Koei-Tecmo and the developers at Team Ninja will reveal their newest iteration of Dead or Alive at this years Tokyo Game Show. The trailer has been released, and boy does it look good.

A lot of video games have you staring at your character's backside for hours on end, which is probably why most of them are really, really nice. Here are the 10 best.

listrocker.com bring us 12 real life video game chicks.

12. Pikachu
11. Eva
10. Cammy
9. Chun Li
8. Tifa
7. Samus
6. Felicia
5. Lei Fang
4. Jade
3. Jill Valentine
2. Lara Croft
1. Rikku

"What made the game so fun? We think the swimsuits were the main reason, but here's a quick rundown of the game: In the main story mode, players select a woman to play as for the duration of their two week period. Since the volleyball matches in the game are always two on two, the player automatically begins with a partner."

"Now when most people think of sexually attractive characters in gaming, they usually assume it’s only female characters. Developers know that the men of gaming also have to “look good” too. That’s why we’ve sprinkled in a couple of the hottest men in video games as well."

"While we always try to change things up with a variety of different games and characters, one series always keeps calling us back to it. Tecmo's uber-popular Dead or Alive franchise is packed with some of the best looking characters in all of gaming. We've covered other DoA girls in the past and this week we've finally gotten around to the lovely Lei Fang. Lei Fang is a Chinese college student and T'ai Chi Quan prodigy from the Dead or Alive series, who made her debut in the first Dead or Ali..."

"When it comes to games, this generation of home consoles hasn't seen nearly as many exclusive as systems in the past did. But both Sony and Microsoft have done quite well at securing a few great exclusives each. And of course we're running down the sexiest female characters to appear in those titles. We did a list of the top five sexiest female characters to appear in Playstation 3 exclusives last week and we have to show the same respect to the women of the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 made it pre..."

"Video games are packed with a lot of outrageous and interesting characters. One of the most intriguing things about gaming is that male gamers never have a problem playing as women. Maybe that’s because the female characters aren’t designed to look tough like the male characters. We’ve picked the five hottest female characters in video games."

"This week we chose Ayane who just happens to be Kasumi's half-sister. She's a ninja too, but hates Kasumi. An expert in Ninjutsu, her deadly fighting style has given her the nickname "Female Tengu". She joins in the Dead or Alive World Combat Championship as an assassin in pursuit of her traitor sister, Kasumi, who left the Mugen Tenshin clan behind. Although she would never admit it, Ayane admires Hayate, her half-brother."

"While everyone has been wondering what the next game from Itagaki Tomonobu and his new Valhalla Game Studios will be, another big question has been whether or not the game in question will follow in the foot steps of Itagaki's past titles and be exclusive to a Microsoft console. We may have our answer."

Go Fanboy has released their Cosplay Babe of the Week featuring the popular Tina Armstrong from the Dead or Alive franchise. They've posted twenty-eight images of various cosplayers dressed up as Tina. Also there's a mini-bio for the character of Tina for those unfamiliar with the fighting character.

"People dressing up like their favorite game character has been around for years now. At big game shows such as ComicCon, E3, Tokyo Game Show and other various conventions you will find people dressed up as their or your favorite game characters. Often times you can’t help it but start staring or drooling at some costumes you may see around the convention."

"You may or may not be surprised by our list, but one thing is for sure the ladies from Dead or Alive are included. Check out our Top 10 and tell us what your top 10 is."

"Most classic video game heroes were grizzled and muscle bound dudes, at least until Samus Aran came along. Nintendo's hardcore bounty hunter crushed the notion that female characters couldn't compete with the steroid-using men in most adventure games, and when Tomb Raider's Lara Croft arrived, the following ladies achieved gender equality, thanks to their brains and combat skills."


  1. Casey Lynch
  2. Sonya Blade
  3. Ayumi
  4. Tina
  5. Samus Aran
  6. Juno Eclipse
  7. Cammy
  8. Ashley Graham
  9. Princess Peach
  10. Sophitia
  11. Sarah Bryant
  12. Nina

James Walker of Binge Gamer is almost at the finish line for the Top Games Lists, now releasing the 2005 list. While the Xbox 360 did see a release during this year, it was at the end of the year and none of the first generation of titles were able to make their way on this list when compared to what the older systems were still pumping out. Including many franchises that we are still playing today.

"While the concept was ahead of its time and we are extremely proud of what we've accomplished, it became increasingly clear as this ambitious project evolved, that profitability was too far in the future for us to sustain operations in the interim.

Our goal was to be ahead of the curve in the e-sports space, and we conceived of CGS as a true sports league. We invested wholeheartedly in the venture and presented viewers with a top-notch production, but the economics just didn't add up f..."

"With the news of his recent departure and the release of his final swan-song to the Ninja Gaiden series, Tomonobu Itagaki has had an amazing career.

We've already tackled the history of Ninja Gaiden in our previous retrospective, A History of Violence, but this time we're going back to look at one of Ryu's most influential allies.

In this special feature we look back at the history of the man and how he helped re-shape Tecmo in the early 90s to the company they are today. Join us as w..."

"Perhaps Brodie Bruce put it best when he said “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned for Sega”. Indeed, there is a social stigma that goes along with being a gamer that seems to be at its worst when dealing with the fairer sex. It’s clear that there are female gamers out there, but unfortunately the majority of them just don’t have a spot in their life for a 360. When dating, the videogame topic is one that’s often avoided until absolutely necessary. Girls often turn up their noses at the th..."

Controversial Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki will soon be leaving Tecmo and suing them for 148 million yen (approx $1.4 million) worth of unpaid bonuses.
After president Yoshimi Yasuda told Itagaki that: if he was unsatisfied with the unpaid bonuses he should either leave or sue the company, Itagaki took him up on both offers.

Itagaki was greatly apologetic towards his fans, and disappointed that he wouldn't be able to take charge of Dead or Alive 5.

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For those of you who don't know Monyoum. He's the one who made the popular video Haloid about a Spartan (from Halo) and Samus Aran(Metroid) battle each other before turning their attention to the covenant attack force.

This time he's taken some female characters from Final Fantasy and a couple from Dead or Alive. They then commence an epic battle full of great animation and imaginative moves.