Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City takes the series in an interesting direction. The game is a spin off game, similar to Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles. Fans of the series may ignore the game, but for the rest of the gamers who have played a few hours can agree, it’s a fun game.

"Good afternoon agents. I regret to inform you that the Umbrella Corporation recently contacted the White House, seeking federal support for their upcoming initiative “Operation Raccoon City”. Although this Department is strongly opposed to Umbrella’s methods, we have been ordered to provide them any assistance requested."

"Repetition in videogame sequels is naughty. It can lead to boredom and has the potential to ruin aspiring titles and our wallets by displaying a clear disregard for innovation. While Resident Evil 4 completely reinvented the series, Resident Evil 5 seemed to be pretty much the same game with the exception of certain enemies who appear to have been injected with a vast quantity of class A’s rather than Las Plagas. This left many gamers questioning whether the series might turn into the monoton..."

GameZone's Ben PerLee previews Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City from E3 2011. It is the newest installment into the Resident Evil franchise. It is a third-person shooter/action game that puts you in the role of an Umbrella operative. The article discusses gameplay, controls, modes, characters and their abilities, and the ability to become a zombie.