This crossover of impeccable talent seems to be a best case scenario the likes of which we rarely get to see in the industry. Fans of the original game can rest easy, knowing that the leads that gave it its identity are working on the sequel, while everyone else can enjoy the knowledge that we will be getting another ridiculously smooth and polished action experience from Platinum Games.

From Final Fantasy VII Remake, Fallout 4, Dark Souls III, Shenmue III, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, Kingdom Hearts 3, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness to Fire Emblem Fates and Bravely Second (was officially revealed before E3 but still very close.) RPG Fans will have so much to look forward to going forward.

Hands down this generation had some of the best games in several generations. People will talk about the Uncharted series, Dishonored, Skyrim, Mario Galaxy, Skyward Sword and the list goes on and on. But what about those non-AAA games which maybe didn't get the reviews they deserved, such as Shadows of the Damned?, Spec Ops The Line, Bulletstorm, Nier, Kingdoms of Amalur, El Shaddai, Alpha Protocol, Enslaved Mirror's Edge and so many more. Goozernation has a big list and for most gamers there...

""In video game discussions, you’ll hear all sorts of terms being tossed around to describe a game’s social standing. “Overrated” someone will say, as they describe the latest Call of Duty and make the claim that it doesn’t deserve all its praise. “Underrated” someone will say, as they describe the latest Animal Crossing title and claim that people should appreciate it more, or that they simply just “don’t get it”. Then there’s a lesser-used term: “Under the radar”.""

"Nier is not the kind of game that will immediately grab you and pull you in, but then neither was Final Fantasy XIII. Both games don’t even start to get going until the 15-hour mark. The difference between the two is Nier is going to be forgotten - a tragic end to a hugely underappreciated developer, Cania. Tragic, because in many ways Cania's dark and gloomy style is the superior game."

Game Podunk blogger, IWX writes on 5 highly anticipated games only to realize the game weren't as good as they're supposed to be. Read on for more and to find what went wrong with these games.

David "Snarkasaur" Stewart of Spawn Kill reviews the latest "action-rpg" to come out of developer Cavia's twisted group of minds. Read the full review to see where this game makes its mark.

""Everything in the game is presented in a serious tone, though it’s hard to take the game seriously when your main party consists of a wisecracking book and a lingerie-wearing hermaphrodite with a filthier mouth than a Tarantino script. Most of the game seems to have been developed around a core concept of “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” though there’s not enough cool to forgive some of the lack of polish to be found within the game.

Nier has loads of ambition but it drops the ball in several ar..."

This week Yahtzee rips into the cavia-developed, Square Enix-published NIER, an action RPG that's been getting mixed reviews.

Head to the source for his take.

"Nier is a missed opportunity. There are moments when the storytelling shines, but those are few and far between in a pretty drab quest-laden game with boring missions and fetch quests. The combat also lacks depth and finesse, and the whole experience just seems to plod along without a lot of reward."

"Two hot racing demos are now available with today's update of the PSN Store. Split/Second for the PS3 takes you for a spin around a track that's rigged to explode to take out your competitors while ModNation Racers for the PSP is a highly customizable kart racer."

While it was nowhere as big as March, April still saw many great new releases, especially on the home console front. Here are five games that stood out from the rest of the pack.

According to Media Create, Nier Replicant on the Playstation 3 is the best-selling game in Japan for the week that ended on April 25th despite the reported shortages.

Nier is an action-RPG putting players in the shoes of a father attempting to cure his daughter of a terrible plague. The game was produced by Square Enix, and features a fast, new style of gameplay not usually seen in their RPG titles. Yesterday, they released the game's launch trailer.

Nier Replicant (PLaystation 3) and Nier Gestalt (Xbox 360) are apparently selling above Square Enix's expectations as the games are becoming hard to find in Japan.

"After a couple of slow weeks for game releases gamers can finally expect to see things pick up. In fact, this week is but a precursor to the month of May when the game releases get kind of crazy."

This week in All Age Gaming' The Week That Was we discuss worldwide Xbox 360 sales, new Halo Reach info including the different retail versions it will release in, our own Alan Wake hands-on and Remedy Q&A, Gran Turismo 5, Vidzone TV, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and more.

Although not nearly as jam-packed as last month, April is still a great month for new game releases with many exciting upcoming titles slated for release.

"Square Enix is partnering with DC Comics imprint Wildstorm to create a custom comic series that will explore the rich and mysterious back story of the upcoming Action-RPG NIER. NIER will be available for PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 at North American retail outlets on April 27, 2010."

