Electronic Arts, who recently revealed that they have no games in development for Wii U, says that they will resume development when it becomes a "viable" platform.

GG3 receives news of EA's trial tribulations. It failed to receive a dismissal in a multi-million case of breach of contract for its Madden series, reaching all the way back to Apple II and Commodore 64 days. a lengthy legal document about the case hides in it the roots of just how yearly releases were conceived.

This week’s Indie Arcade, after coming back from a week off, is dedicated to some of the most obscure indie game titles you’ve probably never heard of before.

A simulation of Super Bowl 47 run on Madden NFL 13 by EA Sports has predicted that the Baltimore Ravens will come out on top despite being real life underdogs.

The solid but highly unpolished PlayStation Vita version of Madden NFL 13 receives a significant performance boost thanks to a massive title update from EA Sports.

Ron from Leviathyn.com talks about the disappointment that is Madden NFL 13 on the PlayStation Vita, and how it doesn't meet the same standard that the console versions do.

""The new changes blend well with the gameplay that gamers have come to know with the Madden series. Whether you are a casual or hardcore Madden player, Madden NFL 13 is fun for everyone. The Infinity Engine helps make gameplay more fluid while the Connected Careers makes online gameplay a video game version of Fantasy Football." --Mark Gibson, GAMINGtruth.com"

Several new details have been revealed by online retailer, Amazon.com, for the upcoming “Official Player's Guide” of the multiplatform title, Madden NFL 13.

Gamesta.com recaps most relevant news from Electronic Arts. The publisher had a very busy week and announced a bunch of things, such as new content, Wii U implementation, a new game and a lawsuit. And you should download the free Secret World weekend right now, while it's still going.

"Usually games are available for purchase much earlier than they are actually released. That’s done to make sure, you, the gamers, get the game as soon as soon as it comes out. You can pre-order that game at most large retailers such as Amazon, GameStop.com, Walmart.com, etc. In order to entice you to pre-order a particular game at their store vs. their competitors’, Amazon usually offers $10 to $20 pre-order credits for specific games they want you to buy from them. These pre-order credits ar..."

"Electronic Arts kicked things of with Dead Space 3, promising ‘the most immersive, spine tingling adventure yet’. Presenting a new character and drop-in/out co-operative play, questions remain over just how the team at Visceral Games hope to deliver on such a promise. From the brief glimpse of his character that was offered, John Carver appears to be the kind of guy that any marketing team will tell you appeals to the core 16-24 year old male demographic, and that anyone with an ounce of imag..."

"Microsoft also unveiled Smart Glass, a service that allows a multi-device connection between Xbox 360, tablets, and smartphones. Basically, they nabbed the idea behind the Wii-U, but instead of requiring customers to purchase an exclusive tablet, Microsoft has cobbled together a type of mini-cloud with the devices we already own. Instead of investing in a new peripheral, they simply integrated all our devices into a new service. This will work well with the multi-media angle Microsoft has bee..."

EA released their E3 lineup today. With the likes of Dead Space 3, Need for Speed, and Battlefield 3 DLC, it looks to be a strong showing for the publisher. So, why does it feel a little...underwhelming? Cassidee from Leviathyn.com shares her thoughts.

"EA always has a big E3.

As arguably the number one publisher in the industry, Electronic Arts is never short on AAA titles to show off every June at the Los Angeles Convention Center. In 2011, EA stole a lot of the spotlight thanks to Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now the gaming giant looks to wow this year’s crowd with another top-tier shooter franchise, a new set of sports games, expansion packs for one of its most successful titles, and more."

Console players are looking at a jam packed Fall schedule now that things are getting cleared up and announced. There are still plenty of titles waiting for confirmed dates but the ones that already have them are looking nice. Home consoles this year = hurt wallets.