Guerrilla Games’ Victor Zuylen further comments on the control changes, Playstation Vita remote play possibility and Killzone Trilogy packaging for the upcoming Killzone HD.

A new trailer for Killzone 2, which will be also shown during GC 2008. It is a 3 minute trailer with gameplay footage as well.

When the press conferences are over and the cameras are off, E3 brings out a different side to people. At E3 this year, Miyamoto (who is famous for his family-friendly games such as Mario and Zelda), announced that "E3 is Nintendo's casual game show and that Wii Music is "better than a video game" because it has no scoring system and no competition.
So you wouldn't think he would be interested in a game like Killzone 2, right? Of course he is! Whether just checking out the competition, ...

"To begin with, let's verify that Killzone 2's going to support online matches for two to 32 players and, according to Boltjes, look as good as the single-player campaign. This means that at the most basic level, you're going to be able to find an affair that fits you size and visual needs.

When you start a match, you'll either select Quick Join or Regular Join. The Quick option tosses you into whatever match it can with players of your caliber, while the regular option lets you choose game..."

Wow we seem to have Killzone 2 trailers pouring out of the walls. This one delivered via Three Speech, Sony's semi official blog. This gameplay video seems to have a similar focus on vehicles just like the last one and by god if it doesn't look nice. Go to the source to view it.

GameVideos have got their hands on exclusive Killzone 2 gameplay footage, well at least it was exclusive but thanks to yours truly you watch it right here on Gamegrep. This video presented in HD shows the player working through a number of objectives and gives us a good view of how vehicles will factor into gameplay controlled by both the enemy and you. Click on the source to see it.

Here's something that might wet the appetite of PS3 fans, news from August issue of EGM news featuring Killzone 2 noting that KZ2 will utilize 4 and half of the 6 SPE's of the Cell. This should not only make the great looking physics even better, it should also make the AI that much impressive.

Technical director of Guerilla Games, Michiel van der Leeuw, has stated:

"Sony basically has an international forum for sharing character technology, animation tools and graphics shaders. ~ W...

"Killzone 2 developer Guerrilla Games has stated with confidence that it believes the highly anticipated First Person Shooter has lived up to the expectations of eager fans since the game debuted in trailer form at E3 2005.

"The level of anticipation for the 2005 trailer meant that people expected the biggest thing ever to materialize, and what we’ve shown so far, at last year’s E3 and today means that we’re living up to the expectation," commented Steven Ter Heide, Killzone 2’s senior pro..."

Phil "Game 3.0" Harrison has moved on, but the PS3 developers are still there and it looks like they haven't forgot his teachings. Christopher Grant, a blogger for Joystiq, took a handful of upcoming PlayStation titles out for a little test drive at Sony's Pre-E3 Judge's Event in LA and the one thing he noticed that he wrote down frequently was: community website. Motorstorm: Pacific Rim, Killzone 2, and plenty of other games will have community websites when they are released. It looks like ...

"It will have been over four years since the release of the original Killzone when Killzone 2 hits retail shelves in February 2009. In that stretch of time, PlayStation owners have endured delay after delay in hopes of one day finally getting the opportunity to sit down with the highly anticipated title in order to take down one Helghast at a time. One of the key components to taking down this dastardly enemy of mankind is the weaponry you’ll be equipped with. We’ve taken the time to display t..."

"It will have been over four years since the release of the original Killzone when Killzone 2 hits retail shelves in February 2009. In that stretch of time, PlayStation owners have endured delay after delay in hopes of one day finally getting the opportunity to sit down with the highly anticipated title in order to take down one Helghast at a time. One of the key components to taking down this dastardly enemy of mankind is the weaponry you’ll be equipped with. We’ve taken the time to display t..."

The only gameplay footage we got of Killzone 2 during Sony's Gamer Day was through hand held cameras. And you couldn't hear the game the very well. But You Could hear the people talking. In one of the videos a Sony rep was talking about the game and he happened to mention that each level will take 40-50 minutes to complete. Now we just need to know how many levels there will be.

Yesterday Gamersyde upload the first part of gameplay of Killzone 2 from Sony's Gamer Day. They have uploaded the second part of the video, and sure enough, its as amazing as the first video!

Click on the link to view the video.

"Killzone 2 information has been thin on the ground throughout the game's development. However, Sony and Guerrilla Games threw PlayStation fans a bone yesterday when they not only gave media a chance to play the game, but finally ended speculation around its ship date. An intended February 2009 ship date in Europe was confirmed during the Sony keynote address. SCEE representatives at the game's booth were quick to point out that they could have had the game on shelves this year but chose not t..."