Square Enix today have released a new trailer for the upcoming PS3 and XBOX360 title NIER. Watch the video below, as it introduces Nier's companion, Kaine

" writes:
Square Enix is known for games that are not only fairly deep in terms of storyline, but also graphically impressive. NIER is about to add another element to the mix - one in which the titular character, Nier, has a life with pastimes that can affect elements in the game. Ok, Nier does a fair amount of hacking and slashing, but when the day is done he goes home to his daughter and home.

Perhaps this quote, from GameZone's exclusive interview with Square Enix USA sums..."

Some new screenshots have just arrived for NIER, the action RPG by caviar.

The new images focus on a new location called "Facade"; they also introduce a couple of new characters, including the King, and depict a battle against invading wolves.

Most of them are awfully strange, particularly the one featuring that cheery pale fellow who probably eats children for breakfast.

NIER launches April 27.

"Square Enix Ltd. has announced that the highly-anticipated NIER will be available as a simultaneous global release on 23rd April 2010, for both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. The newest title from Square Enix, NIER promises to deliver unique and memorable characters, intense action-packed battles, explosive magic and storytelling like only Square Enix can."

"Set in a crumbling world plagued by disease and dark, unrecognizable creatures, nothing is as it seems in Square Enix’s latest Action/Adventure game. Players are cast into the role of the unyielding protagonist, NIER, unyielding in his quest to discover a cure for his daughter, who is infected with the Black Scawl virus. With powerful allies and a mysterious book, NIER encounters things that will confound even the mightiest of warriors."

Square Enix released a new audio trailer for the game Nier. An odd approach of advertisement no doubt, but the choice words used in the trailer sound a lot like something we would shout at companions of other games.

"Along with confirming a spring release window, Square Enix sent us the game’s box art. It appears we’re getting Nier Gestalt on both platforms in North America.

The Nier, as in Nier the protagonist, pictured on both boxes is the muscular Conan-like warrior from Nier Gestalt, an Xbox 360 only game in Japan. Nier Replicant, the PlayStation 3 version, features a younger, bishounen hero searching for a cure to the Black Scrawl virus for his sister. In Nier Gestalt, Nier is a father and Yonah,..."

As promised yesterday, Square Enix has put out the TGS 2009 trailer for their upcoming Cavia-developed PS3 title NieR RepliCant, where it involves a brother questing to save his sister.

For those wondering about the 360 NieR, that NieR is NieR Gestalt, which has a father trying to save his daughter.

Next week is the Tokyo Game Show 2009, which runs from September 24th to 27th.

The first screenshots are available for Square Enix's NieR RepliCant, the PS3 NieR that stars our favorite hermaphrodite herorine Kaine. (The 360 NieR is NieR Gestalt, which has different character designs and premises.) It is a bleak distant future in NieR RepliCant's world, which is being developed by Cavia (Drag-On Dragoon/Drakengard).

Square Enix will be posting up a trailer tomorrow, September 18, for NieR RepliCant on their Youtube channel. The game is set for a 2010 release, and ...

It was recently revealed that Square Enix's NieR is actually two games - NieR Gestalt and NieR RepliCant, and it is implied that each is platform-exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PS3, respectively.

But what has interested gaming sites is that NieR RepliCant's heroine "Kaine" is, in fact, a hemaphrodite. She dresses to emphasize her female characteristics Bridget-style, though her attitude and speech patterns are said to be very rough and masculine. She is the partner to NieR, the game's prot...

Square Enix today announced their lineup for GamesCon taking place from August 19th through to August 23rd. This is the first time Square Enix and Eidos will be showcasing their diverse range of games together.

But what's missing? Well, Dragon Quest IX for one...

With Square Enix announcing their E3 lineup, all eyes have been looking for that 'killer' title. While they have several strong offerings this year, Nier has a strange and intriguing contrast lacking in others. It features fantasy-action gameplay set in the ruins of our modern world (skyscrapers, etc). No doubt it is a total hack-and-slash but the trailer is still neat to look at for its style.

Square Enix has announced their E3 2009 lineup, touting its new direction as a global entertainment company, which is as follows:

  • [PSP] Dissidia Final Fantasy
  • [PS3/360] Final Fantasy XIII
  • [WII] Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
  • [360/PS3/PC] Front Mission Evolved
  • [NDS] Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  • [PS3/360] Nier
  • [PC] Order of War
  • [PC] Supreme Commander 2
  • [WW] Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
  • [WW] Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord

The 2009 Electronics...