Producer of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 remake, as well as others, has just announced that development for a brand new Dragon Quest Monsters game is underway. Details were all but left out of the vague announcement, so we can only hope for more news in the near future.

Which console(s) do you think this new game will be on, and what new things would you like to see implemented in the world of Dragon Quest Monsters?

Another fantastic deal hits the internet today - this time exclusively for European fans of the Nintendo Wii U.

Amazon has just put up an incredible offer of a Nintendo Wii U 8gb console packaged with Wii Party U and Nintendo Land for just €190.

This package is ideal for family oriented players, and the deal is nearly second to none.

The recent news regarding Nintendo's possible scheming against Iwata was recently debunked. The rumor claimed that, from an inside source, Nintendo was seeking to rid Iwata for not agreeing with their ideas.

Needless to say, next time let's think before hopping on board with false claims. Iwata isn't going anywhere.

"New rumors have suggested that some members of the Nintendo management team are devising a scheme to get rid of company president Satoru Iwata. According to the recently-surfaced rumors, the executive is one of few Nintendo employees that are refusing to bring the publisher’s popular games to smartphones. It was recently revealed that Iwata has been re-elected as the head of Nintendo."

Popular gaming publication in Japan, Famitsu, has recently announced that they have a "big scoop" in their next publication.

Famitsu will likely be released sometime next week, but leaks can be expected as early as Tuesday.

What do you think Famitsu's big scoop is about? What information about Monster Hunter do they have for us? Stay tuned to find out!

"Official chart tracking source GFK has revealed the state of the German video game market. The publication has revealed that Nintendo has the second biggest publisher share in the country which amounts to 13.2%. The biggest publisher in Germany is EA which currently has a 16.7% share of the video game market.

Electronic Arts (16.7%)
Nintendo (13.2%)
Ubisoft (13.1%)"

"1. Binary Domain
Price: $4
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2. Titanfall
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3. Crysis Trilogy pack
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4.Dead Space 3 Complete Pack
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5. Transistor
Price: $13
Link: Steam

6. Age of Empires III Complete Edition
Price: $10
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7.Spell Force 2 Fait in Destiny Digital Delux Edition
Price: $5
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8. Earthworm Jim 1+2
Price: $5
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9. Earthworm 3D
Price: $3
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10. Games list

I recently posted an article with emphasis on indie games' position in today's gaming industry, but left little room to talk about big-budget games and their undoubted impact on the gaming society of today. Thankfully writer Patrick O'Rourke has recently published this article with praise of the gaming industry's variety -- both indie titles and triple-a productions.

While it's known that large, triple-A development teams have recently been making less content, who's to blame them? With th...

A Gamestop in Philadelphia has taken initiative in cracking down on stolen goods... by forcing members to scan their fingerprints before trading in games. City Solicitor of Philadelphia claims that Gamestop has done this on their own free will and have not been obligated to do so by the state.

Gamestop hopes to help police track down stolen goods brought into their store with their collected database of finger print scans.

Gamestop's customers don't appear to be happy about this. Take ...

It was already very obvious that mobile gaming in Japan was becoming increasingly more popular, but the extent of its popularity was never imagined -- Japan's mobile gaming market just recently hit 5.1 billion, totaling more than all hardware and software sales put together.

One thing's for certain: mobile gaming in Japan has become a huge success.

"Oculus VR’s second iteration of it’s development kit, aka DK2, is now shipping to developers across the globe. Throughout the production of this model the company has insisted that the DK2 was aimed solely at developers and that the eventual consumer version would be significantly different. However, regardless of their intentions for the hardware it’s software that will sell virtual reality (VR) to the mainstream and that all important ‘killer app’ is yet to be seen."

"Best Buy has rolled out a special deal on the Xbox One where, if you buy a $399 system, you will automatically receive a $50 Xbox gift card for free. The deal is only valid for the $399, no-Kinect version. There is no indication as to how long the deal will last, so you may want to act quickly."

