"Love it or hate it, the Halo franchise is, for lack of a better word, one of the main pinnacles of first-person shooting gameplay, across the board. It's easy to point out that the series would probably struggle on the PC, that nothing about it is particularly realistic, or that while first person shooting gameplay has progressed into the realm of role playing games, team-based zombie killing, plot-based multiplayer, Halo has largely ignored most of those gimmicks. Sometimes it can even feel ..."

Bungie's last go with the Halo series and probably one of the most anticipated games of 2010. Will Halo Reach be that last step in the forward direction,or does Halo Reach fail to introduce enough new aspects into the Halo universe?

"It’s play list two in action for the Halo: Reach Beta. This time around the guys from Bungie have released Invasion and Invasion Slayer. Invasion is a three part campaign for Elites, the first and second part consist of getting into the Spartan base and capturing a generator to deactivate the shields that block the Elites from advancing further into the Spartan base."

"Immediately after the download I jumped right back into the Halo universe and it felt like I got smacked in the face. After spending so much time with um …Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 playing Halo: Reach definitely took some getting used to again. I immediately noticed that the button layout was changed up a bit."

"Game Trailers published a new exclusive footage of Halo: Reach. Geoff Keighley from Game Trailers TV interviews Brian Jarrard, the Community Director at Bungie, brought us the latest details on the multiplayer beta and one of the first videos of the new maps and the Invasion mode of the Beta version. The show also presents exclusive footage from Blacklight: Tango Down and Singularity!"

"Because the Halo: Reach Beta is more and more concrete (May 3rd), we have more and more information about the gameplay and story. 1UP revealed a lot of precious news through their preview of Halo: Reach: the headhunter, Invasion Stockpile and Generator Defense."

"Based on all the information coming out about Halo: Reach it seems that Bungie's basic philosophy has been, "The sequels to the first Halo sucked. Let's fix that." We've already seen a little bit of this with Halo: ODST, wherein Bungie returned to some of the core elements of Halo gameplay and ditched many of the changes introduced in Halo 2 and 3. Reach seems to continue this idea while trying to invigorate the franchise by introducing greatly improved graphics and additional gameplay mechan..."