"Umbrella just won’t die, will it? Yes, Capcom’s zombie series epic Resident Evil is as perpetual as the zombie virus in those poor people of Raccoon City. Resident Evil 4 remains one of the most intense survival horror experiences ever designed, but Capcom has been tossing the license around quite a bit these days. Whether it’s movies or HD re-releases, the Resident Evil name is the mark of fame for zombie outbreaks. With Resident Evil 6 on the way, Capcom let another studio take the reins of..."

"The Resident Evil series is arguably the most acclaimed and recognisable name within the horror genre of gaming. Capcom have an unparalleled amount of pride in their long-running franchise, so it’s strange that they’d hand over the development of a Resident Evil title to another studio..."

Operation Raccoon City doesn’t feel much like a traditional Resident Evil game. Fans of the series can expect something like Resident Evil 5. Does this make it a bad game? No, not really but certain flaws prevent the game from standing out among the other games.

"PushStartSelect: "I will start this off right, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is not a Resident Evil game. It’s a unique take on the universe and tells it own story. Basically you take Socom and you put it into the Resident Evil universe. This idea on it’s own is absolutely friggin awesome! I love Socom, I love Resident Evil, put them together in the way they did was absolutely awesome. The bad part is the game is riddled with flaws, is way too short, and doesn’t exactly justify the 60..."