Shenmue fans have a lot of reasons to be happy these days. Shenmue III was announced at this year's E3 and managed to become the top Kickstarter video game project to date. Now a fan of the game has re-created the original game's dojo and Hazuki Residence using Unreal Engine 4.

Rise and Fall of a Japanese Gaming Empire: This is a look back at the company that was once the forefront of gaming. Before Sony took over the industry, it was Sega spearheading with the successful Mega Drive/ Genesis. It all ended with the Dreamcast. This is the story of the former gaming champion!

It has been almost 14 years since the release of Shenmue on the Sega Dreamcast. WIth all the talk of the #SaveShenmue social media campaign I decided to do my part and stream on Twitch TV my playthrough of Shenmue. I did not intend to write a review for the game but after completing it I felt compelled to.

In the following Original Piece RealGamerNewz newcomer Clint Fenome tackles the complex issue of Shenmue III and proves to the world that the chance for a real production of the vaporware title demanded by many has truly come to its peak ultimate moment. You need to get on this today if you want to help the cause and be part of the Tweetathon, but allow us to present you with the evidence to why you should.

The debate rages on that there needs to be more re-releases of games on PSN/XBL. Some members of the Goozex community have put together a list of games that are in dire need of PSN/XBL releases and GoozerNation has narrowed this list, which includes a handful of arcades, NES, SNES, and PSX games. There seems to be a real demand for HD versions of Shenmue and Sunset Riders. Would these games sell well? Do they need achievements and trophies? What about couch and online co-op?

The term 'hit or miss' is something familiar within the gaming industry, as the fast moving world of video games sees a lot of failed and unsuccessful attempts at trying something new. MyGaming have a look at the top 5 biggest flops in gaming history.

Bad voice acting can sometimes ruin the experience, but these ten games overcome awful voice acting by somehow managing to still be good despite the terrible voice performances.

"The power button on my Dreamcast emits a glow. The warm, rosy glow of nostalgia for a time when game progress was saved on Memory Cards, a time before HD televisions, when online gaming was done with a 56k modem, and controllers still had wires. Hardcore gamers talk about the Dreamcast the way that car lovers talk about a ’57 Chevy, the way that junkies talk about that first pure high. That high was powerful, but short-lived; the Dreamcast debuted in 1999, but was already done with by 2001..."

Daav from goes over all the winners in the Art of Video Games exhibition from the Smithsonian. After about a quarter decade of playing games and a bunch of platforms, NoobFeed goes over what choices are sound and what improvements or better decisions could've made the final cut. Get your nostalgia on!

It was said that 10% of video game titles make up 90% of the industry's gross revenue. What about the other percentage of video games lacking a good name. Are they bad games? Have you ever played a game you loved that never once was advertised. Well check out this Top Ten List of Best Video Games that people never talk about.

"Behold ladies and gentle nerds. What we have here is a video featuring the legendary Yu Suzuki telling us all just how the epic Shenmue story was meant to end. Helped by the team at Mega64, I think you'll all be mighty impressed with just how the game was meant to pan out."

Long time game designter Yu Suzuki spent some time talking at this year's GDC. Suzuki mentions he built Psy-Phi around the likes of American comics and anime he used to watch as a kid.

Yu Suzuki is the recipient of the 2011 GDC Pioneer Award. The father of hits like Outrun, Virtual Fighter and Shenmue, not many are more deserving of this award than Suzuki.

"With Dreamcast titles like Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventures already available for download and Space Channel 5: Part 2 on the way, it appears Sega is serious about bringing some of their ill-fated console's most beloved titles to the digital marketplace."

"Now that it’s come out into the open and Sega has revealed to the gaming masses that Dreamcast games will in fact be available on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 via their respective download networks within the next several months, many gamers who remember how awesome a system the Dreamcast have begun collectively rejoicing. Personally speaking, I can’t truly convey my illiberality – the console was ahead of it’s time so much that the technology didn’t exist to fully realize it. Neverthe..."

