RealGamerNewz takes the moment to let the gaming community know what they think about originality in the games industry and names the Top 5 Most Original Gaming Experiences of This Gen.

When you check the Xbox 360 Dashboard now, you’ll notice that there is a new Player’s Picks ad on the forefront. This new page outlines the top Xbox Live Arcade titles, as voted by the community. It doesn’t say how they tabulated the top games (likely from user scores) or if they excluded certain titles, but they did split the top games into two groups, which you can see below.

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EPs, or extended play records, are collections of music that are longer than singles but shorter than full-length albums. They're both brief samplers of a band and an opportunity for artists to try something new and different. Garrett Martin of Joystick Division looks at how downloadable games like Bastion and Trenched are like EPs, and how that comparison points out differences and similarities between the music and video game industries.

Double Fine released a number of successful games like Costume Quest and Trenched, and seems to be doing everything right. What can we learn from their approach to make short, deeply personal downloadable games and why aren't other developers following suit?

""As a final project for one my classes this term we were to interview a professional in the field we want to get into. Through the power of Twitter I got a phone interview with Lead Programmer Chad Dawson over at Double Fine Productions (he worked on the amazing Stacking). Here is a transcription of our conversation:""

Double Fine has become one of the most beloved game developers over the past few years. They have developed some of the best arcade titles over the last year. What are they planning to do once Trenched is released? Check out the interview to find out.

"Double Fine is a charismatic studio, and Brad Muir, the lead designer on Trenched, fits right in. We sat down with Muir to learn a little about him and a lot about the game he’s working on."

A relatively simple way, but with a proposal and an atmosphere that could only have come from a genius mind like Schafer’s. The narrative, as always, is almost enough to win the game highlights, but still offers puzzle elements in ways you’ve never seen before.

"Upon first hearing the premise of a game that tasked players to play and take over Russian matryoshka dolls, I was both confused and intrigued. Leave it up to the creative minds over at Double Fine Productions to think of something so outrageously unique. Stacking follows the exploits of a young, miniature stacking doll named Charlie Blackmoore. His older siblings all get abducted by the dastardly Baron, and are forced into a life of child labor on many of his establishments. Charlie’s abilit..."

It is great to see nice unique and innovative games coming our way, especially if they deliver much more gameplay time than many AAA titles that hit our shelves these days.

A strange name for a game to be sure, but it does make sense really, as that's the aim and focus of the game, but it's the storyline and unique visuals and concept that sets it apart from the rest.

Come check out OXCGN's review, the huge number of screenshots and let them know your thoughts on the game.

"No sooner did David and Pat heal from their ailments than Andy and Nick are stricken ill. Yet the whole crew manages to blast through this magickal podcast. When not wizarding in Two Worlds 2, Venetica, Magicka, Rift, or Dragon Age Origins, we talk Killzone 3, Stacking, EVE Online, and discuss what went wrong with Gran Turismo 5's seasonal events.

There's a tiny bit of important gaming news. Later, we answer some user emails pertaining to the upcoming cyberpunk zombie dinosaur game revolut..."

"Right from the start, the art (unintentional rhyme) and style hit all the right notes. Stacking is a beautiful game and pulls off the Russian nesting doll look perfectly. The designs, animation, and overall feel give off vibrations that this is a real world, filled with real, live nesting dolls."

Stacking gameplay footage of the second mission in the game is here. Check out this solution to the next step in retrieving your family members from their stackable dilemma. If you didn't know already, Stacking is a seriously awesome game with an original concept and fun mechanics.

Stacking is a new title from Double Fine that brings a fresh take on gaming with it's unique gameplay mechanics and overall atmosphere. In this video you can see the first trophy in the game being achieved and begin to see how the game feels for players who picked it up.

Stacking is a puzzle adventure game by Double Fine Productions where you play as a Russian nesting doll. You must possess other dolls and use their abilities as you search for your family that has been kidnapped by an evil Baron.