"Fresh from their big PR event today in London, Sony have released some new screenshots from their now-delayed flagship shooter, Killzone 2. And looking at a couple of the in-game shots they chose to release (not the gorgeous one above), it's easy to see why it's been held back. Still looking a little rough in places. Indeed, some of these shots aren't just missing their earlier "target renders", they look more PS2 than PS3! Ah, I kid, but really, there's still a long way to go if they want to..."

Its a busy day todat at Sony's Gamer Day and a lot of info is coming in. And some of that is are some brand new Killzone 2 screenshots. Also check out the video that was just released from the showroom floor.

Killzone 2 is Sony's upcoming sequal to Killzone 1 for the PS2. The first game earth was incaded by the Helghast army and now in the second game, the humans take the fight to the Helghast home world.

Straight from the showroom floor! Brand new Killzone 2 video from Sony's Gamerday! This is the first brand new footage since E3 07. But with some sad news, the game will not hit European store shelves until Febuary 2009. Lets hope they don't push it back for other regions. Click the link to view the video.

Today is is Sony's GamerDay and Killzone is at the event. Along side came this amazing new image of Killzone 2. From the looks of it, it is the same level from E3 07, but in daytime. Amazing nonetheless. The game has also been confirmed for a February 2009 release for Europe.

"5:00 BST: Just to confirm the earlier Killzone 2 release date of February 2009--no news on whether this is worldwide, but as this is a European conference, that will definitely be the Euro release date. [UPDATE] Thus far, this delay has been announced for Europe only.

4:40 BST: Killzone 2 will be released in February 2009 in Europe.

4:28 BST: LittleBigPlanet will be released on the PlayStation 3 in October. Hirai highlights the success of PlayStation Network, and says that communities w..."

Tomorrow SCEE will be holding a press event to show off some of their games. It has already been confirmed that Insomniac will be there tos how off Resistance two, but what about Killzone 2? Well a member at Neogaff said that the game will not be there. But James Stevenson a community manager for Insomniac games said that he was wrong. That most likely meens the game will be in there. And for some of you who are saying that its just a person on a forum, Neogaff is also known to have a lot of ...

With the new edition of High Definition consoles now in stores and selling rapidly like wild fire, the world of video gaming in of itself, is quickly changing. Not long ago you loomed around lazily playing games with a quality so cringing, you literally wanted to rip your eyes out right then and there. But with the new release of all these astounding consoles such as The Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3, the world of gaming has been brightened up and much, much more energizing.

But now, we ...

Whatever you have to say about Killzone you have to admit the Helghast soldiers are pretty badass, imagine having one of those things patrolling your house, you'd never have problems with burglars again.

But while it won't unleash hell on intruders a life sized Helghast statue is for sale on Ebay, this guys stands at about 6 feet tall, is equipped with a detachable StA-52 LAR(Light Assault Rifle). It's made entirely out of fibreglass and can be dismantled and reassembled with ease. And thi...

Some very interesting news from the latest Issue Of PSM3. Free Radical are working on a new LucastArt game which is rumored to be Star Wars: Battlefront 3. Activision has trademarked the name DJ Hero. Sounds just like Guitar Hero right? And most interesting is that sometime in April, Guerilla Games will show off brand new footage of Killzone 2 and PSM3 is invited to the showing. No word if this will be a private viewing.

Can't wait until Killzone 2 comes out this fall? Well why don't you wait until May and buy Guerilla's first ever PSN game: Killzone: Wrath of Hakha? This appears to basically be a Killzone 1.5 with five chapters and three downloadable chapters that lead up to the events of Killzone 2. The developer is staying pretty quiet about the game, however, so not much is known as of yet, though it's been confirmed that the first screenshots will be released after the PSN update.

Thats right, GamePro User's have all chosen Metal Gear Solid 4 as there most anticipated game for the Playstation 3 at the moment with a staggering 57.7% of the vote. Quite incredible that. In second place though follows Gran Turismo 5, third and fourth see the sequels of Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 whilst staggering in for fifth spot is LittleBigPlanet.

In addition to that I assume this is only for Playstation 3 exclusive games as many of you are probably pondering.. Where is GTA:IV! I t...

"According to the latest Sony Computer Entertainment UK release schedule PlayStation 3 gamers will have plenty to keep them occupied this autumn, with three massive titles hitting stores.

Scheduled for release in September Killzone 2, with Insomniac Games' launch title sequel, Resistance 2, pencilled in for a November release.

The titles are likely to go up against some heavy hitters from Microsoft, including Gears of War 2, Fable 2 and Banjo."

Sony is planning to reveal something big at this year's Sony E3 press conference and as the source says it will give them a boost during the holiday season against it's competitors the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

The announcement seems to be either a God of War 3, Killzone 2 or Playstation Home related as the source states.

It is also rumoured that the announcement can also include a public beta test for either titles.

