In this episode, celebrating a year of podcasting, the guys talk about the Vita, Twisted Metal, Mass Effect 3, Syndicate, Kingdoms od Amalur: Reckoning, The Darkness 2, Gotham City Impostors, the "Epic Quest" Pinball FX2 table, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Resident Evil Revelations, NeverDead, Quarrel, Block Zombies!, the Double Fine Kickstarer business, and plenty more!

"While word games have their place online in the forms of browser games and the occasional retail hit, it’s rare to see the virtual medium redefine the word game in the same way that the original Scrabble did for board games. But development house Denki mixed the vocabulary virtuosity of Scrabble with the land-grabbing strategy of Risk, creating a bizarre, unique, and addictive mobile title in the form of Quarrel. With words, not swords, being the weapon of choice, Quarrel took iOS users to a ..."

"Now that a Super Bowl commercial has shown us that board games can be turned into explosion-laden summer blockbusters (Battleship? Seriously?), mashing them up into a videogame seems perfectly normal by comparison. That’s the modus operandi for Quarrel, a cartoony word cocktail from a Scottish studio that swipes letter tiles and gameplay elements from Scrabble, Anagrams and Risk. Put it all together and it spells casual—and occasionally frustrating–fun."

"GamingUnion: "It's not often that you get a game that mixes elements of Risk and Scrabble. But that's exactly what Quarrel is. It's also a game that might make you want to have a real life exchange of words with your Xbox, making it an enticing, addictive and mentally stimulating puzzle game well worth 400 XBLA points.""

"Quarrel has been a huge success on IOS devices and it has now finally been released by UTV Ignition on Xbox Live Arcade for a modest 400 Microsoft Points. This game is a mix of Scrabble and Risk and a combination like that is always going to be a lot of fun."