With The Force Awakens out in theaters and the mystery box blown open, Cinelinx takes a look at some of the video games EA could develop to explore the new movies even better.

Ryan from The Game Bolt: "A long time ago in a generation far far away, Star Wars: Battlefront was released on various platforms including PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC. It instantly amassed a large following, giving players the chance to play as some of their most beloved characters of all time in familiar settings. Unfortunately 2005 saw the end of both the Star Wars films and the Star Wars: Battlefront series… until now! Star Wars fans have obviously been praying hard for the last 10 years, a...

Booting up Star Wars Battlefront for the first time was a truly special moment. Familiar logos adorn the screen, while John Williams’ timeless music begins to play, and it finally dawned on me that the day has come. It’s been a long wait to see the Star Wars franchise return to full form, and while the upcoming The Force Awakens is a few months out, Battlefront serves as an excellent distraction until the big day arrives. Granted, I’d be doing a disservice to Battlefront and developer DICE by...

This week on the 10th episode of APG's Ultimaximum Overdrive Podcast, Shelby, Symmion, Brent and Louis are joined by returning guest, Austin Bascle, as we discuss this week's Nintendo Direct, the upcoming releases of the week, and if Star Wars: Battlefront will have long "legs", or if it will quickly fade from gamers' memories. To top it all off, we discuss and rank our Top 5 Open World Games of all time!

"Several months ago when the Star Wars: Battlefront alpha tests were being conducted Electronic Arts had a non-disclosure agreement in place to prevent people from leaking footage and talking aboutt he alpha in public spaces. Well, Star Wars: Battlefront community manager Mathew Everett had requested from Reddit moderators over the Star Wars: Battlefront sub-Reddit to delete, censor and remove content that EA didn’t want the public consuming. The moderators obliged."

With exactly one week to go until the arrival of Star Wars Battlefront launches in North America, EA has revealed the file size of DICE’s licensed title across all three platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
Interestingly, the required space varies quite substantially across each system, and though this is nothing unusual for a AAA title of Battlefront‘s nature, those picking up the shooter on PC might want to clear some space.

November 2015 is really going to be a hot month for the video game industry. There aren’t that many new games being released but the grand majority of the ones coming out are almost all part of big popular series. Check out the best new games coming out this month.

Taking place a full three decades before the events of December’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, EA and developer DICE have unveiled an all-new teaser for Star Wars Battlefront that places the spotlight on the shooter’s forthcoming DLC pack, The Battle of Jakku.

"Star Wars video games have been massively popular for some time, the two most popular franchises being the hack ‘n slash Force Unleashed series, and the shooter style Battlefront titles. Star Wars Battlefront is headed for a 2015 reboot, brought to you by Battlefield developers DICE. A decade on from what became a cult classic among Star Wars and video game fans alike, will EA bring another classic along, or are they going to repeat some of the mistakes that lead to the failure of Battlefield..."

Alien Isolation is set to come out in the next couple of months and with every new bit of information that’s released my excitement increases. From what we’ve seen so far Isolation looks poised to deliver a good time for both franchise fans and newcomers alike. Hell if it delivers on its developers promises it might even reinvent the horror genre as we know it!

In honor of its upcoming release I’m going to be taking a look at some licensed titles that did their series justices. While a fe...

Over on PushStartSelect they're getting ready for E3 2012 by taking a look at the games they would love to see make an appearance at the show in some form, but more than likely won't.

New rumors about Battlefront 3, the long fabled Star Wars game, have begun to circulate once more. This time with a little more evidence and supposedly it's coming this year.

The Star Wars license has been attached to several different genres of video games over the years. Some of the didn't work as well, but there were a few that were golden. Sadly, there are a few great games that LucasArts never revisited, so Push Start Select is highlighting the 5 games fans want to see again.

"Over-exaggeration aside, the first Battlefront is commonly ranked as one of the best Star Wars games ever made, next to Battlefront 2 and Republic Commando.

Battlefront 2 released to much acclaim a little over a year later, improving upon the original in every single way possible (except multiplayer).

But after that? The series went dark, never releasing a main iteration of the series again.

Today, I am posing the simple but seemingly complicated question: where in the world is Star ..."

"the rumour states that almost all of the studio’s 200 or so employees within the Los Angeles-based developer will be let go with only a few to be transitioned into other EA development teams.

The news is unconfirmed at the moment, but with the report also stating that the Pandemic staff are to be informed at 11 a.m. PT today, we’d expect an official announcement sometime soon."

"Pandemic Studios, developer of the original Star Wars: Battlefront games, has denied picking up the third Battlefront instalment from the remnants of troubled TimeSplitters dev Free Radical, which was originally working on the third game.

"As of right now I can say Battlefront III is not currently at Pandemic," a company spokesperson confirmed on its web forums. "While I know the title seems to be up in the air from all the buzz around the web... LucasArts will be the only one knowing wher..."

The development history of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is sure to become famous. First in the hands of Free Radical, before being passed to Rebellion after they went bankrupt, and now changed hands again. The new developer? Pandemic the developer of the two earlier titles, as well as other such games as Mercenaries 1&2 and Lord of the Rings: Conquest.

There was excitement all around with Star Wars fans when some leaked footage was displayed for the world to see. This article by Michael Thomsen from au.wii.ign.com covers some topics discussed with an ex employee of Free Radical including Star Wars: Battlefront III and other games such as Haze and Timesplitters 4.

A new Star Wars Battlefront is probably inevitable and the rumors have definitely been rekindled after Amazon have put up Star Wars Battlefron 3 for a release date of March 2009. While this could be no more than guessing factor into the equation that E3 is coming up in week, a very likely platform for the announcement. Making this rumor a little more believable. The game is apparently going to appear on the PS3, 360, Wii, PS2, PSP, and DS

In the latest gamespot podcast Rob Yescombe said that Free Radical (the same team that is about to release Haze) is already working on 2 projects. One of them being Timesplitter 4 while the other is a secret Lucast Art project. Rumors are that it is Battlefront 3

Some very interesting news from the latest Issue Of PSM3. Free Radical are working on a new LucastArt game which is rumored to be Star Wars: Battlefront 3. Activision has trademarked the name DJ Hero. Sounds just like Guitar Hero right? And most interesting is that sometime in April, Guerilla Games will show off brand new footage of Killzone 2 and PSM3 is invited to the showing. No word if this will be a private viewing.