Nintendo has announced today a new NES-styled 3DS XL that will be launching on October 10th, exclusively to Gamestop. The 3DS takes the shape of the NES controller, while the box looks like an NES system. It will sell for a suggested price of $199.99.

I am trying to hold off from buying a 3DS XL as I want to get the New 3DS but with this announcement, they are making it real hard for me to wait it out as the NES 3DS XL looks awesome!

A Nintendo representative announced today to gaming company Gamespot that the newly announced Nintendo 3ds will also face the misfortune of being region-locked.

This essentially means that your new Nintendo 3ds console, like its predecessor, won't be capable of playing games from regions other than the console's.

Nintendo goes "Live @ E3" next week with four events planned out that will deliver fun to their fans. Starting on June 10th is their Nintendo Direct Event, which starts at 9 a.m. PT and can be seen at Fans will get to see some of the latest breaking news about new games on their way to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Right after the Digital Event will be Nintendo Minute: Live @ E3 which will re-cap the events of the Digital Events with more game information.

On that ...

Nintendo has launched a "recommended software" promotion in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS XL for new handheld users. Starting on April 26, new users will get a "download voucher" for one game only that can be redeemed from a software list that Nintendo chooses.

The first two games that will be available at the start will be Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Youkai Watch. New users will be able to redeem the voucher for these games between April 26th to May 31st.Then the games will change in June a...

""We've had those discussions and we are definitely looking at that," Baker said. "Our priority was to get the Wii U build [of Unity] up and done and ready. Because we need a test environment for it, it's taken a while for Unity to get finalized on Wii U, so that we can actually test against it. So that has been made available now and that is why we've got all of these [game] candidates waiting in the wings that are just going through the submission process at this point.""

Nintendo confirmed that a new bundle including the 3DS XL and Mario Kart 7 will be available in North America starting December 7 - best of all, the racing action comes for free. Check out more details on

Nintendo has announced tonight at their Nintendo Direct broadcasts that there will be a new version of the Nintendo 3DS being released called Nintendo 3DS XL.

The handheld will be released in the west on August 19th. The top screen will be 4.88 inches and the lower screen will be now 4.18 inches. It will have longer battery life and will release in red and blue on launch.

There was a rumor posted a few days ago about a new color of the Nintendo 3DS being released and today, Nintendo of America has confirmed that the Midnight Purple 3DS will be available in stores on May 20th. Which is the same day as Mario Tennis Open is released. If you were hoping to get a purple 3DS, now's your chance!

Today it was reported that Nintendo had lost a historic first-ever net loss $530 million during their 2011 fiscal year(April 2011 to March 2012). Last year saw the release of the Nintendo 3DS that started off with bad sales due to high price though with the price drop, Nintendo would be able to sell 13.51 million units. Even with this loss, Satoru Iwata says that with the release of the Nintendo Wii-U this year, he plans to restore Nintendo to profitability next fiscal year.

Nintendo of America has announced that the 3DS sold through 4.5 million units in 2011, generating $1.2 billion in revenue. NOA President Reggie Fils-Aime seems to be optimistic, saying that "Nintendo 3DS has an incredibly bright future. We're just getting started but this platform is built for the long haul." More details in the full story on Game Freaks 365.

Coming up on February 10th, just in time for Valentine's Day, Nintendo will be releasing the standalone Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS handheld to retailers across North America. notices the little byline underneath every demo released today on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It seems people that want a taste for free will not get to try before they buy as much as they want. Nintendo is keeping tabs on how many times the demo is launched and supply is limited.

Daav from can turn anything into a story about gaming somehow. Even a morning walk to get some coffee can suddenly turn into another (positive) 3DS rant. Social networking is improved on the Nintendo handheld. And perhaps, this time, the Big N has come across the saving grace with some new implementations.

