gets news from Konami that they're dedicating more mnpower to Pro Evolution Soccer. their highly successful football franchise will open a separate studio in Europe and is looking for people to fill it with.

All you PES fanboys out there ought to read up on this. Not only is it fresh to read about improvements on a PES game, but it's exciting. And the fact that they've listened to most of the fans criticism shows that they actually do care after all. I'm more excited about PES 2013 than I was 20 minutes ago. is back with the caped crusader and the DLC announcements for Nightwing and Robin. Let's not forget that the PC version of Batman Arkham City is also underway. And let's mix it up with another addition announcement: Pro Evolution 2012 will be releasing on PSP and PS2 for a reduced price!

Konami just revealed some details about PES 2012 online mode. This time with some hard punishment for the quiters. Playing with randoms or with friends, PES 2012 promises some good things...

"FIFA 11's biggest new features were: injecting personalities into the players and a 360 degree dribbling system rather than ye olde 8 directions. This year we're expecting more tweaks and changes to the FIFA series, but once again nothing too drastic - EA have a super good working formula with this series and they won't want to ruin it now. Though the latest Pro Evolution Soccer was a lot better than previous installments, will this next FIFA lift the cup of success once again?"