"NBA Jam was a 16-bit classic, a hero of the genre that many still idolise today. And now they can do just that on Windows Phone as Electronic Arts and Nokia have brought the mobile edition to Nokia Lumia handsets."

In this age of online gaming, local multiplayer games have become mostly a thing of the past. Even so, Matt Beaudette of Gaming Irresponsibly counts down his favorite local multiplayer games of the past and present.

EA has finally put out the downloadable version of NBA Jam. This, despite the snafu's EA has had with both the disc retail version of the game, as well as their issues with NBA Live Elite.

Did EA make a comeback? Is the $15 price point enough to convince you to give this game another shot? Read the review to find out more

"If like both bobble heads and the NBA you’re strange, but also in luck, because NBA JAM: On Fire Edition is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. I hope you’re prepared for some silly yet satisfying NBA action coming your way soon."

In honor of the 4th of July EA is running a sale on some of their iOS and PC download games. There are over 50 iOS games on sale. Most of the iOS games are $0.99 and this includes titles like Dead Space and NBA Jam. For the PC download sale such titles as Mass Effect 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 are on sale

NBA Jam is a must have for any modern console. Its great to have the series back after so many years without. Outside of updated teams, and a few new modes, NBA Jam plays like the classic game so many gamers fondly remember from the early 90s in the arcade or on the Genesis. Best of all the game can be found for right around $20 currently.

In this episode, the crew talks about Portal 2 co-op, L.A. Noire (spoilers), Infamous 2, Red Faction: Armageddon, Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale, The Avatar Legends (XBL Indie), Bulletstorm, NBA Jam, The Kinect, PSN, and plenty of other lovely topics. Plus, they have a special giveaway to celebrate Memorial Day.

EA Mobile has kicked off a new contest for NBA Jam where you can win a customized iPod Touch 4, or one of 70 game codes. You can also get customized ring tones and wallpapers as well!

NBA Jam has made its way to the App Store this week, with a release for iPhone and iPod Touch. But can the arcade basketball game buy a bucket on the portable front? Find out in our review!

Shortly after announcing its existence to begin with, EA Sports has finally given a release date for its iPhone/iPod Touch game NBA Jam. You can get your jam on tomorrow, February 10, in the app store.

NBA Jam will soon be jam-ming its way to iPhone and iPod Touch, and from the looks of it, it will be a very faithful port to the console games that have been making the rounds since last year.

Though official details are still forthcoming, EA Mobile has confirmed that NBA Jam is soon coming to iPhone and iPod Touch, bringing the power of boomshakalaka to portable gaming!

NBA Jam was one of the most prolific games ever created and showed sports fans that over-the-top arcade style gameplay can be an absolute blast. But does the NBA Jam reboot on current-gen consoles have all the right moves to grab some crucial points?

NBA Jam has finally arrived on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, a month and a half after its original promised date. However, since that time, EA Sports has tweaked it to the point that it's become a peak performer.

Gameplaybook has a fresh batch of new NBA Jam screenshots featuring Scottie Pippen and several other NBA legends in over-the-top action. Click through to see all the dunks you can possibly handle!

"Resurrection is often looked upon as one of the go-to moves in the video game industry. Digging up beloved titles of the past and adding next-generation flavor or keeping in tune with the nostalgic roots has been a popular decision with many publishers this generation of consoles. So after much demand, Electronic Arts finally delivered the reboot to the NBA Jam franchise and the end result is rather exciting at times."

Check out these fresh new screenshots for EA Sports' NBA Jam on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, featuring Blake Griffin and other rookies in action as they go flying for the dunk! Kaboom!

Gameplaybook has recently posted eleven new screens from EA Sports' NBA Jam remake, complete with two match-ups that will actually be tipping off the new NBA season tonight. Are you ready for some hardcore b-ball?

NBA Jam will be slammin' it home on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next month, complete with all the features that made the Wii version a hit, along with online compatibility and a number of new modes! Boomshakalaka!

It's official- NBA Jam is slamming home just in time for Thanksgiving! We have the official specs, price and release date for EA Sports' slamma-jamma arcade basketball game for Xbox 360 and PS3. Find out more!

