IGN are celebrating the recent announcement of the multiplayer details of Call of Duty: Ghosts, with a superb video which takes us back through a decade in which Call of Duty has been one of the most popular series, if not the most popular game series. Relive your favourite Call of Duty moments with this brilliant video.

"What’s The Bloody Point is my bi-weekly ranting article where I investigate various things in the gaming industry that really annoy me, today I’m having a rant about Multiplayer Console FPS games, mainly Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Arguably the most nerd-rage filled genre in all of gaming, the FPS genre has come leaps and bounds since the earlier titles such as Doom, but what can multiplayer really offer?"

The Light-Machine Gun class in Modern Warfare 3 is probably the least used in online multiplayer, even now after they were patched for improved performance. Here are a few reasons why they shouldn’t be overlooked so hastily and why they could be the guns for you.

"The latest earnings report says it's "an increase of approximately 33% from January 31, 2012." As of March 31, Activision has 40 million monthly active users across all Call of Duty products and platforms."

"The bundle will be available to purchase from May 25th 2012. Right out of the box, gamers will "have instant and free access to the action-packed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 online multiplayer experience through PlayStation Network"."

"If you take longer than 90 seconds to complete a wave, you will receive no bonus for your time. For every second below 90 seconds, you will receive an extra $2. For example, you will receive only $2 for 89 seconds, but you will receive $4 for 88 seconds and $174 for 3 seconds."

"PlayStation is partnering with Activision to pair the blockbuster and record-setting video game franchise Call of Duty along with the best console for core gamers, the PS3. Today we are announcing a Limited Edition PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 bundle which includes a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the hit title that set a new entertainment launch record upon its release in November, and a 320GB PlayStation 3 System, for only $299."

"Activision announced the first details for Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 2 today. Collection 2 will include 2 maps already released to premium ELITE members, Sanctuary and Foundation, plus a brand-new multiplayer / survival map called Oasis which takes place on the coast of the United Arab Emirates."

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 fans are in for a treat a brand new game mode will be added to the game at no cost to anyone. They are also giving out 2 free maps for the new face off mode free to all gamers.

In games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 knowing when to Sprint and when not to on levels that are small can get you killed a lot. This guide goes over some sprinting tips and how to avoid detection in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer

"With out assassin pro perk gamers will see and have a chance to read your gamer tag knowing you are alive and shot at you. Some players will wait for someone to come to them while prone by noticing them on radar or hearing them coming. Some players will wait for them while doing this trick."

"1. Check your receipt for your Token Code. Login to Xbox LIVE® Marketplace
2. Do not lose this code. You will not be able to download the exclusive content without it
3. Log into Xbox LIVE with your gamer profile (active Xbox LIVE account and internet connection required)
4. Access Xbox LIVE Marketplace through the Xbox 360® Dashboard
5. Click Redeem Code"

This article covers 1 weapon part of the over 35 featured in call of duty Modern Warfare 3 video game. We give you closer look at this weapon showing you its damage its fire rate its camo's what attachments work good and other tips.

Jay Rivera of the RealGamerNewz staff and crew has decided today to extend his personal giveaway to the lot of internet Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players all over the world. Sign up today for the Prestige Token Giveaway right here on RealGamerNewz.com

"As previously mentioned, there are two main strategies that people use during high waves. On large maps especially, lots of people will do the MW3 equivalent of a “zombie train” (causing all of the enemies to follow you and then taking them out)"

"The Trophy System excels in objective-based game modes such as Domination or Demolition, although mostly in Drop Zone due to excessive explosive weaponry and explosive based point streaks. The Trophy System can protect a player while attempting to do the objective. Most enemies bombard objectives with explosives and other projectiles to protect them, and the Trophy System will guard against this with great effect."

RealGamerNewz' own Tristan Werbe is set to host the very first RGN playdate on Xbox 360 playing Modern Warfare 3. Check out the dates and times in this post and mark your calendars if you want to get in and shoot some of our very own!

"Survival can be played with either one player or two. If you choose to play by yourself, you will lose if you get shot and you don’t have a self revive. in Co-op mode, both you and your partner can buy self revives. In addition, you can revive each other even if you don’t have the self revive."

"-Assault Rifles-

M4A1 unlocked by default.
M16A4 unlocked by default.
SCAR-L unlocked at level 5.
ACR 6.8 unlocked at level 14.
AK-47 unlocked at level 24.
FAD unlocked at level 32.
G36C unlocked at level 39.
CM901 unlocked at level 43.
MK14 unlocked at level 47.
Type 95 unlocked at level 50."

"Here are the first images of the Quadrotor in-game. It’s unclear what stage of development Black Ops 2 was in when the images were taken, but it seems it was in the early stages. It’s possible that the quadrotor was rendered in MW3′s engine for the special effects firm to model the real life version after it."

"This challenge can be a really challenging one for many gamers to complete. It requires you to call 2 attack helicopter in 1 match. That means you will need to reach 7 kills with out dieing two times or 6 with hardline. Most users will have a hard time completing this quickly on team deathmatch, so we suggest trying to get it on demolition or domination for many gamers. We suggest using hardline pro and trying to get some assist because every 2 assist counts as 1 kill for your streak."

"The host refers to the quadrotor as a prototype of technology that isn’t available yet. “But if you can’t wait another 15 years,” he said, “my friends are telling me that it might just be in the next Call of Duty game, which would be the shit.” Tags for the video include “call of duty future weapons” and “near future warfare.”"

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has challenges to complete to earn extra xp. Today there are 3 2 that are simple and one that is pretty hard. Blog 4 Modern Warfare 3 helps you complete them with some helpful tips/tricks.

"According to Bowling, Robotoki wants to focus on “creating a universe first, experiences second, and game mechanics last” so that it can produce “experiences that transcend platforms and genres and allow our players to connect to our world, their characters, and gameplay via any medium”. Which all sounds rather grand, doesn’t it?"

"A good trick to avoid this is to go on Free For All (FFA) and after someone is atleast 4 a head of the other players try to go after him or hide around where he is at and get the guns that will run at him again and again. Either way the key is to get someone to run at you again and again or you run after the same person again and again killing them 10 times in 1 match.The reward is 1000 xp and most gamers that go after challenges will not go after this one."

"The Remote Sentry is a 12-point Support Strike Chain which requires 12 kills on that class and you can die as many of times just need 12kills/points. It is similar to the Sentry Gun of previous games, but manually operated with a slower firing rate. This type of Sentry Gun is less noticeable in a few multiplayer levels because of its slightly smaller size"

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the current title in the franchise, is still scheduled to receive new downloadable content through September, with four new maps slated for release in the month of May. The new April maps Sanctuary and Foundation were released without the typical fanfare and Rob Riggle teaser trailers, leading to some speculation that MW3 may be winding down in the marketing cycle earlier than planned in favor of the upcoming title."

"It is a little easier to complete on solo because you do not have people from the front and back shooting you. While trying to get this achievement make sure you keep going as fast as you can and keep shooting anyone in front of you that you can. Once you get to the building take your time to beach it and once you have set the bomb run while looking out for anything that will blow up. Use your flash bangs when leaving top run past enemies."

Craig from NoobFeed takes another assault wave in the Modern Warfare 3 universe. He shares his opinion about Modern Warfare 3 killstreaks and other noob stuff.

"Following the recent launch of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Collection 1 downloadable content (DLC) pack on PlayStation 3, Activision has revealed a brand new trailer for the new expansion. Available now via PlayStation Network, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Collection 1 is an essential purchase for fans of Call of Duty’s online competitive modes."

"Don’t waste time shooting for that 17 pointstreak in the Assault Strike Package if you’re only hoping to get there by way of luck. You’re much better off sticking to rewards you know you can achieve. Also, try the Support Strike Package if you’re new to the game, are maybe just having a rough day, or trying to help out your teammates. The support package is not just for people that can not get high killstreaks it is for gamers that want to help teammates while earning a lot of XP in doing it."

"I’ve been playing first-person-shooters for a hell of a long time. So long in fact, that I still call them ‘corridor shooters’, which manages to make me sound like I’m bearded, balding and middle-aged (which I’m thankfully not, at least not yet). As a long standing junkie for the genre, I’ve been there from the early days when Doom and Quake redefined the world of digitised violence, to the mind-screwing genius of Rare’s Goldeneye 64. I’ve fought with Nazi’s in Medal of Honor, snuck and slash..."

