Daav from NoobFeed takes to heart the sequel of the first current gen game he ever played. Will it live up to expectations? From the looks of the demo, it seems we are in for a bigger and better experience in Ferelden.

"The special items will come in the form of two books: “The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall” will provide players with a monetary boost, and “Lothering’s Lament” will offer an increase in experience. As well as these items, players who complete the demo will also receive a dwarven blade called Hayder’s Razor for use in the full game."

"BioWare has heard the pleas of console gamers and went back to the drawing board per se with Dragon Age II. Dragon Age: Origins wasn’t the prettiest looking game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, nor did it contain the most fluid or exciting combat. The PC iteration has also received refinements, but none as obvious as the consoles. Thus, a new direction and focus for the series has been approached. Fans may be in for one of the most enticing role-playing games of 2011."

"Since its initial release last year, Dragon Age: Origins has made quite a name for itself and took it a step further with Dragon Age: Awakenings. EA announced a sequel to the series a while back and now we finally got the chance to watch a demonstration of Dragon Age II."

"Critical Gamer writes: Bear with me fans of Dragon Age, I never played the first one so I have no idea how cool it was nor, for that matter, how bad it might have been. All I know is it was long and it had a huge back story.

Finding Dragon Age II in here took a day, and if anyone who went to Eurogamer 2010 and wanted to check this game out but never spotted it (it wasn’t listed in the guide map handed out on the way in), don’t worry too much, I doubt very much you would have been able to t..."

""Laidlaw then went on to announce that Dragon Age 2 would feature a new combat system. Gone would be the Frankenstein-like transitions between character movements, replaced by what was claimed to be a far more fluid system of control, character animation, and fighting. Interestingly, Laidlaw mentioned that Dragon Age 2 would not leave the tacticians out of the mix either - he noted that they want players to 'think like a general and fight light a Spartan'. This means that queuing up actions w..."