"There are literally hundreds of video games that come out every year. In the second half of 2014 alone, we’re already looking at over 70 titles with confirmed release dates, and that number grows. Not all are worth your time and money, but even if you do get rid of the bad and mediocre ones, what’s left remains a formidable backlog."

With this week's announcement of Sony's PlayStation Now streaming service, Cinelinx takes a look at some of the classic PS2 games that need to show up as soon as possible.

Jordan from Cinelinx.com takes a look at the games from the 00s in order to determine which games have aged the best, and can still withstand the test of time.

"Ubisoft has today revealed a brand new title coming to retailers throughout Europe, exclusively for Xbox 360. Following the growing trend of repackaging digital titles as disc based products, Ubisoft is set to launch the Ubisoft Xbox LIVE Hits Collection later this month."

"PushStartSelect: "I find stories with a female lead fascinating most of the time because it’s a good twist on your stereotypical story revolving around a guy character. A lot of key dynamics change, and emotions are brought about for various reasons. This isn’t to say they are weaker or anything like that, but different and its cool. So here are five female lead games that I think should see a return in some shape or form soon!""

Daav from NoobFeed.com rounds up another batch of game ideas after a 'very productive period of film watching'. At least there's a justification for eating chips and sitting on your ass. Five more films get transitioned and compared with games like Zelda, L.A. Noire, Brink, Assassin's Creed and even Leisure Suit Larry.

"Beyond Good and Evil HD is a third person action adventure game that features stealth, photography, puzzle, and racing elements. The player assumes the role of journalist and martial artist Jade who is drawn into a resistance movement when her world is attacked by an alien species who may be in league with the so-called protectors of her planet. Jade is a well rounded heroine, who can fight, sneak, snap reconnaissance pictures with her camera, and solve a multitude of different puzzles. She’s..."

Bad news for console gamers! Its seems that the sequel to Beyond Good and Evil will NOT be making it's way to consoles. It was hinted that it may appear on the Project Cafe...

In this week's edition of The Catch-Up, Kyree gives an overview of his impressions of a recent playthrough of Beyond Good & Evil HD for XBLA, and pines for a sequel.

All Age Gaming's Tyler Chancey takes a look at a "HD" remake of an old original Xbox and Gamecube game brought to us by Ubisoft in Beyond Good & Evil HD. Does the remake improve on the original and make a worthy addition to the XBLA library? Read on to find out.

It was said that 10% of video game titles make up 90% of the industry's gross revenue. What about the other percentage of video games lacking a good name. Are they bad games? Have you ever played a game you loved that never once was advertised. Well check out this Top Ten List of Best Video Games that people never talk about.

Joystick Division runs down the ten best ensemble casts in the history of video games, from Psychonauts to Knights of the Old Republic. Did your favorite make the list?

""Originally released back in 2004 on the original Xbox console Beyond Good and Evil received a lot of critical applause, although for some reason it never got the deserved commercial success. Ubisoft think that good games don’t age badly and as such have decided to give Beyond Good and Evil a second bite at the cherry""

The HD remake of Beyond Good and Evil was released earlier this year and it was a shit. The game managed to maintain the unique charm that has a dedicated fan base clamoring for a sequel. Now it's coming to the PSN with some extra goodies for you gamers. Check out the full story for all of the details. Cheers!

"Beyond Good & Evil HD is a PSN title filled with so much value that it should tempt even the most provident gamers. I'm not going to lie and say that charging $10 for this title makes Microsoft generous in any particular way, but it is a rather surprising move. In 2010 XBLA games received a consistent increase in price, something that I would have thought might affect an HD port to a cult classic from last generation consoles (2003). While the original Beyond Good and Evil was available on th..."

Beyond Good and Evil HD is a trip back down memory lane. It was released years ago and has a cult following that is trying its hardest to get a sequel made. Read the full review to see just how well the sequel holds up after all these years. Cheers!

"Beyond Good & Evil HD is almost exactly what its title suggests—a high definition version of Michel Ancel’s critical darling and financial flop. If you’ve never played the original game, this is good news for you, as it’s still one of the best action/adventure games out there. As wonderful as it is to introduce this game to an entirely new audience, the method in which it’s done is a bit lazy."

With so many incredible titles on the horizon, this year is undeniably one of the best we've seen in a while in the gaming world. Check out my Frag Doll Cadette video featuring a fraction of some of my most anticipated upcoming titles, and let me know what games you are looking forward to as well!

"The first eight minutes of XBLA and PSN update, Beyond Good & Evil HD have appeared online. Here they are.

Wednesday, March 2 is the day you'll be able to purchase Beyond Good & Evil HD - and it'll cost you 800 Microsoft Points (£6.85) on Xbox Live Arcade."

Beyond Good & Evil HD will feature achievements and trophies, enhanced visuals and sound, and online leaderboards. Now that Ubisoft is granting this excellent cult classic a new life on XBLA and PSN, will it reach out to a wider audience?

