PSBeyond's top 5 sci-fi games of all time. The top 5 games ever made to feature a prominent sci-fi element. In a setting shared by so many games, which ones pull it off best?

"Call of Duty: Black Ops has shattered the record for the biggest gaming launch of all time. This factoid may have made you wonder what other games launched big, and what kind of money they brought in."

It's also no secret that Starcraft is easily one the world's most famous games. When this 8-bit, fan version of Starcraft was posted, you can only imagine the smiles across gamers faces around the world.

I've been asked to start blogging again - a major undertaking given I have no time for anything other than showing the world how awesome UGO is deep down inside, and gaming. Not to mention I have a terrible habit of stream-of-consciousness writing without making the effort to proof read, or spell check... yeah, I'm supposed to have a grad degree. *shrug*

That said, I am unfortunately a fanboy. A fan boy that, from time to time, likes to engage in the silly x vs. y forum debates. Last night...

Following up on the 1.16 patch released for StarCraft back in November, Blizzard has put out another -- 1.61 -- and it's yours for the taking. Not much different -- the main change seems to be improved processor handling.

This one's for Windows only at the moment, though the Mac version will be coming shortly. The game can be updated via or ActionTrip/AtomicGamer.

"Patch 1.16 offers some optimizations: "[StarCraft] now only uses as much CPU as it needs to run smoothly." In-game chat (excluding whispers) is now saved in the replays. There's some bug fixes and the removal of several exploits including Terrans drop-anywhere nukes and some additional Zerg exploits as well."

Blizzard has apparently gone trigger happy with their ban hammers this season. Anyone who has taken Diablo 2 or Starcraft online knows there are a fair few people who cheat. (I myself encountering a another player in Diablo 2 who wouldn't die even when his health was drained five times over) Blizzard is fighting back now however banning over 350000 accounts between the two games. Along with over 7000 World of Warcraft players. I'd love to see their faces when they realize what's happened.

"Improved In-Game Functionality
Any quote from Blizzard clearly states that while they won't talk much about 2.0, we will be blown away or be very impressed. It's a given that all current features for will be included - and improved! Blizzard has said they have learned a lot from WoW on infrastructure, and features from WoW will definitely also be seen. So Battlenet 2.0 WILL feature:

* Excellent Ping
* Channels and Chat in-game
* Ladders and R..."

"On March 31, 1998, Blizzard Entertainment released StarCraft, a revolutionary real-time strategy game pitting three powerful and distinctive races against each other in a war-torn galaxy. In StarCraft, the resourceful terrans, mysterious protoss, and relentless zerg find themselves in a confluence of events that has only one possible outcome: an epic war for conquest and survival."