"You chose the 3DS over the DSi, and that means you paid for a Third Dimension. It’s only natural to expect all three dimensions in every one of your games. While there are plenty of excellent games on the eShop, finding a quality 3-D one can be a bit challenging. Here are several of the best 3D games you can download into your 3DS:"

Nintendo hasn't forgotten about the "3DS Ambassadors", who were promised 20 free Virtual Console games through the 3DS eShop by the end of 2011. The first batch - 10 NES titles - rolled out in September, but the Big N insists that the 10 Game Boy Advance games are still coming sometime this month. Five titles have been confirmed, but what are the remaining ones? More details and speculation in the full article on GameRabies.

According to Nintendo, the 3DS's sales numbers in the US may surpass the original DS by the end of its first year. More information and speculation in the full article on GameRabies!

Today, Nintendo and Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma confirmed that the development of an all-new 3DS Zelda game is underway. Additionally, there still appears to be a possibility of the rumored Majora's Mask 3D. More details in the full story.

The 2011 holiday gaming season is underway, and there are plenty of 3DS games to look forward to over the next few weeks. Even as we head into 2012, games like Luigi's Mansion 2 and Kid Icarus are on the horizon. Things are looking up for the 3DS, but Nintendo should really kick it into gear and announce these five first-party titles for its 3D handheld.

After a slow start, the 3DS is finally starting to pick up some steam - in fact, we like to think that the handheld has already seen its worst days. Critics of the 3DS will soon be silenced; check out the full article for all the reasons why we believe that owners of the new Nintendo handheld should be thrilled about the future.

Today Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced the company's plans to include DLC and limited-use game demos on the 3DS eShop platform. More details and comments about the digital content from the Big N's big cheese found in the full article.

GamePodunk editor JasonClement reports even though for North America Rhythm Phantom is not to be released until 2012 you don't need to wonder much of what the game will look like. Read on to view the trailer of the game and more.

Game Podunk editor JasonClement informs just as promised to buyers of 3DS first half of games have been presented through eShop and are ready to download. Read on to find out in more details what games are included to download.

GamePodunk editor JasonClement reports that Nintendo are doing their own trade show to speak about 3DS and its upcoming games and will only be open to the media, analysts, and investors. Read on for more details.

"So, it was just announced that the Playstation 3 has received a $50 price cut effective immediately, making the PS3 cost just as much as the soon to be released PSVita. In some cases, it'll actually be cheaper than the Vita, depending on if you want 3G or not! While I see this as a good thing, there are others who are absolutely steaming at the price difference, or lack thereof."

"Welcome back to the GP Roundtable!

This time we've brought Barrel into the fray as Marcus, Marshall (who is also making his Roundtable debut), and I discuss the future of handhelds and the difficulties and hurdles the 3DS and PS Vita may have to overcome to succeed in a market where i0S and Android devices rule with an iron fist."

Daav from takes a very personal look at the sleazy opportunism of corporations dropping the price sooner than was agreed. And that whole Ambassador Program, offering 20 free games, what's that all about?

Walmart has decided to start selling the reduced priced Nintendo 3DS systems today, August 9th 2011, four days early. And anyone who signs into the 3DS e-Shop from now until Friday will automatically be entered into Nintendo's ambassador program and get the 20 free games.

This surely has to irk much of the early adopters of the Nintendo 3DS who payed $250, compared to the now reduced price of $170.

"The Cloud, a British Sky Broadcasting subsidiary, covers many shops, pubs, and restaurants, including Pizza Express and EAT chains, and will allow for general browsing, eShop access, and the use of SpotPass, which downloads content and notifications while the handheld is in sleep mode. Nintendo had previously commented on The Cloud's broadband speeds being unsuitable for gaming."

Nintendo is one of the biggest video game companies in the world, but that doesn't mean they are immune to criticism. Check out the full post to hear what one analyst thinks Nintendo needs to do.

Nintendo just recently announced a drop in price for the just released 3DS not even 6 months ago. While it may be an effective strategy for them, early adopters are paying the price for it. Satoru Iwata writes a letter apologizing for the price drop.

