"E3 is a magical time, full of amazing announcements, phenomenal screen shots, videos, and hands-on time with all the games that are coming our way in the near future.

Or is it?

This post, as the title implies, will be a Sony-centric look at some E3 announcements that have fallen by the wayside over the last few years, with some very promising titles flat out disappearing or remaining shrouded in the fog that is developer oblivion, not to be heard from again. I will delve into recent hi..."

"The latest first-party release from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), the PlayStation 3 exclusive Sorcery is now available throughout PAL territories. Originally unveiled many moons ago, Sorcery is designed for use with the PlayStation Move motion-control device."

"Sorcery is one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation Move titles since the launch of the device. The long awaited PlayStation 3 exclusive will be available from 25th May 2012, but eager gamers can get their hands on a special piece of merchandise right now."

Amazon France has revealed what appears to be the official European box art for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive Move-required title from Sony, Sorcery.

Haven't used your PlayStation Move in a while? You soon will have a reason to dust it off. Sony has announced that Sorcery - first shown at E3 2010 - will be released in May. Check out our full article on Game Freaks 365 for the date!

Dust your PlayStation Move off! Sony unveiled the PlayStation Move title Sorcery at E3 2010, but little has been said of it since. Sony revealed today that the project isn't dead. It's actually coming sooner than you might think.