"As I sit here recovering from a nasty illness that left me almost completely inert this entire week, I feel obligated to take a moment to share my indelible gratefulness toward video games. It's not something uttered too often these days. Between companies like EA and Ubisoft continually upsetting their fanbases and the perennial myth that video games are to blame for violence (much like how rock 'n' roll was destroying society in the 60s), there's a lot of pessimism in gaming right now. Anot..."

SegmentNext writes about the inevitable criticism Bayonetta 2 would receive for being a sexually charged game and how this should be seen. Making sex and games work together is tough.

For those who have been wondering how they will get a copy of Bayonetta HD with Bayonetta 2, Nintendo of America has explained that Bayonetta 2 will come with a free disc of Bayonetta HD when you buy from retail. If you decide to purchase Bayonetta 2 digitally, then you will receive a free download for Bayonetta HD for free.

The official website for Bayonetta has launched with some new information about the Wii U version of the game. Bayonetta will run at 60 frames per second, feature dual audio and off-TV play. There will be a Japanese language option as well.

Here are new features for the Wii U version:

*Wii U GamePad features
*You can use the Wii U GamePad controller’s touchscreen and a stylus to control the action in both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2.
*You can play using just the GamePad screen, without ...

Nintendo has revealed some new information about Bayonetta that is coming to the Wii U. Players will be able to dress Bayonetta with various characters. Nintendo will also be packaging the original Bayonetta with Bayonetta when it releases in October.

SuperCheats looks over the history of games and the most revealing girls throughout the years. Even if games have evolved since their conception, newer games aren't necessarily more progressive than older, nor are older games worse off for showing pixelated skin.

"Today sees the release of a brand new publication revealing much of the design and creative process for the critically acclaimed Bayonetta videogame. The Eyes of Bayonetta is an art book that features sketches, characters models and finalised marketing materials."

Sega of America’ Aaron Webber has posted a comparison between the Playstation 3 ports of the multiplatform games, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” and “Bayonetta.”

"SEGA Europe Ltd. and SEGA of America, Inc. have today launched the critically acclaimed Bayonetta on the PlayStation Network. Available to download now, players can experience the free flowing over-the-top action of Bayonetta as they play a witch with powers beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Face-off against countless enemies, evil forces and giant-sized bosses in a videogame of 100% pure unadulterated all-out action."

GameFly's year-end sale started today and many used games have been heavily discounted including some excellent titles like Crysis 2, L.A. Noire, Dragon Age II, and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

A lot of video games have you staring at your character's backside for hours on end, which is probably why most of them are really, really nice. Here are the 10 best.

SEGA of America announced today two games from 2010 would be coming to the Games on Demand marketplace. Not to be outdone, Activision also released two games on demand.

"2010 saw some pretty strong female characters step into the spotlight and show the world that that girls can play just as rough as the boys. Here are five of our favorites."

2010 was a great year for gaming. In the many great games of 2010 there were many great characters. There's the iconic characters, the unique characters, the memorable characters and the always popular badass characters. This is our top 10 characters of 2010, let us know if your favorite was amongst them.

"Many gamers like to have a little drinky-drink when they play. Sometimes, though, you want to take your drinking game to the next level. Speaking of "drinking games," there just aren't enough of them specifically tailored to the world of video games."

Just in time for the excitement of the holidays. GameZone reveals the specialty awards and will continue to reveal the winners of all the other categories until we get to our Game of the Year. For all the winners check out GameZone.com

IGN's Michael Thomsen lists this year in terms of in game sex. Thomsen explains how sex in video games can be right and can be wrong in many ways. Thomsen also lists a few games which featured sex this year, this list consists of a few bloackbusters like Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redepmtion, Fallout: New Vegas and some not so well known games like Dinner Date and Every Day the Same Dream.

Not sure what to get that Xbox 360 owner in your family? Is the massive library of 2010 releases stressing you out? Don't worry for long, because BrightHub is featuring a full list of excellent Xbox 360 titles that look good under a tree, in a stocking, or wrapped nicely in colorful holiday-themed gift wrap. Stay tuned for more recommendations in the coming days.

Today GameFly announced their annual end of the year sale would be held between December 22nd and January 3rd. Look for many blockbuster titles of 2009 and 2010 at "blowout" prices with free shipping to boot.

"ZeniMax, parent of Id Software and Bethesda Softworks, has just announced that they have just acquired Tango Gameworks, the studio directed by 20-year industry giant Shinji Mikami. Regarding the acquisition, Mikami had this to say..."

"Sega and PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta wowed players earlier this year with its style, substance, and seduction. With a lead character that trades combos for clothing, leading lady Bayonetta has forced other videogame vixens to do a double-take and re-evaluate their hotness. So how can you possibly find a real-life equivalent? Why, get Sega to track her down, of course."

"If you’ve been sleeping through 2010 and waiting for the holiday gaming season, it’s time for you to wake your ass up. Our editors have picked their favorites and there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it… like slamming a Red Bull, electrifying your nipples, and taking a baseball bat to the groin all at the same time, these titles will rock your world."

"It’s fair to say that Bayonetta is by far the hottest witch to ever appear in any videogame, and has really turned into one of Sega’s best new IPs in years. With that said, it’s really no surprise that talented gamers show their love for her in many ways, from art to well done cosplay outfits, and now a Bayonetta chibi plush doll."

2010 has been a stellar so far for the Xbox 360 with a lineup that contained great exclusive games and multiplatform titles. Here are the top ten games released for the system during the first-half of the year.

