Team Fortress 2 has been running strong for years now, with tons of hats and weapons there's a near endless barrage of options in the game today. As the team prepares their latest update, they've gone and reflected on the past releases they've created and tested that we never got to know.

Be it Big Bombs, Facestab Knives, parachutes or suction, there was a little insanity for each class at one point in the game update history.

Supercheats discusses the appeal of free-to-play and the importance of its inclusion on the current gaming market. With free games now offering the same high production values as traditional content, consumers can welcome this new freemium era of never having to pay, unless they truly want.

GG3 gets more news from Guncraft. The multiplayer shooter filled with blocks and brimming with customization options will get a Team Fortress map, as well as weapons and such. Screenshots show this.

GG3 gets more news about Guncraft. The blocky online shooter will integrate Steam Workshop in its extensive customization tools, to have one hub where players can add weapons, skins and levels. To celebrate, free Team Fortress 2 skins have been added and the game is on sale for a 50% discount.

"From one of the best-selling and most successful videogames in the Valve library comes the new Series 2 collection of detailed action figures faithful to the animated look of the characters. Launching in the UK today, Series 2 begins with the Heavy and the Soldier, both available now in RED and BLU designs." writes about the recent addition of cards on Valve's digital distribution platform. It could be a way to go beyond achievements, but for now there are quite a few insidious "free-to-play" mechanisms involved that are more profit driven than fun.

"Following the release of the Team Fortress 2 Medic statue earlier this year, today sees the launch of the latest addition to Valve’s high quality merchandise line-up. Hailing from the Australian Outback, the Sniper is a tough and ready crack shot, and is available to adorn your shelf as either the RED or BLU team version."

"From one of the best selling and most successful games in the Valve library, these detailed action figures are faithful to the animated look of the characters from Team Fortress 2. Launching today with the Pyro and Demoman, each figure will include a redemption code that customers can use to unlock special in-game bonuses when they play the videogame."

"Beginning a new series of high quality statues based on Valve’s highly popular Team Fortress 2, today sees the release of two replicas of the popular Medic class. Available in either BLU or RED editions, the Medic is ready for action from today."

Warner Bros. and Valve are offering a pre-order bonus of exclusive Rooster Hats for Team Fortress 2 with pre-purchases of next week's Steam release of Scribblenauts Unlimited.

Football is starting back up soon! That mean Fantasy Football leagues are getting ready and setting up draft dates. If you could pick video game characters for your Fantasy Football team, who would it be? We think we got the best team.

Sometimes a good, memorable cast of characters can make a game great. Blake from takes a look at the top 10 games that got casting characters very, very right.

"GamingUnion: "Welcome back to another episode of DarkFeed, the weekly show that gives you all the big news in the gaming industry, but in a bite sized portion. You walk away from the table feeling full, but not stuffed to the point of vomiting. The perfect amount of video game nutrition. After all, it does the body good... kind of.""

"If you are reading this, you either live in some Third World country that doesn't have turkeys, or you snuck away from your Thanksgiving festivities to read about video games on the internet. When your family joins hands around the dinner table and everyone takes turns saying what they're thankful for, your Mom probably doesn't want to hear about how happy you are that there’s no level cap in Skyrim. But we here at Player Affinity know how you feel. Here are few games that we feel thankfu..."

Wallet hurting from the new releases this month? Still want something new to play?

You certainly don't have to spend $59.99 to get a quality gaming experience. Here are 5 games that you can get today for $5.99 or even less, and they're certainly all worth your time.

"The update adds eight new items, including some new guns and cosmetic options. Diligent "TF2" fans can access these guns for free through standard drops and trading, but the less patient can pre-order "Deus Ex" on Steam for instant access to them.

Cross over lovers eat your heart out!"

Valve is launching yet another new service for its online Steam platform. Trade Team Fortress 2 items and even full games with Steam Trading. The beta is underway.

