has a bunch of bundles for your insatiable indie hunger. Whether you want to customize your own personal little package, just want to listen to some cool music or would like to enhance your Android gaming experience, there is something there for you.

With the recent influx of adventure games on the market, Cassidee from considers whether or not they're here to stay, or if this is just a fad.

More games have been added to the already awesome Humble Bundle. That brings the total to eight, including the four bonus games to those that contribute more than the average donation.

"The Humble Bundles have frequently gathered together some of the most quirky and imaginative games from the indie scene and sold them together for a price that’s completely up to you. The fifth iteration of the Humble Bundle is no different, and packs some impressive titles."

Humble Indie Bundle V is now on sale featuring indie favorites Amnesia: The Dark Descent, LIMBO, Psychonauts and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, plus Bastion if you pay more than the average price and the official soundtracks for all five games.

Daav from plays through the mysterious title that is Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. Whether it's viewed as a visual novel, rhythmical experience or point and click adventure, the fact remains that this short title is charming and unique. It might not be without flaw, but it is sure to be unlike any other game out there. The article also features a video review.

It’s time for another Otter Glance, a commentary during the first-time play-through of the first portion of a game. It’s a quick look at a new title that draws one of three results at the end of the session, determining whether or not Bowlingotter plans to return to the game for another session later (and recommends you do the same): Definitely, Maybe, or Hell No.

Until now, those without an iOS device have been unable to experience Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, a game that has attr...

"Video game journalism is having a bad week in terms of ethics. Days ago it was announced that G4 and IGN host Jessica Chobot was secretly in the cast of Mass Effect 3 even while she was reporting on the game. Last night Harold Goldberg the founder of the NY Video Game Critics Circle was presented with an award from his own organization for Best Video Game Book, beating out authors like Neal Stephenson and Jane McGonigal."

"So the summer is in full swing, and for many gamers it may look like it isn’t only the grass that’s dry. With many big AAA releases not showing their face on store shelves until late August, you might find yourself wondering how to pass the time. If books aren’t your thing, or you’re trying to procrastinate at work, we’ve picked out five iOS games that will keep you busy all summer long. While some of these games may be brand new, others may be old favorites you might not have experienced ..."

Default Prime writer Derek Sommer takes a trip through this artful and musical iOS title from Superbrothers and offers his conclusion. Put on some headphones!

In this episode, Kush discusses the PSN outage with a calm that makes Gandhi look like Bill O'Reilly and Kari admits she alone brought the service down. -- Topics of discussion include Sony, PSN, and all that crap, the next Wii (again), Mortal Kombat, Portal 2, Sword & Sworcery, L.A. Noire, Rio, Game of Thrones, and plenty more.