GG3 writes: "Sad news today, as Bundle in a Box has announced that it will be shutting down its service entirely. Everything will come down on August 8, 2014."

"There’s been a lot of debate over whether or not EA’s premium demos were part of a calculated test-run for a more nefarious future for vertical slices released to the public, or if it was just a gosh-darn honest mistake. Well, there’s some pretty good reasons why a large majority of core gamers saw the news and reacted the way they did."

"Oculus VR has built a reputation for snapping-up talent wherever they can of late. The latest hire, following Jason Rubin and Jason Holtman last month, is PopCap Games’ Bernard Yee."

"After the less-than-successful release of the Square-Enix published Murdered: Soul Suspect for old-gen consoles and new-gen consoles, developer Airtight Games has supposedly shut down."

GG3 takes a look at some of the lesser aspects of working with the gaming industry. Some mails just appear and aren't all that great. Worse yet, it's usually nonsense.

SegmentNext takes a look back at the Steam Summer Sale 2014, because it's hard to let go. Let's see what did work, what didn't work at all and the things that sort of worked, but it's not exactly certain why they did.

"Kingdoms of Amalur… the name sounded kind of generic but the execution was supposedly pretty good. It’s one of the dozens of games in my back catalog of titles I’ll likely get around to playing after my head is full of gray hairs and flying cars become the standard for getting around town. This story isn’t about Kingdom of Amalur, though. It’s about the company that was granted $75 million to make the game"

GG3 receives some press releases from titles that chose this exact period of time to release on PC, right when there's a giant Steam Summer Sale event. That's why none have even made a blip in sales so far. Other games were a little craftier.

GG3 is tired of running the gauntlet in the Steam Summer Sale's many pages. So, here are just 2 things that can be used that makes the sale much more enjoyable, without any of the annoyance.

"Since the initial unveiling of the Oculus Rift hardware over two years ago there’s been much talk about the potential for software distribution on the device. Many have suggested that Steam is a perfect portal for Oculus VR to utilise while others insist that the company must create it’s own virtual storefront. Oculus VR themselves have been relatively tight-lipped on the subject, only hinting that the latter is an obvious path to follow. Following a well received showcase at this month’s Ele..."

GG3 writes about game deals and their often misleading advertisement, using Gamefly's latest Summer Sale as an example. Its use of "up to 80%" is rather harshly undercut and that's not cool for customers, regardless of having good deals.

Twitter is the quickest and easiest way to stay updated on anything you're interested in, including video games. But there's a problem: right now, the service has about 255 million active users, and it's growing every day. So where do you start? Here's our list of the best game-related Twitter feeds that we think you should follow.

GG3 writes: "Development tool creators Unity have started to advertise their product through developer profiles and iOS game République’s Camouflaj team is the first to talk shop. Some of the clip also goes behind the scenes to show the game being made with the engine."

GG3 writes: "Digital platform IndieGameStand has rolled out a big update that welcomes community features and thereby catches up to some of its competitors. Those competitors are Steam, mainly."

GG3 writes: "Longtime web comic Cyanide & Happiness have put up another short animation video that features some game content for fighter fans. It’s possibly the most twisted version of a Street Fighter tribute."

GG3 writes: "With almost two days left on the clock, Humble announced that their current Weekly Bundle, featuring RPG Maker and a ton more deals, has shot its way to the biggest weekly offering they’ve had yet."