This comprehensive guide will help you find all 19 data pad hidden throughout the levels for Halo Reach, which was recently released exclusively for the Xbox 360.

"Everybody and their Mothers cousin is downloading and playing the Halo: Reach Beta that was released earlier today on Xbox Live. Unfortunately for the Horde of Xbox Live users the beta doesn’t want to play nice. That is where these helpful tips from Bungie come into play."

"The Halo: Reach Beta is coming up in just a few short hours. SFG’s Farmhands are excited. Y’All are excited. The gaming world is holding its breath in anticipation. To help ease the agony, we farmhands have scoured the Internet, went thru piles of manure to find this vital information that we can bring to you. We want to see gamers everywhere playing their best at Halo this side of the Mississippi. We want to see so many mud holes stomped in the blue, err red team that we have decided t..."