"It’s to the point where we look forward to every PC patch or update because they always seem to spill the beans early when it comes to DLC. Thanks to a PC user’s tip, the names of the next Spec Ops missions along with their achievements have been revealed. Not much else is known at this point. The only thing that could be gathered is that it appears “Iron Clad” will be a mission taking place on a tank. Nothing is known about the Kill Switch mission yet."

"Get ready PS3 players, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 Content Collection #1 hits the Playstation® Network on April 19! The biggest DLC offering in franchise history, Content Collection #1 includes four Multiplayer/Survival Mode Maps and two Special Ops missions."

Here are this week's best deals on Xbox 360 stuff from around the internet including good discounts on Modern Warfare 3, Mass Effect 3, and a buy 2 for $30 promotion.

"Today marks the first day that PS3 gamers are able to buy the Modern Warfare 3 content collection map pack. It will cost you $15 bucks and includes 6 brand new maps featuring 2 new spec ops missions."

"This is a pretty straight forward challenge, simple win 5 matches of team deathmatch on core or hardcore modes. So if you are a core team death match player go for completing this on core if you prefer hardcore then play TDM hardcore to complete this task. Play with friends and online buddies to try to win the games easier."

"This means you and two of your teammates can earn spy planes then call them out at the same time earning a team advanced UAV which not only shows them on radar but shows them as a arrow like your teammates which gives you a lot more info then just a spy plane."

"This challenge does require you earn at you have the Trophy System (deflects enemy explosives/missiles) which you earn at level 45 so if you do not have this you can not complete it. The trophy system protects you from 2 projectiles . This includes a predator missile,assault drone missile, AC-130 missiles and reaper missiles."

Great news for the call of duty elite 1.5paid members. They are working on a brand new app for the tablets. the best part is it will be 100% custom made for tablets to allow them to do a lot of things the mobile phones can not do.

"Those missions, for anybody that hasn’t been following closely with the never-ending series of Modern Warfare 3 DLC announcements, are Black Ice and Negotiator. Negotiator puts the player in the midst of a high stakes hostage negotiation (as the name implies) where they must find and secure a set of VIPs. Black Ice, on the other hand, sees the return of the snowmobile as the team tries to shut down a mine."

"Journey into the heart of South Korea for a decommissioned concrete factory where the cement flows and bullets fly. After decades of constructing roads and buildings, the towering facility is now a perfectly-constructed combat zone for sniping and run-and-gun rules of engagement. Don’t stand in awe of the towering concrete crusher at the center of the factory unless you want to see your kill ratio meet the same fate."

"Vince Zampella and Jason West, co-founders of Infinity Ward and the creative minds behind the Modern Warfare franchise, were either fired from Activision, or they quit. It depends on who you ask. The actions were apparently the result of serious contractual problems, with Activision claiming the devs were up to no good with other studios, while the devs claim Activision was holding back enormous royalty payments to them and the rest of the IW crew."

"How you move around the map matters a lot in fact many pro gamers would say how you move around the map matters more then things like your choice of gun, perks and attachments. How you move around the map will be one of the main determiners of who will win and how the battle will play out. Picking a gun that works good for you does matter a lot, but how you navigation the map matters a ton too."

"Microsoft Studios has revealed a new promotion in which gamers can purchase the hugely popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for less than half its normal recommended retail price (RRP) for a limited time only. This promotion is only available on the Xbox 360 version of the videogame, and only at Amazon."

"This method works on both Modern Warfare 3 and Modern Warfare 2. It will save your life time and time again and help reduce the amount of over all kills the AC-130 gets. If you and a teammate die within the same few moments if you both spawn at the same time you will be a easy target for the AC-130"

"The mysterious donor that gave $7500 to the Project Takedown kickstarter has been revealed. Oddly enough it’s none other than former Creative Strategist of Call of Duty and former lead at Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling (aka fourzertwo) that donated to the tactical shooter project."

Waiting to get something you want is never easy but there are a slew of benefits to waiting to buy video games. Here are five reasons it pays to have patience when it comes to gaming.

"Speaking via multiple tweets, the former Modern Warfare creative strategist said he wanted to create something new, with a vision he believes can be implemented during the prime time of game development:

"Back to back pitch meetings for the last 9 hours. Thanks to everyone who met up today, you've made me fall back in love with game design."

"So what does Bowling’s departure mean for Call of Duty? In short, probably not all that much. Call of Duty has shown that almost nothing needs to change from installment to installment in order for the now annual release to sell like crazy. That’s not necessarily a criticism, as the game has great mechanics and many find it undeniably fun and addicting to play."

"Apparently, according to a developer on the official Call of Duty forums, lobbies which were modded to decrease players’ ranks were initially made to be public before developers caught on. “A modding group created a viral mod, which we prevented from spreading within twelve hours yesterday,” according to an IW developer. He added, “sadly, in ‘protest’ at our ability to disable this they are now inviting player’s to private matches where they reset their stats.”"

"Two of the biggest gaming websites are going to war! There will be many deaths and you can take part in it! To celebrate the release of the Collection 1 DLC pack, VG247 is going to war vs Eurogamer later tonight at 7:30pm on Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360. The staff at both websites are taking it to the game. To prove who is better to prove who has the call of duty modern warfare 3 skills and just for bragging rights."

"So my mentality on it is if you are going to do throw back maps, if you are going to do classic maps, keep it outside of the DLC model. Like for DLC, if you are paying for stuff and it’s included in your subscription, it should all be new content. ‘Give me something new I’ve never seen before’ and that’s not something we’ve done in the past before we’ve included in traditional map packs."

"WARNING they’re completely shocking.


@fourzerotwo Today I go out buy a sniper rifle kill you and your family sell you’re body to a convicted rapist that is also a necropheliac!

Read more: http://www.blog4modernwarfare3.com/2012/03/26/hateful-reactions-robert-bowlings-resignation/#ixzz1qK1Sh6Do"

There is now ways you can get infected in modern warfare 3 by hackers by being in a hacked game which can completely reset your stats. There is a few things everyone must know about it to prevent it. Simple tips on how to prevent deranking to happen to you on xbox 360.

"It was bound to happen eventually. Despite Infinity Ward doing everything they could to keep hackers out of Modern Warfare 3 (even going so far as to fly out some of the hackers themselves to consult on how to stop them), the game has now been hacked."

"Call of Duty is a series which for the past few years has been increasingly slated for countless reasons and had seen more and more people move away from the series. The biggest slate is perhaps the lack of any real progression in the series and the very few changes made to the formulae being thrown back into the face of IW by the community. The newest iteration being Modern Warfare 3 had been the source of a huge uprising against the already troubled Infinity Ward being renamed the rather mo..."

Well it is now official, a downloadable content dlc will be coming to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 this month. The new dlc map pack will contain more then just the maps there will be new spec ops missions based on the maps along with new game modes for MP mode. There will be a total of 4 maps each release not 5.

"One of the most common mistakes I see in Modern Warfare 3 is bad placement of claymores and other equipment. Hopefully this guide will help you to be more efficient and effective when placing deployable items on the battlefield. This first part covers one of the more efficient ways of placing claymores. Other articles will cover other pieces of equipment as well."

"The Modern Warfare series is a prime example of how the first game is always the best one. Modern Warfare was superior to Modern Warfare 2 and it out shines Modern Warfare 3 by a long way and leaves it sat in a puddle of it’s own urine. Now if you love MW3 more than oxygen I would suggest you stop reading this about now. This isn’t aimed at the perfectly fine Spec Ops mode or the Multiplayer (Although there’s little difference between MW2 and MW3 in that respect.) No this is aimed at the tra..."

"read the story for over all top downloaded games.
Xbox 360:
Posted Image
Gears of War 3 - 890,000 downloads
Microsoft might like Gears Of War 3 beating Modern Warfare 3 but maybe not for this.
Modern Warfare 3 - 830,000 downloads
Battlefield 3 - 760,000 downloads
Forza Motorsport 4 - 720,000 downloads
Kinect Sports: Season Two - 690,000 downloads"

The Call of Duty video game series has changed the way people think about the entertainment business. Avatar made $232 million globally in its first five days of release. Call Of Duty: Black Ops made $650 million. An infographic on GNVR gives us an visual look full of details showing us just how big the Call of Duty video game franchise really is.

"“Engagement of our Call of Duty audience continues to rise around the world” said Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard. “Call of Duty as an entertainment franchise has made an indelible mark on popular culture and its broad and continued success is further validation that audiences increasingly value interactive experiences over passive experiences.”"