"As if there wasn't enough incentives to play Team Fortress 2 these days. After becoming free to play, Team Fortress 2 is as popular as ever, and it looks like it's about to get even better. According to an update on Valve's Team Fortress blog, Team Fortress 2 will be getting a medieval update soon."

"If you’ve been around the gaming world at all for the last few months, you have probably noticed a steady increase in the number of free-to-play titles that are available. Many game development companies are focusing on free-to-play models, and some games are even going free-to-play after having been a paid service."

"First off let me introduce myself, I am Les Barton. I am deep into web and server development, I love game servers, and I'm considered a "theoretical network engineer", basically I like to think outside the box. With my introduction I bring to you fine TF2 players a little bit of freedom when it comes to our Modification Auto-Installs, for the last three days I have been writing an automatically updating service which keeps all mods/plugins up-to-date within 10 minutes of a new release, what'..."

"Valve is not only blowing our minds with their recent Steam sales but now they are putting tons of Team Fortress 2 items on sale as well. For a limited time you can pick up a ton of weapons and aesthetic items for a lower price. Valve has also created a slew of new items that will only be available during this sale, so if you want flip-flops you better act fast."

Valve's extremely popular Team Fortress recently became a whole lot cheaper. By cheaper, I mean free. In light of that recent reality, Team Fortress 2 has just topped one of the best of the best digital download services. Can you guess which one?

It's no secret that Team Fortress 2 is a great game, it still pulls in thousands of players every day. A few months ago Valve launched an item store for the game where they sell new weapons and of course hats for your various characters. Many theorized that the game would be making it's way to the free to play business model, prophecies fulfilled as Vale announced today that Team Fortress 2 is becoming a free to play title.

"Today marks Day One of the Team Fortress 2 Uber Update. Touted as being the biggest, most ambitious update in Team Fortress 2 history, Valve is playing their cards pretty close to their chest with this one. In preparation for the update's release this coming Thursday, Valve has given gamers several little hints that, if thought about hard enough, will provide insight as to what the biggest, most secretive part of the update is."

"Team Fortress 2 players may have noticed the heaps of bird poop all over the Team Fortress 2 Blog, along with several culprits: doves. Players have also spotted doves within the game itself. What’s the poop?"

Half Life Developer announced last week they would launch 3 in game limited edition hats with price tags starting at $7.99. He also commented that all proceeds would go directly to the Japanese Diaster Fund.The developer is amazed at how much money was raised in the limited time they had.

"In yesterday’s review of Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, I made reference to Deadly Sin #3. Rest assured that this wasn’t something I’d made up for the sake of a joke. I have a personal list of Seven Deadly Game Design Sins, which I’d like to share with you. There is a special level of hell for perpetrators of these sins, and a fitting punishment awaits the developer who commits these crimes against fun."

Some games clearly deserved the "M" rating that it got (Grand Theft Auto??) but there are some games that straddle the line between the "T" rating and "M" rating...

For those who still play Team FOrtress 2, you can have a part in assisting with the Japan relief efforts. Valve will sell TF2 hats and the proceeds will go towards the relief effort...

"According to a fan who visited Valve‘s offices, the next Team Fortress 2 Meet The Team video will star the Medic, and it’s coming sooner rather than later.

While at the Valve headquarters, the extremely luck fan got to see an unfinished version of the Meet The Medic video, along with some DOTA 2.

The breakdown of the fan’s once-in-a-lifetime experience can be found here, where he eagerly recapped the events of that day on the Steam forums.

His words exactly regarding the “Meet The Me..."

In celebration of Shogun 2's launch, SEGA has teamed up with Valve to add some Japanese flavor to guys at Team Fortress 2. These unique items can be yours by simply pre-ordering Total War: Shogun 2. Now go capture the intelligence shogun-style.

Fan and modder, Decap has transformed the entire Badlands map from Team Fortress 2 into the Game Grid resembling the virtual reality world found in Tron.

