Capcom announced a special limited edition Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition today which commemorates 25 years of Street Fighter games. It includes playable versions of four games, two movies, a cool statue of Ryu, and more. takes a look at the newest Capcom collaboration between Hello Kitty and Street Fighter, which will spawn merchandise next year. It's...different.

"As a longtime fan-favorite, Street Fighter’s original token female Chun-Li has been beating up beefy Russian wrestlers and sumo wrestlers since the days of Vanilla Ice. While this lady and her thunder thighs will be making an appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, these cosplays are the ones that steal the show."

"Now when most people think of sexually attractive characters in gaming, they usually assume it’s only female characters. Developers know that the men of gaming also have to “look good” too. That’s why we’ve sprinkled in a couple of the hottest men in video games as well."

"Last year, (2009) was referred to by many as the year of the fighting game. The ridiculously anticipated Street Fighter 4 blew gamers away and more or less revived the genre. Marvel vs Capcom 2 returned to modern consoles, a move applauded by both new and hardcore fans. Tekken [6] landed on a non-Sony console for the first time ever, earning mostly positive feedback and reviews. Not to mention Guilty Gear developer Arc System Works made the beautiful BlazBlue. Overall it was a fantastic year ..."

"When it comes to fighting games, Capcom is still considered the king among many gamers. The solid gameplay offered in Capcom franchises keep hardcore virtual combatants coming back for more. But there is one thing that draws us in besides the physics engines and collision detection. It's the female fighters. That's why we've compiled a list of the sexiest female characters from Capcom fighters. Sure the pickings were slim when women first entered the Capcom fighting scene back in Street Fight..."

"Following Sony’s announcements of the April Foolishness Sale and PSP Favourites promotion earlier this week, Microsoft has today revealed a cost-cutting activity of their own. From today, eight top titles held on the Xbox 360’s Xbox LIVE Arcade are available for half-price, and two further titles are set to be greatly reduced. These sale prices are limited however, available for only seven days."

"Capcom Europe has today announced a brand new price promotion for five of its most popular downloadable titles. European PlayStation Network members will be able to get hold of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD, Marvel VS Capcom 2, Super Puzzle Fighter, Age of Booty and 1942 for a reduced price over a set period in the coming months."

"Tyger! Tyger uppercut!

Tyger knee him in the gut.

What jump forward jab or fierce

Could brave this fearful Street Fighter?

What a find! Street Fighter and poetry usually go together like peanut butter and tobacco but we've found these awesome poems that were written with real poems in mind. For example, "Tyger Uppercut" is inspired by William Blake's "The Tyger".

There's also: Carrion Console (Gerard Manley Hopkins' "Carrion Comfort), Fight Song (John Berryman's "Dream Song 14"..."

"Full list of top titles:

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles

1 Halo 3
2 Call of Duty: WaW
3 Call of Duty 4
4 Gears of War 2
6 FIFA 09
7 UFC 2009 Undisputed
8 Left 4 Dead
9 Fallout 3

Top Arcade Titles

1 Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers
3 Castle Crashers
4 Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
5 Worms
6 Sonic The Hedgehog 3
8 Hasbro Family Game Ni..."

Starting today and ending next Monday, June 29, Street Fighter II HD Remix will be on sale at the Xbox LIVE Arcade for Gold members -- get it for just 800 Microsoft points (about $10), versus the usual $15.

Ah, Capcom, they've given us some pretty iconic games over these long years. The publisher recently released a list of their 44 bestsellers, or games that exceeded 1 million units sold since release, up until the fiscal year ending in March 2009.

The top 10 aren't too surprising. These figures are for separate platforms, so multiplatform games may appear more than once. PS3 and Xbox 360 sales are lumped together.

1. Street Fighter II (1992) - 6.3 millionz

2. Resident E...

"His ‘X’ marks properly applied on, his chest hair fully grown, his stomach even a little flabby. Well, nevermind the flabby stomach. But look at that beard!"

"Show Notes:

James and Mike briefly take on the Watchmen movie.

WCG Ultimate Gamer - The video game based reality show on Sci-Fi channel, James watched it for you.


Stalin vs. Martians = Game of the Year! (They say so, and we agree so far)

Namco throws Splatterhouse dev Under the Bus - Mike actually defends Scamco for once (the world must be ending).

Resident Evil 5 getting online multiplayer "a few weeks" after launch

Oh, yeah. Capcom announced more RE games, too


""Are we done doing HD Remixes? No we're not done. But the next ones that we do will be even better, based on what we learned."