NoobFeed.com watches the VGA too, but was rather surprised at one particular entry. Therefore, Daav has come up with his own batch of selected trailers of other deserving participants. Some trailers are rightfully familiar, but there are also a few surprises which shouldn't go unnoticed. And hey; it's yet another way to watch clips instead of studying for exams.

Call of Duty may be the biggest blockbuster franchise out there when it comes to first-person shooters but Modern Warfare 3 really isn't all it's cracked up to be.

"The reason COD Elite has become the fastest growing subscription based service is because of the high quality service provided by COD Elite. The rate that COD elite sign ups have been coming in is going above the call becoming number 1 fastest growing subscription service ever beating out Netflix, Hulu Plus, Sirius XM, and Xbox Live – which took approximately one year to reach the same numbers."

Everyone has a gamer to consider when buying gifts for the holiday season. Running short on ideas? Here are some safe bets that most gamers would appreciate!

Paul Writes: "In this the latest addition to the Modern Warfare series I feel we have received nothing worth even talking about. The Call Of Duty Series really needs to be revamped or just be put to down for the final count and just fade away.

In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 there is a deadly tool you can use that when you hit your target its a dead on bulls eye hit that kills the player. Well This guide shows tips and tricks on how to get a Throwing Knife from a long distant away. There is a video for each and every map.

"There are places that truly give a crap about games and will do everything in their power to give each game what it deserves. Others will treat the GOTY voting as nothing more than a popularity contest where the game that sold the most is the winner."

Even before the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 the battle with Battlefield 3 has been heating up cyber space. Raptr, a gaming network, has released data that points the the clear winner.

The Call Of Duty video game series introduced teddy bears in Call of Duty: Finest Hour revealed on 2004. Teddy bears get there name from the then US president teddy roosevelt who use to send stuffed bears to us troops over seas. They have been used in World At War, Black Ops and modern warfare 2. Now featured in COD MW3.

Activision has been releasing a Call of Duty game for 8 straight years now. Is this the way that gaming will be in the future? Triple A titles coming out at alarmingly fast rates?

Call of Duty's Elite subscription service passed the 1 million subscriber mark faster than Netflix, Hulu Plus, Xbox Live, and more. Also, Activision is giving out free time for all the troubles that its Elite Founder users have been experiencing in the early days. More details in the full story.

Paul writes; In this third addition to the Modern Warfare series the story continues without too many new and exciting changes. With the exception of the reworked story-line the game-play has remained virtually unchanged.

"Big-budget gaming has backed itself into a corner. It’s your fault. It’s my fault. It’s the fault of developers, publishers and reviewers. Even technology has played a part. Allow me to explain: we live in privileged times where we can get games tailored to nearly every taste and whim, but we’ve reached an impasse. The problem is the number of games that have quite literally outdone themselves."

The newest Call Of Duty video game has been out for less then 2 full weeks and already has a lot of gamers trying to cheat boost and do unfair glitches. This has lead the makers of the game to ban a bunch of the cheaters and boosters. the most common form of cheating is boosting and they have ways of tracking down boosters.

"In their most recent financial statement, Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 failed to earn even a single Billion dollars in sales after its first five days on the market. The press release regarding opening week sales verifies that Modern Warfare 3 only made $775,000,000.00 during the week after it launched"

Xbox 360 online gamer may have noticed that within the last update for call of duty modern warfare 3 a lot of clan tags with buttons from the remote control have appeared. This is because of a small hole that allows gamers to put things like the a button b and so on is put into there clan tag looking like it does on your game remote control this new glitch is for clan tags only.

Once again the gaming gods have granted Activision (what must feel like ) immortality. If you think CoD:Black Ops five day sales record ($650 million) wasn't big enough, you should see how much MW3 made.

In this episode, the guys talk about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Super Mario 3D Land, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Sonic Generations, Lord of the Rings: War in the North, GoldenEye 007: Reloaded, Cave Story 3D, Toy Story 3: The Game, Family Feud & Friends, Quarrel Deluxe, Lego Harry Potter (both), and more!

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is one of the biggest video game releases in recent memory. The Modern Warfare series has been at the forefront of gaming since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came out in 2007 and broke the tide of World War II shooters that had become prevalent in gaming. The modern setting and solid gameplay of the Call of Duty franchise led the series to become a huge hit with the sequel (Modern Warfare 2) garnering even more praise from fans and critics alike. The third entr..."

The biggest game launch ever is now over and we are left with the after math which in this case is not good. There is a fair amount of reports that have been coming out from game stores such as gamestop walmart and bestbuy that gamers are having a disc error on xbox 360 systems and are unable to play the game. This happens to the brand new un-strached game.

"Aesop’s famous fable about the tortoise and the hare is all about how the slow plodding tortoise eventually beats the arrogant speedy hare.

That’s the old version.

My version is that the hare beats the tortoise every time. It’s simple: in gaming you want to look good, sound good, and make sure the player is going to have fun.

Slow plodding frustrating and repetitive gameplay isn’t fun.

What Modern Warfare 3 does that gets it all that high praise is that it immerses the gamer i..."

There is 33 prime guns in call of duty modern warfare 3 each has its own fire rate, range, damage and many more features that make each and every weapon one of a kind. This damage chart shows which guns show the fastest which have the most damage which has the fastest fire rate among other settings. this info helps you pick some good gun

"PSS: "What happens when you take the same engine of the most popular game in the world, change a few background aspects, and restrict everything another developer of the same game has made? Well Modern Warfare 3 is finally here and our feelings on it are a bit mixed. The single player is decent but lacks anything spectacular like Modern Warfare 2, and the online multiplayer feels it could possibly be decent but is plagued with more issues than Black Ops launch and Battlefield 3’s beta combine..."

"Plain and simple violence is a great theatrical tool. It has been used effectively in film for many years. It can be used to sway your audiences affections towards a character or situation. Staying in the realm of military action, look at Saving Private Ryan. The Stephen Spielberg war epic begins with one of the most gut wrenching, violent scenes in cinematic history with the storming of Normandy."

Default Prime reviewer Alex Carlson takes on the industry juggernaut that is the newest iteration of the Call of Duty franchise. It does feel a bit more familiar that many would’ve preferred, but with such massive setpieces and addictive multiplayer, it’s tough to argue with its strengths.

"watch the gameplay video to see it happen. read the post for full details.

The MOAB is Modern Warfare 3′s version of MW2′s Tactical Nuke, except it will not end the game when used. When triggered it kills all enemy players on the map and results in an EMP effect that cripples enemy equipment, electronics and pointstreaks for one minute. Additionally, it opens double XP throughout that match for the whole team that employed it."

We have all seen the TV ads for call of duty modern warfare 3 and the tv news talking about the video game. But one thing most people will not know have seen is modern warfare 3 seen from the view of a mid east tv network. A well worth watch that has some cod mw3 facts and a closer look at the game release.

There comes a time when blending the truth or exaggerating about a game occurs in the retail segment in order to help that game to move units well. However, these errors are not always created on purpose. Take a look at this image and decide for yourself what's going on here!

The newest Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is the biggest call of duty video game ever and they have done this by leaving features that gamers could use to cheat/boost. The makers of the game have said that they will go after any and all cheaters boosters modders and hackers and now are doing that with out taking away features from gamers.

"so in all games there are little things that are not 100% and little tricks to get them 100%. In this case we are talking about is on the spec ops missions or survival mode. In the Spec ops mode there is a option to play split screen on one TV set allowing 2 players to play co-op the spec ops missions or survival mode while being in the same room."

With a season full of big-time releases through September and October, one week in November played host to two of the biggest gaming stories of the year.

Some hardcore call of duty modern warfare 3 fans buy the jeep buy the custom xbox 360 cod mw version and then you have some really crazy fans that take it to a level they never wanted it to go to. This fan was so upset about not being able to get a copy of modern warfare 3 that he made a threat to blow up the place, oh ya and to kill all the workers.

There has been tons of content made for call of duty modern warfare 3 by the video game makers and its marketing team. But some of the best image and art comes from the fan made modern warfare 3 call of duty content such as the art. the art is top of the line and high quality.

RealGamerNewz takes a look at gaming franchises across the history of the industry and asks the questions gamers want to know. Outlasting the formula to answering these questions, we dedicate some time in the first of a series of What Ifs? Why Nots? and so forth.