With the impending release of the PS Vita, what does this mean for the Nintendo 3DS? Despite having a pretty significant head start, the Nintendo 3DS has an uphill...

"It's now been almost three months since Nintendo's newest handheld first went on sale in the States, and we've finally made it out of the "launch window" time period the company promoted as the system shipped to stores. Those games available on Day 1 and the follow-up games released in-between that day and the beginning of E3 are all out now. It's been a bit of a rough start, but that's OK. Because it's time to move on."

Tired of losing juice on your Nintendo 3DS? Follow these five easy steps from Game Freaks 365 and you will be in business for at least an extra hour or two!

Some unfortunate news has been announced regarding the latest handheld device released by Nintendo. It appears that the 3DS will not allow you to surf the web the way you want. Check out the full story for all the news.

One of the major features of the 3DS is the eShop. As of right now, it still has not released through a firmware update. Check out the post for the official release date of this new and exciting feature.

Nintendo announced today that the long-awaited e-Shop and Internet Broswer firmware will finally be available on June 7. The update was previously announced for the end of May, but 3DS owners will soon be able to download “3DS Ware” games and Virtual Console titles.

"Do we as gamers need to go through this procedure all over again? Aren’t you tired of upgrading to the next console just because it’s available for sale? Counting it all up, the average gamer spends about $1,000-$2,000 per year on video games. This statistic reflects the current generation itself. What will it be for the next one? The possibility to hook us all into another crazy gimmick for developers so that they may snag hold onto more of our money seems possible, if things go their way."

Nintendo has released the first details of when you will be able to catch the first unveiling of the Wii 2. Check out the full story for all the details and start getting excited.

Will button based controllers ever be replaced by something like touchscreens? Why or why not? Nintendo president Satoru Iwata gives his thoughts on why button based gaming...

Apparently the slower than expected start to the 3DS is due to public confusion, say the president of Nintendo. The public just doesn't grasp the concept of glasses-less 3D gaming...

One of the most influential figures in the video game industry has given a very detailed update on when we can expect to play some of the most coveted titles on the Nintendo 3DS. Check out the full story for the details.

A new rumor has hit the internet today, as it seems that there will be some new connectivity features between the 3DS and the Wii 2. Check out the full story for all the details.

The 3DS may not have had the sales figures that was predicted for the week one sales, but we now may have an answer as to why. In an interview with USA Today, Nintendo of America...

The Nintendo 3DS' official first week sales figures for the United States came in a little lower than predicted, a report shows. The prediction was for the 3DS to move...

Many have questioned whether or not the Nintendo 3DS is worth purchasing at the current time. Luckily, theGamerBuzz has come up with a final verdict. For a closer look at the 3DS's faults and benefits, simply take a look.

One man journeys from Boston to Atlanta in search of a single StreetPass connection. Along the way he somehow winds up drinking late at night in Athens, Georgia. The story ends as all the best do: at WrestleMania.

"The first four days of sales saw 31,000 units ship, which sounds relatively low, but considering Australia's population, that's actually a record here. By comparison, the Nintendo DS sold 32,000 units in the first week, so the 3DS more or less hit that number in half the time."

The 3DS came out of the gate selling at rates never before seen. Now that the initial push has come to a close, sales are falling rapidly. Check out the full story to see just how far it has fallen and what the future looks like.

Many wonder how Nintendo can get away with producing hardware every 1-2 yrs and selling millions in the process, yet companies like SOny and Microsft get hammered hard when they even think of coming up with new product well before the so-called life cycle of their products.

OXCGN's Alex baldwin and Nicholas Laborde discuss the pros-n-cons of Nintendo's recent 3DS release, slip over and read the debate, and by all means, pass your comments and thoughts at the foot of the debate.

Do you want to win a Nintendo 3DS? To enter all you have to do is follow GameZone's Twitter and retweet the contest post. Then you'll have a chance to win a Nintendo 3DS.

