"With Spider-Man swinging back into theaters this summer, it’s a good time to look into his video game history and see the ups and downs of the web slinger’s offerings to the world of digital entertainment. Few superheroes have had as many video games made for them as Spider-Man has so it’s a decent sized list but that won’t stop us from digging into it. As we did with The Avengers, we will focus on the Spider-Man centric games which means we will skip the various fighting, pinball and mash-up..."

"PushStartSelect: "We all love the 90’s, its one of the best decades since, well, the 70’s! Okay I am slightly joking there and I felt like having a little fun, so don’t take this article all too serious. However the 90’s were iconic in many ways, and were even one of the biggest booms for video games. However one thing that is for sure is the fact cartoons in the 90’s totally kicked ass! So I figured I’d try to find a connection between your favorite cartoons and the games you probably play.""

"Whether you're a fan of comic books, animated cartoons or video games, you're definitely familiar with the star of today's cosplay gallery, Black Cat. Born in Queens, New York. She was raised an only child to Walter and Lydia Hardy. Felicia Hardy's father, Walter, was a world-renowned cat burglar. Before being arrested he told her to never settle for second best. Lydia agreed with that sentiment."

"Spider-Man has been hit or miss with video games in the last decade, but his last foray, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, went over well. Letting players jump into four different Spider-Man continuities, Shattered Dimensions was the perfect nod to fans and a solid (if linear) video game. Developer Beenox and publisher Activision have returned, this time with a much more streamlined experience. Spider-Man: Edge of Time is slightly different, paring down four Spider-Men to two. Edge of Time sk..."

Zqueakz runs down the big news stories of the day. Topics include PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360 vs Wii sales, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, and Anonymous defends GeoHot and takes on Sony.

"Spider-man – one of the most (if not the most) recognizable superhero to ever grace us mere mortals has had his fair share of video game appearances over the years. Since the Web-heads inception in the 60’s, Stan Lee’s creation was destined for the video game world and in 80’s and early 90’s started seeing our favourite wall-crawler on everything from the Atari 2600 to the Sega Mega Drive."

"Spider-man has had his fair share of video games of the past couple years. While each game (has turned out) pretty successfully, no game has managed to capture the depth and variety that the multiple Spider-man universes have to offer. That’s all about to change with Shattered Dimensions, as this title hopes to capture a variety of different Spider-man universes while remaining true to its roots. But is this wall-crawler a friendly neighbourhood hero or villain in disguise?"

"This week's "Cosplay Babe of the Week" is The Black Cat, also known as Felicia Hardy, from the Spider-Man series of comics and more importantly for our purpose - video games. We also chose The Black Cat in hopes that Capcom would take notice and pop her into the upcoming Marvel Vs Capcom 3."

"With the great comic-book adapted films such as Kick-Ass and Iron Man 2 recently hitting our theaters, we thought it only be right to pay homage to the best comic-book adapted video games. So strap on your utility belt, tighten your cape, stretch your spandex, and get ready for the Top 5 Comic-Book Adapted Video Games."

"It’s an accepted fact that video games aren’t real. Of course some people would like to tell you that you don’t know the difference between video games and reality (*cough* Jack Thompson of course *cough*). Well, sometimes the line is actually blurred. It would appear that video games have seeped into our reality from time to time, and it’s only a matter of days, months, or years before we have to deal with the emerging video game menace. So why not prepare ahead of time by taking a look at t..."