"Whatever side of the fence you fall, or decide to believe in the papers, the COD series has done one thing well, and that's craft a series of set-piece driven campaigns and sweeping multiplayer content into something enjoyed by many - if nothing else, no one can deny the astronomic sales figures that once had the series dubbed the "800 pound gorilla". Its FPS tweaked for the energy drink generation - fast, loud, over the top and slightly neurotic. And for many, that means good."

Despite the low Metacritic User Score and negative comments in the forums, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has actually posted some impressive sales numbers this week.

Black Friday is fast approaching but there are many awesome video game deals available now. Here are some of the best deals on Xbox 360 stuff from around the internet.

An online retailer is currently offering big discounts for the standard and limited edition official strategy guides of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is one of the biggest launches of entertainment history (hmm, that sounds familiar). Check out the RealGamerNewz Video Podcast with commentary on the game as our initial impressions are formed from launch week.

""Our undercover operatives within Activision have found indications that yet another Call of Duty game might be released in [REDACTED], and as inconceivable as it is, there may even be one more Call of Duty by [REDACTED]. Furthermore, it has been determined that there is at least a 50% chance that one of these games will be a Modern Warfare sequel.""

Ah, Call of Duty. The only franchise that can invoke rage in people around the same time every year. It's like a holiday, really. Why is that? Is the Call of Duty franchise really as bad as people make it sound?

"Sure, now and again people who play games go crazy and kill people. In such situations there are few people out there denouncing caesar salad, because that’s what the murderer had for dinner just before he went out to wreak havoc. Why? Because that would be ridiculous, of course."

An online retailer is currently offering a substantial post-launch discount for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

"JI writes: "During the release day Hitman of RealGamerNewz tests out the riot class shotgun in the new game mode “Kill Confirmed”. In Kill Confirmed you will play like a regular deathmatch but with a slight twist. Only the kills you manage to retrieve dog tags for count! Anytime you die you leave tags on the ground as well. Your team mates can save you by grabbing them before the enemy, or you can all die in a pile and provide a huge dog tag reward for killing sprees.""

Having trouble finding all the Intel collectibles in Modern Warfare 3? Well, check out this video and you'll be able to track down all of them throughout the campaign without any trouble.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has released their rating summary for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, detailing the game’s drug reference, intense violence and other content.

Brady Games have revealed a preview image of the multiplayer map stand that is being included in the Hardened Edition of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Official Strategy Guide.

After watching all the trailers and slurping up all the news for a year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is now available. Beachhead Studio also launches the Call of Duty Elite web site to assist players to connect with friends and plan matches.

Many gamers have been waiting for the release of the newest call of duty video game modern warfare 3 while many waited it looks like some where able to buy it a few days early. online game stats show how many gamers where online before the game was released.

Call Of Duty is a huge name and Modern Warfare 3 is already the number 1 game for 2011 even before it was out. With such a huge name they often brand high quality products with there name on it to help it sell while they get a cut of the profit. A few products you chances are heard of and hopefully some you never heard of.

"2. Fully charged cell phone

Phones now a days do it all so leaving it behind is not a good idea. bring it with you will allow you to go online go to facebook twitter or play some of your favorite mobile games. Most people forget to fully charge there phone. the more you use it the faster it dies and if you will be using it for hour or two noy fully changed might kill it. A good idea would be to get some sleep before 12 while doing so charge your phone then head to the bestbuy gamestop or w..."

"1 of 5 reasons brand new game modes,
List of new game modes to MW3:
Kill Confirmed – kill the player then collect there dog tags to confirm the kill and get the point
Infection – The infected kills enemies to recruit them for the infected team.
Team Juggernaut – With the support of a juggernaut, kill players on the opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit wins.

more game modes on the list"

"PushStartSelect: "So we have Battlefield 3 finally out and about, and one of the many features it brought along was Battlelog. Battlelog is the community based extra feature to Battlefield 3 which allows you to track your stats among many other things entirely for free. However these things are common, a lot of video games offer similar services all the time that never get anyone to notice, but Elite has changed the game. Call of Duty Elite adds even more features, but also comes with a hefty..."

"Modern Warfare 3 will be released tomorrow across the world but controversy has already sprung up thanks to some leaked footage online. Sledgehammer Games’ creative director Bret Robbins has defended the game’s controversial aspects, stating that everything is there for a reason. Check out the news below."

"You shouldn’t have to choose between games like Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim. Bethesda’s decision to release their latest open-worlder within days of Activision’s new Call of Duty is, basically, a crime against humanity. Hard cheese.

So which is it going to be? The Nordic champion or the mohawked sharp-shooter? Matt and Ed entertain different views on the subject. Get Matt’s below, and skip over here for Ed’s."

"behind-the-scenes video for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 which demonstrates exciting Facebook and ELITE integration. There are some pretty interesting features so it’s worth checking out. MW3 releases next week on November 8th. thanks for checking out info on mw3 facebook cod elite integration make sure and check out other info on the website."

"Friends are great thin--um, people to have. You can play games together, talk about funny gaming experiences and when you don’t have a game that your friend does, you can invade their house and put pressure on them by watching them play. Its a win-win!"

It's almost not fair how many big-time releases there are this month. Modern Warfare 3, Assassin's Creed Revelations, Super Mario 3D Land, Skyrim, Skyward Sword... Which are you getting?

This Call Of Duty Infographic shows in basic terms the history of press releases and news on modern warfare 3. Not a total history of the call of duty games but a good brake down of the modern warfare 3 video game.

"Reach Level 80 in Multiplayer mode to unlock Prestige mode and the Prestige Shop. Each time you Prestige, you will get one Prestige token. You can use the token in the Prestige Shop to unlock one of the following bonuses or save it for use later. There are a total of ten Prestige ranks. Once you reach the tenth Prestige, you will have the ability to reset all your stats and progress and start over again. You will also unlock exclusive titles and emblems when you reach certain Prestiges, which..."

"As November 8th inches closer and closer, Activision is pulling out all of the stops to promote its latest title; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The latest in a slew of videos is a behind-the-scenes video that details some of Modern Warfare 3’s social networking functionality and spotlights the brand new Call of Duty Elite service. Check out the video below."

Daav from NoobFeed.com longs for his new virtual girlfriend Catherine, but can't reach her, because her passport hasn't cleared for Europe yet. This will not stand, so Daav asked Deep Silver what the hold up is. It seems she's still beautifying herself in the bathroom. Women, right?

"Exactly one week from now gamers around the world will have their copies of Modern Warfare 3 and will no doubt be populating the multiplayer servers. Modern Warfare 3 will include a ton of new modes and options for players to experience multiplayer action online with friends and a new developer diary has been released to explain some of those new modes. Check out the developer diary below."

"The History of Call Of Duty game series has been long hard and not with out blood shed. Call of Duty is a first-person and third-person shooter video game series franchise, created by Ben Chichoski. The series began on the PC, and later expanded to consoles and handhelds. Several spin-off games have also been released. The earlier games in the series are set primarily in World War II; starting with Modern Warfare, set in modern times, the series has shifted focus away from World War II. Moder..."

"Best Buy is rolling out video game sales in the form of daily deals all week long. Choose from a variety of video games and gaming accessories this week, and don’t forget to check out the free gift card promotion or the bonus trade-in credit for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The daily video game deals could save you anywhere from $5 to $50, but only while they still last at Best Buy."

Online retailer, Amazon, has upgraded their pre-order deal with a small discount and a new incentive for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

"Everyone knows that Modern Warfare 3 has some of the most dedicated fans out there in the gaming world, and today those fans may be chomping at the bit with only a few more days to go until they get to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. With all this anxiety building up there has been a rumored leak of the multiplayer maps on MW3 from an unconfirmed source. Even though these are not confirmed maps yet they do appear that they could actually be legit."

"Between Activision pumping out a new Call of Duty every year, and Electronic Arts dropping a new Battlefield game annually too, I just can’t keep up. I still haven’t answered the last couple of calls (Of Duty), and I haven’t played a Battlefield game since 1943 (The game, not the year). After finally playing my unopened copy of Bad Company 2, the game reminded me why I love this series, even if I don’t spend as much time as I’d like with the franchise."

"Fans of the Call of Duty franchise only have a few more weeks until they can get their hands on the third entry into the highly-popular Modern Warfare series. In the meantime, players can use any of the Call of Duty games released since the original Modern Warfare to earn a prestige token for use in Modern Warfare 3. Check out the details below."

really cool wallpaper featuring some of the past and future from call of duty modern warfare 3. enjoy and save as your background wallpaper if you like it no watermarks!