The 3DS has now officially been released and the NGP is on the horizon. Which console is best for you? Check out the full story as we discuss what each one of the offers.

"The 3DS has some killer features and some annoying drawbacks. Here’s a list of some of the major reasons you’re either about to love or hate Nintendo’s new portable…"

It's finally here. The 3DS is Nintendo's newest tool of handheld gaming domination. After spending several hours over several evenings with the device, it's now time to review the first impressions of the portable console.

"Unboxing videos" are getting more and more widespread these days. Why? Video taping yourself opening a package when you, and everybody else, already knows what is inside is a complete waste of time.

"Nintendo return with their latest and much sought after handheld console, the 3DS. Tapping into, yes you guessed it…the 3D market. The quirk with this particular 3D model is that it doesn’t require you to wear ridiculously over priced and quite frankly, ridiculous looking glasses whilst out in public which, is always a good thing""

So, what's the first thing that you do with a brand spanking new Nintendo 3DS? Why, put it in the microwave and then post in on eBay for $999.99 of course!

Check out an abundance unboxing pictures for the Cosmo Black version of the Nintendo 3DS handheld system, which was released in North America on the 27th of March.

Friday the 25th of March signalled the launch of two giant bits of tech in the UK. Ben Taylor takes a look at the one that isn't wasn't the iPad2 - the Nintendo 3DS. Does the 3D effect and the packaged up applications make the 3DS the must have console of the year, or will it just tear your eyes out?

The 3DS has been released recently and it is selling extremely well. Today, we were able to find out the estimated cost to produce Nintendo's latest gimmick. Check out the full story for the details and be prepared to be shocked. Cheers!

"Did that extend to the 3DS as well? Did it really bring anything new to the table? On the one hand it’s clearly a step up from the DS. It improves on the friend code system, features a better user interface, and obviously has better visuals all around. On the other it’s almost like they just duct taped the bottom half of a DS to a PSP and slapped a $250 price tag on it. The 3DS will be the most expensive Nintendo handheld to date, and in essence the only thing it does is bring the DS up to pa..."

Thinking of getting a 3DS? Joystick Division runs down all the details on the Nintendo 3DS hardware and launch software in anticipation of its American release this Sunday. catches CNN with their newest review on Nintendo's new handheld, comparing apples with Buicks, in which can only be described as plain ignorance or ingenious trolling. Sometimes, words can describe. Go watch the video today!

Still debating whether you want to buy that Nintendo 3DS or not? There are many factors to compromise. See all of it in this review and decide for yourself if its worth it.

"MadCatz isn't about to miss out on the 3DS goodness. Here we have their lineup for the system. As always some cool accessories are bound to be brought out by the accessory giant. Take a look for yourself and see what catches your eye."

If you were planning to purchase a Nintendo 3DS and hack it to allow you to perform some crazy 3-D features, think again. Apparently there is a warning on the device that may change your mind. Check out the full story and avoid a head ache. Cheers!

Still having doubts over buying the 3DS? Check out the promotion that Toys R Us is offering for the launch this Sunday. If you have an old 2D DS you can trade that in for a $75 Gift Card that you can use immediately to purchase your new 3D 3DS!

Everyone knows of all the cool features that you will get the opportunity to experience after the 3DS launches. However, not much is known as to what will be added after the launch through firmware updates. Today Nintendo let us in on some of the details. Cheers!

ASDA has become the latest retailer to cut the pre-order price of the Nintendo 3DS in the run-up to the launch.

The supermarket has dropped its pre-order price to £187, reports ONM. That puts it level with Amazon, which dropped the price to £187 last week, but it apparently includes an accessory pack as well as the console.

The launch is just two and a half days away but, if the run-up so far is any indication, this might not be the final chapter in the price war.

