Some people can't listen to game music outside of play sessions. Others find it enjoyable no matter what the time. Ron Hoffecker of has many playlists dedicated to game tracks. This is his list for relaxation. Soothing tunes that help him write.

Dragon Age 3 is on the way, and though the series has itself grounded as a strong contender for best RPG series this generation, the third entry will be vital to the success and life of Dragon Age. With most fans left a little underwhelmed by Dragon Age 2, what can the third entry in the series do to combine what players loved about both games?

With all the press about Mass Effect 3, will EA get its hands on another third entry in a BioWare series and make things worse?'s Dean Martin tells readers what needs to happen in order to avoid another media catastrophe.

"The most recent case of severe internet bullying is the recent incident with BioWare writer, Jennifer Hepler who, after making the conscious decision to include homosexual relationships in Dragon Age II, was subject to intense abuse and harassment not only in a virtual context (leading to the closure of her Twitter account) but also in real life with phone calls in particular."

"BioWare has received a lot of flak lately due to the From Ashes Mass Effect 3 DLC. From what I understand, a bit of the flak is just, as they are alleged to flat-out lie about the timing of development, but there is another side claiming it wasn't 100% complete. Regardless, I have a few cents worth of opinion on the whole issue of DLC in general and how it is dealt with in sales in general.

First, I suppose I don't understand the idea of a "stock" new price. Why "must" games run $59.99? A ..."

"An amazing thing happened recently. I bought Rayman: Origins, put it in my PlayStation 3 and was playing the game in mere moments. It wasn’t until later that I realised something incredible had occurred; I didn’t have to wait to play the game. I thought back to my actions: I put the disc in the console, started the game and then played it. Nothing barged between me and my entertainment. No online passes fell out the case to force me into redeeming fiddly little codes to access features I alre..."

With 2011 wrapping up, PushStartSelect takes a look at the previous year in gaming, and the handful of games that suffered from overhyping. They were not necessarily bad games, but they failed to live up to all the expectations surrounding them.

"We’ve been talking about our favorite games from the last year, but amidst all the instant classics that emerged in 2011, there were plenty of games that seemed on the verge of greatness… until we actually played them. Maybe it was slick marketing, or perhaps franchise loyalty, or completely unfounded optimism, but we all played some games this year that just didn’t live up to our expectations."

There's been a fair amount of furor over EA's supposedly draconian approach to banning people from EA's Origin service. Ever since March of this year, more and more people are coming forward, complaining about how EA banned them from their games. I spend this rant picking apart their arguments.

Relationships in video games is something that looks good on paper but never really hits home. In so many games a "relationship" with another character is more or less irrelevant to the outcome of the game and serves to do little more than offer a way to have a fade away simulate copulation. What we should be seeing is relationships that actually require real decisions with meaningful consequences.

There's no question that Steam is the current leader in the digital game download market. Will the generosity and recent name change be enough for Origin to dethrone the longtime king? It seems like Origin might actually stand a chance.

"Then came Dragon Age: Origins, a game that had not only hot tenting scenes, but also two characters who would swing either way. If you played as a male, and wanted to romance the sultry male elf, Zevran, you could. If you played as a female, and wanted to get it on with the red headed female bard, Leliana, you could."

Metacritic is the go-to place for reviews of all things entertainment but if the user rating scores on that site are all but useless when it comes to video games.

"Simplification of equipment for companions in DA2 versus having access to all gear for companions in DA:O. This I could really go either way on. It can get tedious to equip all your characters with the latest gear, however not being able to put gear on them at all can be aggravating. And [one person] makes an excellent point; we can no longer unequip everything from our companions and have them chat in their skivvies."

"Being released on March 31, the Dragon Age comic book series by IDW Publishing will be bringing the Dragon Age series to gaming and comic book lovers alike. IDW has already proven themselves with such great titles like 30 Days of Night, Locke & Key, Wormwood and much more. Who will be the minds behind the story in this series? None other than Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston!"

The ability to make moral choices seems to be in most RPGs these days including blockbusters like Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 2, and Fallout: New Vegas. Here are three reasons why this feature has no place in video games.

Sex scenes are always the best part of any movie. But video games are a whole different story. Check out this video of Dragon Age II's awkward sex scene.

Dragon Age II represents another step towards the "action RPG." Boasting fast-paced hack-n-slash combat, it is very different from the traditional role-playing experience. In fact, it is very different from the original Dragon Age: Origins.

Is Dragon Age II's fellatio scene detailed in the ESRB Rating BioWare's attempt to create another scandal around Dragon Age II the way they had for Dragon Age: Origins or is it just for fun

"On the surface, CD Projekt's The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and BioWare's Dragon Age II seem to have a lot in common. Both are single-player role-playing games set in dark and gritty fantasy worlds filled with racial tensions and political intrigue. Both offer real-time combat, moral choices and more dialogue than an off-Broadway play. Both games also managed to stir up a little controversy over their "mature" content, whether it was awkward man-on-male elf action or collectible playing ca..."

"Unfortunately, while I enjoyed the DLC, I think it was a bit lackluster. Ariane and Finn, your companions for the quest are nowhere near a replacement for any of your original party. I loved the gameplay of Dragon Age but without the character interaction of the main game the experience is significantly lessened. I could have overlooked all of this though, if the final meet up with Morrigan had been at all satisfying. It felt rushed and lacked a fraction of the emotional resonance of her orig..."

"Dragon Age: Origins was an excellent RPG experience. Nay, it was a mighty RPG experience, evoking the classics of its genre while simultaneously pushing forwards with new ideas. But it wasn’t perfect, and with the announcement of Dragon Age II, this is the perfect opportunity for EA and BioWare to address some (hopefully all) of those issues."

New Dragon Age II concept art shows a little bit of what both magic and mages might resemble. While its just concept art and subject to change it still looks relatively interesting.

"Video games have multiplayer, anymore that’s almost a given. Multiplayer gives people the chance to go out and pit themselves against other people from around the world or it allows for a collaborative effort to achieve victory. But there are some games that either miss the mark, or totaly skip the online process altogether."

"Fight like a Spartan? In absolute truth, I just watched 300 yesterday. BioWare, if you’re going to reveal this little gem, I expect to see oiled-up men in the background clothed in nothing but a minuscule loincloth, with glistening six pack abs. Seriously though, ‘fight like a Spartan’ kinda scares me. It makes me imagine that I’ll be playing Dynasty Warriors rather than Dragon Age."

"Yesterday BioWare released the fine news that Dragon Age II will be coming out next year. March 2011 to be exact. What did this do to the staff of Polish the Console? Well we went positively crazy with delight. We actually thought about stopping work at our real jobs to begin following the releases."