Xbox 360 users were disappointed when Valve did not make good on their promise to release a single update for the 360 version of Team Fortress 2. But after playing the game on PC, the National Xbox 360 Examiner argues the 360 version may be better off after all.

All of these things work great in video games, but it's not recommended that you try any of them in the real world. Unless you enjoy humiliation and/or pain.

"Developers all over town are SLASHING prices this Halloween - you could say that these games are SO CHEAP IT'S SCARY. (Please don't hurt me...) What I'm trying to say here is that Halloween's an excellent time for the cheap or thrifty to grab something new!"

"There’s quite a lot of details that have gone into the new Mann Co. Store update, all of which are addressed in their lengthy FAQ. A few points to take home are the following: for starters, players can continue to play TF2 and earn and craft items like they always have been, without seeing any difference at all, and Valve will continue to hand out free updates."

The long awaited Polecount Pack we were waiting for has finally arrived with the Mann-Conomy Update! With many new weapons for the Scout, Soldier, Sniper, Spy, and Pyro.

Valve has released the new Trading System that everyone was hoping for, they also added a store named, "The Mann Co. Store" to buy and sell items. They have also added the "Steam Wallet" to allow to buy or receive money from people by the Mann Co. Store. You can use the money in your Steam Wallet to buy anything on Steam.

"Poker Night at the Inventory is more than just another poker title since the characters featured in the game have so much unique personality. Watching Max react to winning a hand and in turn The Heavy's gun is a sight to be seen. Anybody that knows Max can anticipate how he would react to acquiring such a perfect tool of destruction."

Team Fortress 2 does a dead on recreation of Monty Python's "Knights of the Round Table". It's pretty damn funny. What will they do next? The Knights who say "Ni"?

"Valve announced yesterday that between now and Thursday, when the Engineer Update will be released for Team Fortress 2, it will be issuing Golden Wrenches. To get a Golden Wrench you must craft, craft and craft again folks! Every 25th Wrench awarded unlocks more information abour the upcoming update! (there’s a top 100 crafters here)"

"Every single person playing Team Fortress 2 knows the stakes—Valve issued the challenge, and despite the legendary Golden Wrenches being but a cosmetic gift, players worldwide are frothing at the mouth to land their own piece of gold. What most players fail to see, however, are the inherent problems that such a situation creates. When all the chips are on the table, the only one left smiling is Valve. This little gilded tool will be the end of all of us. The Golden Wrenches bring a curse."

"An update to Team Fortress 2, along with the discovery of the official update webpage, indicates that the TF2 Engineer Update is finally upon us. A new objective has been unleashed—the collection of 100 Golden Wrenches—along with an image of the engineer’s bulletin board adorned with photographs from the “Loose Canon” comic."

"3-Point Games community member, Pawn developed a mod for Team Fortress 2 which proposes to use the legendary Portal guns into the online FPS.

The Portals are very useful and imply new strategies. There is a timer for each portal in order to avoid being stuck in perpetual loops. You can also kill any active portals in the game."

"Where were you when TF2 turned 119? Team Fortress 2 has seen 119 game updates since its release with the Orange Box way back in October of 2007. 119 may seem like an insignificant number, but Valve Software sees it as a reason to celebrate. To commemorate this joyous occasion, the TF2 team have posted a lengthy blog post that champions long-time players with freebies, details some fun statistics on the game, and displays every single change log for TF2 since its release."

Never heard of HAVE Online? Well, it's not popular right now because it's still in the development phase over in Taiwan. Gamers can get a brief glimpse at this upcoming third-person shooter that seems to borrow a lot of its visual appeal from Team Fortress 2.

Attending MegaCon this past year for all three days, my small crew and myself managed to capture possibly every (non anime) cosplayer at the event. Of course for Gaming news, I'm linking you to the gaming cosplayers, but I suggest using this link as more pictures (and video) will be added. Enjoy!