In what can be described as a member Trolling and succeeding, one of Killzone 2's lashed out at a member after a post made by a member known as CowboyJunkie. The dev in question, EON had answered many questions within the Ask the Dev thread, and when faced with a troll suggesting that Killzone 2 IS (not he used present tense and not the future tense) a failure, EON held nothing back...

New Killzone concept art, including images for Killzone 1, Killzone Liberation, and the upcoming Killzone from the artist Xavier Marquis.
Visit the link for the full gallery.

"Unofficial fan site Killzone Unit reports that during the 1UP podcast in question, Electronic Gaming Magazine previews editor Brian Intihar offered that: "Killzone 2 will come out in 2008, no matter what the quality."

Evidently, some expectant fans took this comment to mean that Sony is pressuring Guerrilla Games to get the much talked about sci-fi FPS sequel ready for launch before it is fully finished."

Some disappointing news for LittleBigPlanet and Killzone 2 fans. In Threespeechs 2008 preview, they talked about all the great upcoming games that will hit the Playstation 3. And When they talked about what games will come out in fall, they happened to mention LittleBigPlanet and Killzone 2 on that list. Does this mean the games are pushed that far back, or is ThreeSpeach just off?

"Recall the furore kicked up when it was discovered Sony had utilised target-rendered game footage to bolster the E3 appeal amassed by Killzone 2?

Hmm, well, guilty or innocent, series developer Guerilla Games has this week reacted swiftly to recent claims that screenshots for the eagerly anticipated sequel have been doctored to improve their overall quality."

"Sony have released a new batch of screenshots for Killzone 2. And most of them look great! Lots of nice lighting, lots of explosions, lots of bad guys, lots of dead bad guys, everything you expect. Some of them, though, like the one above, look a little smooth. A little too smooth. Hrmm. But hey, it's a Killzone game, they wouldn't lie to us! Let's give them the benefit of the doubt."

OPM writers head to Amsterdam for their first hands on Killzone 2, which evidently leaves them amazed at the level of detail the game has. They've also taken it so far to saying that Killzone 2 is a 'notch ahead' to anything that's currently out on consoles.

With more good news talking about the Playstation 3, it seems that it's going to do very well next year.

"The de-saturated colour palette, and the fact that Helghan is such an inhospitable hole, should mean that the game looks drab. The fact it doesn't is down to an array of visual tricks, the most important of which is deferred rendering, which involves blending the effect of light sources on an object..*snip* makes the city look incredibly dynamic with light and shadow changing constantly as a result of muzzle flashes, burning wreckage and jags of lighting"

Is it easy to get Halo 3 and Killzone 2 mixed up? Well I'd think not, but apparently, someone wasn't doing their job (again) at the BBC when they checked the videos that they were going to show. One of the clips can clearly be seen to be from Killzone 2, and on the top left corner you can clearly see the words "Halo 3"... someone at the BBC should HONESTLY check these things with gamers first....

It truely is an Unbiased trailer showing how the XBOX was defeated by PS3 after the two rival games (Halo 3 and Killzone 2) were released.

Created by Sony's Defence Force, the video yet once more fails to be clever or entertaining. Take a look at it yourself and give your opinions of the video:

Electronic Gaming Monthly has decided to pit Halo 3 for the Xbox 360 against Killzone 2 for the Playstation 3 and compare the AI. In short, they say that Halo 3 has really smart enemies, but it's the total opposite for the Killzone 2 and it has dumb enemies. While they can't know for sure which will be better we shall soon be able to see for ourselves with the releases of the two games.

"As the fighting between the capabilities of the three individual consoles continue, KillZone 2's developer, Guerilla, has spoken fighting words during an interview with UK's Official PlayStation Magazine."

GameStop has just released a 25 minute video of Killzone 2. This video is a demonstration played by the developer as he takes you through the level. Killzone 2 is Sony's next flagship first person shooter and is set for a winter 2008 release. Click the link to view the trailer.

"The rocket launcher in Killzone 2 is pretty awesome. We had only had the Sixaxis controller in our hands for a few minutes when we ran across the behemoth and hoisted it onto our shoulder, but as we ducked down a dark alleyway and lightning crackled overhead, we couldn't wait to use the thing."

"Early 2008 is still the only date we have for Sony's PS3 flagship FPS Killzone 2, but never mind - because we've six new screenshots right here for your viewing pleasure."

The BBC has a 'brand spanking' new video for Killzone 2. This isn't all game play. The developer walks you through the game. He talks about all the small things they added in the game that you should pay attention to. Go to the Source to see the Video.

