The eternal battle between DC heroes and villains has reached a new level with the huge amount of new content brought by Origin Crisis. This DLC plays with the concept of time travel allowing gamers to modify the past, present and future of their favorite heroes.

"Sony Online Entertainment have just revealed some more information regarding the upcoming DC Universe Online update, Origin Crisis. The update is scheduled to arrive on May 14th across all servers on both the PC and Playstation 3 platforms, introducing a ton of high level content and a brand new powerset in the form of Quantum Power."

Sony Online Entertainment recently announced a seventh pack of downloadable content for MMORPG DC Universe Online. The new DLC will be out this May on both platforms.

"DC Universe Online is the latest to join the growing list of super hero MMO games. Set in the iconic universe of the DC comics, DC Universe Online provides players with an authentic DC experience while offering an exciting range of MMORPG features and mechanics, all the while delivering thrilling combat and an engrossing story."

Over at Leviathyn, by our guest writer, lists the five best online PlayStation 3 games. What would you say are the best PS3 online games ever, see the list to compare and then debate the list in the forums.

Many were shocked to find out that Superman wasn't available at the release of DC Universe Online. But the time has finally come as SOE announce the latest update for their super hero MMORPG.

SOE and its community team had an online discussion today in which Game Update 16 was detailed. The new update will feature a summer event and a bunch more. Also, some quick info about Game Update 17 and beyond.

Video game music can only take us so far. When the going gets tough and the boredom sets in, I turn off the sound and insert my own soundtrack using my favorite bands. It is the reason why I've done so much in the MMO world. It keeps me moving. Everyone has a way to motivate themselves to play something. Mine is music.

MMORPGS are the ultimate time consumer in the gaming world. Several big names games such as City of Heroes, LOTRO, DC Universe Online have gone free to play. Yet the games that charge the monthly fees WoW and SWTOR continue to bring in players and grow. The question Goozernation has is there room for both to be profitable, to survive, and which is the better model?

A new title update has been released for DC Universe Online. Titled Assemble for Battle! The update adds more group oriented features to Sony Online Computer Entertainment's free to play MMO. The update is available now on live servers across both the PC and Playstation 3 versions of the game.

"Wonder Woman is capable of superhuman feats akin to that of Superman, commonly in the form of flying and super strength. Wonder Woman's signature weapon is the Lasso of Truth, which forces its user's targets to confess the truth of whatever is asked against their will."

In this episode, the guys talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic, Gears of War 3 (+RAAM's Shadow DLC), Zen Pinball 3D, Amy, Assassins Creed: Revelations, Burnout: Crash, DC Universe Online, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, Knights Contract, Renegade Ops, Serious Sam: Double D, The Ship, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, the Vita, the mass suicide threats at an Xbox 360 plant, and plenty more.

There has always been a certain feeling of threat to black/blue and white cars with sirens on top. PSBeyond goes over some of the most baddest looking police cars seen in video games

In this episode, the guys talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic, Trine 2, Pushmo, Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue, Batman: Arkham City, Don't Run With a Plasma Sword, 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure, Grand Theft Auto III (on iOS), DC Universe Online, Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, Yoshi's Island DS, the 3DS GBA Ambassador games, and the sales numbers for the PlayStation Vita.

"PSS: "You just watched the Spike TV Game of the Year Awards, and might be watching the re-runs right now. However we are glad to have you here and want to share our own game of the year awards. We have browsed the internet, talked with one another, and made several tough decisions, but this is what we believe the winners should be! Either way, this was an absolutely fantastic year to be a gamer.""

"DC Universe Online has been getting a lot of attention since its switch to free-to-play grew the user base by more than 100,000. A second expansion pack for the MMO has been announced which will add a new power set to the game and a brand-new adventure that starring the DC hero, the Flash. Check out the news below."

With the transition from a subscription based service to free to play, DC Universe Online is available to more people than ever. Though it may be free, is this MMO worth your precious hard drive space?

"PushStartSelect: "DC Universe didn’t get too bad of reviews and the fan reaction to it was pretty good. However like most MMO’s it didn’t make it the long haul and somewhat simmered down over time. Of course this, like other big MMO’s such as APB, turned it into a free-to-play game. Here is our take.""

