Fortunately for most of us, we grow up in a world where all competitive consoles are at a similar quality level. 10/15 years ago? That definitely wasn't the case. So what happens when a popular game releases on an inferior console? This list shows you exactly what happens, and the results aren't appealing!

Not kidding. Read this article and then pretend you don't want it. This guy's ridiculous epiphany has given birth to one of the greatest game peripherals the world has ever seen. takes a look at the newest Capcom collaboration between Hello Kitty and Street Fighter, which will spawn merchandise next year. It's...different.

"Now when most people think of sexually attractive characters in gaming, they usually assume it’s only female characters. Developers know that the men of gaming also have to “look good” too. That’s why we’ve sprinkled in a couple of the hottest men in video games as well."

"Last year, (2009) was referred to by many as the year of the fighting game. The ridiculously anticipated Street Fighter 4 blew gamers away and more or less revived the genre. Marvel vs Capcom 2 returned to modern consoles, a move applauded by both new and hardcore fans. Tekken [6] landed on a non-Sony console for the first time ever, earning mostly positive feedback and reviews. Not to mention Guilty Gear developer Arc System Works made the beautiful BlazBlue. Overall it was a fantastic year ..."

"When it comes to fighting games, Capcom is still considered the king among many gamers. The solid gameplay offered in Capcom franchises keep hardcore virtual combatants coming back for more. But there is one thing that draws us in besides the physics engines and collision detection. It's the female fighters. That's why we've compiled a list of the sexiest female characters from Capcom fighters. Sure the pickings were slim when women first entered the Capcom fighting scene back in Street Fight..."

"In the world of video game vixens, the ladies of Street Fighter are among some of the toughest and sexiest. But it was not always this way. In 1987, the original Street Fighter made its debut in arcades around the world without any female characters. It wasn’t until 1991, with the release of Street Fighter II, that the first female character was introduced: the sexy Chun-Li. Today there are over 30 female characters in the Street Fighter franchise and thousands of enthusiasts who dress like t..."

"Tyger! Tyger uppercut!

Tyger knee him in the gut.

What jump forward jab or fierce

Could brave this fearful Street Fighter?

What a find! Street Fighter and poetry usually go together like peanut butter and tobacco but we've found these awesome poems that were written with real poems in mind. For example, "Tyger Uppercut" is inspired by William Blake's "The Tyger".

There's also: Carrion Console (Gerard Manley Hopkins' "Carrion Comfort), Fight Song (John Berryman's "Dream Song 14"..."

Edison Yan, artist of 5TH Cell's NeoGAF Post 217 thank-you, has jumped into the Scribblenaut character rendition ring popularized by the fellows at NeoGAF. His creations? Scribblenaut'd forms of Final Fantasy VII's main cast, and the rosters from Street Fighter II, Street Fighter III, and Street Fighter Alpha.

Edison Yan is an artist who had worked on Lock's Quest, and is currently working on Scribblenauts and the DS version of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. You can visit his blog her...

"His ‘X’ marks properly applied on, his chest hair fully grown, his stomach even a little flabby. Well, nevermind the flabby stomach. But look at that beard!"

"Video game characters are increasingly becoming the poster children for gym membership. With most of gaming’s heroes and heroines being chiseled, pert and with cheek bones you could grate cheese on, there seems to be less and less room for the more gelatinous gentleman in the industry.

That’s why we thought we’d celebrate those characters who said no to Atkins and still managed to pull off moves that would shame most gold-winning Olympians. But while they might seem fighting fit on your co..."

"Reader Matt G. sent in a tip, detailing a number of PS1 titles rated by the ESRB that have yet to be released on PSP/PS3. These downloadable classics should arrive on the PSN some time in the future -- but when?

Wipeout XL (E)
Jet Moto 3 (E)
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (E)
Buster Bros. Collection (E)
Street Fighter Alpha (T) -- previously discovered, not released
Rayman (E)
Castlevania Chronicles (T) -- previously discovered, not released"

"In the latest Playstation: The Official Magazine, the rumor section notes that we should be seeing the first two Grand Theft Auto games along with Street Fighter Alpha (Alpha was given a rating by the ESRB a little over a month ago) hitting the Playstation Network. Just as Konami is releasing Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection (PS2) near the time of MGS4, releasing the original GTA titles as cheap downloads would be a smart move. If true, pricing will be a curious matter, as you can d..."