"Since this is just an expansion we still see the same graphics, gameplay, and control. BioWare didn’t revamp the entire system. It’s just an add on and as such we will forgo droning on about them with the same cliched analogies that you’ve heard before. What will ultimately make you want to play Legacy is the question “Is the story in Legacy worth spending $10.00 on?”"

The original Dragon Age game on the next gen consoles, Dragon Age: Origins was a big hit amongst the RPG gamers out there. Now that the sequel Dragon Age II has released, has Bioware improved on the stellar original? Read on to find out.

Dragon Age II has a lot to live up to. The first installment in the series managed to become one of the greatest told stories ever made. Check out the full story to see how the sequel does. Cheers!

Jonathan Mowat takes on the character of Hawke and explorers the city of Kirkwall. Set over 10 years, Hawkes life is played back in a series of edited highlights, taking the idea of cause and effect to a new level. Even the smallest decisions potentially affect the outcome of the game. Does Dragon Age II improve on its predecessors shortcomings, or is it just more of the same?

"Dragon Age II is the critically acclaimed sequel to the 2009 ‘Game of the Year’ Role Playing Game Dragon Age: Origins. The series is best known for its expansive free roaming worlds, gripping storyline and some of the deepest character detail in an RPG game. It has also spawned a number of spin offs including Dragon Age Legends (a Facebook game), Dragon Age Awakening (a whole new adventure expansion to Dragon Age Origins) along with various downloadable content: such as Witch hunt, Return to..."

"Let’s be up front: Dragon Age: Origins was not a good game. It was incredibly derivative and so tediously boring that I nodded off in the middle of its “epic” battle scenes and conversations alike. For anyone familiar with ANY fantasy tale spun since and including Tolkien’s Ring trilogy, Dragon Age was old news before it was even released, offering up nothing unique of its own. For those who had played Mass Effect and especially Mass Effect 2, it was also a thoroughly subpar RPG, even by Biow..."