"Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has launched a free-to-play mini-game, Whack-A-Deviant. The latest challenge in the ongoing series of ‘Victor Ludus’ contests, all gamers who accept the challenge are entered into a prize draw with the chance of winning a PlayStation Vita system and a copy of Little Deviants."

"Over the past few months Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has made a regular effort to distribute free promotional items for their popular titles, the latest of which to benefit is Unit 13. The recently released PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) exclusive is the feature title of this latest promotion, which also includes Resistance: Burning Skies, LittleBigPlanet and Little Deviants."

"GamingUnion: "It has been about a month since Sony's new portable, the PlayStation Vita, launched in the West. Considering the dramatic changes which have taken place within the handheld landscape as of late - most importantly, the smartphone/tablet revolution lead by Apple's iOS platforms - there's been a lot of talk amongst gaming enthusiasts about the fate of Vita and Nintendo's 3DS. With that in mind, the initial commercial and critical reception to Vita will be very important in shaping ..."

"Every new platform needs a tech demo, a game that’s designed to showcase everything new and gee-whiz it has to offer. The Nintendo DS had Yoshi Touch ‘n Go. The Nintendo Wii had Wii Sports. And for better and worse, the PlayStation Vita has Little Deviants."

"GamingUnion: "Many of the PlayStation Vita's launch titles have been designed to show off some of the system's new capabilities. but this has often been done in superfluous ways. You're either lumbered with touch-screen mechanics where they weren't necessary, or the use of the gyroscope when it adds nothing. Enter Little Deviants, a game that's specifically designed to use these new capabilities, with almost no traditional means of control. It's a good idea in theory - what better to demonstr..."

Looks like there are a few decent pre-order bonuses for the Vita. Target has free shipping, a giftcard, and a $10 off code that can be used. There is also the Playstation Vita First Edition bundle which Amazon has. Gamers will get the system early and a few other bonuses for a little higher cost. Goozernation has the full details on the pre-orders for the Vita

Sony has announced twenty five software titles for the launch lineup of PlayStation Vita, boasting the biggest launch lineup across the history of PlayStation platforms. Click to find out what games will be coming out day one!

The download sizes have been revealed for the big batch of launch games and applications for Sony’s Playstation Vita, which is now available in Japan.

Sony announced that the PS Vita will launch a week early in North America; the limited edition bundle will come packaged with a memory card, a 3G Vita, and a copy of Little Deviants. More details in the full story.