Wrapping up their coverag of this year's E3 event, Cinelinx takes a look at the top eight game trailers from the show and why they've stuck with us even after the doors closed and everyone went home...

This week the guys welcome Shawn Goff back to show to report on his week at
E3 2016. Shawn talks about what he saw, the games he played and why there were some crazy long lines. He also talks about some of the people he met.

The recent E3 wasn’t one of the best conference in recent years but it still gave gamers man surprises such as new Resident Evil and God of War, The Legend of Zelda and a lot of VR games. But here are the 8 big video games that we are expecting but didn’t show up at E3.

Cinelinx breaks down some of their hands-on gameplay impressions from some of E3 2016's biggest games which include Sea of Thieves, GT Sport, Shiness The Lighting Kingdom, plus a few other indie goodies.

With all the conferences now covered, one of our writers goes over his thoughts on Sony's PlayStation conference at E3 2016. He covers all the games announced including God of War, Days Gone and Batman Arkham VR.

Coming directly from the E3 show room floor, Matt and Eric from Cinelinx break down their experiences in the first day of the big event, from conferences to the games they've played.

With another video surrounding another conference, Dom returns with more of his thoughts this time around Xbox's showcase at E3 2016. Including the announcement of Project Scorpio, timed exclusives and whether he is convinced to get an Xbox One.

Capcom revealed during the Sony E3 conference that they would be releasing another major instalment of Resident Evil series and don’t worry, Resident Evil 7 biohazard is coming to Xbox One.

Not sure if you had realised but E3 is here. Warner Bros certainly have as they’ve dropped a new trailer for the upcoming game - LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The gang is all here this week and the entire episode is all about E3. What did we see, like and how we think this year will be for gamers. Check out the site www.the-gamers-lounge.com

Every year, the E3 gaming convention brings some massive announcements and game reveals from the industry’s big players, and E3 2016 hasn’t disappointed. MenStuff rounded up some of the newly announced games that they can’t wait to get their hands on.

Jordan from Cinelinx has never been a Call of Duty fan, but he tells you why everything from E3 2016 has completely sold him on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The second day of Cinelinx's time at E3 2016 was filled with plenty of adventure, including hands-on game time with most of EA's upcoming titles, and a front row view to Sony's big press conference.

Ubisoft’s showcase from E3 has just finished and we have the full rundown of what was just discussed on stage.

Just Dance 2017 was first with a very colorful and odd opening with Queen playing. I have no words for what just happened, but here’s the video below. After the performance Ubisoft did a great job at making a point to mention the mass shooting that happened in Orlando. They announced this game for Xbox One, PC, Playstation 4, Wii U, and the Nintendo NX.

The Sony E3 Press Conference has finished up and we have the full list of announcements right here for you.

Sony opened up their press conference with a full orchestra to open up the Press Conference. The new God of War is based on Norse gods as suspected. The live orchestra was used well during the presentation of the new God of War game. The graphics look stunning with snow giving way to where you walk.

As E3 2016 draws near, more and more games are being revealed or teased for the big show. Today we go over what we know so far with Dom covering most of the big reveals, teases and rumours as we head into the events launch.

Headlines back from the dead!

"So yesterday I shared a satirical E3 headline generator I had created, over on the Official PlayStation Community Forums - skip ahead a few hours and Sony have subsequently removed it.

But we can't let a little bureaucracy get in the way of a good laugh"

According to internet rumors promoted by Shinobi602 and NeoGAF user Enter the Dragon Punch, Bethesda are working on a remastered Skyrim game and plan on making the official announcement at E3 2016.

Crytek Technical Director Rok Erjavec offered his take among the “downgrade" criticism in interview with DSO Gaming. This stems from complaints of graphics being downgrades compared to when they are shown off at major events such as E3 and Game Developers Conference.

The Cinelinx team are preparing for their E3 adventured this year and discuss the video games that they hope to see most at the big event, even though a few of them may be a long shot.

The Cinelinx team gathers to discuss the things they expect to see at this year's E3, based on reports floating around and their own sources on what's likely to be on the show floor.