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski explores the reality of a free agent market for the video game industry and three developers that would most likely receive a lot of attention from publishers.

"A thrifty gamer is a happy gamer so we've scoured the Sunday ads to find the best video game deals for this week from local stores for the Playstation 3, PSP, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and PC for the week of May 23, 2010."

Sales results for Alien vs. Predator, Bayonetta, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Yakuza 4 and other games published by Sega during their last fiscal year.

While Bayonetta had its fair share of sex appeal, it looks like the game's designer Hideki Kamiya isn't happy that some gamers are making pornographic doujinshi (self-published manga) based on his character.

In a recent Twitter, Kamiya expressed anger over the fact that such doujinshi existed, saying that the people responsible didn't hold any love for the game.

"While the women in fighting games tend to get the most attention for being considered "sexy", their cousins in the action genre are out shooting it up and exploring boundaries well beyond the confines of a ring. Just because these characters are rendered in more than bikinis doesn't mean they're not sexy.

The action genre has been dominated by male characters since the creation of gaming. But there have been a few exceptions to the rule of sexes. And of course, these female exceptions have..."

2010 is shaping up to be one of the most jam-packed years in the gaming industry with many excellent games already released in the first-quarter alone. Here are ten can't miss games so far this year.

"The over the top femininity, a cheesy soundtrack, quirky sidegames and an epic plot combine into a fun and engaging action game. It’s going to turn a few of people away with it’s full on sensual nature however, so not one for the easily embarrassed. They might feel a tad dirty playing this one."

"Ever sat around in a group of friends discussing games, when suddenly another friend enters and begins to label gaming childish? You are not alone, as every so often there will be those who give gaming the dreaded tag of being “for kids”. On behalf of all gamers, GamesCastLive would like to dedicate this article to all those out there who have decided that gaming is better suited for the ‘wee’ ones. Here are our five reasons to justify why grown men love their consoles."

These ladies may not neccessarily be amongst the sexiest video game characters, but they would definitely be the most difficult to woo. Gametrailers has listed the top 10 game babes who are out of your league...

The overall best use of music in videogame commercials are here. Including well known tracks like "So happy together" to mostly unknown "How it ends." Check out these videos and cool tracks and find out what made them so great.

Go Fanboy has released their Cosplay Babe of the Week featuring Bayonetta from the Sega's recent action title of the same name. They've posted twenty-four images of various cosplayers dressed up as the gun-toting witch. There's also a mini-bio for the character for those unfamiliar with the game.

A Bayonetta fan has taken it upon himself to sculpt two of the in-game dolls used to move from one location to the next in between chapters. Cute.

So far he has made Bayonetta and Cereza, but plans on making the rest of the team save for Enzo (poor Enzo).

GamesCastLive sit down and discuss some of the games January had to offer, such as Bayonetta, Darksiders, Army of Two: The 40th Day, Dark Void and Vancouver 2010, while also looking forward to what February has in store for gamers.

""Every year, there is a day that reminds us all of the people we cherish, love, in some cases tolerate and hopefully can call our Player 2. This week ends with Valentine's Day and for those of us who have someone to share the day with, it's a very special day to reaffirm the small commitments. For everyone else though, it's Sunday. In the meantime, there is always going to be at least one character in a game that the average gamer is going to garner a small crush on. Sure, they're digital, bu..."

"Best Buy wants you to be there valentine this year, because there are discounts galore this week, with savings of up to $20.

As seen above, you can save $10 on Darksiders, Bayonetta, Dark Void and MX vs. ATV Reflex. Applies to every system.

If $10 weren't enough, you can save $20 on Brutal Legend and The Beatles: Rock Band. This applies to every system.

NBA 2k10 is priced at $39.99 this week, and Fight Night Round 4 is at $29.99.

Lego Rock Band on Wii is at $29.99 as well.

Not ..."

"According to Kamiya, “We obviously have love for the work we have created, so I don’t see anything wrong with Bayonetta 2. Personally, I’d like to approach the world of Bayonetta from a different angle, in the form of a spin-off.”
Perhaps a game starring Jeanne? Could be cool. Then again maybe the game could star one of those flying baby heads that Bayonetta had to shoot out of the sky. We wouldn’t put it passed those guys."

Hideki Kamiya's Angel May C.. I mean Bayonetta shows sales of over 1,000,000 units sold. With a blockbuster game like this, it would be surprising to hear that Sega isn't already pushing for another one.

With this many units sold, maybe now Sega can afford a platinum ticket to space...

"Bayonetta is a superb action title that gets props for still being very challenging for the hardcore action crowd, but accessible enough for less-skilled players to play – the forgiving systems in place allow for minimal frustration, which usually leads to said player becoming much more skilled than they were before. It's got all the staples of the genre – over the top action, massive boss fights, a ridiculous plot, and a cool main character."

"Michael Lafferty of GameZone writes "Gamers don’t care. Doesn’t matter if it is sunny or cold outside – there is the warmth of the television screen or computer monitor, reveling in the glow of White Knight Chronicles, or Mass Effect 2. So what if winter is a bit longer. Six more weeks of winter is all the excuse needed. "You still gaming?" Don't scramble for a response - blame it on the groundhog.""

January was a big month for the video games industry with many high-profile releases across all platforms. So which games proved to the best so far in 2010?

"SEGA Europe and SEGA America have today announced that an online update is available now for the PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta on PlayStation Network. This online update allows the game to be installed onto the console’s hard drive which significantly decreases the loading times for the game."

