THQ's online store is hosting a summer blowout sale on eight games for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, including Bodycount, DiRT 3, F1 2011, Metro 2033, MX vs ATV Alive, Red Faction: Armageddon, Red Faction: Guerrilla and Saints Row 2. gets word that Codemasters have successfully snagged the Formula One license for a multi-year deal. This ensures them the exclusive rights to the brand. They will try and diversify their reach in the coming years, such as a free-to-play online version.

Craig Will of has found a deal for you. It's not heavily advertised, or advertised at all really, but Amazon is having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free on PS Vita games. Click the link in the article to be taken to the landing page.

Codemasters released a batch of ten new screenshots from their new racer F1 2011 and it is easy to see why this game has gotten good reviews thus far.

"Codemasters do make great racing games and F1 2011 is a worthy addition to the list. The follow up to well received F 1 2010, it builds on the already strong base while also adding some welcome improvements to handling and aerodynamics that improve the overall experience of the game."

Speed freaks and racing fans, the definitive Formula One racing game has finally hit the shelves! Codemasters has released what is arguably the best Formula One game to date, and one of the best racing games, period.

A new batch of F1 2011 screenshots has been released, and boy does this game look great! The original F1 games already did a great job on the visual front, offering some of the...

"The sequel to the fastest selling Formula One racing game has been given some new screens and a brand new trailer. F1 2011 is a brand new Formula One racing game from Codemasters that will take gamers into the wild and fun world of racing. Check out the screens and trailer below."

"One of the biggest features from the previous game was Live the Life, and they want to make sure you continue to feel as though you’re not only just driving, but experiencing the life behind the scenes."