gets news from They've added more titles to their ever-expanding line of good old games. This time, 3D Realms has pledged allegiance and is bringing Shadow Warrior and Terminal Velocity to prove it. Also, Double Fine's Costume Quest has arrived, along with free DLC.

Cassidee from discusses Double Fine Production's Costume Quest and how the downloadable game reminded her of what games are supposed to be.

This week on the Primecast, the crew talks about a bunch of videogames and debates over how to pronounce “Theatrhythm” Chris also got some hands-on time with the Wii U (specifically ZombiU, Rayman Legends and New Super Mario Bros. U) and we talk about our favorite seasonal games.

Amazon makes it easy to be a PC gamer. Best of all, these games are so cheap they won't hurt your wallet. Amazon is having a sale on some of the Double Fine games. Gamers cannot go wrong with this deal.

EPs, or extended play records, are collections of music that are longer than singles but shorter than full-length albums. They're both brief samplers of a band and an opportunity for artists to try something new and different. Garrett Martin of Joystick Division looks at how downloadable games like Bastion and Trenched are like EPs, and how that comparison points out differences and similarities between the music and video game industries.

Double Fine released a number of successful games like Costume Quest and Trenched, and seems to be doing everything right. What can we learn from their approach to make short, deeply personal downloadable games and why aren't other developers following suit?

"Double Fine is a charismatic studio, and Brad Muir, the lead designer on Trenched, fits right in. We sat down with Muir to learn a little about him and a lot about the game he’s working on."

Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice is an upcoming downloadable chapter that continues the Costume Quest tale and features fixes to the original game. The game will be available on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this coming December.

XBLA games are coming thick and fast now, especially this close to Christmas, and over the last few months, several have proven to be quite good at delivering some excellent gameplay.

Costume Quest seems to ad a little fun-n-games to the old Halloween Trick-or-Treat time of the year, and it seems OXCGN's UK reviewer found it rather interesting.

Come check out his review, and a vid and images - as usual.

"Costume Quest is, at its heart, a Japanese Role Playing Game with few surprises. You travel through a suburb, a mall, and a rural town and get in battles either by running into enemies or by knocking on a house door and catching a monster stealing candy. As the game progresses, not only will you find new allies and form a party with fellow trick-or-treaters Everett and Lucy, you’ll also find new costumes, such as a unicorn outfit and even a French fry costume."

"Per the standard for a Schafer title, Costume Quest is full of witty dialogue; although, this time around, there aren’t any memorable characters or a storyline to hold the package together. Comparing to the titles of the past, this is Schafer’s weakest entry when it comes to writing. It effectively hinges on the gimmick of Halloween more so than excellent writing or storytelling. Remove the essence of Halloween – or any holiday theme – and what Costume Quest boils down to is a shallow RPG wit..."

"Costume Quest is the brainchild of former Pixar animator Tasha Harris, and although the venerable animation studio has nothing directly to do with Harris’ latest project, Costume Quest brings an unmistakably Pixar sensibility to its every aspect--from its incredible attention to visual detail, to the game’s well-told, well-paced, thoroughly personal story."

"The whole crew is in this week to discuss a cavalcade of games including but not limited to: Super Meat Boy, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Costume Quest, Medal of Honor, Fallout New Vegas, Halo Reach, and something called Fist of the North Star.

Our self-purported book and movie clubs take a break, but we stay strong with another user email question and other miscellaneous talk."

"Costume Quest is a new title from Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions that is available to download on Xbox Live and the Playstaion Network for 1200 points €9.99 right now.

Costume Quest is Doubles Fines first foray into the digital gaming world as it is only available as a download. Created by project Lead Tasha Harris and rated E10 so suitable for Kids over ten and Big Kids."