In this new video, Infinity Ward details the progression of weapons and equipment in Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer mode. Check out the full video and more details in the full article.

The brand new call of duty Modern Warfare 3 is coming out in less then 2 weeks and now all the perks info have been released. ow we know not only all the perk names but what they do as pro and non pro. There is a few brand new perks and a lot of changes to the perks to make them more fair and balanced.

GAMINGtruth delivers news on the new limited edition MW3 gaming eyewear from Gunnar Optiks, leading manufacturers of gaming accessories. These fashionable and stylish glasses are not only aesthetically pleasing but also give gamers a leg-up against their competition as they are specifically designed to protect the eyesight of gamers, allowing them to reduce the strain and stress of long-term LCD screen exposure.

With a huge game there is tons of people trying to profit off there every move. So it should not be a shocker that there has been a call of duty modern warfare 3 app released for adroid. the app spit out "tips" but none of them where tips but sponsored spam. Android has removed the app due to it not meeting there terms of service and doing more harm them good.

There has been a lot of back and forth from the makers of the top 2 first person shooters. Now a game stats tracking website is hosting a contest that is called "war of the words" where gamers are asked to talk smack on one of the games to enter the contest. Both games are going to be great and we do not need gaming news websites to divide the gaming world.

Now you can win prizes just for playing Battlefield 3! It’s simple: The more hours you rack up, the more chances you have to win a bevy of prizes, including $1000 worth of games.

"EB Expo 2011 may be gone and part of history, but we at OXCGN have still got a few morsels to contribute about the event.

Unlike more professional events such as E3 and Gamescom, EB Expo was quite laid back and encouraged cosplay.
Characters from Halo to Ghostbusters were on the scene, and OXCGN tried to capture as many as possible.

If anything, marvel at the sheer amount of effort these people went through to get these costumes usable!"

The people at Call Of Duty are not shy about selling there brand out for a high quality product. They have once again stepped it up with the latest call of duty modern warfare 3 gear, a brand new 2012 Jeep Wrangler , a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 2012 Jeep Wrangler to be correct. This new jeep is pimped out to have a stronger look and feel along side the modern warfare 3 brand.

"Battlefield, Halo, Killzone and Resistance are all class acts, but sales and quality indicate that the undisputed king of first person shooter franchises is undoubtedly Activision's Call of Duty. Yes, it is almost at that heavy release season when the big hitters of the years game crop start to roll around, and yes there is a small title named Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that happens to fit snugly into that category. Because Console Domination is awesome (and so is Activision and Call of D..."

"This is the date where the month of November, or the 15th, may cease to exist. If you don’t like a certain video game genre, Nov 15th is sure to have something that’ll interest you. Apparently the 15th is the ‘can’t go wrong’ date."

When The newest Call Of Duty first person shooter is released in just days there will also be a flood of COD MW3 gear. Including and not limited to the brad new head phones for call of duty modern warfare 3 built by the one and only Turtle Beach. 4 new headsets Ear Force DELTA (EFD), Ear Force BRAVO (EFB), Ear Force CHARLIE (EFC), Ear Force FOXTROT (EFF).

Several new pack shots have been revealed for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Wireless Controller, which was made by PDP, for the Playstation 3.

The brand new online stats tracking system for the call of duty video games is coming out just when modern warfare 3 hits. This means when you play call of duty modern warfare 3 you will also be taking part in the brand new online system for all your stats reply's and friends.

Infinity Ward release today the official trailer for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. The single player campaign will take you through 15 missions around the globe, while in the multiplayer players will compete in 20 different maps.

"New Game Modes for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare:

Infection – The infected kills enemies to recruit them for the infected team.
Drop Zone – Hold the Drop Zone for Team Points and Care Packages.
Team Juggernaut – With the support of a juggernaut, kill players on the opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit wins.
Juggernaut – Kill the Juggernaut to become the new Juggernaut
SEE Th full list for more"

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is less than three weeks away. This new video breaks down the new "Strike Packages" featured in the game's multiplayer mode - you'll want to check this out if you plan on jumping online when the game launches in early November.

Year after year some publishers produce the same games. Sometimes if gamers are lucky they seen a new IP. Sometimes the new IPs sell well for example Bulletstorm, Dead Island, and LA Noire. But other games like Majin and Blur don't sell well at all. Is it because the gaming industry only wants the new Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Madden?

Two of the hottest games of the year, Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, are going head-to-head! Help the Raptr Community decide and you could win a one-of-a-kind, customized gaming rig!

An online retailer is offering a big 20% discount for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the upcoming first-person shooter from Activision, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

"PushStartSelect: "FPS titles have become the hottest selling item over recent years. The craze started back when ID made Doom, a game that would make you turn and bob your head because things were literally flying right at you. Of course the horror aspect made it all the more awesome, but the genre has changed and expanded into all sorts of formulas. We still have the horror titles like Fear, Doom, and even Quake, but the genre is now lead by the blockbusters of Call of Duty or Battlefield. A..."

Infinity Ward's Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, talks about the impact perk, pointstreaks, explosives, and cheaters/hackers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

"The Call of Duty franchise has become an absolute mammoth in the landscape of gaming. Call of Duty multiplayer is now a staple in the industry and all of the big first-person shooter titles are looking to match its level of success and popularity. Modern Warfare 3, the third installment in the Modern Warfare series, is the eighth part of the overall Call of Duty franchise. Since the game is coming out in just over a month, let’s take a look at what we can expect from the highly-anticipated ti..."

Square Enix, the Japanese publisher for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, has revealed several new screens showcasing the Killstreaks and other features in the upcoming first-person shooter.

"Have you ever been playing a game online and just wanted to reach through the screen and choke your opponent until their larynx broke and they would never be able to call you a noob ever again? Well, a 46 year old man in Plymouth, Devon (UK) did just that. Mark Bradford has been arrested for strangling a 13 year old boy after the boy taunted him during a session of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The details get even more interesting after the jump."

Pete Blumel, a video game producer at Infinity Ward studios, has just announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has just gone gold on the Xbox 360. Expect other platforms to follow shortly.

Amidst the battle between publishing giants Activision and Electronic Arts, developers Infinity Ward and DICE are being painted in a bad light and fans are beginning to notice.

"When a big game is slated to come out there will no doubt be a lot of different advertising avenues that the publisher will use. We have seen a lot of different cross-promotions in the past but Modern Warfare 3’s latest advertising tie-in is a little bit different than anything we have seen before. Activision has teamed up with Pepsico to give gamers a chance to get extra XP in Modern Warfare 3 by buying Mountain Dew and Doritos. Check out the details below."

Micheal Pachter weighs in on the state of single-player vs multiplayer games and the future of online passes. He also of speaks of the Call of Duty community and how many players actually play the single-player campaign.

Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling, shares his ideas on cross-platform gaming. Though there may be none in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, he admits that it could be a possibility for future titles.

"Multiplayer in games today is huge. Ten years ago, we were lugging our Xboxes over to our friend’s house while PC gamers have always enjoyed the power of online frag fests."

"Both Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 are shaping up to be stellar games, and are both releasing later this year (with Battlefield 3 releasing October 25th and Modern Warfare 3 on November 11th)."

"If you fancy yourself a thrifty gamer, then you’ll want to take a look at this list of top ten video games for sale for under $10. Whether you play games on the PC, Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3, you’ll find something for you in the list of discount games. Some of these video game deals will only be around for one day, so hurry up and save yourself some money."

Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling, had revealed boat loads of information on Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, including info on prestige ranks, weapon recoil, and dedicated servers.

Robert Bowlin, creative strategist at Infinity Ward, reveals some more details of Modern Warfare 3's Spec Ops Survival mode, including some tips on how to reach those higher rounds.

"In the eyes of hard core gamers, a portable system is just a waste of money and time. However, in my years of being a fan of portable gaming, I have brought it upon myself to ask other gamers why they have no interest in any portable systems. Their answers always seem to surprise me, as some of them even contradict their own previous statements. The following are the top five stupidest excuses ranging from somewhat reasonable to just idiotic."

The fall of 2011 is here, for gamers its going to be tough on their wallets to decide what they need now and what can wait. Goozernation's got a list of the must have day one purchases for multiplayer fans, Battlefield 3, MW3, Gears of War 3, or Uncharted 3? Gamers who enjoy deep single player games there is Batman Arkham City, Dark Souls, Skyrim, Deus Ex Human Revolution, and so many other great games.

