Cinelinx kicks off a new video series to chronicle their teams upcoming trip to E3, with a look at what they expect to see shown at the Expo and what they've heard regarding those titles.

"The timing is right for a new Rayman 3DS game. Ubisoft has a great opportunity to make use of the lack of serious platformers today. With the difficulty of the Rayman games well known and the New 3DS released this year, E3 is the opportunity for the developers to get fans excited over a new 3D Rayman game.

In this current age of incredible graphics and in-depth storytelling, platformers as a genre have fallen by the wayside. Sadly they're now considered a type of children’s game or a cons..."

Let's all hope for it!

During an Investor Q&A (which is linked in the article,) it was revealed that the big N is considering removing the notorious region locking for their next console, the Nintendo NX.

quote Satoru Iwata
Removing region-locking from current game machines presents various issues, so we don’t consider that to be very realistic. However, regarding NX, given the customer feedback and proposals from the market, while nothing has been decided yet, we’re currently investigatin...

With close to five weeks to go until E3, we’ll be counting down each week with our theories and hopes for what will be presented from various companies at the convention. This week we will be looking at the Japanese RPG powerhouse, Square Enix who will be hosting their own conference at E3 this year.

Since 2008 in which Bethesda’s previous open-world marvel Fallout 3 claimed a number of Game of the Year awards, fans have been desperate for any insight to the release of a sequel. The game was immensely praised on behalf of it’s open-ended gameplay and diverse leveling system which allowed players to play the game more accordingly to their own strengths and weaknesses. Now as we move into the next-generation of gaming, the demand for the next installment of this outstanding game series reac...

In just four months, Bethesda will be taking the stage in LA’s Electronics Entertainment Expo – or E3, as the cool kids like to call it – to bestow on the gaming masses something big and shiny that looks like a game and hopefully plays like one too.

The contributors on Cinelinx chat about the recent announcement that Bethesda is hosting their own E3 conference this year, what it means, and what they hope is brought to the show.

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