"With the industry’s mega event, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, set to kick-off on the 15th, there’s a lot of speculation about what surprises will be unveiled at the mega-convention. Many publishers have already revealed their game lineups publicly, while others have kept a tight lid on the subject of E3. We wanted to look at a troubled publisher who once was at the top of the hardware and software biz, but has seen some issues lately. Mainly we wanted to run down the titles we think coul..."

"Shenmue wherefore art thou? Back during the Dreamcast days, a trueclassic that will always be remembered is Shenmue. I remember my father getting me this game and I didn’t know what the hell it was about & I’ve never heard of it. So the story is about a guy named Lan Di searching for two mirrors and your father in the game seems to have one in possession."

In an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu 360, Sega discusses the possibility of a developing a new game in the fan-favorite Shenmue series.

The games on this list aren't neccessarily bad games or over-rated games. They are just games that were over-hyped to the point of ridiculousness and didn't end up delivering what was promised.
Here are's Top 20 Most Overhyped Games Ever.

Go to the source for the full "Part 1" list.
Here is part 2.

It's been a while since the Sega's console the Dreamcast was put out of business, but this doesn't mean it didn't have any classic games that will always remembered. From commanding toys in Toy Commander to avenging your fathers death in Shenmue.

The console had one of the greatest game line ups ever before the Playstation 2 came and well pretty much basically crushed the party.

Anyone who doesn't know why Sega stopped supporting the Dreamcast is mostly because of piracy. With such a ...

"1 Sakura Taisen (aka Sakura Wars) Sega
2 Shenmue Sega
3 Okami Capcom
4 Gotchaforce Capcom
5 Xenogears Square Enix
6 Breath of Fire Capcom
7 Rockman Dash (aka Mega Man Legends) Capcom
8 Ogre Battle Square Enix
9 Chikyuu Boueigun (aka Earth Defence Force) D3
10 Kowloon’s Gate Sony Music Entertainment
11 Shinobido Spike
12 Demon’s Souls SCEJ
13 Rockman X (aka Mega Man X) Capcom
14 Chrono Square Enix
15 Z.O.E Konami
16 Mother Nintendo
17 Romancing SaGa Square Enix
18 Senjou no Va..."

"Shenmue; many may cheerfully recall the good times they had with the game while others will look on with a blank stare. Gamers have waited years for a new Shenmue title to grace consoles and allow them to continue the adventure. Considering Sega’s current state we doubt that will happen anytime soon, so now is as good a time as any to educate gamers about one of the industry’s most epic series."

Shenmue wherefore art thou? Back during the Dreamcast days, a true classic that will always be remembered is Shenmue. I remember my father getting me this game and I didn't know what the hell it was about & I've never heard of it.

So the story is about a guy named Lan Di searching for two mirrors and your father in the game seems to have one in possession. Lan Di finds out and breaks into your home, beats down on your father and other family members & that's where you come in, Ryu Hazuki....

Chris Plante delivers this feature that lists game titles with mini or meta games contained within that are strong enough to stand on their own. There are some omissions (e.g. only one of the Final Fantasy games listed - and *gasp* it isn't chocobo racing), so be sure to let him know what should have been included at

Someone over on GameFAQs got hold of a Swedish gaming rag called Gamereactor, which says there's a rumour the beloved Shenmue games will be ported to the Wii, with the addition of some Wiimote-controlled minigames.

Oh, and while we're at it, the Shenmue 3 petition is still going, with 52,500 names. Sign it here if you like.

If anyone has ever heard of Shenmue which was released on the under rated Sega Dreamcast will now of how this is a classic. I wouldn't have played it if my father didn't purchase this game for me by mere luck one morning.

Shenmue is a classic adventure game that was directed & produced by Yu Suzuki of Sega-AM2 , who then moved on to the Virtual Fighter and Psy-Phi games. Shenmue was released back in 1999 and was welcomed as one of Dreamcast's finest titles.

The first game covers the v...

Xbox 360 Rally has claimed to have got there hands on what is supposed to be the up and coming titles Sega will be offering at the Tokyo Game Show. These titles range from Beijing 2008, Crazy Taxi, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Medieval II, Phantasy Star Universe, Shenmue 3, Sonic Rush Adventure and many more over all main console including Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Ds, Playstation Portable and Xbox 360.