"Everyone likes to game on their system of choice. It’s the unspoken right that every gamer has been privy to since the first console hit the market and was subsequently followed by its competitor. This kicked off what was known as the console wars and ever since, there have been new veterans joining the ranks every single day. While console exclusives are all well and good being, for the most part, system sellers. It is usually the cross platform titles that stand out the most as people will ..."

Bayonetta is a game and character that evokes all kinds of reactions from all kinds of gamers. So it should be interesting to hear what the oft-begrudging Yahtzee has to say...

Hit the source for his review.

Bayonetta is proof that Sega is alive and kicking this generation. Bayonetta has some deep gameplay that rivals and at times may even exceed the great god of war franchise and soon we will see what Bayonetta 2 is all about.

"Games that have a jaw dropping female protagonist do tend to create a large amount of attention, but sometimes the fun stops at that, and the game leaves the drooling men a little disappointed. Bayonetta steps in as the sexy vixen this year, but will she manage to deliver a memorable gaming experience?"

Kotaku's Lisa Foiles takes a look at Bayonetta from a female gamer's point of view: Why the game was both a pleasant surprise and a migraine-inducing confusion, the lack of sex appeal Bayonetta herself seems to have despite her appearance and hypersexualization, and why the plot seemed "too serious" for a game that prides itself on over-the-top silliness.

All Age Gaming's Danny Yee takes the over the top action game Bayonetta, which was developed by Platinum Games for a spin. Is playing as a sexy female character in a genre crowded by male characters such as God of War's Kratos a winning formula? Read on to find out.

In only the second time in its long running history, Sega Nerds has awarded a Sega game a perfect 5 out of 5 rings. The duel reviews state that the battle system is the best so far this generation, as well praising the addictive ranking system, character models and high level of replayability.

While I'm not a huge fan of this genre (Hack-n-slash), Bayonetta does look 'entertaining' in an odd sort of way. Personally I can't see all the fuss about it, and the skin-tick clad Bayonetta, but it is receiving rave reviews. Perhaps it's just her rather open way of combat, or weapons, or the fact she's just sexy, in a game-character sort of way of course.

But either way, a decent review, showing the positive and the negative sides to the game, plus a few vids and screen shots of course.

Bayonetta is a game that has brought out some strong opinions amongst gamers and reviewers. Gamasutra's Christian Nutt takes a look at the differing opinions on Bayonetta, the seemingly bizarre aesthetic choices made in the game, the distincly Japanese connection that the game has, and why we should appreciate Bayonetta
for what it is.
Go to the source for the full article.

"Bayonetta herself is a quick-witted irritation for much of the game, coming across as somewhere between a spoiled upper-middle class English housewife and the lead antagonist in a low budget 80’s Teen Horror movie about sexy witches that prey on teenage boys. And that is as it’s intended to be, for Bayonetta – like her or loathe her – is every bit as memorable as the fast and vicious combat."

"Everyone loves a bargain, no matter what the product, and gamers are no exception. But it’s no longer just about finding a game at a cheap price.

The trade-in system employed by major game retailers such as EB Games, JB Hi-Fi and GAME means consumers are continuously looking for loopholes in order to get a new release game for as cheap as possible. [ED: Even Amazon have entered the trade-in fold]

The most famous of these trade-in offers is, of course, JB Hi-Fi’s trade-3-get-1-free deal ..."

"I’m not really what one could call a Devil May Cry lover. I played a few hours through the first one, totally forgot the second (and fate told me I was right), died like 40 times on the third one’s first couple of levels and had a few hours spent on the fourth installment. But all in all, I’ve always wanted to love that damn game, without really being able to do it. Never knew if that was because of the difficulty, the genre itself, or Dante acting like teenage douchebag, but I never got into..."

"I've come to a startling realization: Bayonetta may prove to be one of the most successful female video game characters ever. She succeeds on two levels: one, she is a positive embodiment of femininity and two, she kicks major amounts of ass. In short, she has far more substance than characters who are memorable solely for their looks -- think Lara Croft and the Dead or Alive
fighters -- yet she's far more "fun" than respectable characters likes Samus Aran and Uncharted's Elena."

All Age Gaming's Phong Nguyen bring's us the 24th and first for 2010 AAG "The Week That Was". This week he discusses the Project Natal announcements, the PS3's Home TV, GT5, Wii sales and the future of Nintendo and more!

Playboy sure is getting into the gaming scene lately, huh? Here, five Playboy models pose as Bayonetta in this bizarre video, asking gamers to vote for the "sexiest Bayonetta babe."

The below video is NSFW:


Bayonetta has had its share of zany stunts and events, but nothing as polished and interesting as this fan-made rap by web-celebrity and personality MC Lars. Check out the full rap video inside.

"Bayonetta, from Japnanese-based developer Platinum Games, is Southland Tales the Video Game; you will play for hours, squint your eyes, shake your head, muse at the goings-on, and dive back in. The panoptic reception ranges from bewildered to amazed: EDGE awards a 10, while Google Chrome releases a Bayonetta Theme, official Playboy promotions allude to some hot chick, and an accessible early level eliminates a "puzzle section." I would love to know what other red-blooded Playboy readers think..."

This Bayonetta walkthrough guide has videos that will help you finish the brand new Xbox 360 and PS3 game filled with "non-stop climax action."

A list of the Achievements and Trophies you can unlock in Bayonetta. The intense action game is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 5th, 2010.

