"Cinelinx: "When you ask me what the best PlayStation exclusives are I automatically start gathering lists of games. You have several generations of great games, and with the PS2 and PS1 there were a lot to choose from. Anything from Spyro to Vagrant Story, PlayStation has seen it all. So I chose to pick a more recent game. Not simply due to it being newer, but because it also represents a company that has been through it all. A company that has made several of those great PlayStation exclusiv..."

Aliens are some of the most beloved characters and enemies in gaming. Whether they're on our squad or taking over the world, we can't get enough of alien races and their different abilities. Cassidee at Leviathyn.com takes a look at some of the most beloved alien races in gaming.

An online retailer is currently offering substantial discounts for three Playstation 3 exclusive games: Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3.

Resistance: Fall of Man was developed by Insomniac Games, published by Sony Computer Entertainment and released in late 2006. It was the must own launch title back then and won numerous awards for PlayStation 3 Game of the Year. Sales were great, but many eventual purchasers of the PlayStation 3 may have missed out on a great title.

The official European box art has been revealed for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive game bundle, Resistance: The Trilogy, which contains Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3.

An online retailer has revealed that Sony Computer Entertainment will be releasing a game bundle called Resistance Trilogy Platinum for the Playstation 3.

Insomniac are now officially stepping down as developers of the first-party Resistance franchise. Will the series continue or fall in to the annals of history?

Sony has recently announced they are going to come out with a fighting game akin to Super Smash Brothers. The biggest question is who will be in the game? Can gamers expect Kratos, Nathan Hale, Sackboy, Jax, a Colossus, Sweet tooth, Jax, Drake, and Crash? These are just some of the characters we hope make into the game. Goozernation also is wondering when Microsoft will release their fighting game

"I look at the box for Resistance: Fall of Man and noticed two things: 1).The ‘Spider-man 3’ Font and 2). a 9.5 from Gameinformer and a 5/5 from X-Play. “Oh, I’m in for a great time” I thought. How could I not with two high review scores like that? Having heard so much about the Resistance games and knowing it was developed by Insomniac, how could things go wrong?"

A retailer is currently discounting Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection, God of War: Origins Collection, Resistance Dual Pack Greatest Hits and Uncharted Greatest Hits Dual Pack to under $25.

Just get a ps3? Well there are a ton of exclusives that are must haves. Goozernation tackles the list and looks at the must haves such as the Uncharted series, Resistance, God of War, Heavy Rain, and many others

"The PS3 launched with arguably one of the best IP shooters to hit the market in a long time. Resistance: Fall of Man moved a lot of systems and subsequently earned itself a trilogy. To celebrate the success of the franchise and build hype for the upcoming Resistance 3, Sony has released the first two games as a greatest hits dual pack."

Amazon France has revealed what appear to be the official European box arts for the recently revealed Ratchet & Clank Future, Resistance and Uncharted dual packs.

"If you are new to the PlayStation 3 scene and are looking to catch up on a lot of the systems best offerings from years past, or you somehow managed to avoid the best games on the system, Sony's got you covered. Three of the console's biggest franchises, Resistance, Uncharted, and Ratchet & Clank, are now getting their very own box sets."

Insomniac Games defends their decision of not adding trophy support to Resistance: Fall of Man in the midst of several recent complaints from a few fans.

Fans of Insomniac's Resistance series have a reason to get excited! Announced today, Resistance 1 and 2 will arrive in a Greatest Hits bundle. In addition, blu ray copies of...

"When it comes to voice acting in video games or animation there are definitely some established actors. Some actors make their name for playing a specific role for a majority of their career while others jump from various projects, always putting in a unique performance that’s never forgotten.

One such actor that has been in the voice acting game for over twenty years is David Kaye. Now unless you’re a voice acting enthusiast you may not recognize Mr. Kaye’s name but you’ve most likely hea..."

Insomniac Games, the developer behind the popular Resistance and Ratchet & Clank series, provides a vague status update to one of their future titles.

Five unannounced yet heavily-rumored Playstation 3 exclusive games that may appear at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, which will be held next month.

Sony recently sent out a survey to registered users asking them about their experience with Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2. They also mentioned Resistance 3 in the questionnaire.