"Videogames players heading to i39 this April could return with more than new friends and happy memories as organiser Multiplay has unveiled the UK's biggest gaming bounty. A total of over £20,000 will be up for grabs across five separate tournaments, making this the largest and potentially most profitable competitive gaming event of the year."

It's pretty clear at this point: Steam is coming to Mac OS X. Valve sent out a number of suggestive images to large Mac and gaming sites today, that show a variety of Valve game properties done in unmistakable "Apple style"

Dylan ‘Steaky’ Loney has made a side-scrolling game out of Team Fortress 2. So far he said he will finish the project and release it in the future. Looking Awesome!

Here are two videos showing some of the best and worst FPS' ever released. Not all of your favourites will be in there but I had a laugh watching some footage of the worst games ever. It beggars belief how some of these games ever got released.

Check out these two youtube videos of some of the best and worst FPS' out there. It doesn't include all of them but the "worst" video is definitely worth a look, some hilariously bad games in there such as Rogue Warrior and Extreme Paint Brawl.

A hilarious spoof on Team Fortress 2, starring the Spy and Pyro. There are some seriously random and wacky cameos from a bunch of gaming characters throughout! The ending is a shocker.

"NVIDIA and Guinness World Records were offering VISA Gift Cards, high-end computer peripherals and memory, entrance to the expo, a custom shirt, free food and beverage service throughout the attempt and an official medal and custom-made plaque to hold the record certificate to top it all off. I'd also receive exclusive Guinness World recorder branded Nike Presto shoes. Even better: My company would be paying me for my gaming experience, because it was a great way to promote and recruit for th..."

The war ended yesterday at noon PST and the winner was revealed: the Soldier is the lucky class to receive the extra weapon. Indeed, they've killed 6 406 065 Demomen for a loss of 6 372 979 of their own.

So here come the Gunboats, boots that are reducing rocket jump damage...

For that last day, Valve revealed two new maps: CP_Gorge and CTF_Doublecross. CP_Gorge is an attack/defense map with only two points, for a more nervous gameplay and CTF_Doublecross has two brigdes with plenty ways...

Valve revealed the last weapons for Demoman and Soldier as their achievements. But first, let's look into the casualties of the war: Soldiers are still ahead but for only 14 000 less deads. Demomen are closing the gap but we still don't know who will win.

The Demoman will receive the Scottish Resistance, a new sticky bomb launcher, that will let you explode the group of bombs you want by looking at them. It's also destroying enemies bombs but it's having less power when it comes to airburs...

After the Demoman yesterday, it's time for the Soldier to get an insight on the weapons he'll be receiving the 17th December. It's not really surprising to see a new rocket launcher, called the Direct Hit, as unlockable.

The rockets coming from it have less blast radius damage but the destructive force for a direct hit is higher without forgetting an increased speed for reaching the target. And if you're hitting on a target who is in the air, you're guaranteed to do a mini-crit.

The dai...

It's time to motivate Demomen for Valve. Indeed, they're still loosing the war by having more deads (200 000) than Soldiers. So, they've revealed our favorite bomber's background and new weapons.

Valve continued their comic with the Demoman accepting the challenge when seeing the proposed weapons. And we can ask yourself if Valve loves Moms. After Scout's mom, meet Demoman's mom!

But the most important thing here are the Eyelander, an haunted sword that kills and gives health and speed,...

Valve is offering to the players to make their own items with a new feature in the player's backpack. Remember all the duplicate weapons, sandwichs or even hats that you're not using and that are taking some space in your inventory? Now, you can get rid of them with the Crafting.

You can create your own item (well, at least, what Valve will let you do it with it) by combining what you're judging as useless. Not every try will be rewarded with a new useful item, though. Valve wants you to f...

The amazing dual class update from Team Fortress 2 brings Demoman and Soldier updates to the table, but with an unusual twist: Players will decide who gets a secret weapon by playing their favorite class this week.

A new Team Fortress comic seen at the blog reveals that the administrator (the female announcer in the game) is unhappy to discover that Red Demoman and Blu Soldier have become...friends?