Many expect 2010 to be one of the biggest years ever for the gaming industry. It is off to a strong start with several big video games slated for January.

""Here is what the costumes look like in-game."

"After weeks of deliberation and in-house arguing, we have finally narrowed down our picks for the Top 10 Sleeper Hits of 2010. It was a long process of eliminating titles that may or may not be overlooked, so we decided on a solid ten gaming picks that we feel need more attention and love from the gaming community - and in the end will be worth every second of game time. These are the top 10 games coming out next year that we think, even though they are not on everyone's radar, will score som..."

All Age Gaming look at the new IP's that are coming in 2010 and narrow the list down to 10 of the best. With so many great games coming in the new year, there is sure to be something for everyone!

MTV Multiplayer has reviewed the recent Japanese release, Bayonetta, and they werern't impressed, calling it a "flashy, flawed release whose strengths are often overwhelmed by its weaknesses."

Go to the source for the full review

[Discuss in the Bayonetta forum]

""Lost Planet 2 by Capcom Entertainment

This sequel puts players into a whole new environment while offering up excellent graphics and plenty of giant bug squashing.""

We've all heard the saying 'sex sells'. But does it really? Well, the game industry certainly thinks so. From scantily-clad game characters to hiring popular bikini models to promote games to the never ending supply of booth babes at game conventions to inserting GACKT's sexy self into various games (yep, each of these links lead to a Gamegrep article regarding sex appeal in video games), there's no denying that gaming is rife with sex appeal in an attempt to garner more sales.
But does it...

"At first I thought Bayonetta was going to be just another God of War or Devil May Cry clone, desperately trying to capture the horny male segment of the gaming populace (and let's face it, that is pretty much all of us) with the over the top sexuality of it's female protagonist."

"Bayonetta could have been the best action game on the PS3. After all, this over-the-top affair from Hideki Kamiya and his team at Platinum Games not only delivers some of the coolest combat mechanics around but it coats the experience in an eccentric, hyper-stylish shell. Unfortunately, the PS3 port of Bayonetta is a very disappointing piece of software. I love Bayonetta -- just look at my review of the 360 version for proof. But Bayonetta on the PS3 is a whole different beast.

The PS3 ve..."

"Over the top action, Japanese pop music, and sexual themes are some of the things you are going to see in Bayonetta. Ok, we might have seen this before, so what is unique about Bayonetta then, you ask? The fact that Bayonetta has mixed these elements so brilliantly is a feat in its self, nothing feels forced, it’s all done naturally within the game. But this isn’t the full story here, playing Bayonetta makes you remember the fact that you are playing a videogame; it isn’t trying to be an epic..."

""Bayonetta's action unfolds in a very tongue-in-cheek way, with the title character blowing kisses at the screen and cheesy music playing in the background. The game definitely has a sense of humor about itself, but still manages to pack in a substantial amount of style.

The gameplay is noticeably similar to the Devil May Cry franchise, as Bayonetta combines a substantial amount of gunplay and melee combat, and some pretty awesome combos. Bayonetta can perform punches and kicks, as well as..."

"From now on, when you talk about the best combat system in an action-beat em up game, you have to forget about God of War, Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry and every other game; that’s because Bayonetta actually has the most responsive, enjoyable, varied and frantic battle system around and I will explain why after the jump."

"Am I the only one who thinks that Bayonetta is over-hyped? Well, Famitsu (the Japanese Gaming Mag) gave it a perfect 40 out of 40. The PS3 version sold 135,000 copies and was the top-selling game during its week of release in Japan, while the Xbox version sold 64,000 copies and charted at number seven. Can’t argue with close to 200,000 gamers, and in the first week alone."

Edge magazine are usually quite nitpicky with their reviews, so it may come as a surprise that they awarded Bayonetta a perfect 10/10 review, claiming that she "slaps Dante, Kratos and every other hero back to the drawing board."

[Discuss in the Bayonetta forum]

A story regarding the release of a Bayonetta demo onto Xbox LIVE Marketplace in the North American region; weighing in at just over 750 megabytes the action adventure game is being praised by critics in Japan and releases in early 2010 over here.

It looks like SEGA is asking for SONYs developers to come and help out with Bayonetta to create a better port. As you may know, this game got a bad port and had a terrible frame rate, screen tearing and all of that jazz, but with only a month to go untill the release can it be done without pushing back the release date?

After being recently released in Japan and receiving great initial review scores, Sega has announced that gamers from the US and Europe regions can download a demo of Bayonetta on December 3rd. Read more for full details!

"Despite some weaker parts and a technical side not always at the top, Bayonetta easily becomes the new reigning king of the modern Beat'Em All genre. With a gameplay as deep as it is easy to understand, an incredibly varied arsenal and numerous enemies and bosses, Platinum released here nothing less than THE new reference. A game that no player that considers himself a gamer should miss."

One of the guys over at Electronic Theatre has posted some screenshots on the forum showing off Bayonetta's alternative costumes. And a kind of semi-naked image.

"Last week saw the launch of Bayonetta in Japan, following the recently published New Game Cross Review in the November 5th 2009 issue of Japan's most respected games magazine, Weekly Famitsu. The game achieved a perfect score of 40/40 for Xbox 360 and 38/40 for PlayStation 3, with both scores garnering a Platinum award. Bayonetta is only the twelfth game ever to receive a perfect score in the widely respected magazine's history since its first issue in 1986."

There have been many complaints about Bayonetta's tiny head, weird proportions and giant body.

