Aaron from Leviathyn.com takes a look at the Resident Evil series and asks whether or not the franchise is slowly dying as it slowly gets away from its survival horror roots. What do you think?

"GamingUnion: "Resident Evil has been all over the place recently, with Resident Evil: Revelations, the Resident Evil 6 announcement and now Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. And for that reason, we decided it was about time we did some Resident Evil casting. First thing's first. There have been quite a few Resident Evil movies released, and they were all pretty suspect. The purpose of this isn't to undo those castings, but to suggest who we think would be best for the role, if the castin..."

There is still time to pre-order Operation Raccoon City. Best Buy, Gamestop, and Amazon have similar pre-order bonuses different costumes and weapons. Too bad one of them isn't offering a $20 credit. But the Capcom store has the most unique pre-order bonus of all.

Capcom is taking some risks with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, there is a heavy focus on the multiplayer adventure and teamwork. Something Resident Evil has a series has only recently adapted. Moving and shooting is another idea Capcom is implementing. Both of these are good ideas, but will it alienated the hardcore fans? Will Resident Evil 6 go this direction?

"Friday the 13th is the day you’re most likely to get struck by lightning, run over by an ambulance and stabbed in the face by a bad tempered fella with a hockey mask, so why not do yourself a favor and remain indoors with our top five list of the unluckiest characters in gaming history."

Resident Evil was a groundbreaking video game franchise when it first paunched, but lately, the series has deviated from it's roots. If there is to be a Resident Evil 6...