"DC Universe Online has been a free to play MMO for some time, but now you can download a copy of DCUO for free on your PC or PlayStation 3. That means that you’re just one installation away from becoming a major player in the fight for the DC Universe. Join all of your favorite DC heroes and villains to fight an enemy that threatens to destroy them all. Get DC Universe Online for free while this offer lasts."

"Are you a fan of DC Universe Online? Do you have a maniacally twisted, mad, evil villain character who is truly a legend among the baddies? Well, DC Universe Online is giving you the chance to shine the spotlight on your legendary villain with the Bring Your Villain Character to Life Contest. The winner of the contest will have their villain featured in an upcoming issue of DC Universe Online Legends."

MP1st describes how some multiplayer games have become so cosmetic in nature, it's almost as if most gamers are playing with barbies. Are you just as guilty?

Sony Online Entertainment’s Lorin Jameson explains why you need a paid “Legendary Monthly Game Pass” subscription in order to unlock trophies in the free-to-play version of DC Universe Online.

"DC Universe online is getting its first piece of DLC entitled “Fight for the Light.” The DLC showcases the Green Lantern Corps and will be made available to players on the Playstation 3 and PC later this summer. Check out the info and some new screens below."

"Get ready to do battle with one of the Batman’s greatest enemies in the latest update to DC Universe Online. Sony Online announced that Ra’s al Ghul is making his way into DC Universe Online with Ra’s al Ghul’s Revenge as this international terrorist does his best to return the world to it’s natural state by destroying the human population with his biological weapons."

"With prices these low on Capcom games, you can barely afford not to bash in the head of a zombie, or a human infested with a parasite that looks like a zombie. If you've been waiting to join your favorite caped crusaders in combat and their most treacherous arch-villains, now is a great time to jump in."

SOE is coming back and they are following the model of the PSN outage and will be rewarding its faithful users with free stuff. Check out the full story to see what they are giving you, the fans.

Sony has announced what sort of compensation players of their SOE network can expect when the service is up and running. Check out the full post for all the details.

DC Universe Online has been out for a few months and some gamers are not happy with the long queue times to get into the world DC created. Well Sony has heard the complaints and will be fixing the issue soon. Check out the story for all the details.

Several new screenshots and character renders have been released for DC Universe Online, showcasing the new free content update which focuses on Two-Face. reports on the demise of 3 studios from Sony Online Entertainment, which has also made redundant a large portion of staff. This comes to quite a surprise after the succesful development of D.C. Universe Online and distribution of many Playstation Network hits. Our sympathies to those affected.

Check out Gamer-0's review of DC Universe Online from the HipHopGamerShow. In this video T-HILL AKA Gamer-0 breaks down his lengthy experience with many hours in the game and receiving end-game content and lets you know what the real deal is on the Action MMO brawler.

For all of the lazy gamers out there who find it laborious to get off the couch and switch discs when you want to play something new, Sony is here to help. They have decided to make it even easier for gamers to access their latest MMO. Check out the full post for additional details on what they announced along with this news tidbit. Cheers!

"PI Writes" This is a full detailed review of the DC Universe Online game for PS3. There is a lot going on in this title even after you hit the level cap that is set at 30 for now. I go into detail on every aspect of this game giving those who have yet to experience it a chance to read about what it's all about.

"If you see a used copy of DC Universe Online for PS3, don’t even think of grabbing it. It seems each new copy of the game comes with a one-time use code to activate it, and if that code has already been used, the game is essentially worthless."

This week we will take you through some of the things that are going on in and around your quest objectives. It is easier to take on more than one objective at a time in some cases as I will go in to greater detail in this the fourth edition to "This Week In The Universe"

"PI Writes" This week we will take you through the several aspects of the changes that you can make also how they come about. There is a slide show that you can view with my personal collections mixed and matched of only one character.Just Imagine what is possible in this massive world of treasures what you could come up with seeing you can make a ton of avatars each collecting different gear.

