named Open.TV. The concept is simple enough in that consumers are given detailed pictures and videos of a product before deciding whether or not to buy something. Promised integration with the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) suggests that the idea could be one of the first signs of true VR making an impact in the retail space. According to UK department store group House of Fraser, this could just be the start."

"Allistar Pinsof, a former writer for Destructoid, has come forward after dealing with a year of turmoil and frustration for not having received proper justice, following an unusual situation that spawned from Pinsof warning consumers about an IndieGoGo campaign. Combined with certain e-mails from the Game Journo Pros mailing list, his information corroborates a lot of what gamers suspected but didn’t know how to deal with or expose. For the purpose of this story, some names may be redacted as..."

"This weekend sees the 2014 International Festival of Independent Games, also known as IndieCade, take place in Culver City, California. Virtual reality (VR) has proven popular within the indie scene throghout the year and Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) maker Oculus VR will be at the show which runs from 9th – 12th October. Recently the company provided a glimpse of its IndieCade booth, which looks quite different to the living room-esque areas its set up at most of this year’s industr..."

"No one really knows where the Intel situation will go with Gamasutra, but for now we definitely have a steady stance from the company regarding ads no longer running on the video game website. Intel issued an official press release in their press room for websites to quote, as the company has been trending lately after #GamerGate managed to get the company to pull out from Gamasutra."