Website The Zeonic Front decided to fix her. The first picture is the original Bayonetta, the second picture is the 'fixed' Bayonetta...

"Bayonetta with her sexy, bootstrappingly dangerous fatal attraction promises a kiss of death to U.S. gamers when it launches with the new official release date of January 5, 2010. Pre-order items are not yet detailed, but Sega assures they are in the works. Hopefully Sega plans an actual reward for pre-ordering! These days I’ve felt cheated with in-game download codes, hardly as exciting as a tangible keychain, plush, or art book to boast your true fanboyisms with."

Ridiculously over-the-top gameplay? Check. Random objects flying around everywhere? Check. James Earl Jones esque narration? Check.
It must be the opening gameplay sequence to Bayonetta!

I don't think I need to link to every recent Bayonetta story here on Grep in this description (just click here). It is easy to see there is hype for Bayonetta. After playing it this weekend at GameX, I see why. If anyone wants to cry "Devil May Cry killer" with this game, I will back them up. But this is about SEGA and cosplay.. and them creating a site that urges you to dress as the sexy cousin itt for Halloween. I can't help back up this idea (hell, even one of her alternative outfits ...

"Can’t wait until January to play Bayonetta and have a PlayStation 3 handy? Import it!

We can confirm the Japanese PlayStation 3 version is region free and entirely in English. OK, so the instruction manual isn’t in English, but the game is – voices, menus, and all in-game text."

Here are some more optional outfits that will appear in Bayonetta and... well... while some might find them sexy, I just can't get past that tiny head. The bulge in her panties is a bit worrying too.

She is definitely an oddly built character!

"Bayonetta flaunts herself well as it is. However, it seems that Platinum Games wanted upped her flaunt even more with what appears to be in-game changeable costumes. We only have pictures of two of them, at the moment, but they do enough.

There's a witch's outfit with a mini-skirt and a white t-shirt outfit. Are they taking it too far? I think not."

A new Bayonetta screenshot was released a few days ago, featuring the femme-fatale and the young girl Cereza. But many sites have noticed something interesting about the picture... Bayonetta herself seems freakishly large in comparison to the little girl.

Either she's a giant or that girl is unnaturally small!

The theme song for Bayonetta has recently been revealed.
Sung by 24 year old British-Japanese singer MiChi, the song (titled "Something Missing") is part of her Up to U album...

[Discuss in the Bayonetta forum]

You might have heard of Bayonetta- that game which takes every opportunity to look up the skirts of a Sarah Palin-lookalike. The game is going to be released next year for the US and EU, but Japan gets it on October 29th. Famitsu has given their review of the game, and have awarded it a perfect 40/40.

Congratulatory tweet from SEGA addressing the review in alternate links.

Here is the brand new Japanese Bayonetta commercial, featuring a lady who is a little bit too enthusiastic about playing the game.
In fact, she seems quite obsessed with Bayonetta...

I wish I pulled these sorts of 'sexy' faces when I play video games. To be honest, I probably look more like a constipated frog while gaming! XD

The live-action Bayonetta did a pretty good job of portraying the game character (even if she was heavily edited).

But if a Bayonetta movie is ever created, which actress does Bayonetta designer Hideki Kamiya want to play the femme-fatale?
"For Bayonetta, it would be Elizabeth Hurley," he said in a recent interview.

Go to the source for the full interview.

A great episode of The Bender this week, lots of topics covered, both good and sad. Mike gets a little miffed at the XNA games people are buying. James gushes over the Saturn being the best controller ever. And Intern Perry is back. Listen live/stream with iTunes here or download the mp3 directly here

If you are unfamiliar with the feud between Kamiya (Bayonetta, DMC) and Itagaki (Ninja Gaiden), they hate each other. They have also insulted each others games before. Kamiya did an interview with recently and said

"I'm bald, but I'm not gay" (no one was pointing any fingers, dude).
He also got very outspoken about Itagaki, calling him an idiot for thinking big breast is erotic.

"Now for the messy stuff. I'm going to get this out of the way right now: Bayonetta is clearly inferior on the PS3. Right from the outset, somebody who has played both demos will notice the difference. The colors are more faded and the contrast less defined on the PS3, with graphics that lack the vivid sheen that the 360 version has. It's certainly no dealbreaker, but the color is quite noticeably drained and it's hard to go from the 360 to the PS3 without it poking you in the eyes.


"When recently asked about the comparisons, a weary Hideki Kamiya (director) asked, "People are still talking about that? ... Honestly, the only thing that I see in common is that they both wear glasses.

"Yeah, It is old. Well, you know the thing is, in the US they say Sarah Palin. In Japan, they always bring up people like Angela Aki. I think they say something similar in every country. That country's famous glasses girl ... The thing with that impression is, you know, we've put out plenty..."

"Yusuke Hashimoto on the style over substance debate:

"First and foremost, Bayonetta is an action game for action game fans. So, there's nothing for anybody to worry about when it comes to the depth of the game. It's really a non-argument for Kamiya-san, myself, and the rest of the team - the experience we've gained making action games over the years really lent itself to the kind of game that Bayonetta is. We've built the kind of game that we as action fans want to play ourselves.""

Don't you just love live action game commercials? No matter how cheesy or serious they end up being, they always manage to entertain.

Here is the latest Bayonetta trailer, featuring a live-action actress as Bayonetta who promises the game offers "NON-STOP CLIMAX ACTION!"

"The demo is slated to hit both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with the Xbox 360 version to get one extra stage. The PS3 demo will feature the Tutorial and the Angel's Metropolis stage, while Xbox 360 owners will also get the Falling Clock Tower prologue stage.

