Nintendo has confirmed the games will play the exact same as they did all the way back when they first released with one main difference. No Link Cables will be required to trade or battle with friends, as the 3DS’s Wi-Fi takes care of that nuisance.

Cinelinx takes a look at the impact the original Pokemon games had on the video game industry, how they continue to impact the franchise even today, and why they're still a blast to play.

Today the Pokemon Company International and Princeton Entertainment have announced today the Pokemon live orchestral concert series, Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions, it will premiere at the Warner Theater in Washington DC on Friday August 15, 2014. The 2014 Pokemon World Championships will also be held in the nation's capital that weekend, August 16-17 at the Waiter E. Washington Convention Center.

The premiere performance will be followed by another one at the Philadelphia's Mann Center for...

Cinelinx continues their look back at games that have aged with grace and manage to hold their own, even against modern games. This time around they examine the 90s to discover which games are still fun to play.

"Hello and Welcome to the Play Vault podcast episode 71.

-What Have We Been Playing?

Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Animal Crossing New Leaf, The Last Of Us, Ratchet and Clank 2, The Walking Dead: 400 Days, Pokémon Red, Tomb Raider, State of Decay, Darkness 2 and Metro Last Light.

The Troll Hole section is back again this week!


Lovefilm cease game rentals.

State Of Decay Multiplayer

Darkness 2 Story of greatness and mediocrity at the same time.

Shoutouts then bye bye..."

As Handheld Week comes gets ready to wrap up,'s Ron Hoffecker puts together the best of the best to name the top handheld games in gaming history. These are the definitive games that have defined the portable realm.'s Jason Fanelli has a week of Top 10's for you and today is the best Opening Themes in gaming history. From Mass Effect to Super Mario World to Kingdom Hearts 2, you'll find something you like on this one.

Gas station bathroom pharmaceuticals are a hobby of mine. It really is a potent mix of the convenience of a Jetsons-style pill-based lifestyle and the downhome earthiness of a truck stop. All for just 50 cents!

Ashley tags out Ian this week, who is preparing for a pilgrimage to the land of Sam Adams and chowda for PAX East. Ashley gives us her thoughts on Silent Hill: Downpour and this month’s Kickstarter Highlight, Fist Puncher. Evan adds in his own kickstarter for the hoary old roleplaye...

In this top 5, I list my favorite video games based on anime. Some of the entries will surprise you, but they all have anime/manga that released either at the same time or before the game was published. There's some real juggernauts in this list, and a few surprises. Take a look, and you'll see what I mean.

""Personally, I’ve always subscribed to that hardcore gamer mentality. I used to hate the fact that if I made a mistake in Dirt 3, all I needed to do was rewind my progress and all would be forgiven. As I’ve gotten older and increasingly have less time to game, I’ve realized that mechanics like this are actually extremely useful and probably should be included in most games, preferably on an optional basis. I don’t have the time to replay a 10 lap race in Dirt just because I made a silly error..."

Have a craving for old school Gameboy games but don't feel like paying to play them? may have a solution for you, as they offer a TON of old Gameboy games to play...for free!

There have been some classic combos in popular culture: Batman and Robin, Captain America and Bucky, Starsky and Hutch. However, there are some gaming sidekicks that are more of a pain than anything else.

The president of The Pokémon Company admited that the original Gold and Silver were intended to be the last in the series. However the success of Pokémon Gold and Silver forced him to change his mind since it was selling faster than Red and Green.

Every gamer has a classic library of nostalgic classics. When the time comes out to pop in the dusty cartridges however, a few titles almost all gamers can agree on. Take a look at the top ten games that you should take a second (or 100th) play through.

Take this with the most precious grain of salt: a user on the NeoGAF forums not only confirms the Pokemon Gold/Silver remakes and additional features, but also confirms once more on DSi Virtual Console of Game Boy games.

Also, another Pokemon Battle Revolution-style game is expected to be announced at E3.

NOT ONLY THAT, but he even drops word of an idea tossed around right now at Nintendo: re-releasing Pokemon Red and Blue on the DSi VC AND having them connect to Pokemon Stadium on the ...

Continuing on from part one, Damien McFerran of brings us part two of the history of Nintendo portables! This time it's the Game Boy, easily a big winner with most.

Read on to find out about the portable which gave birth to some very popular classics and more.

"I know a bit about crime because I grew up on the streets. And by "streets" I mean a cul de sac in the suburbs. And by "on" I mean safely indoors because I was not allowed to go outside by myself until I was 19 years old (why do you think I played so much Pokemon?)

So with all the evil teams hellbent on stirring up trouble in the Pokemon universe, the antagonists begin to run together. Which one got all of its members beaten by a child? Oh right, that would be all of them. And while that f..."

Sub-Zero of has created a top list for... real estate? Yes that's right, they've made a top list concerning the ten places you'd not want to consider living in.

With a steady theme of violence being a major deterrent, Silent Hill took out first place. This was followed by Raccoon City of Resident Evil and Megaton of Fallout 3.

Read on to see the pros and cons for each!

Charles Sharam of has done a blog in an attempt to show us that game self-made enjoyment doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't have to be fancy mods or levels, not at all.

The ultimate example? Picking your name in the classic game, Pokemon Red. By adding small bits of personalization to a game, you can create a world which is entirely your own to enjoy. The combination of reality and your imagination can really lead to some fun gaming.

Remember it's not always don...

"Lopunny poses like a Playboy bunny in a centerfold spread. Or a prostitute working the sidewalk. Either way, it's sexually suggestive. It also grabs its chest area like it's trying to keep you from seeing the goods. And is it just me or do Lopunny's elbows look like a pair of drooping...boobs? There's so much subconscious sexual imagery going on with Lopunny - if I saw one standing like that at a bar, I might just have to take it home with me."

A great graduation speech about trying to be the best, like no one ever was, traveling across the land, searching far and wide, evolving and training to achieve your goals.

Oh and Pokemon

"#10 Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff's marshmallow exterior makes it the ultimate pillow, a very desirable trait since its harmonic melodies put people to sleep. On the other hand, it could send you to dream land in a very undesirable location, such as the middle of a highway.

#9 Torchic

Most birds are ugly, poop all over the place and look better smothered in Tabasco. Torchic, despite looking delicious, is one of those rare birds we can't help but go awwwwww over. It's cute, it's clumsy and ..."

"#10 Happiny

It's not like Happiny isn't cute. We would love to pick it up and squish it. It's just that Happiny looks like Kirby in drag, and although Nintendo's pink puffball loves dressing up, we just never envisioned him prancing around as a girl. Hey, we'd love him no matter what he looked like."