"To be honest, for weeks I didn't even know that any actual gameplay footage existed, because the E3 video I saw basically ended after the cut scene finished, showing only show a few very brief, fleeting clips of combat. However, a few days ago I came across an extended version of the trailer video, which actually does give you a (mostly) uninterrupted view of a few minutes of play time.

So, since no one else seems capable of giving a proper analysis and report on what we've seen of Killzo..."

"Throughout the campaign, players will encounter lifelike and adaptable artificial intelligence (A.I.) from enemies as well as fellow soldiers, destructible environments, and stunningly detailed scenery. Additionally, players will be tasked with utilizing a host of new weapons and vehicles in the war to stop the Helghast. Featuring an extensive single-player campaign and thrilling multi-player mode, Killzone 2 delivers a host of new game play elements and an intense storyline that will once ag..."

Killzone 2 and Call of Duty 4, both fantastic games coming for the PS3. Which is better though? Killzone is a short franchise, but the game has been expected for a very long time and it sure wants to live up to it's hype. Call of Duty has more games and has been running for a long time, based on real events. Which will be better? You decide in this video comparison.

No sooner had Guerilla Games unveiled its impressive E3 trailer for Killzone 2 than the usual 'Halo killer' chatter started spreading about the Net as the fanboys drooled enthusiastically. And why not, Killzone 2 certainly looks the part... though it does 'feel' decidedly Gears of War. Anyway, the first morsels of info related to gameplay are beginning to surface. Check 'em out.

Tired of looking at the numerous articles for screenshots and minor updates about a game your interested in? Well if that game is being published by Sony on one of their consoles, then the chances are that they have released new information and screenshots for them. You don't have to go far to look for the information either, as it is indexed below, by platform. These are the images and details about the games coming straight from Sony for E3 2007, so take a look at be sure to discuss the ima...

"how does it play?

We immediately took refuge behind a berm, hit L1 to drop into a crouch, shouldered our standard-issue ISA assault rifle and started shooting at our Helghast opponents. Pushing in R3 on the right analog stick gave us the iron sight view through the assault rifle's scope--which, when we informed our Sony and Guerrilla hosts was the aspect of the demo which had most impressed us, gave them a bit of pause, followed by minor hilarity, until we explained ourselves further. It..."

"With Sony's press conference in the past, we've created a roundup of all the small, but significant, announcements and confirmations. This year, Sony allowed very little time for the audience to ponder and absorb, so a lot of the groundbreaking revelations were not emphasised. This was of course a good thing, as it showed that Sony had a lot of things to say. So aside from the major announcements, such as MGS4, Haze and UT3 exclusivity, here are the other tidbits:

- 200 games on Blu-ray an..."

"Q: What are some of the key impressions you want to make with gamers after seeing Killzone 2?

A: We want people who see the game to say "Wow! What a rush!" We hope that they see the level of detail, intensity, and chaos we have put into building the game and are really excited to see and hear their reactions.

Q: Did any military personnel or other professional advisors help with the design of Killzone 2?

A: Not military, but we did work with Hollywood special effects people
What ..."

We've waited forever and ever and ever for information on Killzone 2. Questions arose about Killzone 2's capabilities since the 2006 E3 trailers. Well, most our questions are finally answered and the wait for real in-game action and information is no more, it's all finally here. Straight from E3 comes Killzone 2 information, preview, impressions, and high quality screen shots. The game looks very impressive and very well done! From what it seems, it is no less than what most of us have e...

"The first in-game image for Sony's PS3 blockbuster Killzone 2 has appeared on the Internet.

The USA Today website hosts the image, which is apparently taken from the single-level demo being shown to press tonight at E3. Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell will be there, so expect our thoughts as soon as humanly possible.

Killzone 2 was one of the first titles shown alongside the PlayStation 3 two years ago at E3 2005. The lavish and eye-popping trailer had press salivating, but unfortunately concr..."

Some one, some how, has managed to get their hands on some stunning Killzone 2 concept art. Including a picture of a vehicle, some new soldiers and what looks like a weird creature, why not take a look at the screenshots (below) yourself and make a decision as to how great the game looks just from the Concept Art. If the game looks this good I will be shocked and only 2 more days until we might see something.

"Some new info of Killzone 2 from Power Unlimited magazine.

3. Will Killzone 2 hit stores in September?

Expectations for the PlayStation 3 premier shooter are high, and Sony aims to release Killzone 2 during September. In an upcoming GamePro issue, sources close to Sony claim that development on Killzone 2 is going extremely well and the game should hit stores in September right before the holiday season. One GamePro editor wrote, that in comparison with Halo 3 and other shooters on bot..."

"Many are taking the invite as proof that the new Killzone will be at this year's E3. Any further doubts were largely dispelled by the fact the Federal Express envelope the invitation came in bore the words "Killzone 2 Invitation" on the front."