No word on whether it'll be available in other territories, but savvy North Americans shouldn't have any trouble getting it for themselves. It'll be out October 8."

At the Tokyo Game Show, Kotaku got their hands on the PS3 Bayonetta demo and, despite bad impressions a few weeks ago, it looks like the PS3 version's problems have mostly been fixd. Go to the source for the full article.

Straight from Tokyo Game Show 2009 comes the latest trailer for SEGA and Platinum Games' 360/PS3 sexy action title from Devil May Cry director Hideki Kamiya, Bayonetta.

Bayonetta releases on October 29th in Japan, and in January 2010 for North America and Europe.

On SEGA America's media FTP, there is a file uploaded with what appears to be meeting minutes with Sony on August 5th about various topics.

The notables:

  • Spring 2010 launch for Sony Motion Controller (March in Japan)
  • SCEA to provide a list of SEGA IP that could work with motion controller
  • SCEA recommends Bayonetta PSN demo around Christmas for January 5th ship date
  • Could put Japanese games directly on PSN for download in a special Japanese Import section ($9.99 to $39.99 for full game) w...

"Throughout the course of this past weekend, September 17th – 20th, the Paris Game Festival took place over on the continent, showcasing some of the best games of this year and the hopefuls for 2010. Big name publishers such as Microsoft, Sony, Activision, Electronic Arts, Nintendo and Square Enix were joined by a raft of development studios and accessory manufacturers, each attempting to wow their audience with their latest and greatest releases."

Development for Bayonetta originally began on the XBox 360 by the PlatinumGames team, However, they put Sega in charge handling the port for PS3. Tatsuya has yet to give any comment about if this decision will effect the quality of the PS3 port, though first impressions of the PS3 version aren't looking good.

"Bayonetta, like many games, has a soundtrack release planned. This title's soundtrack, though, is bigger than most.

The soundtrack is 150 songs, packed over 5 CDs. Remember CDs? The whole dealio will set you back ¥5,000 (US$55). Out November 4."

When Platinum Games start talking about Bayonetta's appearance, they start veering off into creepy land. Here is what producer Yusuke Hashimoto had to say about what they were aiming for when creating Bayonetta's characteristics...

"You'd think that Bayonetta, the ludicrously sexy videogame from Platinum Games, would have been designed entirely by males, entirely for males. However, while chatting with Platinum's Yusuke Hashimoto, I found out that not only was the game's titular character designed by a woman, but that the studio believes only a woman's touch could have made Bayonetta who she is."

"Every week, sort of, features editor Anthony Burch discusses a topic of his choosing for his Rev Rant video series. He then writes an explanatory introduction to each episode where he refers to himself in the third person.

Which is worse -- a heroine who overtly panders to your sexual impulses, or one who tries to hide it? I can't hope to answer that question for anybody else, but I give my own answer to a question nobody was really asking in this week's Rev Rant. That's pretty much the be..."

"The first thing that I set out to do was to get the right feeling for the tenderness of her mouth," blogs Takashima. "For instance, the instant she opens her mouth, there should be a sense of adhesion as the center of her gloss covered lips part and open. Or when she talks, it is important to express the smoothness of the movements of her lips. All of these things needed to be integrated into a facial controller...

To get across the idea of seductiveness, I paid particular attention to lin..."

"SEGA of America, Inc. has announced a contest to find a real life Bayonetta on Maxim.com, the digital counterpart to Maxim, the largest young men’s lifestyle magazine in America. In a similarly objectifying campaign to that of Codemasters’ Rise of the Argonauts Alexandra Sam-Wise campaign within the covers of UK publication Front Magazine, SEGA is looking for the one girl who best captures the style and attitude of the heroine of PlatinumGames’ upcoming action game."

"While the 360 version on display looked crisp and smooth, the PS3 version was very blurry and the framerate was all over the place. During one portion of the demo, a crazy scene where you are jumping off of falling parts of a giant clock tower, it was often hard to keep track of the action because of the graphical issues on PS3."

Good news, folks: Platinum Games have confirmed a demo for the femme fatale-featured action game Bayonetta.

No word on when exactly it will be released, but naturally we'd expect shortly before its estimated January 2010 release date.

Also note this won't be your ordinary demo...

"The latest build of Bayonetta is looking superb and playing superberifically. Yes, we've created a monster of a word blend there to get the point across because our hands-on with the latest build at Gamescom has left us very excited.

If you doubt the potential of Sega's new lady-shaped action fest, then read on. If you don't, then this'll whet your appetite still further…"

"London MCM Expo is set to provide the grand opening for this year’s London Games Festival, the capital’s celebration of the best in videogame culture. Held at Excel on 24th-25th October, the Expo will be a gamers’ feast, with top developers from across the globe giving visitors hands-on experience with the hottest new games as well as sneak peeks at their latest projects – often months in advance of their official release."

Molotov Cupcake from Spawn Kill gives a sneak peak on the upcoming stylish action game, Bayonetta. Will it thrill or is it all hype and pretty faces?

Game Podunk introduces a new article series, 25 Things About Me, where video game character will create their list of 25 things about themselves. Although much of the information included in these lists will come from facts about the character from their games, Game Podunk adds a hint of their own imagination to fill in the blanks.

To start the series, here's 25 Things about Bayonetta, from Sega's upcoming action title of the same name.