"As amazing as it may seem given Sony Computer Entertainment’s track record with the PlayStation franchise, the PlayStation 3 has undoubtedly been the outside bet for the current-generation since it’s launch back in March 2007. Arriving late in Europe, with successful Japanese and North American launches already under its belt, an incredibly high price-tag and it’s underdog status has seen the PlayStation 3 achieving slow but consistent growth across the continent in the ensuing three years."

Because trophy support didn’t became mandatory until the start of 2009, plenty of great Playstation 3 exclusive games missed out on the opportunity. Here are the top five early PS3-only titles that need a trophy patch.

This week Best Buy is offering 2 for $50 several of Playstation 3 most popular games in 2 for $50 sale. Games include Grand Theft Auto IV, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and several more.

Over the past decade, Sony has been quite active at creating new franchises for their Playstation platforms. Their stable of new intellectual properties are diverse and, more importantly, top notch in quality.

With the recent leaked images of the Resistance 3 billboard, fans are prepping up for a new Resistance game. But ever since 2, the community has been split. Many say that the changes in Resistance 2 were great, while others say it ruined what made Resistance fun. Shacknews talks about all these changes and how Insomniac can learn from Resistance 2 to make the third installement the best game in the series.

It appears as though Sony may have let the cat out of the bag with this one. Sure it was likely to be coming all along, but should it not have been Insomniac's choice to announce the 3rd title in the Resistance series?

Perhaps it's just a massive mistake, but then again, a little to late to be advertising a game that's a year old?

"Unfortunately players may get suspended from Sony’s PlayStation Network. If said player is especially naughty they will be banned. An avid Resistance: Fall of Man fan managed to get banned from PSN. Generally players will create a new user and take the loss. Only on this occasion this PSN user has filed suit in U.S. District Court in California against Sony."

"It’s been reported today that Sony are having difficulty making million sellers out of their first-party PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) releases in North America. Since the PS3’s North American launch in late November 2006, only Insomniac’s launch title Resistance: Fall of Man has managed to surpass one million unit sales in the territory."

Many companies have used Home to promote there games, and the best way to do that is to create our own Home space. Insomniac announced a while ago that they will be working to create home space's. Now Insomniac has announced that they are bringing a Resistance Home space. It will be released this Thursday and be sure to check out the video after the jump.

"It looks as if we are in for a treat with upcoming Home Spaces from Insomniac Games. This time from the popular franchises of both Ratchet & Clank and Resistance."

This has been discussed a lot between fans of the series. With many being either in the middle, but there is still a fair share amount of people that are split. Here are five reason's why associatedcontent.com thinks that Resistance 1 was a much better game then Resistance 2. Remember, this doesn't automatically mean that Resistance 2 is bad.

According to these rumors there is a ton of things that *may* be happening at GDC. The 40GB PS3 is getting it's price cut down to $299 where as the 80GB is retaining it's $399 price with the inclusion of two games and the PSP is also getting one - it's going to sell for $120, a new Siphon Filter game is supposedly underway and using the Killzone 2 engine (OMG HAX), Shadow of the Colossus Online will be announced, and Insomniac Games may be moving AWAY from R&C as well as Resistance to create ...

In what can be described as a Christmas Treat From Insomniac, we will today be given a couple of treats on the Playstation Network. Included in the treats are the following:

  1. Resistance 2 XMB Theme
  2. New R2 Trailer
  3. All Resistance: Fall of Man Map Packs... For Free

Fans of Resistance will be very pleased by this bunch of info released about some of the additions to the series. First off is PSP title Resistance: Retribution, with a likely release date, price and boxart. Next is the upcoming novel Resistance: The Gathering Storm with a release date, price and the final cover art. Finally are the Resistance Comics with a release date, cover art for the first three issues and more general info made available.

And they say Sony has shitty advertising? In a rather interesting advertising campaign in Ireland stories of the Chimera invading America have appeared in real life newspapers the Metro and Herald AM. The story includes vicious stories on the attacks, a scientific analysis on the Chimera and even a letter from the president urging people to band together to face this new threat. Bet you stories of people thinking this real begin within 24 hours.

Saturday on November 8th there seems to be a special one day Sony deals going on at Walmart. Some deals including buying a 80GB PS3 and get a free $100 Gift Card which you can get some games for free since you won't be using your money but the card. And 3 PS3 titles will be going to Greatest hits which is Resistance, Warhawk and MotorStorm at $19.82. So check out Walmart on Saturday the 8th starting at 8am.