Popular gaming app Raptr has released a new analysis report on the gameplay tendencies of DC Universe Online players. The report discusses the importance of multiplayer and MMO games for DCUO players. Also included is the Top 10 other games that DCUO players play, Top 10 games that DCUO stole playtime from and the Top 9 other MMOs that DCUO players played.

Raptr reveals the gaming habits and games played by DUCO players. The report also reveals what games had a decrease in play time since DC Universe Online's release. With all the buzz surrounding DCUO, does it pose a threat to World of Warcraft, the current king of the MMO world?

DC Universe Online is such a massive title, just one article wasn't enough to scratch the ice berg. In this week's iteration of "This Week in the DC Universe" you will not only find out about Quests, Side Missions, and Travel Logistics but also some really in-depth information about how the game is played and how the storyline and concept are taking the MMO structure to a new level. Enjoy, and as always, feedback is welcome.

I have been in some strange situations in my years of gaming but this one just threw me for a loop. Some how I don't even know how I fell out of the watchtower that orbits the earth. You have to see it to believe it i don't think anyone else has experienced this strange situation.
Check it out!

Some missions get interrupted by villains that are trolling around looking for trouble. It makes it a bit harder to achieve you objectives while having to watch your back all the time.
This game is awesome check out how a story mode mission can turn into a player vs player battle.

TheGamerBuzz has created a video review for DC Universe Online. If you'd like to hear our opinions of the game and find out what score we gave it, then simply click and watch! Find out what we thought of it and leave a comment or two of what you thought of it.

In this first of many to come weekly installments of This Week in the DC Universe, we are given a guide and entry to the fantastic world of super-heros and super-villains crafted by Sony Online Entertainment and DC.

"It’s been at least two years since I last walked the streets of Paragon City and rode the planes of Azeroth, and ever since leaving both virtual realms there has been an MMO-shaped hole in my gaming routine. Sure, there have been games which offer elements akin to MMOs, such as Call of Duty’s dynamic progression system, and Resistance 2’s instance-like co-operative missions, but there has yet to be a successful full-on MMO for home consoles."

DCUO is a great game, but what happens when you spawn into an MMO and your character is stuck in place? Or how about if you spawn stuck in place only to be submitted to unregulated Player versus Player action while being stuck into the ground? Check out this video.

"DC Universe is the first to take on the open world MMO on a console. Yes we know the PS3 has other large online games such as MAG but this is very different. Set in the comic book universe of DC comics which included super hero’s such as Batman and Superman and villains like the Joker and Scarecrow and such well known cities such as Metropolis and Gotham. Calling on the talents of some of DC’s best writers and artists such as Mary Wolfman and Geoff Johns to recreate the world and the story lines"

Amazon has begun a “Buy Two Games, Get a Third Free” promotion for nearly 400 select video games on the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, Playstation 3, PSP and Xbox 360.

Tyler Chancey from AAG writes: "DC Universe Online can best be summarized as the console equivalent of World of Warcraft. You create a character, level up, there’s a monthly subscription fee, and you can easily forget to eat supper if you’re not careful. What separates this massive DC comic inspired game from WOW, however, is it was advertised not as an MMORPG but an MMOAG (Massive Multiplayer Online Action Game). But is this project just another WOW clone in tights, or is true to the hype?"

"2010 gave PC gamers enough variety and support to keep most of us happy and push away the rumors that “PC gaming is dead”. The long awaited Star Craft 2 was welcomed with open arms by Star Craft fans, the latest installment of the Call of Duty series let us have dedicated servers for Black Ops even though the game its self was a little on the buggy side, Indie developers showed the big boys how to make a scary game with Amnesia, WoW players scored another dose of their addiction in the form o..."

Sony Online Entertainment has released several new screenshots to coincide with the launch of their massively multiplayer online game, DC Universe Online.

DC Universe Online is one of the most anticipated MMO games to hit consoles in a very long time and after what happened to Final Fantasy XIV, it shouldn't be much surprise that a lot of people want to know how this game will turn out before they are willing to put down their hard earned dollars. Here, in the first of many DCUO videos to surface, check out the intro cinematic cut-scene and see for yourself how insanely well put together and exciting the story looks for this title.

