Today the Pokemon Company International and Princeton Entertainment have announced today the Pokemon live orchestral concert series, Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions, it will premiere at the Warner Theater in Washington DC on Friday August 15, 2014. The 2014 Pokemon World Championships will also be held in the nation's capital that weekend, August 16-17 at the Waiter E. Washington Convention Center.

The premiere performance will be followed by another one at the Philadelphia's Mann Center for...

"Mother 3 is a completely serious game, to the point where it still surprises me with how it pulls no punches. Yet the game remains humorous and full of charming moments. It’s beautifully balanced, capable of drawing out a wide variety of responses from the player as it progresses. A consistent running gag involves a missing doorknob, and the various times it’ll be mentioned will make you laugh, even in the midst of darkness.

Mother 3, even from the very beginning, doesn’t stray from traged..."

"All too many of us yearn for another go at the series, and while we all know Samus will be smashing her way into the ring this year, Zero suit and all, we can’t help but wonder how long it’ll be until her next hunt. Maybe it’s times like these that the past has just as much to say about what the future holds for one Samus Aran. Enter Metroid Dread."

Zelda Williams, daughter of actor Robin Williams, is of course named after the much loved Nintendo franchise. Zelda has been invited to participate in Nintendo events before and in a series of mysterious tweets, she has revealed that she is doing something special at this year's E3.

Strong rumours in recent weeks suggest that Nintendo are to announce a huge new Zelda Wii U title and with the franchise being so important to Zelda Williams, you'd think that she will be involved with that pre...

Join John, Nathanael and Erik, as they talk Half-Life 3, Battlefield, Minecraft, Watch Dogs and more! Check out the site and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio!

"May we meet again.... it's time to say goodbye."

I have many fun memories of playing different games on my DS and Wii. Too many to count, i'm afraid. I hope all gamers will realize that the end of a era has happened, and it will be missed.

Goodbye, the Nintendo Wii, and DS.

What if Star Fox and F-Zero have more in common than simply being two beloved franchises that Nintendo has neglected in recent years? Join us as we delve into black holes, missing fathers, and multiple universes to uncover the mystery behind James McCloud.

Last month, we got the announcement that Pokemon Black and White's music had hit iTunes. Now, fans of Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2 will also be able to download the music collection on iTunes.

This marks the final release in a series of digitally remastered video game soundtracks, that started with the release of Pokemon X & Pokemon Y last year.

Know that time when you just can’t let your blood boil over? You’re not alone. Meet the characters that you’ve just got to like when they’re angry.

This week the Nintencast wraps up their dicussion of 2D Zelda with A Link to the Past. They go into the story and contributions that the game has brought to the series. They also talk about Link's Awakening and why a revolutionary handheld title doesn't quite get the credit it may deserve.

This is good news, actually. You can save even more coins instead of impulse-buying something instead. Update items is always nice.

I am unsure what this is like in other areas though.

"Mario Super Strikers proved to me in 2005 that realism wasn't the way to attract me to a soccer video game. Rather, Super Strikers is hard hitting and incredibly fun to play against friends. Each game is short and sweet, rather than a drawn out affair.

Much like the baseball games, team captains are major Mario characters, while the rest of your team is filled in with various enemies, all with slightly different abilities, and oddly, a Kremling from the Donkey Kong Country series as every ..."

This week the Nintencast starts their in-depth discussion on The Legend of Zelda franchise. Starting with the two games that launched gaming history; The Legend of Zelda and the ever controversial Adventure of Link.

Lucasfilm has announced that all future Star Wars media will be part of the official Star Wars canon, including new video-games. Up until now all Star Wars media, excluding the two movie trilogies and the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon, have been a part of the 'Expanded Universe' which has never been considered canon.
However today Lucasfilm have announced that "Star Wars Episodes VII - IX will not tell the same story told in the post- Return of the Jedi Expanded Universe."
This allows the f...

A German USK Rating Board has leaked the news that Final Fantasy III will be coming to the PC. Before they had the Nintendo DS remake, Final Fantasy III was the least accessible Final Fantasy game as it was only available in the Famicom in Japan. There has been no release date announced yet.

"Could this place of whimsy, of musical dogs and free fruit, a land where money literally grows on trees, be nothing more than a dream come true? Don’t be fooled by its charming disguise. Animal Crossing is no playful accident. No, Animal Crossing is the stuff of nightmares."

"Since I didn’t have any enthusiasm for this strange new handheld, it remained off my typical Christmas list chocked full of video games and the like. I don’t remember what I got that year, but it didn’t involve any fancy screen touching or duality or whatever Nintendo preached to us at the time.

Fast forward two months, when the biggest thing happening is my friend getting a Nintendo DS for his birthday – a rather ugly silver model. Not that any colour of the original DS could be too visua..."

Welcome back to part two of my look at some classic and obscure Nintendo games that deserve a reboot or remake. Last time, I looked at 10 Nintendo owned games and franchises that I’d like to see given a second chance on the Wii U and 3DS. This time, I’ll be looking at some third party offerings from days gone by that could make for some fun revivals on a new generation of Nintendo hardware.

The Pokemon Company has been releasing the music from the Pokemon games onto iTunes for a small fee. Today, the music from Pokemon Black and White have been made available over iTunes as well. Will you be downloading it?

"Mother’s Day: that one day of the year when everyone buys cards and flowers for the woman that brought them into the world. For us here in the UK, that day was the 30th March, and on that day we posed the all important question: if you could have any video game character as a parent, who would you have? (It’s amazing the things people think about sometimes!) So let’s have a look at the characters we’d love to have as our parents, on Mother’s Day or any other day of the year!"

"It's pretty clear that weapons are not a luxury, it's just too bad that you don't have any. I mean they exist but for some reason Link decided to strap on his big boy boots and wander the world without even a big stick. It's a shame that there aren't any helpful people, say maybe a senior citizen with a Wooden Sword, that might might help you out."

"Of course, the first Kirby game, Kirby’s Dream Land, didn’t have them – but most games don’t get everything right on the first try. The introduction of copying an enemy’s powers likely saved the series from falling into general obscurity.

With all that being said, the purpose of this article is to use my many years of Kirby experience, coupled with some good old fashioned, hand written charts, to create a list of my personal Top 10 Kirby Copy Abilities. As this is a subjective list, I’m ex..."

Rebooting old franchises and popular titles of yesteryear is nothing new for the videogame industry. But what nostalgic favorites can Nintendo bring to the table? Join us, as we count down the top 10 obscure Nintendo games that deserve a reboot.

With the huge anticipation surrounding the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, let’s take a look to the best Final Fantasies that have made this franchise the most popular since the dawn of video games.

"You begin the table trying to activate the sun, allowing you to collect sun to purchase different seeds that infuse your pinball with super powers. Yes you read that correctly, your pinball now has superhuman abilities. Those powers include the Torchwood Pea which turns your pinball into a fireball that causes more damage to zombies and the Snow pea, a ball of ice that causes each zombie hit to freeze in place for a few seconds."

There's no doubt that this looks fun but how much enjoy...