Since 2008 in which Bethesda’s previous open-world marvel Fallout 3 claimed a number of Game of the Year awards, fans have been desperate for any insight to the release of a sequel. The game was immensely praised on behalf of it’s open-ended gameplay and diverse leveling system which allowed players to play the game more accordingly to their own strengths and weaknesses. Now as we move into the next-generation of gaming, the demand for the next installment of this outstanding game series reac...

In just four months, Bethesda will be taking the stage in LA’s Electronics Entertainment Expo – or E3, as the cool kids like to call it – to bestow on the gaming masses something big and shiny that looks like a game and hopefully plays like one too.

The contributors on Cinelinx chat about the recent announcement that Bethesda is hosting their own E3 conference this year, what it means, and what they hope is brought to the show.

The new generation of gaming innovations that will finally bring your gaming experience to the next level.

The new innovations for the gaming world:

The gaming world was waiting for the new generation of game innovations that will bring their gaming experience to the next level. Stallios inc, worked for many years to bring many new innovations to the gaming world to help them have a more powerful & exiting gaming experience via their new powerful science fiction game, Xanxillium. Those...

SuperCheats rounds up the gaming convention season of 2014 and notes the best things that were revealed. As every year, it was a wild time full of new announcements, some more outlandish than others.