Valve continues to show their character and sense of humor by releasing holiday cards featuring the different classes of Team Fortress 2 in funny situations, such as the Pyro melting a snowman, the Sniper giving the Scout a sweater with a target embroidered on it, and other silliness.

Those who pre-order Left 4 Dead 2 may find a surprise waiting for them in Team Fortress 2 today—Bill's Hat. Bill is a character from Left 4 Dead, but his hat made it into the colorful world of Team Fortress 2.

Valve released a new update for gamers who love to make their own Team Fortress 2 videos by adding more props and models for them to use. The SDK will feature models and props from the Meet the Sniper video.

Team Fortress 2 idle programs are now being considered against the rules by Valve (which makes complete sense) but it appears that people don't really agree with that and the TF2 players seem to start splitting in groups: those who agree and welcome the measure and those who are hating it with all their heart. Which group is right, though?

Painter, James Barnett, has recreated some locales from video games with his paintbrush as part of his Fauxvism Series. The games featured in his paintings include Fallout 3, GTA IV, Half-life 2, and Team Fortress 2. Some of the paintings are instantly recognizable, while others might be a bit more obscure. If his style seems familiar, it's because his work imitates the Fauvism style of the famous French painter, Henri Matisse.

Check out his site to see all the paintings in his series. It...

"The PC and the 360 are just more straightforward. We can focus on what we want to do, which is make game experiences, instead of sweating bullets over obscure architectural decisions they make with their platform. [...] I didn’t come into this business in the 90s because of some technical fetish. I came in because I wanted to give people experiences that made them have fun."

Ever wonder how the Scout make money to spend on ammo, baseball, and his damn caps? Infomercials.

Someone got the idea to dub over the "Slap Chop" ad using sound clips from Team Fortress 2... with hilarious results. Features the Scout and various other familiar voices.

There's also "TF2 Heavy sells Kaboom" under Related Videos that's worth checking out.

"Looking for something to play this weekend? Short on cash?

Not to worry, as you can play Team Fortress 2 (the full game) for free until May 25 courtesy of Steam, and it will feature the recent Sniper vs Spy update."

Hopefully, some of you remember that Scout weapon, the "Force-A-Nature" gun? Remember Valve's nifty order form advertisement for it? Remember being tempted to fill it out and mail it in?

Turns out, some people actually did send their completed order forms, and Valve was quite diligent with their response. It comes in the form of a letter, sadly, not an actual shotty. Still, reinforces Valve's sense of humor with this game, and it makes for an amusing read...

Last week, we wondered if the Sniper update was actually a cover for something more sinister. Turns out, it was!

Day 6 and the Spy Update has gone into full swing following a leaked "Meet the Spy" video. Okay, so the video is officially out now; so is a sexy new Spy revolver, the Ambassador.

The Day 5 of Spy/Sniper update is very interesting in many ways. Indeed, the two characters are associated in the TF2 Official Blog and could be an indication to an update for both classes.

As you may know, the Meet the Spy video was leaked on YouTube but it didn't stop Valve to do an official page for it with interesting references to that leaking like a false achievement.

Finally, the Day 5 is also about achievements for Spy. The game of guessing can begin as Valve released only the i...

Team Fortress 2 has been out for awhile now, but you can never get too much of the hilarious character trailers Valve puts out. Check out the latest one, which highlights the Spy.

Video is in the source.

TF2 Official Blog is indicating that it will be not a sniper update but a spy one. Indeed, instead of having a new thing revealed for sniper, today, we found a page about Spy and two new gadgets. And another thing is pointing towards it: the fact that we have a link and a date for a Spy update. The update will be released the 21st May, according to the blog.

Actually, we don't know if what was revealed during the past three days will remain, if the sniper will get these weapons in a future...

When we first heard about the Team Fortress 2 Sniper Update, many of you Spy players thought, "Sweet! Easy kills!"