Treyarch has recently released patch 1.13 for Call of Duty: Black Ops. MP1st goes through some of the patch notes. Seems to be mostly security updates.

Robert Bowling states that there is no profit margin for Activision for releasing Modern Warfare 3 themed XBOX 380's. Hardened editions are simply for "fan service".

"Bowling confirms the return of splitscreen multiplayer. So that is great news for all of you gamers that game with your friends or family on your xbox then your in luck. The split screen multiplayer mode will be back once again allowing you to play with a friend mirroring your account."

Robert Bowling, creative strategist at Infinity Ward, revealed some new information regarding the ACR assault rifle, the Assassin perk, and the role of tagging in Modern Warfare 3.

"Call of Duty XP (to celebrate the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 3 maybe) has come and gone, and for a first time event focusing on a big game franchise, Activision really hit this one out of the park. The company spared no expense in making sure its attendees had a swell time doing a number of things, mainly playing Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer but also taking part in other activities (lots of physical activities); we list the best reasons, and leave off some of the bad ones after the ..."

Call of Duty black ops added lethal equipment and now modern warfare 3 is adding a new type of equipment that acts more like a new perk slot. Proficiencies as it is called is a new type of equipment that features things like reduced gun recoil 2 attachments and a few others. Some of these have been perks in other games so this new change is sure to effect the game in a big way.

A new site with the domain name modernwarfare4.com takes digs at Activision by promoting Battlefield 3. Activision could potentially have another lawsuit on their hands.

"Modern Warfare 3 Tier Perk Slot 1:
Recon - Explosive damage paints the target on mini-map.
Recon Pro - Bullet damage paints the target on the mini-map.
Sleight of Hand - Faster reloading.
Sleight of hand Pro – Swaps weapons faster.
Blind Eye - Undetectable by air support and sentries.
Blind Eye Pro – Launchers lock-on quicker. Extra bullet damage versus air support and sentries."

Call of duty newest game Modern Warfare 3 is coming in fast and so are details about the up coming game. The hardened edition will feature bonuses such as a full year of COD Elite online gaming service along with "elite perks" in game emblems clan xp boost, a free juggernaut outfit for your xbox live avatar and much more. Now the limited edition has a price and its 20$more then past ones at a solid $100.

Fans ask developers at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games about the thinking behing the inclusion of deathstreaks in their Modern Warfare franchise.

Amazon Japan has revealed their pre-order bonus for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the upcoming first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Last week Activision announced at the Call of Duty XP event in Los Angeles that it was funding the sequel to the fan film "Finding Makarov." More details and a trailer in the full story!

"Gamers are finding it exceedingly difficult to invest in multiple games throughout the year due to financial constraints. As a result of that, gamers are directing their spending power to a limited number of games, or rather franchises."

MP1st looks into possibility of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 being available to download on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on day one. Attendees of Call of Duty XP already have a download code included the their special editions of MW3 that they received at the event.

With Call of Duty's yearly hype hanging in the balance, RealGamerNewz staff took it upon themselves to lay down a podcast addressing the status of the industry and how the COD XP event has produced a ton of fake hype to help the game sell its millions.

"We’ve just received lists of the confirmed Secondaries and Attachments. Secondary weapons include 4 machine pistols, 6 Hanguns, and 6 Launchers. In terms of attachments, Modern Warefare packs in 14 attachments."

""We’ve got the complete list of 10 Assault Rifles, 6 Sub Machine Guns, 5 Light Machine Guns, 6 Sniper Rifles, and 6 Shotguns. 33 primary weapons confirmed in total for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.""

""Thought stopping power, final stand, and martyrdom were gone? Not quite. They do return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but in the form of deathstreaks. Deathstreaks, especially ones like ‘painkiller’, were a controversial topic in Modern Warfare 2.""

Several new gameplay screenshots have been released by Activision for their upcoming multiplatform first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The premiere of MW3's hotly anticipated multiplayer component is now live, and brings with it a nifty package of slow-motion, shiny dog tag collection and shooting people in the back.

Activision's fan appreciation event, Call of Duty XP, is set to kick off later today (September 2nd). Watch live coverage of the event which runs through September 3rd, 2011.

The first hardware images have been revealed by Microsoft for the recently-announced Limited Edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 system bundle.

"You still have that flame-proof jockstrap? Well, you might want to re-equip it because it’s about to get hot in here. In a developer insight video Sledgehammer Games, one of the three studios who worked on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, stated that they were working on a third-person version of CoD and that it would be like the Uncharted series, except it would part of a world class franchise. Is that built-in intercooler kicking in yet on that flame-proof jockstrap?"

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game with unique disc art.
One year of membership in Call of Duty Elite.
“Founder status” on Elite with exclusive in-game emblem, player card, camouflage, clan XP boost and other exclusive benefits.
SteelBook case.
PlayStation Network exclusive: “Animated Timeline Theme.”
Xbox 360 exclusive: “Special Ops Juggernaut Xbox Live Outfit.”
Limited-edition “field journal” with more than 100 pages of"

"A whole slew of perks and killstreaks are ripe for the picking in the next Call of Duty game, including plenty of fan favorites alongside some new, intriguing ones. Each loadout is still able to be outfitted with 3 perks, some of which are simply rehashing of past perks but with new names, while others are entirely new and offer a myriad of game-changing elements."

EA forcing Valve to remove Battlefield 3 due to a terms of service breach may come back to bite them on the bum, real hard when it comes to the war of sales with Activision's Call of Duty series. The latter has their game confirmed to appear on Steam complete with Steamworks, no DRM and dedicated servers.

Some fans create there own fan art some create avatars wallpapers and other graphic images and then others create there weeding cake as Modern Warfare 3. Yep that is right a couple getting married is starting it off with a COD MW3 custom fan made weeding cake.

"The end of 2011 is going to be one of the best times to be a gamer with the release of tons of huge AAA titles to the market. Here is my list of the top 5 games that I am looking forward to for the rest of this calendar year."

Despite the pleas of an Activision CEO for sanity, Electronic Arts has slammed the Call of Duty publisher again. So much for EA and Activision just getting along.

A full list of all the perks and killstreaks present in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was recently leaked online. If this list turns out to be correct, then MW3 is going to cater to campers even more than MW2 did!

"You’ve got every reason to be nervous. Last year Activision had a 90 share in the shooter category. This year, Battlefield 3 is going to take you down to 60 or 70. At that rate, you’ll be out of the category in 2-3 years. If you don’t believe me, go to the store and try to buy a copy of Guitar Hero or Tony Hawk."

""It's less about being second place. This is about taking market share. This is really about a long-term strategy in what we think is a very important shooter segment that has driven over the last few years multiple billions of dollars of revenue into the industry," Moore told GameSpot at Gamescom. "If you look at last year, you might argue that Call of Duty took maybe 90 percent of the market share. We think we can knock that down to 70 percent this year. We don't have to outsell Call of Dut..."

The public spat between Activision and Electronic Arts has grown too unprofessional for one Activision executive. He thinks that kind of talk actually hurts the games industry.

"When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released, PC players disheartened to find out that the game wouldn’t allow dedicated servers. PC player love their dedicated server, many people went so far as to boycott the game because of this. Infinity Ward seems to have learned their lesson and announced today that they would be including dedicated server support within the game."

"During a demo of Modern Warfare 3 at Gamescom, Activision revealed a co-op mission that involved one player strapping on a Juggernaut suit and wreaking havoc as a near-invincible walking tank."

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will be teaming up with the market leader of headsets Turtle Beach to offer 4 different headset options. The headsets will be sold separately of Modern Warfare 3. All four headsets are branded with Call Of Duty on the top of them and come with a new Modern Warfare 3 logo. Four different models allows gamers to pick the headset that is right for them with the features that are right for them at the price they can afford.

Yup, this year's big Call of Duty hit, Modern Warfare 3, is coming to the Nintendo DS. Why not the Nintendo 3DS? Great question, just click the link to hear what N-Space had to say about the platform.

"Modern Warfare 3 is one of the biggest releases of the year and it is no surprise that it is getting a lot of attention from gaming accessory companies like Turtle Beach who create high-quality headsets for use with the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Turtle Beach has announced a partnership with Activision to create a line of four different headsets tailor made for the Call of Duty title that will be shown off at PAX at the end of the month. Check out the details below."