Sniper Rifles are something you love and hate at the same time. You love it when you own someone halfway across the map with a headshot, and you hate it when your on the...well receiving end. Sniper Rifle's have existed since the dawn of FPS's and beyond and this article examines the god like weapon. It's history, its ups and downs, and a list of some of the best of these beastly weapons every to grace a game are all present here.

Being a regular on Insomniac's site MyResistance I got a PM from one of its many moderators. This PM was a questionnaire about many different things on what we do and don't like about Insomniac and what we'd like to see from them in the future. One question in particular caught my eye.

"If Sony put Resistance Retribution on the PSN as a ps3/psp title would you feel more inclined to buy it."

Basically this indicates that Insomniac are at least considering putting Resistance" Retributio...

Leipzig didn't exactly offer all that much in terms of new content for Resistance 2. But luckily a private presentation with community director Ryan Schneider at Insomniac reveals some Intel sure to please long time fans. Among other things the claim that maps would 4 times larger than ones in the original game and there would be over 70 different arenas available. But by far the best bit was a new weapon, a nifty little gun called the Splicer which shoots razor blades at your enemies with go...

Those who owned and played the original Resistance: Fall of Man may be in for a special treat when playing its upcoming sequel, when in a talk with James Stevenson Kotaku's Jim Reilly asked whether they may be any bonuses from having a save file from the original Resistance, and while James said he couldn't confirm anything they definitely hope to include something, much like how the old Ratchet and Clank games used to work.

Sony Australia have announced that the 'Platinum' selection will be arriving on Monday for the Australian market and will come at the down under price of $49.95. The titles that have been selected for this include Motorstorm, Resistance: Fall of Man, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Heavenly Sword and Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

"#24: skate
#23: Heavenly Sword
#22: MLB 08: The Show
#21: Battlefield: Bad Company
#20: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
#19: Rock Band
#18: Burnout Paradise
#17: Ninja Gaiden Sigma
#16: PixelJunk Monsters
#15: Everyday Shooter
#14: Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
#13: Warhawk
#12: Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online
#11: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition
#10: Super Stardust HD
#9: Assassin's Creed
#8: Resistance: Fall of Man
#7: MotorStorm
#6: The Orange Box

With Resistance 2 slated for a release sometime in the coming months, Sony gave us another shocker - Resistance will be coming to the Playstation Portable. Called Resistance: Retribution it takes place after the events of Resistance: Fall of Man. More details on the game as they are announced by Sony/Insomniac.

The game will be released on the PSP in Spring 2009.

Every since the first Resistance 2 teaser was shown way back on April 11th, fan's everywhere have been waiting for the day the first gameplay footage and details of the games plotline would be revealed.
Today is that day :


( Video at Gametrailers.com )

With the previous news about Trophies being included in Resistance: Fall of Man, many were excited, however it seems that excitement hasn't even lasted a day as jstevenson a developer at Insomniac has told gamers that there wont be any support of any kind for the game...

In a Live interview session with Eurogamer, Ted Price the boss of Insomniac Games was available to answer questions. During the interview when asked about the loading screens of Resistance 2, Ted Price responded with

"And hopefully you won't see any loading screens. At least that's the plan!"
This will be partly due to the install which he also talks about in the interview as well as many other points.

Unfortunately the interview is now over (just as I finish typing up this article actually...

"Resistance 2 came out for its first public viewing at Sony's PlayStation Day in London, and we took the opportunity to try it out. While only a limited multiplayer demo, what we played left us with plenty to be excited about. Considering a good six months' worth of development time remains to polish and perfect things before this fall's release, the game already looks impressive, easily equaling the standard of the original. That amounts to no small feat for a game supporting 60 players runni..."

Farewell SIXAXIS, hello Dualshock 3! The force feedback Dualshock 3 controllers will be shipping tomorrow at the generous price of $54.99 US. Get them while they're hot, because Sony all knows everyone wants one for all those wrecks in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue!

No PS3 owner has not heard of Resistance. And if you remember when the game was launched, a commercial was airing on TV at the same time. And in this commercial it showed a real life Chimera skull in the white room with the Playstation 3. Now the skull is on sale on Ebay, for a wopping 3,000 dollars. Man I should of made one of those in my woodshop class.

What could make Home better? When developers go the extra mile to make some amazing stuff that is all in Home. Resistance Fall Of Man will have a interactive "Home". Much like the Insomniac Musuem found in the R&C games. You will be able to view levels that never made it into the game, listen to hidden radio messages that will give more detail on the story and much more.