A grand episode of The Bender. Was posted on Saturday, but didn't get to Grep until now (my bad!) In this episode we touch on the "Black College Football Xperience" video game and how it is possibly racist in title, a bunch of random comic book news, information, and other stuff mentioned (thanks Comic Con!), and touch briefly on the news no one is covering enough, the chance to have your band in Rock Band! Stream/Listen live through iTunes or grab the MP3 here

(I suggest hitting up "...

"This Friday, we’re holding a special event with PlatinumGames to show off our upcoming game, Bayonetta. The event will feature some face time with the PlatinumGames crew, a chance to play some Bayonetta in an exclusive event, and potentially win one of the hottest Xbox 360’s I’ve ever seen. No kidding."

Sega has confirmed the Western release dates for Platinum Games' highly-anticipated action game Bayonetta for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Were you one of the ones expecting to see the game in time for the holiday season? Unfortunately, you'll be waiting until January 2010 for North America and Europe. For the lucky Greppers in Japan or are importing, you'll be happy to know that you'll be getting the game this year on October 29th.

"So we're Bayonetta in this city and we're kicking monsters and shooting things with our boot guns and all of a sudden this giant statue comes to life we're dodging and our clothes are disappearing and then there's lava everywhere so we run on the skyscrapers and fight angels and we're chased by a tsunami and then we're in a cathedral and there's a dragon coming through the window and we're fighting it and then it lifts off and it's flying and the cathedral is flying and everybody's flying and..."

"Now that the dust has settled from the best E3 in years, we can take a moment to process the years’ worth of upcoming-release insanity that we took in over four days – and that means making early, snap judgments based on what we’ve seen and played. One of the biggest and best presents for PS3 fans this year was a playable demo of the long-awaited God of War III, and it was joined on the show floor by a few games that clearly took their cues from Kratos’ past exploits (or were at least similar..."

Last week, we got to sit in on a private demo of Bayonetta with game director Hideki Kamiya and producer Yusuke Hashimoto. While Hashimoto spoke only once -- too correct their interpreter -- Kamiya was very forward with the game.

After watching the informative private demo, Kamiya answered a few questions about the game. What sort of extra content can we expect to get from this game? And why did he choose Bayonetta as the protagonist?

Tomonobu Itagaki may have left Tecmo, but that hasn't stopped him from voicing his opinions on other games and the devs who make them. 1Up caught up with him at this year's E3, where they discussed his positive opinions of Metal Gear Solid: Rising, his negative opinions of Bayonetta, as well as his newest game since leaving Tecmo. He also says that he is tired of making games with big-boobed characters, ala the Dead or Alive series.

Go to the source for the full interview.

"The demo I got my hands on had two parts. The tutorial and a level where you fight both normal enemies and multiple bigger boss-like enemies. Yes, the game is over the top and if you don’t like ‘out there/goofy’ characters and stories then this game may not be for you. Though if you like great gameplay and a game with a sense of humor then this game is a must buy."

"Bayonetta is the latest title coming from Platinum Games, the all-star team of developers responsible for Wii’s gleefully violent MADWORLD, and directed by Hideki Kamiya, the pioneer that delivered the Devil May Cry series. The game was playable on the show floor at E3 2009, with a full level of hair-raisingly bizarre combat for attendants."

"Hideki Kamiya is no stranger to the action genre. With games like Devil May Cry and Okami under his belt, Kamiya and his team at PlatinumGames are tackling another stylish action outing in the form of Bayonetta for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This over-the-top gun-fest, which features one of the most insanely cool female characters in recent memory, feels a lot like the Devil May Cry franchise but boasts several unique elements. Our very own Cam Shea from the IGN Australia office wrote an..."

"We're giving away this art piece from Bayonetta to one lucky 1UP member! It will be signed by Platinum Games employees.

What do you need to do? Follow these steps in this thread:

Tell us where you'd keep this artwork
Post a photo of the location!!
Good luck!

Dealine to submit your entry is June 12, 2009 12 PM PST!!!

Upate: This is only open to US residents =["

E3 2009 is almost here, so the publishers are kicking it into high gear, spamming their YouTube channels with new vids. If you're interested in sneak peeks at what we'll be seeing at this year's E3 expo, be glad.

Latest comes from SEGA, with a new Bayonetta trailer that delves a little into our heroine's background. At least that's the idea one might get from the black-haired child with emo glasses clutching a toy and crying for her mom.

"Facts about Bayonetta:

-The right shoulder button dodges, by dodging at the last minute, Witch Time is triggered; this activates the purple world that can be seen in the newest trailer.

-You can practice combos during the loading screens; combos are listed on the side of the screen for the weapon you have equipped, and the amount of times you used those combos is listed as well. Loading times do not take long though, but you can opt to stay on the screen longer to practice by pressing a..."

"We finally set eyes on the God of War beater and we have one question: how much awesome can you fit into a game?
Whoever coined the expression 'hair of the dog', we're pretty sure they never, ever, thought the phrase would be used to describe this. 'This' being a 50-foot hell-beast summoned by you and formed out of the strands of your insanely long hair, that's currently chewing a massive boss like it was a 40oz steak.

Simply, it's Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden by way of The ..."

"As news continues to flow in from 1UP’s coverage of Microsoft’s Japan Spring 2009 Title Preview, it has been revealed that 31 titles were announced at the event, specifically focused on the Japanese region. With 1 million Xbox 360 consoles sold so far in Japan, Microsoft are doing a 1 million point promotion for the region.