I preview the Nintendo 3DS as a hardware piece based on my hands-on impressions from playing the game system at PAX East 2011 in Boston. There were some redeemable features to the gameplay I experienced but one glaring flaw must be discussed and made aware to everyone considering picking one up.

This is something we haven't come across in a while: a retailer is putting the price of the 3DS up after someone else drops it.

Supermarket Morrisons, who became the cheapest retailer with which to pre-order the console last week when they dropped the price to £187, will end the offer on Sunday, reports ONM. What price the console will be after Sunday isn't certain, but it's speculated to revert to £197.

It's the final countdown now with only a week to go, and the switch will be just fi...

The 3DS might be approaching launch, but the war's not over yet.

In the latest round of price cuts for Nintendo's handheld, supermarket Morrisons has slashed the pre-order price of the console to £187, reports Official Nintendo Magazine. That puts it below other high street retailers and even the £196.99 price set by a variety of online retailers, who cut the price under the £200 mark at the back end of February, by almost £10.

The new price means there's not much of a gap between that ...

"According to Konno, a designer hand-picked by legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto (Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda), there were no plans for 3D implementation at all when the concept for the portable came about in Spring 2008. Right off his work on Mario Kart Wii for the Nintendo Wii, Konno’s sudden shift from software development to hardware was a drastic one, but he wasn’t alone. The 3DS hardware team of Umezu-san and Sugino-san was there for supporting Konno on producing what wo..."

Expected in Iwata’s speech will be an in-depth look at the history of video games in the past quarter century, massive hype for the Nintendo 3DS release overseas and possibly a new Zelda trailer or something. Of course, there will be a lot more details to discuss; perhaps even some banter about the 3DS figures over in Japan. So we urge anyone to tune in.

The 3DS was just released in Japan on February 26 and to no surprise the thing is selling like hotcakes. Like really good hotcakes dipped in magical gold that gives eternal youth. In the first 2 days the handheld has already sold 371,326 units. That's A LOT of happy gamers. Looks like Nintendo might actually reach that 4 million mark after all. It's the wii all over again.

"There's something that happens when you're playing with Nintendo's forthcoming 3DS console that is more or less guaranteed to blow your mind.

You've placed a golden paper card on the table. In the middle is a question mark. Meanwhile you've focused the console, which goes on sale for $249.99 next month, about two feet away from the card. Suddenly, a panel on the very real table you are looking at appears, on the 3DS screen, to rotate under the table. The card disappears down a hole. And fr..."

Current prepaid points cards may not be used with the Nintendo 3DS, this could be bad news for people with prepaid cards. Prepaid points cards that can be used with the 3DS, will go on sale later.

The writer actually spent time with the device at E3 as well as his own personal love for the Nintendo devices, so it's certainly not a biased viewpoint, that's for sure.

While the device hjas been hailed as something of an unique entry to the gaming world, will it be the success Nintendo have been hoping for - ?

Come check out the detailed article and views of the OXCGN writer.

If you're worried that you won't have anything to download on your Nintendo 3DS, fret not. Nintendo of America has confirmed that its Virtual Console service will be available upon launch.

This article takes a look at some of the silly addons we were thrust upon during the Gameboy Color era and some of the Nintendo 3DS addons that have been announced thus far and asks the question, are we going back... back to those days?

The Nintendo DS system is one of the most popular handhelds in gaming and has garnered a massive consumer base since its release. What will happen to Nintendo's current dual screen powerhouse when the 3DS launches?

"Looking back at days of old it's interesting to see where we started and how the evolution of consoles has changed from being dedicated videogame machines to the multimedia platforms we have today. Remember your first console or home computer, whether it was the Atari 2600 or the later generation Playstation, we all have a history of playing video games. Mine was the Commodore 64 a computer that would load games from audio cassette or floppy disks. In 1988 I would own my first cartridge based..."

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed a team up with a pair of Internet service providers to introduce SpotPass, a service that will enable users to download sports and other content to their 3DS systems.