"Printing, distributing and advertising are all things that the big disc-based games have built into their price structure that actually have nothing to do with the game. When a game is digital only, it can be cheaper, eliminating those steps. They can also afford to be smaller: I know that I think twice about a game when it begins its retail life at $20. Even though it is possible for a developer to make a quality title and release it cheaply, it just seems to devalue the inner content when i..."

L.A. Noire is going to one of those games other developers try to emulate. Rockstar has taken gaming in a different collection with L.A. Noire. The combination of an open ended world paying homage to GTA IV meets detective work is a welcome change to the industry standard. The biggest question, is will gamers see a sequel?

With a Metacritic score of 95 on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Red Dead Redemption was undoubtedly one of the best games released in 2010. How does the Undead Nightmare DLC compare?

With Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption receiving critical acclaim, a decent piece of downloadable content should be a welcome addition to fans of the game. Well the latest DLC for RDR, titled Undead Nightmare is out and All Age Gaming's John Elliott gives us his thoughts on whether you should pick up this DLC to enhance your RDR experience.

"A prevalent fixation in modern pop-culture is that of zombies.

Zombies. The Undead. The Walking Dead. The Living Dead. Whatever you want to call them, they’ve always been a common feature of video games.

More recently, however, they have become a hackneyed icon.

From the past few years, let’s name a few games that primarily focused on the undead: Dead Rising 1 and 2, Resident Evil 5, Silent Hill Homecoming, Nation Red, Burn Zombie Burn, Dead Space, and Left 4 Dead 1 and 2.


All Age Gaming's John Elliott looks at one of the latest down-loadable content packs for Rockstar's popular game, Red Dead Redemption. Is the Liars and Cheats Pack worth your time and money? Read on to find out.

"We live in a day and age where DLC is quite a hot topic.

Developers lock content onto game files and expect us to pay for it, we are expected to pay outrageous amounts for old content, and many things of that nature (previously discussed in the Lack of Focus article).

Rockstar is one of the few companies out there that actually understands what the term Downloadable Content means. Grand Theft Auto IV set the bar for what DLC should be, and Rockstar has succeeded yet again with the secon..."

"If I would have had to pay for this DLC pack, I would demand a refund. The missions are frustrating, unoriginal and, for the most part, the co-op experience is poorly designed. So make sure you posse up with seasoned Red Dead players and light some soothing candles before jumping into this mess of a co-op pack."

"If you've played the ever popular Red Dead Redemption online since it's May 18 release, you know it's been plagued with errors. Invisible players and horses, glitchy NPC's, AI failures, disappearing missions, and terrible connection quality. Here we are 5 weeks later, and while most of it is fixed, some still remains. Rockstar has issued a formal apology to it's consumers by releasing the Outlaws To The End Coop Mission Pack, thus beginning the redemption of Red Dead Redemption."

"Rockstar games are known for their high profile titles, transforming and innovating sandbox worlds that engage players like never before. Red Dead Redemption is no exception and not only did they create a realistic world set 100 years ago in America but they’ve found a way for us to put down our plasma rifle and pick up a lasso."

"Howdy partners, Rockstar’s been mighty busy with their GTA-fangled series, but we wrangled up their latest Western offering and got ourselves an opinion on the fella. Um… what in tarnation… um…

Ok, so the cowboy lingo isn’t really working, but nonetheless we take Red Dead Redemption for a ride to see if this open-world Western is a beautiful stallion or a spur in the side (Yeehaa)."

David Stewart of Spawn Kill straps on his spurs and shrugs into a leather duster and reviews Rockstar's latest open world masterpiece, Red Dead Redemption. To make a long story short: it's game of the year material.

"Everything about the game play in Red Dead Redemption is simply outstanding. There are no shortages of tasks that you can perform. Simply exploring the landscape at your own pace is fun due to the fine attention to detail that Rockstar Games put into this game. You can wrangle horses, herd cattle, take down forts, find treasure, play poker and do almost anything else that you can imagine. The controls are fluid and nothing seems forced or difficult."

"You can literally spend hours just roaming the land, which speaks volumes about the quality of the sandboxing, but the lure of the open wild does have something of a negative effect on the singleplayer storyline. You want to spend so much time exploring that any momentum built by the core story missions is ruined. John is simply desperate to get back to his family during missions, but then doesn't seem to mind going bush for days on end searching for beaver to kill and skin."

Perhaps one of the all-round best sandbox games thus far in 2010. Getting high acclaim from almost all avenues. Come check out OXCGN's review on the game, and see what they have to say about it. It's not perfect, and the score reflects that, but it is a damn fine game nevertheless.

Some great images and vids also in the review, as well as several other articles on the game.

All Age Gaming's Ian Crane takes a look at Rockstar's newest venture, Red Dead Redemption. Set as a 'Western', is this game just a Western version of GTA and not much else or does it have something that will catch the attention from traditional non-fans of the GTA series? Read on to find out.

Rockstar slightly overdoes with the open-world element in an otherwise amazing game that deserved all the hype it got before its release. An epic title that everyone should pick up.

"Howdy partners and ladies I think. Now there isn’t many games that are solely based in the western time, but thats what Red Dead Redemption pretty much is, a game set in that time, in that location. Rockstar is famous with developing sandbox games that are packed with numerous features to do in them and this game is no different."

"When out exploring, whether in town or in the wilds, you will often come across random encounters to take on. These can be anything from saving a prostitute who is getting roughed up by a John to rescuing a merchant under siege by outlaws. At one point on the way back from very successful hunting trip, I ran across a wagon that had been tipped on its side. A woman in skimpy garb stood near the trail yelling for me to help her. So, being the kind Samaritan that I am, I stopped. Without spoilin..."

"Rockstar Games has once again delivered a perverted and anarchistic portrayal of the American experience. Only this time it’s less Carlito’s Way and more Fistful of Dollars. Set a hundred years ago, Red Dead Redemption puts the player into the boots of John Marston, a cowboy of shady repute on the trail of his ex-allies at the behest of US Marshals. Through the smoke of spent gunpowder and the dust of the trail, Red Dead Redemption transforms the player into a gen-u-wine poncho wearing ba..."

"With tons of content both online and off, stellar production values, and solid gameplay, Red Dead Redemption is an absolute blast to play, and a time-consuming one at that. Be prepared to dump a lot of time into this one, which stands as one of the best games of the year, and certainly the best Western-themed game you can find."

"Video games exploring the Wild West have always been good, not great and nowhere close to phenomenal. This trend has been swiftly shattered as I can easily say that Red Dead Redemption is not only the best Western to grace a console, but one of the best games release this year so far. RDR revolves around the bloody story of John Marston a retired outlaw who picks up his gun one last time to hunt down the outlaws he used to consider his brothers. There are plenty of side stories interwoven int..."

"Red Dead Redemption's scale is beyond epic, and just as Liberty City emerged as the true star of Grand Theft Auto IV it's the expanse of the Wild West that shines brightest here. There's a richness to the vistas that's frequently breathtaking and a diversity to them that's equally impressive. From the oppressive marshland that surrounds the lawless outpost Thieves' Landing to the homely beauty of McFarlane's Ranch, the story of how the West was won is told just as much through the locales as ..."

"The American West has made actors famous and writers rich. It has inspired children on the playground and grizzled country singers alike. Its stories of heroes and bandits, gold rushes and simple homesteaders have been fictionalized and romanticized to the point that they're known the world over. And yet, videogame makers have either ignored the setting or attempted to squeeze it into existing game conventions with limited success. That has all changed now that Rockstar, the group made famous..."