Published by Activision, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will take players all over the world; from across Europe to the United States. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 follows the path of great FPS games before it, and carries an especially difficult task: to be the successor to the award winning Modern Warfare 2, which was honored with numerous awards for best game of the genre in 2010.

"$1 Million Tournament Sponsored by Xbox 360 will be Played in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer-
Attendees to Receive Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition-
Sneak Peek at New Call of Duty Elite Original Video Programming in Collaboration with Will Arnett and Jason Bateman’s Production Entity DumbDumb®-
Numerous Hands-on Multiplayer Challenges on Tap Including Full Reveal of New Game Play Modes, and Spec Ops Missions-
New Info on Call of Duty Real-World Action-Experiences-
All XP Tic..."

"Yesterday’s Activision Blizzard conference call saw Eric Hirschberg praise the living daylights out of the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty Elite service. Along with CEO Bobby Kotick, he believes that the new Elite service will change the face of social, online gaming interaction and demonstrate the company’s continued investment in digital products for its future growth. The company also believes that the upcoming third game in the Modern Warfare franchise will continu..."

Modern Warfare 3 is stepping it up in the campaign that starts off where modern warfare 2 left off with a huge bang. The Call of Duty campaign story modes have always stepped it up with each and every new title and with cod mw3 they have out done them self's once again. There has been a fair amount of talk about the brand new wave zombie like game mode spec ops survival mode but most still do not know most of the basics about it.

The Call of Duty franchise is an amazingly successful IP for Activision and now the sales numbers for their last two titles prove that enough. Also, Modern Warfare 3 is coming to Wii

""Activision is going in guns blazing with its latest Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare 3. For weeks, the company’s been showing off new media from its upcoming sequel, hoping to catch up on some thunder that’s been stolen by EA’s Battlefield 3. But fans needn’t worry. This latest entry shows no signs of slowing down on action – especially as far as its new Survival Mode is concerned. Activision invited us to go hands-on with the new mode, which kind of resembles the Gears of War Horde Mode i..."

To help promote call of duty video games they have setup the XP held in LA calif which will have everything from paint-balling in a real modern warfare 2 level to playing the brand new never before played modern warfare 3 multiplayer mode. Not only that but they will be having the first ever modern warfare 3 tournament with a total of $1million in cash and prizes.

"For this top 10 list I have decided to countdown my 10 favorite video game heroes. These characters earn a spot on this list by being courageous, daring, strong, skilled, smart, or any combination of those that make them shine above the crowd. These characters are vital to the survival of numerous people and they are the best at what they do. I’ve only included characters from games that I have personally played. Here’s my 10 favorite video game heroes:"

An online retailer is currently discounting the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the upcoming first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 by 20%.

Many people like commando perk from call of duty modern warfare 2 however way more people including the staff making the game think Commando was just too unfair. So they plan to do something about it on modern warfare 3 by removing it from the game. The compete story shows a video of with commando and with out to show you how unfair it really was.

In a recent newsflash, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will have more than one edition when it releases this year, naturally. Infinity Ward Creative Strategist and gaming celebrity among COD Robert Bowling announced the game's Hardened Edition through his twitter account (@fourzerotwo) over the weekend. Is it worth a buy?

Call of Duty XP is soon coming to Los Angeles. Have we entered a time where games deserve their own conventions? If so, what other games deserve this honor. Mike Deneen from GoozerNation takes a look at that very question.

An online retailer has revealed three headset with game bundles for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Check out the images of the contents as well as the technical specifications of the headsets.

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has revealed a teaser image of the Hardened Edition from the upcoming first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

"GameStop has some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 promotions going on that could get you a VIP trip to Los Angeles and a ticket to Call of Duty XP. The Call of Duty XP Tournament is the largest Call of Duty event in the world, and you could win a chance to participate for a share of $1,000,000. You may want to rethink where you pre-order your copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3."

"“I’m very aware that we have two very different audiences and we’re delivering two very good and very different experiences,” he said, “so I think the baiting is built up more of these two really passionate communities – and they should be really passionate about their individual games – getting at each other, and that’s been happening forever.” Read the full story for more info."

"Simply sign up for Raptr’s brand spankin’ new website, navigate toward the Modern Warfare 3 wall, and click “Follow” at the top-right corner. Simply sign up for Raptr’s brand spankin’ new website, navigate toward the Modern Warfare 3 wall, and click “Follow” at the top-right corner. Read the full story for access to links faster."

By UK retailer game last time round Black Ops was breaking the pre-order records though this time it's Modern Warfare 3 re-breaking those records with the retailer thinking the next COD will re-break records again.

"Originally registered in March 2009, ModernWarfare3.com bills itself both as “a 100 percent unofficial fan site dedicated to the Modern Warfare series,” as well as “a parody of Modern Warfare 3.” While the site has for some time openly criticized the Activision shooter as a retread of the series, it drew particular attention recently when it temporarily forwarded all ModernWarfare3.com traffic to the official website of Electronic Arts’ competing military shooter Battlefield 3. In its complai..."

The upcoming Call of Duty: Elite can be confusing to some. For me, it's Bungie's Stat tracker with some added social media functionality. Still confused? Check out this machinima-esque trailer.

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling recently spoke about how they would be reducing the number of "hotspots" in the MW3 map design to reduce the benefit of camping.

"Speaking at a special event held in New York yesterday, Infinity Ward's Rober Bowling talked extensively about some of the changes we can expect to Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer when it comes out earlier this year"

"Activision has confirmed that the first wave of invites to the beta test of Call of Duty Elite are going out today and the beta is officially underway. The beta test of the new social networking/information gathering system will include Call of Duty: Black Ops data. Check out the news below."

"The mysterious event we’ve been hearing about a known as, “Call of Duty XP” has finally had a little light shed on its shadow silhouette. Although there is still a lot we don’t know, at least we’re no longer completely in the dark as to exactly the event is supposed to include."

"Everyone and their uncle is pulling for Battlefield 3 to usurp the behemoth that is Modern Warfare. EA has produced what could very well be the Achilles heel for Activison and marketing is now in full swing. However, not all marketing is straightforward and honest. Someone has discovered one very cheap, yet incredibly clever way to draw attention to the upcoming shooter, Battlefield 3."

"A group of Call of Duty glitchers has been called back to Infinity Ward to help the studio test and shore up the game’s multiplayer, according to the gang’s leader. This isn’t the first time mapMonkeys have assisted on a Call of Duty project, according to founder Rezzzo. He says members had been flown to test Call of Duty: World at War and Modern Warfare 2. If you’re recalling all sorts of glitches or exploits in those games,"

"A couple of days ago we here at PlanetXbox360 covered the battle between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 from the side of Activision's shooter (click here to read that take). This time we've turned the tables and will be discussing why Battlefield 3 is the superior title. So... without further ado, here are five reasons that Battlefield 3 will conquer the titan that is Modern Warfare 3."

"Since Call of Duty’s shift in direction away from WWII, each release from the Modern Warfare series has had something to prove. Call of Duty 4 had to prove that the contemporary setting would work within the context of the series. Modern Warfare 2 had to prove that Infinity Ward was capable of expanding upon the previous title and outshining the trending competitors. Modern Warfare 3 has more troubling circumstances surrounding the game’s release, but surprisingly, consumers are not as worrie..."

"If you're colour blind and your favourite games don't look quite right, the developers of Modern Warfare 3 have announced that the game will include a Colour Blind assist option, which should help you to see the game in a new light."

Nintendo is trying to get ahead with the Wii U by releasing the console in 2012 before Sony and Microsoft release their next gen systems. Like the Dreamcast, the Wii U will straddle generations. The big question is will 3rd party developers stay with Nintendo once the other two systems come out? Will Nintendo have the support and robust online system that gamers crave? Will a touch screen controller be enough to make people interested in the system?

Robert Bowling aka. @fourzerotwo the official community manager for the Modern Warfare series teased us with a screenshot from the editing room where they are piecing together the trailer for Modern Warfare 3's Spec-Ops Survival Mode.

The latest info on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer portion are analyzed and weighed against the issues gamers are experiencing with the world's largest entertainment franchise of 2009 and 2010.

"This fall marks the legendary battle between two of the most recognized first-person shooter franchises in the gaming industry, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. There's been quite a lot of hype brewing over the past several months for both titles, and they'll both no doubt rake in millions of dollars, but the question is... which one will come out on top?"

