The Instant Game Collection titles for August 2015 have finally been announced. PlayStation Plus members will have access to a solid list of six games this month.

This month's Playstation Plus Update will include a Battlefield 4 Trial for PS3 and Limbo for the Vita available for free starting on May 27. Several games will expire on June 6.

Last Gen brought us so many quality AAA games that is easy to forget about the little indie developers, many times struggling to survive in a medium where a high budget and high definition graphics seem to be the go-to formula for success.

"Since its release in 2010, Playdead’s award-winning platformer Limbo has sold over three million copies, an impressive number for any studio’s first official title. Yesterday, the Dutch developers dropped a bit of surprise on the gaming world, announcing that their monochromatic side-scroller will release on iOS on July 3rd."