When asked if Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was a game that didn't need the HD Remix treatment, Svensson replied: "I won't say it doesn't need it. Marvel would be great to do. There's obviously a fan base for it. It's probably our most requested title. Unfortunately, I wish I had news to share on that front but I don't.""

Major Nelson has posted the Live Activity for this week, summing up what is being played online in the gaming world for Xbox 360. I am amazed that despite the release of World at War, this does not hinder the CoD4 community from taking down everything that isn't Halo 3. Real football (FIFA) manages to beat out American football (Madden), and surprisingly, people are still playing Grand Theft Auto.

"Resident Evil 5 bundle

* Red hardware
* Red controller
* A copy of Resident Evil 5
* Exclusive Resident Evil 5 NXE theme
* Download coupon for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD

I knew the information was solid-the Mole always breaks stories before anyone else had them. This bundle would be coming, and it looks great. No information on pricing or hard drive size, if it even comes with a hard drive, but this lines up with Capcom being more Xbox-friendly these days."

"Klein admits to being a fan of the Street Fighter game from way back. "Capcom is coming out with a new version of the game," he added. "Street Fighter version four for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, in the first part of next year. But I was Nintendo 64 Street Fighter version two, since I'm a little bit older."

Remaking a 14 year-old game isn't as easy as one might think, seems like. Turns out Capcom nearly cancelled Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix due to the redrawn art, which was thrown out, after which they brought in a new team of artists.

Lead designer David Sirlin revealed in a recent interview the pressure from the gaming community may have led to its eventual release. Maybe rumours have a legitimate purpose after all.

"Back in June of 2007, Capcom actually came to the OverClocked team about using custom, fan-made Street Fighter remixes for the Street Fighter II Turbo HD soundtrack. One year later and the OverClocked team is now announcing that the music is up for grabs. Pretty cool, eh?"

"Street Fighter Devotion is pleased to announce Street Fighter Reunion: The Television Series. The show follows the events of Street Fighter: The Later Years and will be shot fully in Widescreen HD for this Live Action Street Fighter series. Producer and Actor, Mike Fass (Zangief), sat down with us for this exclusive Announcement Interview."

"Looking to beta test Capcom's upcoming Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix? Great! Just make sure you have an Xbox 360, because the beta is only open to owners of that system.

To get access to the beta, you have to purchase a copy of Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 from Xbox Live Arcade. Then, on June 25, Capcom will open the floodgates and grant you the enviable task of doing their bug testing for them."

"Capcom's Commando 3: Wolf of the Battlefield is hitting Xbox Live Arcade on June 11, the company has confirmed.

The promising co-op shooter comes in at 800 Microsoft points, and what's more if you buy it you'll automatically be invited to the Super Street Fighter II: HD Remix beta test. That's worth the purchase alone, isn't it?"

"This year it's all about bite-size, full-fat fun. Perfectly-formed games that don't trouble your wallet. Mini-delights. You might think Metal Gear Solid 4 or Grand Theft Auto IV will stand out as the pinnacles of gaming in 2008, but the real stars of these 12 months are the 12 games we've listed below. And not one of them should cost more than a console joypad.

On PC | Out Now

A great example of how being cheap doesn't cheapen a game, Red Lynx Trials 2 initially cost ..."

Super Street Fighter II HD Turbo Remix will find a home in a two month-long beta within Xbox Live Arcade shortly (lack of resources prevented a PS3 version). Described as a "limited stress test", it allows players to fight as longtime favourites Ken or Ryu in a single stage. The catch? Gamers will have to purchase Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 when it arrives on XBLA in the spring, a few months before the much-hyped Street Fighter IV is unleashed.

Capcom has been granted free reign as far as download sizes go for their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade titles, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Bionic Commando Rearmed. The decision was made after it became apparent that both games would require textures to be downscaled in order to meet file size requirements, placing the Xbox 360 versions at risk of being a lesser quality than their respective PlayStation 3 and PC counterparts.

The 150 megabyte file size limit, likely introduced du...

A lot of information about Capcom games has come out of E3, and Neoseeker has logged all of it for you, and here you can find a list of the games and the updates that have come from E3 2007.

Game Details (Storyline/Gameplay/Features)

Mega Man ZX: Advent - [ DS ]
MotoGP 07 - [ PS2 ]
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - [ PS3 / XBOX360 / PC ]
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - [ PS3 / XBOX360 ]
Talisman - [ PS3 / XBOX360 / PC ]


Devil May Cry 4 - [ XBOX360 ...