brings you the newest in excessive ownership with Activision's cyberpet. Wappy Dog will be the first ever 'real' (enough) pet to be controlled by a game console. Nintendogs with augmented reality couldn't even surpass this puppy.

"It's been four full years since the introduction of the Nintendo DS. This dual-screen, touch-screen handheld was a system first received with skepticism when it launched in the US in November of 2004. Over time, it began to prove itself. The dual-screened handheld that had everyone, gamers and developers alike, scratching their heads has become the most popular and most purchased piece of video game hardware.

But it's not on the strength of the hardware alone. The reason why Nintendo's DS ..."

Here's a cuter top list for all the softer gamers out there. Bob Mackey of has put up a list of the top ten dogs of the gaming world!

James Walker of Binge Gamer is almost at the finish line for the Top Games Lists, now releasing the 2005 list. While the Xbox 360 did see a release during this year, it was at the end of the year and none of the first generation of titles were able to make their way on this list when compared to what the older systems were still pumping out. Including many franchises that we are still playing today.

Australia gets to see its software sales for 16th of November! What topped the all consoles category? Surprisingly it's the game that's had a lot of criticism, Wii Music! Call of Duty: World at War then took second and third place on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 respectively.

Wii Music also topped the Wii section. This was followed by the popular Guitar Hero: World Tour and then the ever well selling Wii Fit.

Brain Training has done well again on the Nintendo DS taking first. MySims K...

Rachael Quattrini of has made one of the more interesting top lists of recent. This one is for the top five games in terms of usage of the Nintendo DS features. These range from the use of the microphone for in-game functions or the touch screen and stylus.

Each game is justified by some reasons why it deserves to be on the list. Are there any other games you felt made good use of the Nintendo DS capabilities?

"This morning Nintendo have announced a series of new NintendoDS bundles for the Christmas period in the UK. With the expected price-drop nowhere to be seen, these bundles simply put together a game and the console, and retail for their combined separate selling price. However, that said, the lack of a price adjustment is unlikely to have much of an effect on the sell-through rate of the system come Christmas. The Press Release has been included in-full below."

"ATTN: Men of Games
The last few years has seen a steady rise in the number of games that are being made specifically not for men. We understand that this is a worrying trend and appreciate that many of you may be confused in this strange multi-gendered climate. To assist in these irritatingly inclusive times and to help avoid the unnecessary embarrassment of losing machismo points, we've compiled a list of the most unmanly games that you - as men of games - should avoid at all costs."