"Online gaming publication IGN has decided to gather together and listed their 125 all-time favourite Nintendo games of all-time. Given how many classic games the company has produced it clearly wasn’t a very easy task. You can watch the video to find which game the publication deems the best Nintendo game of all-time."

Following the tragic news of the death of pro gamer Danny 'Phobos' Zeitz, I thought I'd whip up this article about safety on the internet.

Danny was trying to sell his unwanted PS4, when the buyer tried to grab the console and throw it in his car to steal it. During the struggle the buyer's 16 year old girlfriend, whose 16 month old baby was in the car, grabbed a .25 Pistol and fired a shot, which went through her boyfriend's hand and into Danny's chest. The console and the meet up had be...

GG3 writes: "There’s some good news on the indie horror front, as developer Renegade Kid has announced that the Dementium series is back in their hands. Director Jools Watsham took to Twitter for the announcement."

"The controversy surrounding region-locking video games is a complex one, and one that’s never helped consumer choice. I’m against it. I’d doubt any players are for it, and most tolerate it, and certainly no one saying it’s fair. At the same time, Nintendo’s reasons for locking down their own systems–and for quite a long time, mind you–may be no less valid."

This is the second part of Major Third's look at the history of music from the Donkey Kong series. In this episode he starts with Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64 and gives us a run down of all the music featured in titles following that, up to the present day. Fans of the Donkey Kong series and even those who appreciate the stunning soundtracks that help to make a game, will enjoy this video.

These collectible Nintendo figurines will be available to buy from Target stores right across the United States. These are a new line of toys from Jakks Pacific called 'World of Nintendo'. The Mario, Yoshi and Link figurines are 4" tall whilst the likes of Donkey Kong and Bowser are appropriately a little taller, standing at 6".

Dan Adelman has announced that he will be leaving his role as Nintendo's Head of Digital Content after 9 years at the company. Adelman broke the news yesterday on Twitter. This is the man responsible for bringing several indie games over to Nintendo including World of Goo, Cave Story and Bit.Trip.

He will now be working with independent developers on their marketing and business development and will no doubt be an important asset with experience at both Nintendo and Microsoft, where he was...

Two women who certainly pack a punch or two between them but who would win in a fight to the end?

Sheik is Princess Zelda's alter ego and has mastered the arts of stealth. She uses Deku Nuts to help her vanish in the blink of an eye. Sheik carries a weapon known as a tanto on her back and can unsheathe it at any point to engage in a duel.

Even without the iconic power suit, Samus Aran has a far more modern approach to her appearance and combat. Her skin tight suit allows her to move q...

Two phenomenal warriors lock horns in battle but who do you back to be the last man standing? Darth Vader of course has his lightsaber ready to wield and he also has a great understanding of the force and can use it to cripple his opponents. His weaknesses lie underneath that mask of his. Should it be removed during the battle, he would struggle greatly and well...without his robotic arms and legs his mobility isn't that great.

Master Chief doesn't have a lightsaber handy but does have an...

Today the Pokemon Company International and Princeton Entertainment have announced today the Pokemon live orchestral concert series, Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions, it will premiere at the Warner Theater in Washington DC on Friday August 15, 2014. The 2014 Pokemon World Championships will also be held in the nation's capital that weekend, August 16-17 at the Waiter E. Washington Convention Center.

The premiere performance will be followed by another one at the Philadelphia's Mann Center for...

"Mother 3 is a completely serious game, to the point where it still surprises me with how it pulls no punches. Yet the game remains humorous and full of charming moments. It’s beautifully balanced, capable of drawing out a wide variety of responses from the player as it progresses. A consistent running gag involves a missing doorknob, and the various times it’ll be mentioned will make you laugh, even in the midst of darkness.

Mother 3, even from the very beginning, doesn’t stray from traged..."

"All too many of us yearn for another go at the series, and while we all know Samus will be smashing her way into the ring this year, Zero suit and all, we can’t help but wonder how long it’ll be until her next hunt. Maybe it’s times like these that the past has just as much to say about what the future holds for one Samus Aran. Enter Metroid Dread."

Zelda Williams, daughter of actor Robin Williams, is of course named after the much loved Nintendo franchise. Zelda has been invited to participate in Nintendo events before and in a series of mysterious tweets, she has revealed that she is doing something special at this year's E3.

Strong rumours in recent weeks suggest that Nintendo are to announce a huge new Zelda Wii U title and with the franchise being so important to Zelda Williams, you'd think that she will be involved with that pre...

Join John, Nathanael and Erik, as they talk Half-Life 3, Battlefield, Minecraft, Watch Dogs and more! Check out the site and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio!

"May we meet again.... it's time to say goodbye."

I have many fun memories of playing different games on my DS and Wii. Too many to count, i'm afraid. I hope all gamers will realize that the end of a era has happened, and it will be missed.

Goodbye, the Nintendo Wii, and DS.

What if Star Fox and F-Zero have more in common than simply being two beloved franchises that Nintendo has neglected in recent years? Join us as we delve into black holes, missing fathers, and multiple universes to uncover the mystery behind James McCloud.

Last month, we got the announcement that Pokemon Black and White's music had hit iTunes. Now, fans of Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2 will also be able to download the music collection on iTunes.

This marks the final release in a series of digitally remastered video game soundtracks, that started with the release of Pokemon X & Pokemon Y last year.

Know that time when you just can’t let your blood boil over? You’re not alone. Meet the characters that you’ve just got to like when they’re angry.

This week the Nintencast wraps up their dicussion of 2D Zelda with A Link to the Past. They go into the story and contributions that the game has brought to the series. They also talk about Link's Awakening and why a revolutionary handheld title doesn't quite get the credit it may deserve.

This is good news, actually. You can save even more coins instead of impulse-buying something instead. Update items is always nice.

I am unsure what this is like in other areas though.

"Mario Super Strikers proved to me in 2005 that realism wasn't the way to attract me to a soccer video game. Rather, Super Strikers is hard hitting and incredibly fun to play against friends. Each game is short and sweet, rather than a drawn out affair.

Much like the baseball games, team captains are major Mario characters, while the rest of your team is filled in with various enemies, all with slightly different abilities, and oddly, a Kremling from the Donkey Kong Country series as every ..."

This week the Nintencast starts their in-depth discussion on The Legend of Zelda franchise. Starting with the two games that launched gaming history; The Legend of Zelda and the ever controversial Adventure of Link.

Lucasfilm has announced that all future Star Wars media will be part of the official Star Wars canon, including new video-games. Up until now all Star Wars media, excluding the two movie trilogies and the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon, have been a part of the 'Expanded Universe' which has never been considered canon.
However today Lucasfilm have announced that "Star Wars Episodes VII - IX will not tell the same story told in the post- Return of the Jedi Expanded Universe."
This allows the f...