Uncharted takes it a step further. There will be "Homes" that are designed as the levels that are found in uncharted. Le...

Recruiting workers in the game industry isn't that hard to do, as for many it's a dream job, however if by chance you've created a company and need some help that you can't seem to find, well then turn to Insomniac since as well as making games, they seem to know how to recruit... watch and see how working at Insomniac is like, and let me tell you, I sure would love to work there.

Sony is reportedly about to launch something similar to their greatest hits for the PS3. For those that don't know what the "Greatest Hits" line of games was, it meant that the game had sold well and gotten overall good reviews. When a game got Greatest Hits status, the price of it got dropped to about $20 and it got a "Greatest Hits" logo on the case.

Sony is supposedly about to launch something similar for the PS3 in Japan. There's a catch though! The games will sell for about 3800 yen, ...

"Following the recent success of colourful platform adventure Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, developer Insomniac Games is wasting absolutey no time in cranking up audience expectation levels for its next exclusive PlayStation 3 offering.

Moreover, the studio has today released a rather sexy selection of screenshots taken from its upcoming sequel to the hugely popular sci-fi first-person shooter Resistance: Fall of Man, which successfully carved itself a fan niche as an acc..."


I just got my latest GameInformer and its cover feature is Resistance 2!!!!!!

Checking it out now... will update. (didn't see this on first two pages so assumed it hasn't been posted)

EDIT 1: HUGE cooperative game... EIGHT-PLAYER story-driven campaign along side single-player campaign. SIXTY-PLAYER Competitive modes... HUGE United States Landscapes as backdrops.

EDIT 2: "It is, in short, a tour de force for the untapped might of the PlayStation 3"

EDIT 3: Narrative..."

"Surfer Girl, the blogger with the inside scoop, posted the first screenshot of Resistance: Fall of Man 2. She claims the screenshot (to the left) is from an early version of the game dated around last April or May 2007.

Of course the graphics will improve you silly gamer."

Resistance was the PS3's first big title that came out last year. It was the first PS3 game to sell millions and it was the most played online PS3 game, at one point. And with that and an ending that the game had, it would make sense for Insomniac Games to make a sequel, right? Well last week SCEA filed a trademark for Resistance 2. Does this mean that Insomniac is working on the game right now, or will be in the future?

"A trusted source has let us know that Resistance 2, the sequel to the PS3 launch title, is ready for the pre-Alpha testing stage. According to our source, Sony is going to be hiring a ton of testers in January to put Resistance 2 through a stress test.

Resistance was one of the best PS3 exclusives, and without a doubt we’re sure Resistance 2 will be on everyone’s wish list when a release date is announced."

Well Insomniac sure have had a good run with Resistance: Fall of Man. Almost a year since its release and its still going strong. Insomniac have just revealed details on the long awaited second map pack. This pack contains two brand new maps which can be played in all modes with any amount of players. There is also a short interview with President and CEO of Insomnaic games Ted Price

The sequel is set in the United States excluding the first level. Also you will now be able to ride vehicles in multiplayer mode, which should definitely enhance the experience. It also says your able to take three new vehicles to the sky, I'm assuming it means there will be aircraft in this game.

Resistance 2 is looking good and it's speculated to be released in November 2008.

Its just George, Paul and Stephen this week as we go through another week of gaming news and views. This week we talked about whether Halo 3 is reaching overhyped status among gamers. Also We hit on the Playstation Home beta that was extended into October. We have a small segment on the Microsoft Chatpad. We talk about how the hackers will take over the Guitar Hero 3 franchise when it hits the PC and Mac this fall. And we talk in depth about the Castlevania series.

Given that the Playstation 3 currently doesn't have as many games available as the other consoles, it still does hold a fair bit of games. But are people making the most of the Playstation 3's capabilities? Well it seems that out of the many games that have been released only around 16 games so far are using the Playstation 3's SPE.

Whilst there may be more, the 16 games that are listed below have pretty much been confirmed to be using the PS3's SPE:

  1. Resistance: Fall of Man
  2. Ratchet and Clan...

Due to the recent success of the PlayStation 3 Starter Pack in Europe, Sony is planning to release another starter pack. The current starter pack comes with the PS3, 2 SIXAXIS controllers, Resistance: FoM and Motorstorm. The new starter pack will contain the PS3, 2 SIXAXIS controllers and two new games.

