Crytek Technical Director Rok Erjavec offered his take among the “downgrade" criticism in interview with DSO Gaming. This stems from complaints of graphics being downgrades compared to when they are shown off at major events such as E3 and Game Developers Conference.

The Cinelinx team are preparing for their E3 adventured this year and discuss the video games that they hope to see most at the big event, even though a few of them may be a long shot.

The Cinelinx team gathers to discuss the things they expect to see at this year's E3, based on reports floating around and their own sources on what's likely to be on the show floor.

In the most recent YouTube video from Project Polygon, Jonathan and Nate talk about a few topics from recent gaming news:
The Division breaking records
Fable Legends/Lionshead
Valve's VR headset
Companies dropping out of E3

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