"Last week’s Electronic Theatre Sunday Special was the run down of Top Ten Videogame Heroes; featuring the protagonist you loved like Sam Fisher, Sonic the Hedgehog and Link. So to prove that the games industry isn’t just a man’s game, this week we focus on the Top Ten Videogame Heroines. Ten of the females that got you hot under the collar, and not in the Dead or Alive Paradise way, but stayed on track with the heroic mission which faced them have been chosen for this week’s feature article."

Countless games tend to go unnoticed or unappreciated. Over the years, many of these titles garner a loyal following of gamers who enjoy them for what they are, and thus cult classics are born. This is part 1 of a 2-part series detailing the top 10 video games to achieve cult status. Stay tuned for part 2!

"It’s time to be hyped up, stay up all night (for us Aussies) and watch all the great announcements unfold before our eyes! It’s E3 time again!

There are always a few desired titles that were rumored to be announced, or simply just anticipated by the fans but sadly not announced. One (or more) years later we are brought to that same moment of suspense, with an increased desire that our dream game will be announced finally!

This is a list of 10 of those games (and I know there are MANY m..."

"With E3 2010 almost here gamers everywhere will be hoping to hear new titles announced, along with new details on already announced upcoming games.

But what of those games previously announced where we have seen very little, if any, real gameplay footage, have few details on final retail release dates, or even know if they are really still coming? E3 sees studios and publishers (sometimes even those not at E3) provide new details of their upcoming games.

Here is my Top 10 list of games..."

"You’re standing in a dank dungeon, looking for a door that doesn’t exist. The lights flicker, and you hear the raging scream of a distant enemy. Flump, flump – the steps are getting closer. Arming yourself with your favourite weapon, you peer around a corner in the low light and you see him: the Big Daddy. By this time in the game, you have crossed over a mysterious threshold – your brain has mapped itself into the undersea world of Rapture and all you care about is saving your own skin. An i..."

Games don't get better with age do they? They might not necessarily get better, however there's a few games that keep their luster and replay value even years after their release. We highlight some of those games in the past decade that'll make the transition to going back a lot easier.

"It may seem like a silly thing to consider, yet the portrayal of women in video games has changed significantly since their introduction. You needn’t be a grizzled ancient or sociological bigwig to appreciate the differences. In the earlier days, arcade button-mashers relied on simple stories to drive the action, typically pandering to a young male demographic. The imperative of Double Dragon centered on the heroic duo rescuing a damsel in distress. Mario was compelled to rescue Princess Peac..."

"Like comic books and movies, videogames tend to present an exaggerated representation of men and women. Dudes are typically muscle-bound meatheads with powerful jaw lines and a thorough understanding of all forms of combat, while women generally have back-breaking chests and dress like strippers regardless of their profession.

Lara Croft, for example, is a world-famous icon that carries an entire franchise. She’s smart, tough and more capable than the men she’s pitted against, yet still go..."

"Aside from the general polish and fun gameplay, what exactly makes Beyond Good and Evil so very worth playing? It’s difficult to define. Much of it is Jade herself. I’ve written about her before as one of the great characters in gaming history. She really is. She’s strong, attractive, and sharper than fifteen-year old cheddar. She’s the kind of female character that I assume most women had been looking to play as since the dawn of gaming."

PC gamers can rejoice -- digital distribution service Good Old Games has signed Ubisoft to its catalogue, announcing the deal today. What this means is you can get the likes of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Far Cry, Beyond Good & Evil, and lots more for $6 or $10, DRM-free, and XP/Vista compatible (Mac and Win7 too, to some extent).


"From the day when video games developed the graphic capabilities to simulate cleavage, women in games have been designed mostly from the blueprints of a horny 13-year-old boy's fantasy. If a female character wasn't in need of rescue - yes, we're talking about you, Donkey Kong - she seemed designed specifically to reinforce negative body images.

But there have been a handful of female video game characters that Brandi Chastain would be proud of, with more seeming to appear in recent years...."

"Hot shot detectives, warrior princesses, and damsels in distress: video games have featured all kinds of attractive women over the years. To celebrate the beauties that the games industry has created, we've compiled a list of the top 50 digital hotties to ever grace our television sets. These girls represent both the curvy and the understated. The wise and the ditsy. These ladies are born from imagination and built from pixels and 3D renderings to tease our eyes and imaginations. So what are ..."

From JeuxVideo Magazine comes word of an interview with Michel Ancel, the father of Rayman and creator of Beyond Good & Evil. In the interview, Ancel reveals that he and a team of about 10-12 people are working on the project. However, Ubisoft has not greenlit the project.

Beyond Good & Evil, released in 2003 to critical success, but was a commercial failure, with the game receiving less than satisfactory sales, being sent to die against games like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. T...