Oh, Valve knows how you think, and they've already got a special treat for Snipers. It's a painful new item that will make Spies think twice before they shove that switchblade up a Sniper's rear end.

Meet the Razorback!

The TF2 official blog announced that the next class to be updated would be the Sniper. A lot of players could have thought to an April's Fool as the blog showed an image of the Sniper with a new weapon the 1st April. Apparently, it wasn't. No release date is given.

The developers are also updating the game on XBOX360, mainly for giving what the PC gamers have: the new achievements and unlockables. A technical problem was at the origin of the fact that the XBOX360 wasn't updating. The devel...

Apparently, some Team Fortress 2 players did exploit a bug for wielding weapons on invalid classes. An quick update was released but for the cheaters, they're exposed to the following punishment: no unlockable weapons for a month. TF2 Announcer on TF2 Blog was pretty harsh in his news.

With the scout update apparently scheduled for the 24th February, some of them will regret to have exploited this bug. Anyway, the TF2 crew has put a site online where you can discover the new melee weapon, ...

Neoseeker's Lydia Sung aka RabidChinaGirl has a special Special up today in light of everyone's favourite holiday invented by greeting card companies...

Consider it a retort of sorts to GG's earlier article Top Ten Games To Play With Your Valentine -- this one's got breasts and guns and explosions and stuff.


A very funny and beyond awesome L4D parody, although somewhat bloody. The Left 4 Dead survivors shown in a hilarical comedy sketch where they try to get to the saferoom. However everything that can go wrong apparently goes wrong in this gaming session! With some weird twists, as well.

Visit the source to watch the video!

As the season of romance gets closer and closer, people are finding different ways to express their love or recognition for their own special someone. beavotron from the Penny Arcade forums decided to produce his own gamer themed Valentines - and no, unlike VGCats' Scott Ramsoomair, the variety of games is not limited to Nintendo! Check out his unique way of sharing the love: mediguns, fire, and... vomit.

We have the industrial wonders of the world, the ancient wonders of the world... all sorts of wonders. has compiled a list of the ten wonders of the video game world. It's a monument to those who have taken games, played them, then taken them further than most gamers dream of. This list is made of people who are inspirational to other eccentric gamers, so read on!

"While the concept was ahead of its time and we are extremely proud of what we've accomplished, it became increasingly clear as this ambitious project evolved, that profitability was too far in the future for us to sustain operations in the interim.

Our goal was to be ahead of the curve in the e-sports space, and we conceived of CGS as a true sports league. We invested wholeheartedly in the venture and presented viewers with a top-notch production, but the economics just didn't add up f..."

A short news story about the final updates of Team Fortress 2 for the year of 2008. The new updates will come in 2009 and the news story covers what some of the new DLC will be.

The guys over at WeGame have strung together a montage from the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan - you know, the scene that went as well as my last breakup. Anyways, the kicker is - they threw in a bunch of voice-overs from the undeniably funny Team Fortress 2. recently held a poll for their people to decide the most beautiful video games of all time. Not all of the top ten received a warm welcome, with people believing many voters just chose their favourite or latest hype as opposed to the most beautiful games.

Is it your top ten?

The granddaddy of online class based shooters - Valve's widely popular Team Fortress 2 - has bugs here and there as well as things that could be improved, much like any other game. Valve has been trying to release all of the new Team Fortress 2 updates to the game's console counterparts free of charge -- something Microsoft doesn't think should be released for free. Valve's Gabe Newell states the console side of online gaming is getting in the way of them providing updates for TF2 on a daily ...

New details have been revealed about TF2's latest "gametype" called Arena Mode, which will be coming out tomorrow, along with the Heavy Class update.

The official website of TF2 says that Arena Mode "keeps the class diversity of Team Fortress 2 while focusing goals around combat between two teams." To win a round, you must kill everyone on the other team or capture a map's central point, which becomes available after a minute of playing.

There will be five "Arena-specific maps". Some of...