After a playing this one for a little while I am sure if you like MMOs you will enjoy this one. With the classic hero's powers and moves you will create your own hero to help save the planet from eminent destruction. One way or another if you decide to take on the challenge it will keep you coming back to fight the good fight.

"There are video games out there that let you take over the life of some other superhero, or even MMOs that let you create your own in a living breathing world and they range from great to simply god awful. Based on the beta DC Universe Online is looking to hit that meaty part of the curve also known as ‘meh’."

"Apparently hundreds if not thousands of gamers who followed the instructions and submitted a receipt before November 15th did not receive their beta invite. Is this a taste of things to come? Hopefully not. Not only did DC Universe flub the beta launch, they only told the community who was expecting yet didn’t receive them to contact customer service AFTER they had closed for the weekend. Understandably the community is upset and frustrated. Would you want to pay 15 bucks a month to play a ga..."

Sad news for MMO Action and Fighting gamers worldwide. The PS3 / PC inter-connected title from SOE has been pushed back to Next Year. The silver lining is that we have details for the Beta Waves, and they are generous.

"Sony doesn’t realize that people who play Wii and people who play PS3 are, largely, two different groups, and it’s obvious from their launch flop that Sony is pretty clueless about what niche they fill in the market."

"This week's Cosplay Babe of the Week is the very popular character from both comic books and videogames who carries a lasso and flies an invisible jet. It's none other than Wonder Woman herself. Possibly known more for comic books and film, Wonder Woman has appeared in many games"

"Holy Flash, Batman! There has been a lot of talk about DC Universe Online, Sony has finally revealed a teaser for their very hyped super-hero game. DC Universe Online is a very ambitious title. Using the DC license players will experience the universes of their favorite DC characters like never before. DC Universe Online offers a ton of MMO action which includes an emphasis on PvP. Releasing on the PC and PS3, players of either console will be able to play together and those who choose to pla..."

"Sony Online Entertainment has announced that some of the iconic voices for DC animated shows and movies such as Kevin Conroy for Batman and Mark Hamill for Joker will be lending their voices to the MMORPG, DC Universe Online for the PC and PS3."

"A new set of screenshots from Sony Online Entertainment depict Kara Zor-L, aka Power Girl, showing off her mysterious ability to avoid severe and constant back pain.

Power Girl is the Earth-Two counterpart to Supergirl, sent to Earth from Krypton in a ship much slower than the one that delivered Clark Kent to the DCU. She was also briefly the granddaughter of Atlantean sorcerer Arion, before DC realized that was just silly and made things right again."

Exclusive DC Universe Online art only on Check it out and bookmark the site, we got an interview with the DC Universe developers coming real soon!

"The industry has had it perfected for roughly five years now, or since the release of Spiderman 2. What I’m talking about is your controlled character’s ability to cross gigantic cityscapes quicker than you can say “parcheesi.” Quicker, I say, because you might stutter a couple of times.

I should have chosen a different word.

Surprisingly, it got even better from there. Ultimate Spiderman succeeded Spiderman 2, and last year we were lucky enough to get both InFamous and Prototype; the c..."

Dick Grayson might currently be galivanting around the comic book world as Batman while Bruce is "out of commission", but don't expect him to be dressed as Bats in DC Universe Online (wouldn't that be disappointing!). It has been confirmed that he will will be appearing as Nightwing in DC Universe Online.

[DC Universe Online forum]

"We got our fair share of MMOs to oggle at this year at E3, with a few missing in action, but the bulk of this bellow were there. The list compiles of ten hopeful MMOs that are all expected to launch some time next year, and it isn’t just PC based, there are a few PS3 and Xbox 360 MMOs thrown in there too. Enjoy!"

"I had never laid my hands on a single bit of MMO action until late 2007. Don’t get me wrong, I had always wanted to play one since the days of Everquest; but to be fair I was a bit young to be shelling out subscription fees and upgrading my computer. However, after hearing about World of Warcraft’s global success of 11 million players and counting, I had just finished with Warcraft III for the PC and I was intrigued. I had actually purchased the client disc for World of Warcraft a few months ..."

Kotaku has released some new screens and concept art detailing the the character of The Flash in DC Universe Online.

