"Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has launch a new promotional campaign for the upcoming PlayStation 4 console in which they make a very bold statement. A new headline for consumer materials simply reads ‘PlayStation 4: the best next-gen console’ as SCEE suggest that more than one hundred and sixty titles are coming to the console."

Well known Pokemon info site, Serebii, recently published some news that there is a new Pokemon detective game in the works and set for a possible release in 2015. The article reports that you will play the role of a detective and have a little buddy in the form of a Pikachu to help you solve mysteries. In addition to this, a second (rarer) Pikachu is set to play the bad guy, an interesting move, making the Pokemon mascot an enemy.
And if that already isn't enough, a third Pikachu is sa...

Command and Conquer has been cancelled accoring to a letter posted on their website, along with this it seems that Victory Studios has been closed according to EA.

Information on Fallout 4 has been leaked over Reddit by a supposed friend of a worker at Bethesda. Could this all be true? And when will it be confirmed?

Things have been looking up for Goozex with the exchange. There are quite a few great games and movies up for grabs. 360, PS3, and Wii games have done quit well. There have even been some rare PC games. The biggest change so far is the recent addition of accessories has got this gamer thinking what will be traded next? Will gamers see modern consoles? How much will they be? Will this cause the exchange and Goozex to grow even more?

"Prints of the art are being sold online in aid of Child’s Play Charity, with priced ranging from $35 to $300. The prints include some of the games character, vehicle and environment concepts by the artists."

"CPP is "certainly thinking about" creating a single-player campaign for EVE: Valkyrie, chief marketing officer David Reid recently told Rock, Paper, Shotgun."

Yoshinori Ono has posted a Tweet stating that Capcom are looking for a Game Designer and Programmer for a new fighting game. Could capcom's fortune be changing?

Developer Galatic Café will release an update to adventure game The Stanley Parable that will alter some images that players found offensive after more than one complaint.

The Supernatural Detective Agency Bartlet Jones where David Jaffe and his game development team have taken as the home during creation of their next project. Today the world was blessed with a second extensive look into what's going on there, as well as some hints about promotions we might see in the near future.

Day Z is showing signs of reanimation, with an entry for Day Z Early Access has appeared on the Stream Database and it marked for launch in the United States.

Virgin Gaming is launching a subscription-based e-sports service that allows players to enter customizable league and compete for money. With esports getting bigger and bigger Virgin is jumping on the bandwagon.

"It has been posted by a member of the GOG.com team that anyone who bought Dark Matter before the 21st October 2013 from GOG could receive a refund due to “some misapprehensions as to how the game's story would end.”"

"DICE have told OMX that they will be bringing in female multiplayer characters, but the developer need to work out how much it would have to “sacrifice” before going fully co-ed."