The Kinect has fallen prey to poor review scores and software since its initial release. Why? Cassidee from shares her thoughts, and offers us some titles that don't disappoint.

Daav from shares thoughts about the issues Kinect could be facing in the long run. While the core product promises a lot of technological prowess, Microsoft might need to follow through on a good idea.

"For me, an advert invading my game space is a bit like having a morbidly obese monster sit on your face. Unnecessary, weird and more than a bit scary. The gaming landscape used to be pretty much devoid of these adverts, but with the introduction of Kinect and my experiences so far with the plethora of advertising these games seem to have, I'm beginning to worry what the future will hold for in-game advertising. Are we destined soon to have loading screens that are adverts like we see on telev..."

"Owning a virtual pet is a great idea, as you avoid having to clean up messes while still teaching kids traditional values. Some games are better than others though, and EyePet was too much of a one-trick pony for the PlayStation Move. There is plenty of content in Microsoft’s pet sim for the Kinect, Kinectimals, to warrant a purchase – just as long as you’ve got a properly aged player to appreciate it."

Why is a sports site reviewing a pet simulation game? Well, it is on the Kinect, and, hey, it's nowhere near the annoying level of Tamagotchi, despite the fact that it's as cute as all get out. Enjoy.

"Another year is just about over, which usually means it’s time to look back and take stock of the last twelve months—the good times, the bad times, the surprises, and of course, the regrets. This is especially true of the video game industry, in which bad choices can be costly, both in time commitment and cash. Let’s take a look at some of the 2010 titles that you probably could have skipped."

"2009 E3 Microsoft announced Project Natal, showing the public for the first time a whole new way of gaming control. The hype train was in full swing and would continue to build months after. One year later Microsoft gives their project an official name 'Kinect'. What is Kinect? And now that it has officially hit the Australian public has it been worth the time and effect Microsoft has invested? And will it do what we have seen at live E3 demonstrations? Let's find out."

"Do you remember Tamagotchi? First sold in Japan by Bandai in 1996, the tiny handheld device allowed kids to hatch their very own digital pets and raise them. With the press of a button, you could feed your pet, play with it, clean up its "accidents" and give it medicine when it got sick. Failure to respond to your little egg-shaped overlord's needs usually resulted in its death, leading many schools to ban the device when children became more preoccupied with it than with their work."

"Gather around, for I am about to tell you the horror stories of Microsoft’s shiny new motion-controlled revolution, the Kinect. Bringing in promises of sunshine and lollipops, many have told their horrific experiences with the device this past week. Let’s just say they aren’t pretty."

"Since the original unveiling of Kinectimals at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) earlier this year, it has long been known that the limited edition retail package would include one of the plush toys that offer an additional animal to be unlocked in the game. Now, Microsoft has revealed that that plush toy will be based on a Maltese Tiger."

"Yoga, Zumba and dance. A hedgehog, sorcerer and lion cub. Rapids, moguls and race tracks. Microsoft today unveiled 19 ways for you to jump into the action with the final launch line-up of games for Kinect for Xbox 360. Completely free from controllers, Kinect immerses you in dance and fitness, racing and sports, action, adventure and party games, offering something for everyone on your Christmas gift list."

"This morning Microsoft officially announced the Xbox Kinect Launch Title Lineup via Larry Hyrb aka Major Nelson's blog. There are 17 titles, just one shy of the original Xbox 360 launch title amount in 2005. While there are no big suprises in the lineup below, there are some gems like Dance Central from Harmonix which I am very much looking forward to.

As detailed in previous software lineup reveals, there are a lot of sports and casual games in the initial selection which will be expanded..."

According to a listing by online retailer GameStop, the upcoming Kinect launch game, Kinectimals, which is slated for November, will be getting a limited edition.

