Today Bethesda officially announced Fallout 4. With it i'm sure the game has already moved to the top of several peoples most anticipated games list, but it's important to remember that the franchise wasn't always such a hot conmodity. In fact back before Bethesda revived the brand back in 2008 the series was little more than a cult classic. This got me thinking about other dormant series I'd like to see brought back and given a second chance.


This Ghosts 'n Goblins spin-off is...

These are the games (or types of game) that are a near constant part of Brock Poulsen's (from GoozerNation) gaming collection. He keeps them around because each offers something unique to scratch any specific gaming itch.

"The first instalment of the series takes us back to the wintery depths of January 2009 when most would have taken advantage of the high street sales. Here’s our list of the new releases that shouldn’t have been overlooked and that we recommend you look out for when on the search for a bargain in this years sales."

The NPD Group has released the top twenty software and top ten software by platform lists for the recently unveiled February 2009 sales numbers yesterday, showing the top rankings in software sales for the month. The top ten rankings for accessory sales are also available.

Numbers inserted where known.

Top 20 Games of February 2009
01. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) - 644k
02. [360] Street Fighter IV* (Capcom) - 446k
03. [PS3] Street Fighter IV* (Capcom) - 403k
04. [WII] Wii Play (Nintend...

"Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that gamers will be able to extend their Skate 2 experience with the download of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Plaza, starting today in the PLAYSTATION Store for $5.00 in North America and on XboxLIVE! Marketplace for 400 points. The Downloadable Content features Rob Dyrdek's new skate plaza, the centerpiece of his MTV show, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, as well as the surrounding downtown Los Angeles area."

This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Skate 2. His criticisms include the over use of skater dialect, and how the game is generally unaccommodating to those not familiar with skating.

The NPD Group before the weekend released the top twenty software and top ten software by platform lists for the January 2009 sales numbers, showing the top rankings in software sales for the month. The top ten rankings for accessory sales are also available.

Numbers are inserted where known.

Top 20 Games of December 2008:
01. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) - 777k
02. [WII] Wii Play (Nintendo) - 415k
03. [WII] Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo) - 292k
04. [360] Left 4 Dead (Electronic Arts) - 243k...

The NPD Group has released their hardware and software numbers for the month of January, representing sales for the United States for the four week period of January 4th to January 31st.

Notables this month:

  • Wii and DS more than double their sales from January 2008

Hardware numbers:
WII: 679.2k (169.8k per week)
NDS: 510.8k (127.7k per week)
360: 309.0k (77.25k per week)
PS3: 203.2k (50.8k per week)
PSP: 172.3k (43.075k per week)
PS2: 101.2k (25.3k per week)

2009 Year-to-Date in...

"Skate 2 follows the same path set by skate.; a series of traditions prescribed by the Tony Hawks’ series based upon a control method excelling in simulation, as opposed to stimulation. The basic control is delivered via the Right Analogue Stick, and could be compared to the Total Punch Control delivered in Fight Night Round 3, but to which has received a marked improvement."

"The best thing about this game is the open world environment. No matter how good or bad you shared at this game you can free skate for hours in a world that will even skate the gaps you place in the game. The free skate option was by far my favorite to play as there was always some new area to try out. The career mode while featuring many well known skaters really fell flat with me. I won’t spoil any of the story lines but I felt the opening movie was really the only thing that clicked with m..."

"Games of Skate 2's difficulty aren't released very often these days and while it's a gratifying game to ultimately master, it can also be a frustrating, punishing experience. Better tutorials or difficulty level adjusters may have been enough to bridge the gap for casual gamers but unfortunately, this is a "one size fits all" effort."

Commander in Chief

AR Tonelico 2: Melody Of Metafalica

Skate 2

Xbox 360
Skate 2

Imagine: Fashion Party, SimAnimals, Ultimate Shooting Collection

Big Bang Mini, Inkheart, Jumble Madness, SimAnimals, Wonder World Amusement Park

Star Ocean: Second Evolution"

"The release of Skate 2 is due at the end of the month and EA's giving you a two-week cushion for trying out the demo. It'll hit Xbox Live (and probably PSN) on Thursday, January 8th.

The release date was announced on along with a sweepstakes for Xbox Live users."

"Let's look at the stats:

* 1,000 employees without jobs (bout 10% of EA's global workforce)
* $120 mil in company savings
* Restructuring charges of $55 - 65 mil

EA has yet to name the other eight studios it will be shutting down, but it did announce that it will be relocating some employees and franchises to offices in Burnaby, British Columbia."

"Skate It and Skate 2 continue to deepen and expand the breadth of the Skate franchise. Skate It, a recent recipient of 2008’s Best Wii Game award at the German Games Convention in Leipzig, brings the fun and soul of skateboarding to the Wii and the NintendoDS. Skate 2 lets players flaunt their style like never before with double the bag of tricks on the PLAYSTATION3 system and the Xbox360.

See below for the entire Skate 2 soundtrack. Songs included in Skate It are marked with an asterisk..."

With so many problems with SKATE, it seems that Black Box have decided to take a different approach on the game. Namely, by making the Playstation 3 version of the game the lead version, so that they aren't in the line of fire as they were with Skate which was considered to have a lower gameplay value for the PS3 version due to it having been the port.

Four new screenshots have been released for Skate 2, and they look really great. One is of the skate park, and the other are of skateboarders doing wicked tricks. The game is releasing on the 360 and PS3, in early 2009.