Most comic fans have some sort of soft spot for Flash that those not a fan of the genre could never really understand. Fan or not, everyone can agree that running as fast as this guy would awesome.

"Doomsday, the cursed Kryptonian creature, was bred to embody hate and rage. His sole reason for living is to extinguish all other life, including the citizens of Metropolis and their beloved hero, Superman.

Born on the planet Krypton during a time when only the strongest creatures could survive, Doomsday was the result of a rapid natural selection process bred to hate all life. Doomsday’s body is covered with vicious bony spurs that can render even Superman’s skin. His endurance makes him ..."

"The public hasn't seen much of The Agency since it was first revealed in 2007. When questioned about the lack of updates on the ambitious PC/PS3 online espionage game, SOE's Hal Milton told us: "We don't want to keep having hype sessions just showing movies and crap. We need to make the game and not just keep promoting it."

GDC continues that idea, with Sony Online Entertainment revealing nothing more than a distant release window for both The Agency and DC Universe Online. John Smedley, p..."

"In case you didn’t know, there’s more character options in DC Universe Online than just the standard-fare assortment of masked heroes from the DC comics. Players can actually create their own character, as it was outlined when the game was originally announced. Well, we have some new screen-captures and a new trailer up featuring custom characters."

"“As a gamer, this is a dream project in many ways,” said Wolfman. “I get to create new stories in the DC Universe that will make this videogame world a truly unique, unforgettable experience.”

In addition to this wonderful news, Electronic Theatre has a whole host of artwork, cityscapes, character renders and screenshots available below."

"Sony Online Entertainment has announced the veteran writer Marv Wolfman has joined the team creating stories within the DC Universe Online game world. The writing team is at WildStorm Productions, and will create all manner of quests and other in-game mythos for players to experience. SOE also released a bunch of new screenshots for the..."

DC Universe Online is an MMO being developed by DC and Sony Online Entertainment set for release later this year. SOE is trying to focus on making the game a lot more interactive than City of Heroes, the other big super-hero MMO on the block, with a ton of dynamically-generated content.

"We see that marketing coming; we think it's there now, so we want to get a good market share there. I would say that we would be one of the early adopters on [bringing MMOs to consoles], and we plan on becoming one of the dominant players in the MMO space on consoles...
I think what's going to happen is you're going to see a whole new generation of players that have been playing 'Resistance' now start getting introduced to MMOs. I think it's going to be a cool way for them to experience ga..."

"You may know that Sony Online Entertainment's two upcoming MMO's, the shooter The Agency and RPG DC Universe Online, are coming to both the PC and the PS3. Guess SOE feels pretty good about how the development is going and it looks like more of their MMOs will appear on consoles in the future."

"The writer behind DC Comics such as Green Lantern, Action Comics and Justice Society of America will now put pen to paper for MMO, DC Universe Online.

"Having a writer of Geoff's caliber brings even more authenticity to the DC Universe Online, and should provide fans with an exciting new medium for his storytelling skills," said John Blakely, SOE-Austin's VP of Development. "Together with Jim Lee, who is our executive creative director for the game, we are tapping into the very best talent..."

Geoff Johns, a writer for The Justice Society Of America and other DC titles, has paired with SOE to help in the writing of DC Online Universe, a fighting game which allows you to play as Batman, Superman, and tons of other heroes and villains!

"There is no class system in Champions Online. Every level you acquire means you get points to put into powers you have or to pick up new powers. Where DCUO gives you four powers to allow for the four button controls, Champions Online lets you use all your powers at any time while playing."

"Since Marvel bowed out of the MMOG arena for the time being it looks like these are the two 10,000 pound alien-dino-gorillas that will slug it out for superhero supremacy."

DC Universe Online, a MMO game with a bunch of different heroes and villains, was shown at the E3 2008 Sony Press Conference by Jim Lee, who publishes and creates comic books. You will be able to play as any hero or villain, saving the world or causing a lot of trouble in it. Chris Cao, who is the Creative Director for Sony Online Entertainment, told TGR that there will be a playable demo at the Comic Con. The demo will have Superman fighting one of his many foes, Kryptonian A.I. Brainiac. Th...