"With the PlayStation Move Move getting rave reviews and Kinect facing an upcoming wordwide realease on November 4th, it’s only natural to expect Microsoft to crank out the advertising. Here’s the first batch:"

This is an editorial from one of our contributing writers at DualShockers who feels that the whole motion craze is a fad and that PS Move is no better than Microsoft's Kinect.

"There has been much comparison of the Kinect to the existing Wii by Nintendo. Announcement of the Kinect for the Xbox 360 threatens to challenge to cordless nature of the Wii and bring you console gaming with no controller at all. The Wii brought us Wii Fit, as well as many other games for the console that allowed you to get up and get moving, even if you had never before played video games. The Wii also featured many family-friendly games, which is typical of Nintendo, and there were many op..."

"Since Microsoft finally got around to pricing Kinect, I felt it was time to take a moment, step back and really absorb what the hell exactly we were looking at as an overall package to assess really whether or not it is worth $100 bucks. Why do I say $100? Simple. By including Kinect Adventures in the bundle for people who already own an Xbox and titles for the motion detecting camera retailing on Amazon for roughly $50 dollars, why wouldn’t I think that? Besides, for the underlying offering,..."

The debate about Kinect continues on strongly in the gaming circles within the Xbox fraternity, but really, what does it mean for the average gamer.

OXCGN believes it means more new IPs, new innovative games (not including Kinect based games) and a broader acceptance of games as a whole in the general community, especially with families.

Come check out their slant on things, and the news that the Kinect package will land Downunder this November, with Official news coming from Xbox Austr...

"Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has confirmed that Kinect will indeed be the long-rumored $150 price when it is released this November. He also reveals that it will be bundled with Kinect Adventures."

"Microsoft and Macy’s kicked off their in-store demos of Kinect for Xbox 360 on Thursday for 13 select stores across the nation. The Lenox Square Mall Macy’s in Atlanta is one of those select stores so I headed over with the two best casual gamers I know that are part of the target audience, my kids Cody (8) and Karli (4)."

"The video game industry has constantly increased its presence at the yearly Comic-Con and this year's 40th edition is no exception. Microsoft alone is coming heavy with some of its biggest Xbox 360 franchises this year with panels and playable demos for Halo: Reach, Gears of War III, Fable III, Kinect and more."

"As we reported the other day, Macy's stores are playing host to playable Kinect "preview stations" across the country starting on July 15. The 13 select cities that will have a Macy's with Kinect were released today and they are primarily in big cities as expected."

"If the E3 presentation with the casual game focus and the Justin Bieber concert tie-in weren't big enough clues that Microsoft is trying to broaden the appeal of the Xbox 360 via the Kinect motion-sensing camera, then we've got another example for you. Macy's has announced that 13 stores across the nation will be home to Kinect demo setups that will allow people to come in and try out the new Xbox accessory starting July 15."

"Many observers watched Microsoft's E3 press conference this year and asked, "Where's Milo?" If you remember back to E3 2009, you may remember a demo during Microsoft's E3 press conference that showed a woman interacting with a young virtual boy named Milo via the Xbox 360 and Project Natal (now Kinect). Milo was there on stage in part. He just changed species to a tiger cub and was named Skittles. According to Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, the Milo we originally saw will stay in the labs."

"Much has been made about the rumored $150 price for the Xbox 360 Kinect especially in comparison to the $100 price for the PS Move bundle that was announced at E3. Some say that price is too expensive for a product targeted towards the casual market. Others say that the price is in line with similar offerings from the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3. However, what about the price of the games?"

"On this episode of onTopic Andreas, Craig and Ronnie discuss the Microsoft E3 press conference (Kinect, Fable 3, Black Ops mad MGS Rising) Ubisoft press conference (Child of Eden, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Ghost Recon and Driver) along with the EA press conference (Bad Company 2, Medal of Honer and Sims 3.)"

Well E3 2010 is definitely here. With Microsoft's conference now done, All Age Gaming brings you a comprehensive summary of the announcements at Microsoft's conference. Some exciting stuff indeed.