Sony today announced that their PlayStation 3 video game system will not be recieving a price reduction in PAL territories. Unlike Northern American gamers, who will recieve a price cut next month, European and Australian consumers will instead have a "Starter Pack" introduced in replacement of the current PlayStation 3 retail box.

The aptly titled bundle, set to be released in August, will contain a 60GB PlayStation 3 system, two official controllers and two current chart games. Included ...

The massive Resistance update it finally here. There is an enormous amount of changes and upgrades to download including: Being able to view your PlayStation Network Friends from the in-game lobby, In-game reporting of abusive players, voice chat through speakers, penalty time for quiting ranked games, unbalanced games being canceled prior to launch, Map pack 1 available for download, worldwide servers, changed "Map vote" option, and many others.

WOOT! Resistance Fall of Man fans can now compete all over the world! I think this is a big step in the PS3's global presence. With the ability for players from Japan, Europe, and the US to interact with each other over the immense world that is Resistance Fall of Man just think of all the friendships you can develop all over the world. Now we can battle for bragging rights!

Amid all of the discussion and confusion between Sony and the church of England lately, came a rather interesting bit of information.

Resistanace: Fall Of Man has been at the pinnacle of attention lately because of the games depiction of a chimeran invasion within a church.

As video gaming basks in the emergence of high definition visuals and increased production values, it also faces new challenges from outside the industry. The suspension of disbelief is beginning to dispel from game violence thanks to the gradual shift towards photo-realistic graphics, and this is bound to bring forth a new breed of industry detractors. An op/ed piece on GamesIndustry.biz explains that developers can learn from the continued outcry surrounding the increasing realism of viol...

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair had a chance to give his two cents on the Church of England's beef with Resistance: Fall of Man. Blair is tending to side with the complaints, explaining how the gaming industry can take better care in how it chooses to depict the real world. In response to a question posed by Tony Lloyd, MP for Manchester Central, asking whether it is inappropriate for "big corporations" to use imagery of locales like Manchester Cathedral to depict gun violence:

Games and copyright lawyer Alex Chapman of Campbell Hooper solicitors explains to GamesIndustry.biz that the Church of England's legal case against Sony could prove difficult to justify... if the organization even manages to have one at all. This week the Church of England has filed a complaint to Sony Computer Entertainment over what it claims to be the unauthorzied depiction of the Manchester Cathedral in the PlayStation 3 action shooter, Resistance: The Fall of Man. In addition, the Chur...

"A lot of talk has been going on about the Church of England's protests over Sony including the Manchester Cathedral in their hit game Resistance: Fall of Man. The church has asked that the game be pulled off the shelves and that Sony issue a formal apology regarding it."

One of the backdrops of Resistance: Fall of Man is a Cathedral in Manchester that is in ruin and being attacked by the creatures known as the Chimeras. As US Ranger Nathan Hale, you take part in a shoot-out against the Chimeras, with the ability to destroy more of the surrounding's - the Cathedral.

With the destruction of a place of worship, the Church of England are demanding that Sony Apologise for the use of the Cathedral and the withdrawal of the game.

"Fans of MotorStorm and Resistance: Fall of Man were looking forward to this Thursday so they could download new maps, game modes and other changes to the gameplay. We contacted SCEA directly to find out what the delays were facing these two content packs.

Racers looking to tear up the desert were eagerly awaiting the MotorStorm 1.2 update, which would have provided a Time Attack mode, as well as races against multiple phantom opponents. Players would also experience improved online play. W..."

"Back in early March, Insomniac Games sent word along that Resistance: Fall of Man would be seeing a pair of new maps come May. It's the end of the month now, and we've still yet to see the fabled map pack. What's the hold-up?

Greg Phillips of Sony Computer Entertainment America confirmed to CVG today that the map pack has been pushed back one week to June 7th to guarantee compatibility between the various world servers, which are being linked now that the PlayStation 3 has launched in mos..."

"PS3 Arcadians: With the successful launch of Resistance this quarter and Ratchet and Clank Future this year, are you establishing a cycle of releases? Specifically, can we look forward to a new iteration in Resistance next year and a sequel to Ratchet and Clank Future the year after that?

BH Insomniac: Insomniac does have multiple projects we’re working on simultaneously, but we can't comment on anything beyond what we've already announced. As we've been growing as a company we've gone fro..."