"‘Grand Theft Auto V’ is today considered by many to be the best open-world sandbox-style action title of all time! But there have been many contenders to the throne. If you’ve grown tired of Michael, Trevor and Franklin’s adventures around Los Santos, then check out our recommendations for the Top 5 Best Alternative Games to GTA V."

Remember that Super Mario Bros. movie? Yeah, sorry for bringing that up. Remember that Halo movie that was being made? Yeah, we all wanted that. Travis Freese of Leviathyn.com lists five games that need movies.

Leviathyn.com's Travis Freese lists his top features that game developers should have left out of their games. Unskippable cutscenes and Tingle from Zelda are just a couple strikes that Travis can't stand. What else made the list?

Leviathyn.com's Jason Fanelli finishes his week of lists with the last track you'll ever hear in your favorite games: the credits song. You've beaten the final boss. You've conquered the adventure. How else would you want the game to end but with a fantastic carry-out song.

A look back at the best cinematics and cutscenes in gaming history. From Final Fantasy to Halo and Red Dead Redemption, we count down the 15 best that made up cry, jump for joy, and get hyped up like never before.

The biggest world record book has been taking on games for the last 5 or so years and they do it by votes on many of the records. This record list is for the top 50 best video game endings.

Here's Joystick Division's take on the greatest gangs in video game history. Gangs litter some of the industry's most successful, creatively-expansive titles, and play a vital part in how developers can connect with real societal issues that occur across America periurban communities

"Now that Charlie Sheen has a bit more free time since Warner Bros. decided to finally up and kill Two and Half Men, one can only wonder what a man so focused on winning will be able to do to occupy his time. While I’m sure we can all agree that splitting his time between the two major women in his life, one a notable adult entertainer and the other a model/graphic designer, is a full-time job in and of itself amidst the binges that the public is aware of – there doesn’t really seem to be anyt..."

There are good drunk and bad drunk. Though it's obvious that there's more bad drunks. Look at these top eight characters as they get loaded with liquor. Don't worry, these virtual characters can't die from intoxication.

"2010 saw some pretty strong female characters step into the spotlight and show the world that that girls can play just as rough as the boys. Here are five of our favorites."

"In order to best present our favorite games, we are forgoing the traditional Top X Games of 2010. This is restrictive and divisive and doesn’t allow us to spotlight all the games we like, all in effort to create an artificial hierarchy. Instead, alphabetically, here are all the games we enjoyed from 2010."

2010 was a great year for gaming. In the many great games of 2010 there were many great characters. There's the iconic characters, the unique characters, the memorable characters and the always popular badass characters. This is our top 10 characters of 2010, let us know if your favorite was amongst them.

"Many gamers like to have a little drinky-drink when they play. Sometimes, though, you want to take your drinking game to the next level. Speaking of "drinking games," there just aren't enough of them specifically tailored to the world of video games."

"2010 has come and gone and as usual there have been a bunch of awesome games across the course of the year. New England Gamer wants to share with you five of our favorites, and hope you’ll share your own with a comment or two below!"

"Our staff has debated back and forth about the greatest games of the year. We've each offered up our own favorites for consideration -- games that stuck with us, games that blew us away, games that defined the year as a whole. But we could only choose fifteen. We have the final selection for you here."

What game surpassed all others to become the 2010 Game of the Year? BrightHub looks at the top three candidates and awards one with the prestigious title of Game of the Year.

BrightHub looks back on the games that crafted an identity all their own in their respective genres. Join BrightHub as they announce the winners for best game in the following genres: action-adventure, fighting, platformer, puzzler, racing, rhythm, RPG, sports, shooter, and strategy.

CVG list their top 10 games which have been released in 2010.

8. FIFA 11
5. Mass Effect 2

Some video game characters are heroic, some sexy, others silly. And then there are these folks, who are tougher to get a handle on. Presenting the most mysterious video game characters of all time.

"With Halloween over for the year,one might still be aching to have a good time. Especially in the vast world of Red Dead Redemption. A world normally full of cattle rustlers, bandits, and wild beasts; this all changed on October 26th with the release of Undead Nightmare, the latest DLC aimed to add a ghoulish twist to the world that John Marston inhabits. For those who have played Red Dead Redemption, you know that John Marston is a man out to redeem himself and his family from his shady past..."

After you are done trick-or-tricking, there is nothing like turning out the lights, cranking up your surround sound, and popping in a scary video game to play through the night. With Halloween less than a week away, what are some horrific games worth your time this year?

"​As video games become more and more robust in terms of content and story development, we are greeted with characters that can feel very human. Though they live mainly off of scripted cues, they play a vital role in how games impact us."

"Since there are literally hundreds of thousands of games out there, it’s no easy task for lead characters to make a lasting impression on the player. Once in a while however, you'll come across a leader that's different. Somehow, that character manages to set himself apart from the others."

Amazon has revealed the top 10 best-selling games on their website for the month of July. Also listed are individualized charts for the Nintendo Wii, PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in addition to the top 25 best-selling overall video game related products (hardware, software and accessories) for the month.

2010 has been a stellar so far for the Xbox 360 with a lineup that contained great exclusive games and multiplatform titles. Here are the top ten games released for the system during the first-half of the year.

2010 has been an excellent year so far for Playstation 3 gamers. Here are the top ten titles released for Sony’s high-definition in the first-half of they year.

The top 10 best-selling games on Amazon for the month of June. Also included are individual charts for the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in addition to the top 25 best-selling video game products overall (software, hardware and accessories).

Aside from March, May was easily the biggest month in 2010 so far in terms of quality new releases. Here are the top ten titles that were released in the past month.

Late last year some were saying that 2010 could be the biggest in gaming history and it certainly is shaping up that way. So, John from All Age Gaming sat down and compiled a list of the Top 10 games in the first half of 2010 (1st January to 30 June 2010). If the second half of 2010 is going to be better, then we are in for one hell of a treat!

"We’re barely two weeks into 2010 and there’s already enough must-have games to choke one of Avatar’s six-legged horses. January alone is home to seven big-name releases, with February, March and April continuing the trend. Hell, we even know what’s coming in the summer and in some cases (like Halo Reach) we’re even certain of the fall’s heaviest hitters.

Collected here is every game that matters (so far) in 2010. Obviously some games will slip and others will be announced in June at E3, bu..."

"As games get more cinematic, the trailers are only going to get more elaborate. This year brought us great efforts from the likes of Bungie, Rockstar and Valve, with trailers featuring everything from live action sequences to the voice talents of Patrick Stewart. Here are some of our favorites."

Following on from the Top 10 new IP's of 2010 article, All Age Gaming brings you the Top 10 Sequels that are coming in 2010. Does this list compete with the New IP's list? Read on to find out.