"Shown off at the E3 2010 Kinect unveiling, this unnamed Star Wars title looks to finally allow gamers to swing their own lightsabers and use the force. The game clearly wasn't being played live, but it showed the intended gameplay style. On the surface it appears to be a third person action game that's on rails."

Microsoft's TGS keynote concluded recently, with new game announces galore for XBLA and Kinect for Xbox 360. New games are:

codename D - Grasshopper Manufacture, Kinect
Fire Pro-Wrestling - Spike, XBLA
Haunt - NanaOn-Sha, Kinect
Project Draco - Grounding Inc., Kinect
Radiant Silvergun - Treasure, XBLA
Rise of Nightmares - SEGA, Kinect
Steel Battalion Heavy Armor - Capcom x From Software, Kinect