"I’m just going to come out and say it: EA Access looks like a good service on paper, but I don’t trust Electronic Arts for as far as I trust Taco Bell not to make a burrito that will leave any toilet looking like a post-nuclear, septic wasteland"

"Kyoto-based Nintendo reported a 9.92 billion yen ($97.3 million) April-June loss compared with an 8.62 billion yen profit a year earlier.

Quarterly sales totaled 74.695 billion yen ($732.3 million), down 8 percent from a year earlier.

Nintendo has been fighting to maintain profits amid competition from games and social media apps on smartphones and other mobile devices. The company also faces competition from rivals Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp., which are aggressively pushing their ga..."

Diversity on game development teams has been something increasingly more common in the gaming industry, and co-director of Nintendo's popular simulation game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, thinks it is largely due to the team's diversity.

Aya Kyohogoku was the first woman on Nintendo's game design team, soon finding herself as Animal Crossing: New Leaf's co-director. Aya claims that New Leaf's large reception was due to the gaming team's diversity in gender (and presumably other aspects as w...

As Capcom steadily finds itself on a decline, it has opened itself up to potential buyers -- and Nintendo fans went crazy, suggesting Nintendo take up the offer.

From Mega Men, to Street Fighter and more, Nintendo's potential purchase of Capcom could result in a much greater circle of fans for older Capcom gems.

Titles like Okami, Resident Evil and even Monster Hunter could potentially meet a much greater success under Nintendo's wing.

But what do you think - should Nintendo Buy o...

Backlogs bring out the best and worst in gamers. There are plenty of games to play but never enough time. How should gamers handle their massive shelf of games? Why are gamers driven to collect and keep purchasing games they will never play? Eventually something has to be done, and the Gamer’s Lounge has some ideas on how some gamers should deal with this endless cycle.

"Best Buy is currently offering gamers the chance to snap up a Wii U console at a discounted price. The latest Wii U Deluxe bundle includes New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U and is priced up at $259.99. The bundle normally retails for $299.99."

"Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime makes an appearance in Video Games: The Movie, according to the company’s Twitter account.

Read more at"

I don't understand why Microsoft is shipping the X1 to China. It seems like a waste of money since most, (if any) of the gamers over there aren't very interested in it.
The Xbox One is coming to China in September of this year.

"The rumored deal that will see Google acquire game-streaming service Twitch has been confirmed, according to a GamesBeat report.

Variety reported back in May that YouTube--a subsidiary of Google--had reached a deal to acquire Twitch for $1 billion. (Microsoft was also rumored to have been interested.) The companies refused to comment on the matter at the time, and in lieu of any official word in the ensuing two months, there has been speculation about whether the deal had fallen apart.


"To quickly summarize this situation before getting into the thick of it: Rumors have been flying around that Crytek is in a tough financial bind; that the company has run out of money and the business is in risk of closing up shop. Reports indicate that various key staff haven’t been paid in months and that important upper management over games like Homefront: The Revolution have taken flight from the company. Well, Crytek has finally issued a statement about their current financial state."

"Today, Nintendo UK has announced that it will be running a special half-price promotion at Hyper Japan for the popular life sim Tomodachi Life. The first 500 people to visit the Nintendo Store stand and present their 3DS, 3DS XL or 2DS console will be able to purchase either a physical or digital version of the game for £17.49, and when all of the boxed copies are gone, digital versions will be available for the same price."

"Reach3dx is a new, full-featured 3D game engine which provides cross-platform support for iOS, Android, HTML5, and Flash. Based on the OpenFL framework and Haxe, Reach3dx facilitates a creative environment highly familiar to the existing development community. Reach3dx presents a new solution to reliable HTML5 web support, high performance and native user experience on mobile."

Nintendo might have a dry set of releases leading up to its big Holiday release, but come Q4 of this year and no one will be complaining.

Nintendo's planning to release Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros. Wii as we approach the holiday season -- three stunning titles that will take the 3ds/Wii U by storm.