"The second/final video has the complete storyline I was aiming for and even a little surprise at the end of the credits. I also used some nicer camera angles and effects like camera shake, panning, zooming and rolling.


The scene where Joker meets with the the mobsters and proposes to kill the Batman has been recreated in Team Fortress 2, including the infamous magic trick of making the pencil (or in this case a knife) disappear.

After the announcement of the Heavy update coming to Team Fortress 2, the MTV Multiplayer Blog recently asked Doug Lombardi, Valve's vice president, if the update would be coming to the consoles.

Lombardi responded by saying that "[There is] nothing to announce — yet." With that statement, do you think a TF2 update will ever find the console versions?

"Valve has just released new details on their latest update to Team Fortress 2. The new update will be "the largest update to Team Fortress 2 since it was first released as part of The Orange Box last October." Gamers can expect to see new unlocable weapons, achievements, a brad new gameplay mode and some new maps. The new update will be available next Tuesday, August 19th."

"Having some fun with the awesome Meet the Engineer video made by Valve Software. Team fortress 2 really lends itself well to spoof and comedy videos. And with a little bit of cut n'pasting one can create a nice video..."

I have to say I am quite impressed with this build. Someone took a lot of time and effort into creating a non-functioning sentry gun model based off of TF2, in LEGOs.

Props to the builder/designer.

From baseball bat killing sprees in Team Fortress 2 to railgun domination in Quake III: Arena, WeGame counts down the top ten best frag filled videos from some of the most skilled gamers around the world. I wouldn't hit the respawn button while these guys are about!

Ton Khodee, aka TiTON has conjured up some extremely comprehensive case mods to celebrate Team Fortress 2, Iron Man, and some other games, of which the mods are currently in the works.

For all the detail, it's almost more impressive he got at least the Iron Man one done in just three weeks!

Check out the site for some posts on the construction of each - fascinating stuff if you're into it.

"Next time you're on a multiplayer server, you might want to ask everyone who's a Canadian, and then ask who among them are dudes. Because according to a Microsoft survey, every fifth one of them (in the long run) has gamed in the nude, and might be doing so now.

Microsoft commissioned a pretty serious poll up in the Great White North, asking Canadians all sorts of questions that sound like a Cosmo bedside astrologer survey, if "game" is used as a euphemism for "sex." Do you game at work? (..."

A funny take on Winnie the Pooh and friends - in a Team Fortress 2 match against each other. Defend the honey, that's what Tiggers do best! Watch your childhood just slip away slowly.

"In his former life as a tracker of dangerous game in the unforgiving Australian outback, the Sniper would spend months by himself. Prolonged isolation taught him a valuable lesson: You don't have to rely on other people if you never miss."

XboxFocus goes through the Ten Commandments governing over the sacred ways of the Xbox Live Achievements. The things that everyone is gunning for, no matter how ridiculous the means to achieve them are.

For this week’s Sessler’s Soapbox on G4, Adam Sessler brings up an issue that’s old, but still unfortunately valid. That is, he, like many people, is fed up with the amount of racist and homophobic talk on Xbox Live. As he points out, the situation is just getting uglier all the time

"Upon seeing this scene in the new Ironman movie all I could think of was the pyro from Team Fortress 2. And because my other parody "TF2 Tremors" has been enjoyed by a lot of you, I thought of making a parody with the Pyro.

TF2 has so many options available for parody usage even if the pyro speech is limited, it does at least deliver a comedy effect."

"I’m sure a lot of us have our hands full helping out Niko with all his unlawful missions, but who can pass up a free game? All this weekend, Valve is giving out Team Fortress 2 to anyone who wants to try it out. Did I mention it’s free? And it’s not only the basic TF2 experience, either. You’re getting the whole enchilada with this offer.

It comes complete with the latest TF2 add ons such as the Gold Rush map and achievements for the Medic. Of course those achievements will also unlock a n..."

"Some of the Medic achievements were dodgy at a first glance.