This year is a huge year for video games on all platforms. There are huge new video games coming out around xmis and now Raptr the company that tracks your activity on Xbox, PS3, PC, Wii, DS, and mobile is now giving away over $25,000 in games and prizes for gamers, and all you got to do is follow them to enter! Share this chance to win with friends.

"In a recent interview with PSM3, Patrick Bach, executive producer for Battlefield 3, explains that the rivalry between the two series is rather unfounded due to several factors. First of all, he says that in order for there to be this grandiose, drawn out fight, that would mean that the two series are competing at “the same sport.”"

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is one of the most anticipated titles of this year but it seems that before they were called on to help with Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer Games was working on their own project that might still see the light of day. They were looking to make a spin-off of the franchise that would take the game down an action adventure route. But is this even a good idea or should Call of Duty remain as it is?"

"Call of Duty: Elite is a new gaming service that will provide players with all kinds of cool features to expand their experience. The service is a pay service for premium features but Activision has announced its list of free features that will be available when Modern Warfare 3 hits shelves in November."

"Felling an industry giant is no easy task. One must first create a product that is worthy of being called a competitor before even thinking about the hardest part: stealing the competition’s fanbase. The latter of the two is next to impossible if the game in reference is Call of Duty. You slap the Call of Duty moniker on anything and people will buy it. Fanboys the world over have been supporting the franchise year and year with blind loyalty, but a new kid is on the block and ready to square..."

"COD is a bit of a fishy beast. In theory, a game that remains the same year in, year out with only minimal upgrades and some new levels shouldn’t do well. It should probably be instead a fond memory, drifting in the breeze and whispered only in passing by those who still recall the good times they had with the product. The exact same thing recently happened with Guitar Hero; after years of stagnant gameplay that did absolutely nothing to innovate, the franchise itself has been put indefinitel..."

"Early this May, Activision announced that the next project in the Call of Duty franchise would be Modern Warfare 3. Coming off the heels of Black Ops, the best-selling game of the series to date, Infinity Ward’s new game has a lot to live up to. The teasers and recently released trailer have me booting up my copy of Black Ops to remind me what makes the Call of Duty franchise so prominent nowadays. After re-familiarizing myself with the latest title, I brainstormed a wish list of things I wou..."

In an interview with PlayStation 3 magazine, Patrick Bach, the Executive Producer of Battlefield 3, made statement that the battle (pardon the pun) between Modern Warfare 3....

The title is self-explanatory, but NoobFeed.com's Daav is hell-bent on rubbing his opinion in your face, regardless of his electronics trying to prevent it. Catch his first impression with the Microsoft conference.

"Modern Warfare 3 definitely focuses on the infantry side of the battle more so than Battlefield does. This is evidenced by what the companies decided to show of their games; Modern Warfare 3 showed a Delta Force/SEAL team taking out a Russian sub and fighting in the streets of Manhattan. Battlefield 3 focused on a tank battle in the middle of the desert, two totally different kinds of combat. Modern Warfare 3’s demo was more cinematic with close quarters fighting and exciting chase scenes but..."

"There’s been a fanboy debate brewing in the wings. Jockstraps have tightened. Knickers have knotted. Panties have twisted. Fanboys are raging. What’s all the fuss about? Well, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has officially answered the call of duty (pun intended) when Battlefield 3 threw down the gauntlet, and then Battlefield 3 responded with a gut-wrenching pwnage punch to the virtual gut of MW3."

"Wow. Xbox 360 fans have a lot to be excited about, as the Microsoft press conference blew the lid off of a number of exciting exclusives as well as an all new dashboard chockfull of exciting features. While the 360 may only have a handful of major exclusives this year, enough new content was shown from both third and first party developers to make any Xbox owner giddy with joy. If you missed the jam-packed show earlier today, fear not for we have taken the time to compile a rundown of all the..."

"During E3 we got our first glimpse of Modern Warefare 3 gameplay and a really long demo. The game also picks up where the second one left off and we've got a plethora of new screens. All in all this game doesn't look like anything special but Call of Duty fans wont complain, because it's more Call of Duty."

"Microsoft lead off their E3 press conference with some very impressive gameplay footage of Modern Warfare 3. This is the first actual gameplay footage of the game that has been released and it reveals a whole lot of new information about the upcoming blockbuster."

Dedicated servers are a huge part of the first person shooter genre and online multiplayer gaming in general, so why is it that they are absent from the industry for the most part even on pay services like Xbox Live and the upcoming Call of Duty: Elite?

In celebration of its new website launch, Raptr will giving away $25,000 worth in prizes during its Summer of Raptr Giveaway promotion. Prizes include the hottest games, consoles, and gear from E3 2011.

"Happy Friday! There have been many questions surrounding the Call of Duty Elite service, so the team at Activision have compiled an updated FAQ that we here at PlanetXbox360.com would like to share with you in it's entirety; to help clear the air and answer any questions you have about the upcoming subscription service. It will also be posted on the official Call of Duty Elite site later today at http://www.callofduty.com/elite."

By now, everyone is aware of the new paid service being offered for the Call of Duty franchise. We discuss whether or not this is going to hurt the video game industry. Check it out and let us know.

Activision has recently brought up their monthly subscription fee service for Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 in the Call of Duty service and is pricing out what enhancements will be charged and which will be free. Overall, what is the impact this has on the game industry and shooter genre?

As many will have heard, Activision plans to release a new online subscription/social network aimed at Call of Duty fans. To make this service worth your money, Beachhead - the company behind CoD: Elite - have promised to stamp out cheating and hacking. Call of Duty: Elite promises to add a layer of human defence against hacking, by having somebody researching individual cases of hacking and cheating. Whether it works, remains to be seen.

Call of Duty: Elite will also add other new and exc...

Activision has announced a brand new online feature for their upcoming multiplayer juggernaut. Check out the full story for all the details and what you receive for the extra cash.

The first details have been released regarding Spec Ops, one of the best features to ever be a part of the Call of Duty franchise. Check out the full story for the full details and prepare to be blown away.

"Elite is like a the mutant offspring of organized sports and social networking that is going to kick your face in. It is expected to change the way we play multiplayer. It is essentially an online service that lets you form groups, compete, share films of your favorite games, view maps, guns and much much more."

First Person Shooter Trailers and trailers in general are discussed in this week's show in addition to the Gamerz411 E3 Predictions. The legitimacy of trailers is discussed and the various methods of marketing.

Call of Duty and other games have constantly been mentioned in the vein of mediocre, repetitive, generic shooters that are holding back the First Person and even Third Person Shooter genre. How can we see this type of DEvolution of franchises take place in the past? Episode 1 is here to take a first look.

"Playing through the highly acclaimed series wasn't the biggest disappointment in my years of gaming, but replicated that feeling when you come home from the supermarket and realise you've bought regular HobNobs instead of chocolate ones...and I really like HobNobs."

We're back for another week, GamerBuzzers! This week Ben, Tony, and Justin share our thoughts on the newly released Modern Warfare 3 trailer. How excited are we? Listen and find out!

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling discusses the lead development platform and DLC plans for the upcoming multiplatform first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

"Modern Warfare 3 is in the news after a trailer which showed a train being derailed on the London underground. The Daily Mail have reported that relatives of the victims of the 7/7 London bombings found the trailer to be in poor taste."

fronttowardsgamers.com's author kalebkjc94 does a intense breakdown to find some new information on various aspects of the game like Weapons, Vehicles and even possible multiplayer locations.

The world premier gameplay trailer has been revealed for the upcoming first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

"Modern Warfare 3 is coming, kids. Activision has let the cat out of the bag with just a few details, and has also released four teaser trailers showing potential locations for the game, including France and Germany (view them by clicking here). But with that, we couldn’t help but notice the potential (and probable) fake spoilers already making the rounds for the game all around the internet. So, with this week’s Top 10, we decided to have a little fun and introduce ten Modern Warfare 3 spoile..."

Robert Bowling recently tweeted on Twitter the date for the first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 gameplaye trailer. It shall be released on May 23rd during the press conference they are also having on the same date.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's release as well as the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops sent game's running with their release dates taken well away from the titan titles. Will we see the same thing happen this year because of Modern Warfare 3 or have things changed?

Activision has decided to treat its loyal fan base to a treat today by releasing all four teaser trailers that have been released for Modern Warfare 3. Check out the full story for all the details.