Some stand out titles shown include Namco Bandai’s Magna Carta 2 which is due out in Japan on the 6th of August, Tekken 6 which has a tentative release of Fall 2009 a..."

A brand new trailer for the upcoming game, Bayonetta. Created by the same man behind the DMC series, it clearly shows in this game. Mixing in both cut scene videos and gameplay. The game is turning out to look very fun.

Follow the link to watch the trailer.

Bayonetta is an upcoming third person Hack-n-Slash game from the creator of DMC, letting you take the role of a female character (who seems to look like a librarian) with moves to make dante worry. The Director of the game came and saying that he hopes that people will find the game 'sadistically' hard. I'm all up for a challenge, but there is a fine line between having fun with a hard game, too downright frustrating.

"It is unfortunate that in the real world, there are certain types of people who just look like sex offenders. Whether they are or not. Peter Jackson, for example, wouldn't look out of place with his trousers round his ankles, running through a nursery and being sick all over himself. Same goes for Geoffrey out of Rainbow. There are certain people that, should it come to light that they've been arrested for some hideous sexual misdemeanor, we wouldn't be surprised. This is why it's so easy for..."

"Our little trip to the future ends today, with the 10 hottest Xbox 360 games to be released in 2009! We have already analyzed the best upcoming games for PC systems, PlayStation 3 consoles and Wiis, so if you didn’t check them out already, now it’s a good time to do so. Otherwise, read on to find out our favorite upcoming Xbox 360 titles. Choosing just 10 games was (just as it happened with all the other platforms) pretty tough, but the list below should reflect the best of the best!"

"This year will be a great one for video game fans, since we’re having an impressive bunch of very promising titles announced and, to be honest, I found it really hard to choose just 10 games since other highly promising titles like Borderlands, MAG, The Agency or Batman had to be left out. (And no, I did not forget about FFXIII which can’t be included since it only comes in 2010). But enough talking! Let’s check out the 10 hottest games to be released in 2009 for PS3 systems."

"If you're married make sure your wife isn't in the same room with you, otherwise you could be sleeping on the couch for the next couple of weeks. If you have a girlfriend it would be best if she weren't with you while checking out these trailers, otherwise you might not getting any late night "snacks" for about a month. And if you're not old enough to close your bedroom door, you probably aren't old enough to be watching these trailers. But for the mature minded youth, you better not let your..."

"As both a character and a game, Bayonetta is all about skipping the foreplay and getting straight to the climax – so we’ll make this quick. She’s a warrior witch who just happens to look like a porno secretary, and whose skin-tight leather catsuit just happens to be made of human hair. Not just any old hair, either, but her own supernatural beehive. Any time she needs to punch above her weight – which, given the size and number of her enemies, is pretty much always – she’ll flick her mane it ..."

In the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, there was a couple pages devoted to the PS3/360 action game Bayonetta from Devil May Cry-creator Hideki Kamiya from PlatinumGames. Being brought to the market by Sega, the game is being billed as a "climax action" type of game by Kamiya, which should evoke "a sense of climax" continually from the game. The screenshots depict the titular witch taking on her angel enemies, both small and large alike.

Bayonetta is expected to release in 2009. It will ...

Platinum Games, comprised of veterans from Capcom and Clover Studios, just rolled out videos for Bayonetta, a Devil May Cry type shooter, and MadWorld before their TGS release.



Sega has released a new video of Bayonetta for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 via a DVD included in the latest Famitsu magazine. The new video shows a glimpse of gameplay and in-game footage.

Courtesy of blog Wii @ Everyday comes the scans from the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu for this week, with new game announcements and more images of those known upcoming games.

Games featured:

  • [WII] Klonoa ~door to phantomile~
    • Release Date: 12/4/2008, 4800 yen
    • Published and Developed by Namco Bandai
    • Remake of PSX version
    • Cel-shaded Graphics
    • Controlled by Wiimote on its side
  • [WII] Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga
    • 2009 Release
    • Published by Marvelous
    • Action RPG
    • Wi-Fi Multiplayer
  • [WII] Monster ...

Sega today has created their website for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2008, and has released their lineup for the show:

  • [PS3] Yakuza 3
  • [PS3/360] Bayonetta
  • [PS3/360/WII] Sonic World Adventure (Sonic Unleashed)
  • [WII] 428 ~The World Doesn't Change Even So~
  • [WII] Bleach: Versus Crusade
  • [WII] Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou
  • [NDS] Mysterious Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer DS2
  • [NDS] Phantasy Star Zero
  • [NDS] Infinite Space
  • [NDS] Shining Force Feather
  • [NDS] Culdcept DS
  • [NDS] Suzumiya Haruhi no Chokuretsu
  • [...

In a press release today, Sega has announced its lineup for the upcoming Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. Headlining the publisher's offerings are two of its more recognizable mascots: Sonic and Amigo, in the form of Sonic Unleashed [PS3/360/WII], Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood [NDS], and Samba De Amigo [WII].

With the Beijing Olympic Games currently ongoing, Sega has also decided to bring Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games [WII/NDS] and Beijing 2008 [PS3/360] to the show, ev...

Game designers haven't been too happy with the abundance of casual games in the industry lately. Kojima thinks hardcore gamers are being forgotten and Suda 51 was disappointed with the lack of interest that Wii-owners had towards his 'hardcore' games.

And now, three of Capcom's ex-developers are also sick of seeing so many uninteresting and casual games manage to get onto consoles (especially Nintendo consoles). Their studio - Platinum Games - wants to create a bunch of good-quality, matu...