After weeks of speculation, EA Sports has confirmed that NBA Jam will be a full blown retail release when it hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 closer to the holidays. Sadly, there's still no official release date as of yet.

Word through a Gamefly rental listing indicates that EA Sports is taking the full retail route for NBA Jam on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and that the game will be set to go on November 18. Bookshakalaka!

Want to unlock all the cool political characters (and uncool ones- heyoooo!) in NBA Jam? Want access to the Beastie Boys, the mascots and the SportsNation team? We've got the codes that give you the chance to play as your favorites!

The 90s basketball game that revolutionized the phrase "He's on fire!" is back again on the Wii, with the trademark gameplay still intact...and Obama.

After being gone for far too long, the beloved NBA Jam series has a new game in stores this week, and as always it features unlockable politicians like President Obama and Sarah Palin. Here are five more politicians who should be included in the game!

NBA Jam makes a miraculous return to the Nintendo Wii, bringing all the energy and excitement of the arcade original with it. But can the new modes and game controls really make a difference? Find out in our review!

NBA Jam is no stranger when it comes to hidden, secret characters. But the Wii version, now on shelves, is bringing a whole political rally your way, complete with Obama, the Clintons, Biden, McCain and Palin! Someone call financers!

EA have just announced that there will be three free down-loadable modes of the ever popular basketball arcade game, NBA JAM when you get NBA Elite 11! More info after the jump.

Played during EA's recent Studio Showcase, NBA Jam for the Wii combines classic modes with the all-new Remix Tour, which adds Street Fighter-like game elements to the fold, as told to The Kartel by EA Sports' creative director Trey Smith. The new mode is a refreshing take on basketball games and highlights more of the game's accessibility to all types of gamers.

"When I first saw NBA Jam on the Wii back in March I was immediately blown away by how the team at EA Vancouver was able to capture the old school gameplay and still make it feel new. At this year’s E3 I got a chance to play an updated version of the game, and although there didn’t seem to be a huge difference between this build and the build I played earlier in the year, I did notice the motion controls are more accurate. Plus, they introduced a few legendary players into the mix. After playi..."

The latest screens for the upcoming Nintendo Wii exclusive revival of the classic arcade basketball series, NBA Jam, were released at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

"When EA announced that they were bringing back NBA Jam and only on the Wii, like everyone else I was a little skeptical. I was afraid they would try to take the license and create something new that deviated from the classic gameplay. Thankfully as the development team said themselves “if we couldn’t create a game that had the same feeling as the classic NBA Jam, then we wouldn't have made it at all”. That sums up my experience with NBA Jam on the Wii. The controls are different, but the game..."

The new NBA Jam could be one of the most anticipated sports titles in a long time. While remaining faithful to the original, EA Canada's revamp also showcases new features that should also impress newcomers to the franchise. Check out The Kartel's first hands-on impressions on the Wii title inside.

"The Nintendo Wii is currently the top console on the market this generation, and Nintendo and its third-party publishers are going to make sure that it stays on top of the game. There will be plenty of new titles to play this year -- sequels to popular franchises as well as new IPs, both on retail disk as well as digital download -- so don't think for a second that it'll be a "sparse" and "light" 2010 when it comes to Wii gaming.

Here's a quick look at the games we're most looking forward ..."

"Just last week EA announced the revival of the NBA JAM franchise. While they haven’t said much about the upcoming title they are giving fans a chance to vote for the players they want to see in the game. The first week of voting has already come and gone but it was only for the Kings, the Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder, so nothing really lost there. This week’s voting is almost over but there are still 3 days left. The teams up for voting in Week 2 are the Timberwolves, the Grizzlies and ..."

Could the old school NBA Jam series of video games, which had its last entry back in 2003, finally get a revival? EA has even go so far as to hire on the original creator Mark Turmell to helm the remake as well as a few other key sports games.

"Without a doubt the best football game ever made, and you could only choose between 8 plays! This game goes to show how much simplicity dominates complexity in video games, not to mention the fact that you could throw a 110 yard hail mary with 5 seconds left on the clock to win the game and leave player 2 stunned, jaw dropped to the floor, mumbling to himself “you can’t do that in real life!”; and that is just it. This is not simply just some “real” football game. It expands the limits of rea..."