"It's tough being an owner of the Nintendo Wii. Often looked down upon by 'real' gamers because of its waggle gameplay, large catalogue of party/family games, and lack of HD visuals, the Wii is labelled a console for casuals and grandmas. Even though the Wii has some of the best games to be released this generation (such as Super Mario Galaxy 2, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Donkey Kong Country Returns) critics will gladly point out the insane amount of shovel ware in library.


Fun Wii games are often ignored on account of their colorful box art or status as a downloadable title. Plenty of games on Nintendo's current console would make stellar additions to any gamer's library, you just have to give them a chance.

"A simple choice can change your life forever. For instance, you may selfishly choose to drive drunk and end someone's life, or yours. You could easily choose to get a ride home and not risk wrecking or endangering someone's health. Of course, those are choices that can be made with dire outcomes. Gaming is slowly but surely introducing the same kinds of decisions. But are we ready? Are they being implemented correctly? And how do we feel about choosing "right" versus "wrong?"

""While Sakura Wars is almost entirely a storybook, it is also a game with one of the finest and most unique battle systems brought to PlayStation 2. That’s a remarkable achievement for any console, and it is especially impressive when you consider how long the PS2 has been available.""

Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love is the last noteworthy PS2 game that will be released in America. OXG gives it a proper sendoff by posting some videos that show off Sakura Wars' combat system and English voice cast.

"A thin week for releases but that is probably welcome after the glut of quality releases the last few weeks. The PC only gets one new release for this week; Mount & Blade: Warband which has players riding horses across battlefields. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 finally gets MegaMan 10 and adds a new entry in the classic fighting series Samuari Showdown SEN."

""We're releasing Sakura Wars V first because we figured it's the last version that came out and it's obviously the most polished, at least battle system-wise. And it's something that's easier for Sony [to] accept and release a game like [Sakura Wars V], because previously Sony didn't like games that had dating sim aspects. They thought it might not be a suitable game for the PlayStation brand but they're actually happy about Sakura Wars now ever since they saw the actual game. So, if this one..."

NIS America has released some details about the upcoming Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love. If you prefer your Japanese games to have Japanese voiceovers, NIS has come up with a way to satisfy fans. So Long, My Love will be a two-disc box set, with one disc containing English dubs and the other featuring the original Japanese voice acting with subs. This version of the game is going to be the standard retail version and will sell for $39.99. Expect to see the game in winter.