- ubering a scout
- getting a heavy to punch during an uber
- shooting people for an achievement
- bonesawing people for an achievement

And a lot more combat type of achievements. Now normally this wouldn't be a problem, because the medic also does combat in a normal round. But what is a problem that some of these achievements are impossible to complete if you play the medic as he should be played."

A comical parody of the movie Tremors using sounds and voiceovers from Team Fortress 2. The movie is taking place in this video during a round of Team Fortress 2 on the "fake" map cp_perfection (Taken from the name of the town where the movie takes place)

You've probably met him already if you've played Team Fortress 2, but it's time to be formally introduced to the Scout in this latest "Meet the Team" video. He's swift, he's agile, and he's dangerous.

Whith TF2 still as popular as ever and to continue with features to keep players coming back for more, Valve has released details on the first class to get their set of extended abilities; The Medic.

The Blutsaugher
Players who earn one third out of the 36 new medic achievements will be given a new syringe gun. The new gun is named 'The Blutsaugher'. This new weapon does not give out crit hits but instead will suck health from enemies when hit. This will be useful when low on health or wh...

So, it's a pretty slow release week this week, especially considering that three of the more notable releases this week are really just The Orange Box being split up into parts. But this week also sees the release of the dark RPG for the Wii and PS2, Baroque, and the PC Director's Cut of Assassin's Creed. Assassin's Creed: DC probably still has all the repetition of the original version, though.

Notable games this week:
Arcana Heart (PS2) [Official Site | Wikipedia]
Assassin's Creed: D...

Valve has released some fun and interesting statistics on TF2. Stats include things such as most class time played, most damage from a weapon, time played on per map, etc. They also give "Death maps"; these maps contain mappings of where the least to most deaths occur.

On another tab is 'achievements' which give in percentage how many users have obtained it. The top obtained achievement is Hard to Kill (Get five kills in a row without dying.) @ 62.4% and the hardest achievement being With ...

"Valve's reputation as a top tier developer began when Half-Life released in 1998 and was cemented in 2004 when they released the spectacular sequel. Now, they're bringing that magic back with The Orange Box. As we've said in countless previews, this is one of the best deals we've ever seen in gaming, especially for those people that have yet to play Half-Life 2 at all. With Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episode One, and Half-Life 2 Episode Two, players can take the entire Half-Life 2 journey up to..."

Are you tired of having to justify your overrated Xbox/PC series? Questioning whether a sequel nobody asked for will be good?

This is the one game that everyone forgets for a bit and then comes back dominating over everything. And it's on 360, PS3, and PC.

Valve has been teasing the game with its perfect character introductions but now we can finally see TF2 running in its full glory...on the 360, so far. Questionable framerate aside...can you really say this looks bad? If you can't...

"The new screens show the game shaping up just great, with more than a hint of a Pixar or Dreamworks CGI animation look about them. A trailer shown at a press conference in July of this year pointed towards Team Fortress 2 offering a more light-hearted approach to the genre, but Valve insisted that didn't necessarily mean the gameplay would be lacking. Gabe Newell, the managing director of Valve, said the studio's goal is to create, "the best looking and best-playing class-based multiplayer ga..."

"We are pleased to announce that the next generation of facial animation technology for Source will be released in Team Fortress 2. By leveraging the rapid pace of advancement in PC graphics, videogames can now match and actually surpass the facial animation used in feature film and broadcast television production. We've released a video of this real-time, in-game, in-engine facial animation in action in support of ATI's launch of the Radeon HD 2000 series. By running entirely on the GPU of th..."

"After playing four maps and testing out all nine classes in Team Fortress 2, it seems this game should be another of this year's entertaining arena shooters. It comes as part of the Orange and Black Box packages, which both contain Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and the first-person puzzler Portal. Like any team shooter hoping for longevity in the online space, the game needs an emphasis on teamwork. Valve seems to be on the right track in this department, with many of the classes complementing each ..."